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  • Day113

    Italien - Mailand #1

    April 21 in Italy

    Wir hatten ein tolles verlängertes Wochenende im
    schönen Mailand mit traumhaften Wetter!😊
    Bei fast 30 Grad in der Sonne waren wir von morgens bis abends unterwegs in der Stadt und haben natürlich ganz viel Eis, Pizza und Pasta gegessen😄
    Am liebsten würden wir hier noch ein paar Tage dranhängen, die Temperaturen, das Essen und die Menschen haben uns so gut gefallen, dass wir gar nicht so schnell wieder Nachhause wollen 😉Read more

  • Day1

    Day 1 in Milan, Italy

    November 16 in Italy

    Today was our first day in Milan. I am joined by Maria on this trip, and I suppose that it's a girly weekend. We got a bus from Bergamo airport to the city centre. Then we checked into our hotel which is in a good location. After this, we headed out to explore around Sforza Castle. The sun was setting and they had orange lights to brighten up the castle. We found a park area at the back exit of the castle, and went to sit down and talk. This is one of the things I usually miss out on when travelling solo. Travelling usually makes you think about things that you normally wouldn't . So when you travel solo there is nobody to share your thoughts with.

    After unwinding on the park bench, we went back out in search of something to eat. We ended up getting a glass of red wine in a restaurant. Maria wanted to eat there but I didnt. The menu didnt have anything that I wanted...or any of the best Italian dishes. It was more like "roast potatoes with chicken" and "cheesey gnocchi". I can make those at home in England. When I travel I like to try things that are not easily cooked. So we left and found somewhere else to have a meal.

    We agreed on a cheap traditional restaurant around the corner from our hotel. I ordered a seafood pasta with mussels, and she ordered spaghetti bologese. The food was absolutely delicious!. We ordered another glass of wine and then went back to the hotel. wine in Italy is VERY strong. The 2 glasses we had today were enough to send us into a deep sleep.
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  • Day2

    Day 2 in Milan, Italy

    November 17 in Italy

    Today we ended up doing a lot of shopping instead of sightseeing. The quality of clothing is so much better than back in England. We could feel difference when trying clothes on. So I went over budget and bought some clothes. But it's worth it because they will last long. After this we went to an Italian lunch buffet. Free coffee was included so we got free espresso's. We also got a glass of red wine for €3...because why not right?

    After this we did a little bit more shopping and then headed to the Duomo cathedral. We got a ticket for the rooftops which were beautiful. I have never seen anything like this before. I think that we came at the best time of year because the lights in Milan bring a lot of life to the buildings. It really does look breath taking sometimes.

    Anyway, we finished our day with a trip to the Navigli canal area. It is full of restaurants and bars. We had dinner at a pizzeria, where we split our pizza in half. Then we had some drinks (limoncello and aperol spritz).

    We got very drunk...again, and ended up getting one of the last trains back to the hotel. I honestly feel like I will come back to Milan just to do some shopping. I want my whole wardrobe to be Italian.
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  • Day19

    Magnificent Milano

    October 2 in Italy

    We arrived at Milan airport where the plane stopped about a kilometre from the airport arrival area. We were herded onto a bus with few seats and lots of standing room. It was pouring rain but not cold. The bus shuttled us to the airport building where we joined the long snaking queue through passport control. We grabbed our bags and bought tickets for the airport - city shuttle bus. It was a “put your bags in the cargo hold yourself” arrangement so I shoved our bags on, pushing other bags further into the hold. We found seats and the driver kept asking where people were from. A large number were from Boston, and each time someone from Boston boarded, the driver, who only knew a few words of English, would say “Trump” to which many passengers would laugh so the bus driver happily kept repeating “Trump”. The bus delivered us to Milano Centrale Railway. From there we needed bus 81 which would take us within 100 meters of our hotel. Google maps was not being very helpful but eventually a kind lady escorted us to the bus stop we were looking for. Of course you can’t buy tickets on the bus so I bolted to a Metro shop and bought the tickets. Bus 81 eventually arrived and we got on but didn’t know what to do with our tickets so we did nothing. We disembarked near the hotel but had no idea which direction it was as when we eventually found it, it was hidden by tall buildings on the main street. It also had rained the entire time we were trying to locate it. Checkin was straight forward and the room great. Must say the location is not the best being 5 kilometres from the city centre. Next door to the hotel, a building is being demolished so there is a constant noise from the smashing of concrete and brick. We decided to have a night in and get some rest after the early start. MDW insisted we have room service although the menu was limited and not much either of us really fancied. MDW said I should have the pulled pork with crispy vegetables. MDW said she would be happy with a bowl of fries. Our food arrived and when the menu says “crispy vegetables” it actually means diced pieces of carrot, celery and zucchini served raw and crispy. Still it was filling and our only meal of the day.
    Next morning we started with breakfast. I headed straight for the cornflakes, well more like anaemic flakes as they were almost white. In the bowl I added milk to the flakes and sat down ready to hoe into my cereal. Of course the milk was room temperature, something I should have remembered from our last visit to Italy although I thought it was Paris where I had the milk problem and Rome was ok. I managed to separate the flakes from the milk before filling up on toast and a bacon alternative of pancetta or prosciutto. The butter is also looking very pale, almost looks like lard. MDW was happy with her bowl of rock melon followed by almonds.
    Breakfast over we caught the Metro to the Centre of Milan. We walked up the steps and were awe struck by the duomo. The Milan Cathedral is a stunning building out doing the Notre Dame in Paris. It is full of sculptures and works of art. We strolled around this main piazza which is surrounded by all the big name fashion shops. We needed a Post Office for a stamp so Google sent us to one edge of the piazza. We found a postal box but no post office. I asked the security guard if this was the post office but he did not speak English. A couple of young guys offered to help, and told us the post office closed and is now a Starbucks. They didn’t know if there was a post office in the old part of Milan. Needing a toilet we went to McDonalds, always a reliable place for these facilities, but at the entrance was a large security guard so MDW said she wasn’t going in there. Using Google translator I searched for “toilette” but nothing close by showed up so an hour later we decided to venture into McDonalds as a last resort where we walked past the security guard who surely must be wondering if we are a serious consumer or just casing the place. This McDonalds had 4 or 5 seating areas and security guards in each area. I ask one of the guards where the toilets are and he tells us upstairs. This means we have to walk past the security guard at the entrance again but I have bought drinks and we walk confidently past this large figure. All this security seemed like overkill but still the coffee was extremely good and we felt very safe consuming our drinks.
    We did a bit of window shopping and determined to find a Post Office asked a lady with good English where a Post Office might be. She gives us directions, past Foot Locker, through the arcade then turn right. No her companion says, go through the perfume shop and you can’t miss it. Well we follow these directions and still no Post Office. We ask a lady near where the Post Office was expected to be only to be told there is no Post Office around here. What is going on with no Post Office in Milan?
    We even ventured to the outskirts of the old city finding ourselves wandering down many lane ways until after 6 hours of walking, we were worn out and headed back to the Metro to go back to the hotel. Before going to the hotel, we caught bus 53 to a LIDL supermarket to get a few thing for a simple dinner. This is not such a simple task, the bus stop was hidden around a corner and MDW still needs to remember the cars and buses drive on the other side of the road and a couple of times has stepped off the kerb only to quickly jump back as a car heads straight for her. This bus trip going past 13 bus stops, took us to a much slummier area of Milan. Google maps did a good job on the bus counting down the stops as the announcements on the bus are in Italian only where on the Metro an English announcement is also made. This area of Milan was filled with dated high rise apartments that probably started as modern living areas for the expanding city. Although we had tickets for the bus, still like everyone else that got on the bus, we never swiped or displayed our tickets. I don’t imagine the buses are free but no one seems to be paying. Shopping at LIDL was interesting as we used an online translator to make sure we were getting what we wanted. Bus 86 took us past 15 stops to a Metro where we had one stop before getting to our hotel. I think we are getting the hang of this public transport system in Milan. Tomorrow Florence and our hotel is in the middle of town. We are nervous about the hotel because we sacrificed comfort for location, will this be the right decision?
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  • Day30

    Menaggio to Milan

    May 10 in Italy

    Today was another day of travel challenges. Left Menaggio and Lake Como behind and wended our way to Milan. The main road "out of town" by the lake was closed due to a major landslide earlier in the week so we had to go over and thru Switzerland to get to Milan. On the way we decided to return the car today as opposed to tomorrow so headed for Linate airport. The usual wind up of a car rental, fill with gas and try to find where to drop off the car in Italian.

    Kay's primary credit card denied several times and after 2 calls to Capital One - no resolution. (A problem when traveling). Problem must be in the card itself as it works on line just fine. So to Plan B - the secondary credit card. Third option is cash !! What a concept.

    Arrived at our new apartment around 4PM. We were not here long and took off for Milan center and the famous Duomo, Victor Emmanuel shopping gallery (upscale) and Teatro La Scala. Our host helped us with a myriad of questions we had around how to get Illene to the airport early in the AM, where Kay can get her nails done and other important things like that.

    Arrived via tram at the Duomo at the perfect time as the sun was right on the cathedral and great for pictures. Then looked for ties in the Galleria - have a request from a friend for a polka dot tie. Saw hundreds, if not thousands, of ties - now to decide which one.

    Had a glass of wine and some"nibbles" (dinner) in a outdoor cafe near La Scala this Italian opera. We had tickets at the Teatro La Scala opera house tonight for Francesco da Rimini.
    Illene is the opera buff, I go for the staging and the drama of Italian operas. Neither of us had seen this opera and we both enjoyed it a lot. Actually quite a sexy opera!! Home via tram - almost midnight.

    Miles: 4.4
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  • Day38


    May 15, 2017 in Italy

    Saw the sights in Milan today.. Castello Sfrozesco, Parco Sempione, Il Duomo..
    Warm for us Brits here, even now and its only May!!
    We climbed the steps up to the top of Il Duomo (its cheaper) and the view was as impressive there as the interior.
    Saw all the Italian elite out shopping. Wandering past Prada in my primark trousers I must admit I mentioned to Stuart that if we cut out trip short by a month I could buy myself a bag...
    Hotel is really good - huge room and good breakfast - but onto our first night camping tomorrow. Heading down to Tuscany to attempt to erect the tent without our tent assistant Soph :) wish our marriage good luck!
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  • Day21

    Milan (IT)

    July 28, 2017 in Italy

    The city has long been named Fashion Capital of the World. Today was a day for exploring, on foot, and a bit of Metro.

    The Milan cathedral is the 3rd largest in the world, and took nearly 600 years to build. That's just mind boggling !!

    Accommodation was a B&B with a view of onto one of the main fashion streets. Free entertainment from the small balcony watching all the hustle and bustle in the street below, and in the evening some musicians added to the entertainment.Read more

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