Estado de México

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  • Day105

    I had my first sleep in for awhile, till 8:30am! I got a takeaway coffee and sat in the main square. I had a yummy breakfast at Bella Vista if scrambled eggs and fruit while looking at the view of the mountains. I caught a shuttle bus at 11am to Guatemala City airport and flew to Mexico City where I met Zoe!! Yay!
    We got an Uber to near where we were staying but couldn’t get any closer as there was many roads blocked off due to the earthquake. Our driver showed us places where buildings had collapsed. It was a little worrying walking along the streets blocked off, when we turned into our street we saw the army set up and our hostel looked very shut. We rang the door and after a while we got let in. They had just reopened the hostel after the earthquake and we were the first new people to check in. He said the building we were in was 90 years old and had survived the three major earthquakes since then. The hostel was very old but we had our own room. We headed out nearby and found a Mexican restaurant where I had a really delicious fish taco, chicken taco, corn and salad. We had some beers before heading back to sleep.Read more

  • Day107

    We got coffee and pastries from a shop down the road, packed up and got an Uber to the Terminal North Bus station. We checked in our big bags and got on a bus to Teotihuacan Ruins. The ruins were very big and the Sun Temple is the third largest pyramid in the world. We climbed up to the top which got quite steep in some parts. At the Moon Temple we could only walk up half way but the views back along the Valley of death were quite amazing!
    We then got the bus back to Terminal North and got a different bus to Puebla. The bus went a very long way all the way back past the Teotihuacan ruins. We were on it for ages as it was a local bus. When we arrived in Puebla raining and we were at a bus stop a long way from the centre. We didn’t know how to get into town so had a bit of trouble getting a taxi so we ended up on a local colectivo (bus) which was so full that we were standing up. We got it near to where we staying and walked there. Our hostel has problems with checking in and then giving us the right type of room. After complaining for a while we headed into town for dinner. I had yummy beef tacos and Zoe had a massive salad.
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  • Day56

    Ich meld mich mal wieder vo Mexiko City und zwar wahrschindli mit mim letzte Itrag vo Mexiko will mer hüt uf Kuba flüged :-) Am Fritig bini spat in Mexiko City acho, de Flug isch de Horror gsi, han in Playa öpis gesse wo mir überhaupt nöd guet ta het und somit de ganz Flug heftigi Magebeschwerde gha. D Nacht vom Fritig uf de Samstig isch au e Katastrophe gsi, han fast nüt gschlafe. Am Samstig hemmer eus vorgno d Pyramide vo Teotihuacán go azluege, nur hani dur die Mageinfektion denn am Samstig de ganz Tag Fieber gha. Drum simmer notfallmässig ine Apothek go fiebersenkendi Medis go hole und 2 Stund spöter bini scho wieder einigermasse uf de Bei gsi und mer sind Richtig Teotihuacán gfahre. Teotihuacán isch eini vo de bedütenste Ruinestädt in Amerika. Mer gaht devo us, dass bis zu 200'000 Lüüt det glebt hend. D Pyramide sind sehr idrücklich gsi und ich bin froh gsi, dassi d Energie gha ha, zum d'Sunnepyramide zbestige.
    Jetzt freued mir eus mega Kuba dörfe kennezlerne.
    Gracias México por todo, teniamos un tiempo maravilloso. Viva México!
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  • Day9

    Der Name des Vulkans heisst "schlafende Frau" und wir sind von 4000m auf den Gipfel 5280m in 2 tagen gewandert. Dabei haben wir eine für den Mexikaner besonders kalte Nacht in einer Hütte verbracht.

    La mujer dormida subimos en 2 días, desde 4000m. a la cumbre de 5280m. Así pasamos una noche bien fría en un refugio en la montaña.

  • Day3

    Am ersten Stopp in Toluca habe ich einen Vulkan mit 4600m erklommen und im Kratersee gebadet :)
    Fast genau als wir am Gipfel waren hat das Erdbeben stattgefunden und der ganze Berg hat sich bewegt, ein unglaubliches Gefühl.
    Den nächsten Tag haben wir den ganzen Tag beim roten Kreuz geholfen um den Erdbebenopfern zu helfen.
    El primer destino es toluca para subir el nevado con sus 4600m y tomar un baño bien frío en el lago del cráter. Justo cuando estuvimos en la cumbre nos toco el terremoto, toda la montaña se movió, increíble. Luego ayudamos el día seguinte en el Cruz rojo para ayudar.Read more

  • Day32

    Heute haben wir uns mit zwei anderen Mädels ein Auto gemietet und sind zum Vulkan 🌋 Toluca gefahren. Beim Nevado de Toluca handelt es sich um einen bereits seit Jahrhunderten nicht mehr aktiven vulkanischen Bergstock mit drei Gipfelkratern. Er ist über 4500 m hoch. Der letzte Ausbruch wird um das Jahr 1350 v. Chr. geschätzt. Die ehemaligen Krater sind mit Regen- und Schmelzwasser gefüllt; die beiden Kraterseen werden im Volksmund als Lago del Sol („Sonnensee“) bzw. als Lago de la Luna („Mondsee“) bezeichnet. Nach einem kleinen Marsch von 45 min haben wir die Seen erreicht (Wir haben die einfache Variante gewählt) Der Ausblick war einfach phantastisch. Ein bisschen höher waren wir dann auch noch. Ganz schön anstrengend so hoch zu sein. Ein schöner Ausflug war das.Read more

  • Day182

    Today was by far the craziest hike I can remember.

    We started in the early morning just in time for sunrise over the two volcanos Popocatépetl and Iztaccihuratl (picture 1). Then the best thing happened - we met two Mexican hikers (I mean professional hiking guides who make me look like a wimp on the trail) who offered to do the trail together.

    We started from 3960 meters altitude at our parking lot and spent the next 6.5 hours ascending through trails of sand, gravel and boulders, often scrambling up rocks, and loved every minute. Though I must say I felt the altitude early, going slower than usually. My brother felt fine and at one point even took my backpack so I could keep up :)

    The views were amazing, especially of the active "Popo", coughing up ash and rocks. Here's a panorama shot
    Close to the top, it got really cold, especially as we crossed the glacier at windy 5100 meters. Brrrrrrrr.

    We made it to 5230 meters, exhausted and happy, and ready to lose some altitude. The way down was tough, as the sand made the descend slippery. Where there was a lot of sand, we didn't mind - we skied down like this :)

    So much fun!

    After hiking the last 30 minutes in the dark with head lamps, we made it back almost 12 hours later. What a day! We're completely beat but happy and a tiny bit proud. I'm especially proud of my brother who, with basically no acclimatization, made it to 5200 meters and a crazy hike of 11.5 hours to get there!
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  • Day262

    We couldn't resist another dip in the hot pools before we left, then we drove a couple of hours to the Cerro Pelón, a place famous for its butterflies. Each year they gather here and 2 other places nearby to mate in their millions. The males then die but something truly remarkable happens; the pregnant females fly north in March and lay their eggs in southern eastern USA, their offspring metamorphose in May and then fly all the way to the Great Lakes where they breed and then the next generation starts the whole process again - a journey of some 4,500km over 3 generations.

    We again declined the use of horses to get our lungs and legs back in shape, and set off up an extremely steep and incredibly dusty trail. An hour and a half of hard slog up to 3,000m and we saw our first butterflies fluttering by. Another 5 minutes further on and our guide Emilio stopped us and pointed at the trees - at first you just see a few hundred butterflies sunning themselves on the branches, but then you realise that what you thought was normal tree was in fact millions and millions of butterflies crammed together and weighing down the branches much like frozen snow does. We sat there and watched them in wonder for half an hour, before making our way back to the community campground and a meal in our guide's aunt's restaurant (in fact the only restaurant in town).

    It was an amazing experience and the photos/videos don't don't come close to doing it justice.
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  • Day264

    It's definitely a bit of a tongue twister, but this place is AMAZING, and worth the $30 US in toll roads around Mexico City to get here. After a morning of catching up with a Bulgarian family we'd made friends with back in Etzatlan & one false start (as no pets allowed - even though there are stray dogs evereywhere) we made it into the site.

    The city was established around 100 BC and lasted for about 8 centuries until its demise. At its zenith it was the largest city in North America & about 6th in the world at that time. There are two massive pyramids, the Temples of the Sun & Moon, although these were named by the Aztecs who discovered the abandoned citadel and they know almost nothing about the people who lived here or their culture.

    We spent a good few hours exploring and climbing the pyramids in the hot afternoon sun, and a great deal of time trying to understand where to pick up our tickets for the evening show, which incredibly and infuriatingly was only available on TicketMaster (which has wasted days of my life in the past trying to get Glastonbury tickets!)

    Eventually we figured it out and returned that evening to be issued with an iPod (remember those? Basically and iPhone without the phone). The 2km long Avenue of the Dead was lit up, and we wandered down to the Temple of the Moon listening to the interactive show. We then settled on the steps opposite the larger Temple of the Sun and were treated to an amazing light show which was projected onto the pyramid as the backdrop. Being high (~2,500m) the temperature dropped quickly but the light show was so incredible we barely noticed.
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  • Day12

    We drove to the town of Teotihuacana and as always the drive took way longer than expected especially diving around Mexico city during rush hour and we arrived just after dark. We found a hostel like hotel for M$300. It is a bit of a dive but is in the location we wanted.
    We bought a supper of roast chicken and crosant and had an ice cream dessert. A good amber mexican beer called Indio topped off the evening.
    Now we are in our room and cannot sleep. We had far too much good stuff just before bed and now we are both laying awake with over full bellies, it could also be the elevation. We are over 7500 ft elevation here.

    The neighbouring town was having cock fights but they would not let us in unless we were betting. The trees outside were cut in the shape of roosters.
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Estado de México, Estado de Mexico, México, MEX, Estat de Mèxic, Mexico, Mexikoko estatua, Messico, メヒコ州, Stat Meksiko, 墨西哥州

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