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  • Day8

    Keem bay, Achill Island

    September 17, 2017 in Ireland

    A brother at meeting told us about this place it was about a hour from our hotel. The drive was nice and there was a big rugby match between county Mayo which we were in and Dublin so there was no traffic or crowds and I got to do a little of rock climbing.

  • Day7

    Killarney to Achill Island, Ireland

    August 26, 2017 in Ireland

    Yesterday we drove from Killarney up through Limerick, Galway, Westport and on to Achill Island to stay with Marian and Paul in their holiday home at Achill Sound. After arriving Paul and Marian drove us to Keems Bay for a walk along the beach where some crazy people were swimming.

  • Day8

    Achill Island, Ireland

    August 27, 2017 in Ireland

    Marian, Mim and I went for a walk through the ruins of an old village that existed at the time of the Potato Famine. You could still see the potato mounds and imagine how life would have been, a very hard life and desperate times. The sheep now wander amongst the ruins and graze on the heather which grows in abundance on the bog fields. After the walk Paul met us for coffee then took us for a drive around the Atlantic Way on the Island. We had a wonderful time catching up with Paul and Marian and enjoyed every moment of their hospitality, we were spoilt.Read more

  • Day97

    Connemara, Cong bus tour

    December 9, 2016 in Ireland

    I booked another night in the hostel today so I could take this bus trip. It was a trip through a national park, friar ruins, abbeys and a fjord along the Atlantic Ocean. Again I lucked out with the weather. First stop was to Ross Errily Abbey ruins, lived in by Fransiscan monks until 1742. It was attacked three times. Next stop was Cong where the 1951 movie Quiet man was filmed starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. I stopped here to grab a bowl of hit soup because lunch was going to be at two and I've had this lingering cold for three days now.Read more

  • Day36

    Ireland's largest island

    August 28, 2017 in Ireland

    I didn't book a taxi, didn't know what time we would be ready. So eventually we walked to the corner and hailed a cab - no problems. A happy driver - but he didn't know where the airport hire car pickup was - I don't blame him, its confusing. He dropped us at the wrong place so we had to walk. It was so busy - I have never seen such a slow process to collect a hire car. Neither of us were happy - I don't like Hyundais and Mary wanted air conditioning. Anyway, off we went.

    We were travelling on the Motorway and so needed money for Tolls. Stopped at a place called Killcock in a tea room called The Timeless Cafe. What a delight. Modern food with brilliant flavours.Its mainly a sandwich place. Mary had ciabatta roll with salmon and crunchy noodles while I had a white pudding, bacon and potato hash - it came in a large bowl and was brlliant.

    Driving on the motorway was easy and in no time we were heading for the west coast. The road became tighter, but it was still fun driving. We stopped at a ruined church and an old cemetery - Mary loves these. The countryside reminded us of the west coast of Scotland.

    Achill Island is not clearly and island, there is just a ribbon of water running north-south that cuts it off from the mainland. A small, Emu River like bridge takes us to the island.

    The B&B I booked is just on the Island and so was easy to find. It has a secret garden and the room is down by the water, in fact all the floors are tiled and furniture is up on blocks because it sometimes floods. They have the Atlantic Ocean on three sides and water running down the hill from behind and so there is no escaping the water on occasions. A lovely big room with a huge library - all books written in Dutch unfortunately.

    Off for a pub meal tonight, tomorrow we explore Achill Island.

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  • Day37

    The wonderful Achill Island

    August 29, 2017 in Ireland

    Our full day exploring Achill Island started in the mist. Our B&B owner said that the day would clear - he was right. We decided to circumnavigate the island in a clockwise direction. Our first stop was the castle of Grace O'Malley - the pirate queen of Ireland. I found this story amusing -

    "In 1593, when her sons and her half-brother, were taken captive by the English, Grace sailed to England to petition Elizabeth I for their release. Elizabeth I famously sent Grace a list of questions, which she answered and returned to Elizabeth. Grace met with Elizabeth at Greenwich Palace, wearing a fine gown, the two of them surrounded by guards and the members of Elizabeth's royal Court.

    She refused to bow before Elizabeth because she did not recognise her as the Queen of Ireland. Apparently Grace sneezed and was given a lace-edged handkerchief from a noblewoman.

    She apparently blew her nose into the handkerchief and then threw the piece of cloth into a nearby fireplace, much to the shock of the court. Grace informed Elizabeth and her court that, in Ireland, a used handkerchief was considered dirty and was destroyed. Their discussion was carried out in Latin, as Grace spoke no English and Elizabeth spoke no Irish."

    Achill Island is popular for cycling and road running events, there were drinks stops placed all along the roads. The scenery is incredible - huge hills, perfectly neat Irish Country homes, rugged sea cliffs and challenging country roads, oh and sheep ... sheep everywhere - but they are good with cars, they just ignore you.

    There a handful of villages - just what you would expect in Ireland - but a little more focused on holiday makers - and water sports - even surfing. We went the the furtherest place west - Keen Bay where they used to net Basking Sharks for their oil, the basking shark are the largest fish in the North Atlantic, and they once swam off Achill in abundance - almost 10,000 were caught between the 1950s and 1980s. The sharks had a liver that was 25% of their body weight - so they could get 400kg of oil from each shark - they used the oil for street lamps - makes you think ?

    We went to the Deserted Village at Slievemore which consists of some 80 – 100 stone cottages located along a mile long stretch of road on the southern slopes of Slievemore mountain. While some of these dwellings were occupied as summer ‘booley’ homes within living memory, the area itself is rich in archaeological artefacts including megalithic tombs dating from the Neolithic period some 5,000 years ago. Its hard to find out why the village was abandoned, it seems to have happened before the famine, who knows why?

    A fun day on Achill Island was completed by me having a fish platter - eight different types of shell and scale fish - all cold - a real treat.

    Tomorrow we head back to Dublin to get ready for our flight to Venice.

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  • Day21

    Westport Samstag Nacht

    August 7, 2016 in Ireland

    In Westport ist richtig was los. Strassen gehen steile Berge hoch und der Ort bietet kleine Läden ohne Ende. Wir parken am Straßenrand um uns umzusehen. Als wir Grade ausgestiegen sind hören wir ein junges Pärchen sich auf deutsch unterhalten. Und schon verabredeten wir uns in ein Pub. Alex und Michael aus München essen noch klassisch "Fish&Chips" und Burger, danach geht es einen Raum weiter nach
    Richtung Bar. Dort spielt Live Musik, junge Leute feiern Junggesellenabschied und Ältere schauen weiter Rugby. Wir kommen schnell mit Iren ins Gespräch, speziell beim Rauchen draußen wird man immer wieder in Gespräche verwickelt wenn man auch nur nach einem Feuerzeug fragt. So geht der Abend mit viel "Smithwick's" schnell bis zum Feierabend dahin. Das Irische Schwarzbier wirkte!
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  • Day9

    Aasleagh Falls

    August 19, 2017 in Ireland

    We zoeken een slaapplaats en parkeren aan Killary harbour. Een grote parking aan het meest inlandse stuk van de atlantische oceaan. Tijdens de wereldoorlogen kwamen zelfs de duikboten tot hier. We eten in een village gril maar omdat de plaats zo open is en we toch wel wat wind verwachten rijden we nog 5km verder naar de parking van de watervallen.
    Stefaan gaat nog wat dronen boven de rivier maar blijft iets te lang weg zodat Peggy ongerust werd. Soms vergeet je de tijd als het leuk is.
    We slapen aan de watervallen Aasleagh Falls lekker rustig en morgen starten we onze terugweg. Helaas geraken we niet rond met onze lijst. Das dus een reden om nog eens terug te komen.
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  • Day10

    National famine memorial

    August 20, 2017 in Ireland

    In Murrisk is een berg die bekend is om een bedevaartsoort. Aan de overkant van de parking is een Famine memorial gebouwd. Hoe dichter je bij het schip komt hoe luguberder het is.
    Het was goedkoper voor de landeigenaars om tijdens de hongersnood hun personeel en/of boeren op een schip te zetten en naar Amerika te sturen dan ze eten te geven. Veel van hen kwamen niet levend aan. Tja, de berg hebben we niet beklommen want die was te stijl, te gevaarlijk en te hoog (in de mist)Read more

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