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  • Day39


    October 11, 2016 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    We spent a few days Rome-ing around the eternal city which is full of history around every corner! We enjoyed walking down small alleys to come across big plazas where locals were enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

    Over 2,000 years ago the ancient Romans built the city and many of its wonders that still exist today. We toured the Colosseum and Roman Forum which gave us a glimpse into the lives of the Romans. It's pretty impressive to think that they could engineer such amazing buildings and structures with the basic technology they had. Our favorite though was the Pantheon which was built as a Roman temple and is the best preserved ancient building to this day because it has been in use ever since; today as a church.

    We also visited the Vatican which consists of the Vatican museum full of ancient art (and lots of tourists), the Sistine Chapel home to the Pope and Michelangelo's famous ceiling painting and the St. Peter's Basilica which is full of ornate marble statues and mosaic art work all over.

    Lastly we can't forget to mention that we ate a lot of Italian food and gelato to start off our visit to Italy!
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  • Day137


    August 5, 2015 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    It's an early arrival in Rome and we are blasted by the heat. We check into our airbnb accommodation and have a snooze to ease the jet lag from flying from Ho Chi Minh City via Abu Dubai. The rest of the day is spent shopping for groceries to stock up the apartment. We're tired and it's hot outside so we crash early.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! - it's Trav's 31st birthday and no better place to celebrate than Rome! Suki is up early to whip up an amazing egg benny and holindaise breaky 😁. We begin the hike down to visit the Colosseum. It's a fantastic experience but hard to comprehend without a few diagrams of how it all worked. The blazing 37 degree heat keeps us jumping from shadow to shadow. After a quick stroll through the Palatine and Roman Forum we avoid the pending heat stress and arrive and the restuarant we researched on tripadvisor - and it didn't disappoint. Reading reviews enlightened us to request the iced sangria. The food and service was awesome and was perfect for Trav's birthday lunch. It was a long walk back home where we quickly rehydrated and returned to the train station to met James and Steph.

    We get there just in time but the train is not of the right platform. There are hundreds of people walking around aimlessly and we suddenly realise we have no rendezvous point. We take a final stroll through the main corridor and surprisingly run into them! It's a brilliant reunion and we assist them in dragging their oversized backpacks to our apartment.

    After a much awaited catchup and numerous beverages, Suki whips up a scrumptious Chicken and Mushroom Rissito to polish and brilliant day celebrating Trav's birthday!
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  • Day9

    Rome 8th - 10th May

    May 9, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    We aren't having much luck with sleeping lately. Our apartment is on the 4th floor yet it still sounds like you are sleeping in the middle of the m5! The Italians feel it necessary to beep their horns at each other constantly. The moment one car beeps it encourages them to all join in and before you know it they are playing you a tune (not a very nice one, especially when you are trying to sleep). However I understand why they feel the need to beep as they all think they are F1 drivers going in multiple directions, ignoring all traffic signals... It's chaos 😂

    We were up at 8am today and on the tube by 9 on our way to our first attraction, the colosseum. Stepping out of the train station and seeing it for the first time is pretty surreal and you have to almost pinch yourself that your actually there. There were so many people around to help you know where you were going and we bumped into a very helpful man who said we could upgrade our tickets we already had for a bit extra to have a guided tour and enter the colosseum via a special entrance taking you straight out into the arena. By doing this we skipped all the queues and learnt a lot about the history of the place with the most energetic and engaging tour guide I've ever met. She was also English which helped!

    The colosseum is the largest amphitheatre ever built and construction began in 72 AD finishing in 80 AD when Titus was in power, however further modifications have been made since. It could hold between 50,000 to 80,000 people and was used for many things such as gladiator battles, recreating mythology, execution of criminals and re-enactments of famous battles. One thing that stuck in our heads from our tour guide was that the colosseum was not just a place of murder and death it was in fact entertainment which is very hard to get your head around in the present. Around the outside of the colosseum is a white line showing where once upon a time the walls came out to, however an earthquake had caused damage to the building and then robbers came along and nicked a lot of the fallen stone.

    Once out of the colosseum it was then onto the second part of our tour where we met another enthusiastic tour guide who made jokes throughout his tour which were terrible but actually by the end you found him funny. He showed us around Palatine Hill which is one of the most ancient parts of the city standing 40 metres above the Roman Forum. The Romans built palaces on this hill. We learnt that back in the Roman period if you were seen to be wealthy then the people of Rome would hate you and most likely you would be killed therefore early emperors did not want to show their wealth and so built smaller palaces on the hills. Whilst walking up the hill you pass the arch of Constantine which is a triumphal arch erected to commemorate a Roman victory. If you walk under the arch then you would be commemorating something therefore it is fenced all the way around so that people can't walk under it. Part of where we were walking was actually once underground and appears outside now due to it being dug up.

    After a pretty full on morning taking in some of the most famous sights in the world, we wandered in the direction of the Trevi fountain looking for a place to have some food. Along the way we spotted a street artist doing paintings using spray paint. Leah and I bought a painting each (we will see how that one survives the journey home 😂) We stumbled across a cafe called Euromania which sold mini €1 sandwiches and looked similar to subway. Once at a table we discovered none of the menus had any English on and so with help from google translate we figured out what we could order. It took us about 20 minutes to figure out how the system works. You have notepads and pens in the centre of the table and each item on the menu is numbered. You then have to write which numbers you wish to order on the order form and take it to the counter. They then hand you a buzzer and when it goes off you go and collect your food. This gave Leah and I ideas for a business venture back in the UK 😂

    When finished it was a short walk to the Trevi fountain. Along the way we were approached by a man dressed as a gladiator who wanted us to take a photo with him for money! He gave us no option but to take a photo and after giving him 10 cent we legged it. The Trevi fountain was extremely crowded as expected but also extremely beautiful. Whilst there each of us threw a coin into the fountain in our right hand over our right shoulder and made a wish (can't say what the wish was otherwise it might not come true).

    It was then a short train ride to the opposite side of the river to see the Vatican City. When there it was straight in skipping the 3 hour queue as we already had tickets. The Vatican City is a separate state within Rome and is ruled by the pope. If I'm completely honest we learnt nothing here as we were more interested at looking at the architecture, paintings and statues. We went down into the Sistine chapel where you must cover your shoulders to see the artwork on the ceiling which was pretty impressive. It was extremely crowded everywhere we went and so after about 2 hours we had enough and headed towards the Oxford Street of Rome... Via del Corso.

    This place was our idea of shopping heaven. Straight to Sephora we headed where they sell high end make up brands and demonstrate how to do it. Unfortunately mine and Katie's budget wouldn't quite stretch to be able to buy anything however Leah had a field day and came away with lots of goodies. Very aware of how much we could get back in our suitcases we were hesitant to buy a lot and so after our look around wishing we had brought a spare suitcase we decided to grab something to eat in an Italian fish restaurant (I was not impressed as I hate fish). However after spotting the only thing on the entire menu I liked, spaghetti carbonara, it was fine and actually extremely delicious (best carbonara I've ever had)😄.

    We had been so lucky with the weather all day but our luck had ended as we came out the restaurant to heavy rain (luckily we were all armed with umbrellas). The roads were all flooded once again and even the entrance to the tube station was like a swimming pool, and so following a group of Italians that looked like they knew what they were doing, we found ourselves at another, drier entrance to the train.

    Back in our apartment we were hit with another hurdle. The train we need tomorrow is fully booked! After a few hours panicking and trying to figure out ways around it I found a solution and we could all sleep knowing we would make it to Paris😄
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  • Day101

    Colosseum, Rome, Italy

    August 15, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    We've done so much in Rome that it deserves several footprints in order to post all the incredible photos! We spent the day exploring the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and surrounding areas. When I first saw the Colosseum while out running, I had a serious "pinch me" moment as it seemed so surreal that I was actually in Rome, looking at the real Colosseum I'd learnt so much about in school. The photos really don't do it justice, but it is magnificent in all it's glory. It was very cool to go inside and imagine the games that happened there hundreds of years ago, but again the place was overrun by tourists which takes away from the history. Nonetheless, it was another great site to tick off the bucket list and somewhere I'd love to return in the quiet season to explore more.Read more

  • Day18

    Visite de Rome et bénédiction Papale

    October 20, 2019 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Après notre journée fatigante de la veille ce matin la machine était au ralentie et aussi la sensation de la dernière visite se faisait sentir un peu. Nous sommes partis de l’appartement lentement pour nous diriger vers la place St Pierre de Rome pour pouvoir voir la messe du Pape et aussi la bénédiction Papale qui se fait tous les Dimanche sur l’heure de midi. Avant nous sommes arrêtés dans un petit café pour 2 cafés Americanos et 2 cornettos (pour les moins culturés que nous ça veux dire deux vrais cafés et des croissants). Nous nous sommes installés sur la place St Pierre de Rome pour voir une partie de la messe a l’écran car il n’y avait pas de messe extérieur cette semaine. Le fun de ça c’est qu’il ne passe pas la quête alors on a mis notre don sur un spritz en après midi. Pour pouvoir atteindre la place St Pierre on doit aujourd’hui passer la sécurité et détecteur de métal et il y a beaucoup de policiers et l’ armé tout au tour de la place. Après avoir été béni bien l’univers est à nos pieds étant maintenant protégés par la bénédiction Papale.

    Maintenant notre vraie journée reprend avec l’embarquement dans notre autobus Rose pour faire le tour de Rome. Nous sommes arrêtés au Collosium un des points d’intérêt très achalandé par les touristes. La circonférence de la structure est de 537 mètres il pouvait contenir 50,000 personnes et l’empereur à utiliser plus de 45,000 esclaves pour faire cette construction complètement faite avec du marbre. Une structure vraiment imposante comme vous verrez sur les photos. Ensuite nous avons vu les ruines du forum et marché dans le Palatin pour ensuite se rendre à notre point d’arrêt d’autobus qui nous a fait faux bon finalement. On a pris notre courage à deux mains et avons marché jusqu’au Circus Massimo où il y avait un autre arrêt après une attente de 20 minutes finalement notre autobus Rose arriva. Le long du voyage on décida vu l’heure un peu tardive de retourner vers l’arrêt du Château San Angelo et souper dans le coin. Tout de même nous avons encore fait nos 17,000 pas malgré le petit circuit en autobus.

    Pour un dernier souper sur une terrasse à Rome on a pris un resto avec beaucoup de vie et musique avec de la danse. Tout de même particulier mais intéressant à vivre. Les fameux Sprtiz en apéritifs le Spaghetti Carbonara et l’escalope de veau à la mode du Chef. Un bon dernier souper et déjà on parlait de nos beaux souvenirs de voyage qui sont en photos mais encore plus dans nos mémoires.

    Demain matin et bien on se lève tôt pour préparer les valises, et surtout peser les valises, pour s’assurer de faire le poids pour l’avion. Malheureusement au moment d’écrire le blogue je n’ai pas encore le poids de Diane et Daniel qui seront révélés seulement en présence de mon avocat.

    Je vous reviendrai demain pour vous faire un résumé du voyage de retour.

    J’espère que vous avez apprécié mes récits et niaiseries en plus des photos. Pour moi ce fut un plaisir de vous faire voyager avec nous en toute simplicité.

    Au prochain voyage où on ne sait pas mais le blogue sera là.

    Daniel L’Aventurier
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  • Day89


    October 11, 2016 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Well...We had our first travel hiccup! When we got to Rome at 1 am because of a train delay, our hotel was closed! We almost had to sleep on the streets of Rome last night, but thankfully found an alternative! After a good nigh'st sleep, we got up bright and early to tour the Vatican. We were thankful that we signed up for a guided tour - it's a huge museum!! Next we headed to the Colosseum for our last Italian adventure. We are back in London now. We had such a great trip!!!Read more

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