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  • Day2

    Tag 3

    June 5, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Heute war das Wetter zum Glück deutlich besser - fast sogar zu warm. Sind daher einfach durch die Stadt gewandert, waren shoppen und haben die Sonne genossen.
    Auch heute waren viel zu viele Menschen beim Dom angestanden (sieht man auf dem Bild nicht ganz).
    Den letzten Abend haben wir dann bei der Navigli, einem Viertel mit wunderschönen Wasserstraßen verbracht.
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  • Day30

    Menaggio to Milan

    May 10, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    Today was another day of travel challenges. Left Menaggio and Lake Como behind and wended our way to Milan. The main road "out of town" by the lake was closed due to a major landslide earlier in the week so we had to go over and thru Switzerland to get to Milan. On the way we decided to return the car today as opposed to tomorrow so headed for Linate airport. The usual wind up of a car rental, fill with gas and try to find where to drop off the car in Italian.

    Kay's primary credit card denied several times and after 2 calls to Capital One - no resolution. (A problem when traveling). Problem must be in the card itself as it works on line just fine. So to Plan B - the secondary credit card. Third option is cash !! What a concept.

    Arrived at our new apartment around 4PM. We were not here long and took off for Milan center and the famous Duomo, Victor Emmanuel shopping gallery (upscale) and Teatro La Scala. Our host helped us with a myriad of questions we had around how to get Illene to the airport early in the AM, where Kay can get her nails done and other important things like that.

    Arrived via tram at the Duomo at the perfect time as the sun was right on the cathedral and great for pictures. Then looked for ties in the Galleria - have a request from a friend for a polka dot tie. Saw hundreds, if not thousands, of ties - now to decide which one.

    Had a glass of wine and some"nibbles" (dinner) in a outdoor cafe near La Scala this Italian opera. We had tickets at the Teatro La Scala opera house tonight for Francesco da Rimini.
    Illene is the opera buff, I go for the staging and the drama of Italian operas. Neither of us had seen this opera and we both enjoyed it a lot. Actually quite a sexy opera!! Home via tram - almost midnight.

    Miles: 4.4
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  • Day32


    May 12, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Awake early so took advantage of the time before Joel came and got my Verizon/Three and Capital One issues resolved - not to my satisfaction as my Capital One card does not work in the hand held machines used everywhere here. :-( Something happened to the chip - maybe. They are sending me a new one to home. Have a back up and there is always cash.

    Joel arrived around 10AM. He showered and we were off for the day. First to the canal area of Milan - Naviglio Grande. Who knew Venice had a canal? At one time the canal was up to 93 miles long. Started in the 1100s (everything here is old), it was added to in the 1500s with the help of Leanardo da Vinci but finally ceased operation in 1979. At one time if was the 13th largest port in Italy!! Today it is a pleasant combination of bars, cafes, restaurants and park area. You can walk for a long ways along the banks. We had a pleasant lunch and a beer by the wayside.

    Then off for Joel to see the Duomo - walkable from where we were. Impressive as ever and since it is a Saturday very busy. Passed many Milan landmarks on the way - the old entrance to the city, famous churches and a lively shopping area. Also walked the Vittorio Emmanuele II Galleria with its magnificent architecture and upscale shops. Took in La Scala from the outside. Then walked to the large park in the middle of Milan central - Parco Sempione. Again a Saturday event that had finished, a market and lots of gelato and food stands. A very lively crowd and we had a pleasant walk through the park to our Metro station and home for Joel to take a nap and Kay to clean up.

    A leisurely evening, catching up on family and San Francisco politics and activities. Our around 8 for pizza nearby and home for an early evening.

    Miles: 7.5
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  • Day33


    May 13, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Up early to start the planning for the day and relax on our little terrace that lets us look out on the city life below. After breakfast and several cups of coffee/tea we are off around 10AM. First stop, the Milan suburb of Brera. Lots of public transport today - metro and tram. The rest walking. Brera is the home of the Bohemian in Milan. (According to the tour books) Tram arrives near the obligatory church - San Marco.- the stone doorway is the only part that remains of the original church built in 1254. However my favorite was the sign on the cafe awning in front of the church. :-) Pic attached. We wandered the streets and of note was another very large building, the Palazzo Cusani, which houses a library and the well-known (in Milan) Pinacoteca Art Museum which boasts paintings by Raphael and Caravaggio. On the grounds of that building was a small botannical garden that was a nice secluded spot away from the street, lots of large trees (linden and ginko bilbao) and a pleasant walk around. Approaching lunch hour the place is alive with restaurants, cafes and shops opening after church.

    Then off to the Milan main train station - Centrale. We had seen a picture in the Eye Witness guide that was intriguing and Joel is a transportation buff. He loves figuring out public transportation in all the cities we visit, great for me as I am happy to leave it to him for a couple days. I would certainly recommend a quick stop there, the building is massive, the 2nd largest building MIlan next to the Duomo. The highlight is the cover/roof over the area where the trains leave. Will attach picture but could not get it in its entirety.

    Then the most fun find of the day while trying to find the Isola street art *which" we never found. I saw and elevated walk way with a lot of people walking and it reminded me of the NYC Highline. So we went to take a look and, indeed, it was huge expanse of walking, high end shops and unique architecture office buildings, fountains, pools, cafes and all elevated from the street. It was so fun. We had tea there and just enjoyed the ambiance and people watching. Off to take the metro home and a rest before dinner. Got on the metro, went about 4 stops and got off only to find a major thunderstorm in progress. It was pouring and actually had some hail in it. We took cover under the eaves of a building and waited it out. About 30 minutes later we made it home, quite wet.

    Rain passed and out for dinner to a great Asian Fusion restaurant near by. Joel surprised me by picking the place and then told me dinner was on him for Mothers Day!! So sweet and entirely unexpected. A great dinner, highly recommend the restaurant. DOU Asian Passion.
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  • Day31


    May 11, 2018 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Up very early to see Illene off to the airport. She had a 6AM taxi scheduled and all went off well. Kay in for a day of R & R so back to bed until 9ish. Then a lazy AM, working on "stuff" - catching up with life. Trying to get my credit card issue resolve. (Did not happen). More "work" on getting my UK phone card to have enough data and ability to call. That is now fixed. This is my first trip on using a SIM card and it has been a learning experience. However it is significantly cheaper than any of the US International plans when you are traveling for a long period of time and are using your phone a lot - not calls and text which are cheap but the amount of data needed for directions, driving and walking. Will definitely do it again.

    Love this apartment. In a residential neighborhood. Very tastefully decorated and all the amenities one could need. Alessandro has not missed a detail.

    Finally out around noon to find the nail place recommended by the owner here. My nails were in great need of attention. My last manicure in Pamplona was terrible and did not last so have needed a manicure for about 2 weeks. The gal did a great job - a Chinese/Italian gal. I got to practice my minimal Italian and her English was about as good as my Italian. I used my on-line dictionary a lot. :-) Then to the grocery store X2 to get staples needed for the weekend. Joel arrives tomorrow AM and we leave for Budapest on Monday night. Then lunch and a nap.

    A quiet evening. Found a "locals" place for dinner nearby that was just OK. Fun people watching however I was in the middle of the room and think more people were watching me. Home for 1 episode of The Crown on Nexflix and to bed.

    Miles: 4.7
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  • Day374

    Italia, Milano

    March 7, 2015 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 8 °C

    Naviglio Grande
    Entlang des Kanals auf der Ripa di Porta Ticinese tummeln sich Samstag Abend viele junge und alte Leute. Die meisten genießen hier die guten und günstigen Apperitivo Buffets. Oder schlendern nur ein bisschen herum und genießen die laue Abendluft. In der Gegend um den Kanal ist auch ein Teil der Künstlerszene zu finden und einige Geschäfte mit einem ausgesuchten Repertoire an Vintage Teilen. Hier in den kleinen Geschäften findet man tolle selbstgemachte Designer Sachen, von Schmuck über Blumenvasen, Möbel und vieles mehr.

    Wenn man ein bisschen vergleicht (danke kathi) findet man hier schnell raus, wo es das für einem selber beste Buffet gibt. Wir bezahlten für 2 Cocktails + ausgiebiges Buffet 20€. Toller Platz um italienischen Flair aufzusaugen!

    Unbedingt vorbeischauen, wenn man Mailand besucht :-)
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  • Day8

    Night Milano. Day 8

    July 7, 2016 in Italy ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

    Сегодня мы включили в программу вечерний Милан. Поэтому, отдохнув в номере после жары, мы пошли к Duomo. Вечером там ещё больше народу, чем днём. Везде играет музыка, праздник жизни. Все вокруг восхитительно красиво! На площади я разговорилась с китайцем, который живёт в Милане и занимается пением. Почти каждый вечер он приходит на площадь и любуется собором. Романтика)))
    Я читала, что ту улицу Навильи посещают именно вечером. Поэтому мы прыгнули в трамвай и оказались в центре богемной жизни. Да, вечером она выглядит явно лучше. Кафешки по обеим сторонам канала делают её привлекательной. Да и богема как раз подтянулась))
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