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  • Day59

    Sunshine, Weta and friends in Wellington

    November 13, 2016 in New Zealand

    Woke to a bit of rain this morning but not where near like the the downpours have gotten used to!
    We had a tour of the Weta Cave workshop booked and so were up and ready for 9.

    We arrived for Weta a little early and had a look around the shop and mini museum there. Weta Caves for those who don't know (I had no idea until Rob told me) is where they do all the modelling and costume making for films like lord of the rings, district 9, King Kong and several others! Obviously we were most interested in the lord of the rings and the models they had on display in the entrance (the only place we are allowed to take pictures) were awesome! So much detail it is incredible and actually quite scary to get up close to!

    The tour itself took about an hour and we were given props to hold, for example the gun from district 9, which was super heavy and a dwarves mace from the hobbit. We were also told lots of stories about the movies and things we might not know. For example over 3000 arrows were made for Lord of the Rings and they only got 200 back... you may find us now hunting for them in the forests! It is also incredible to see how much time and money is spent on some things, for them never to be used! An animatronic head and a massive model of a districts 9 alien both just sat there unused. Oh and not forgetting the halo car that is fully functional, can drive sideways at 80mph (whaaat!???) and just looks awesome... again not used due to the film now no being made. It did get an outing as a wedding car though! They just had to remove the gun.

    It was interesting and slightly horrifying too to learn how they do the face casts, everything is moulded rather than put on as makeup (including for hands and feet) and for the faces they have so have their entire face covered in an awful mould that they must sit encased it from head to mid chest for an hour!! Then they have to peel it off and it is so tight it pulls out hairs. Sounded awful! And poor Elijah Wood have to have his done every 6 months as he was so young his face kept on changing. We also learnt that has the two film
    Companies for lord of the rings and the hobbit are different, they cannot use inspiration from lord of the rings, despite the fact that they had already done all the concept work for it and clearly the two films have huge crossovers. Can't have been easy to manage that.

    After the tour and another look around we headed to Wellington to meet Robs friend Dave who he used to work with. Him and his fiance, Rachel, took us out for lunch right by the Bay which was lovely and we had some delicious food to the sound of the waves. Really lovely couple and considering I hadn't met either of them before we got on really well very quickly.
    After lunch they drove us to a fantastic look out over the city. Super windy up there though, hence the lonely wind turbine that Rachel told us her nephew thought was amazing enough to be classed as a world famous monument in his school project 😄

    We headed into town once we decided it was far too cold to stay up on the lookout, despite the sunshine, and instead we went to a bar that was run by one of their friends called the Olive Garden. Really nice place but unfortunately we couldn't take advantage of their sun terrace due to a 1 year olds birthday party. Strange place to be having one of those but never mind!
    Had some lovely craft beers and I had a cider which with a bit of lime was delicious!
    At the second bar we were informed that we had all been invited to James and Justines house (who own the bar) for BBQ lamb, which we definitely could not resist!

    We headed over there later in the day and met Justine and their their three children. Lovely family and we all got on very well which was nice. Dinner was fantastic, beautiful lamb with delicious salads and strawberries and cream for dessert! Yum! Was having a lovely evening and as it got a bit later Justine and James offered up their driveway for us to camp the night, which was very kind of them considering we had knelt just met, and it also meant I could enjoy a glass of wine.

    Eventually after a lot more chatting it was about time to head to bed, especially for those with work in the morning and we needed to be on the 9am ferry to the South Island, where we planned on heading to Kaikoura.

    And that was when the Earthquake struck..... which I will describe in a seperate post!
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  • Day59

    More photos from Weta Cave!

    November 13, 2016 in New Zealand

    Just a few more of the awesome models!

  • Day60

    The morning after the night before

    November 14, 2016 in New Zealand

    So eventually after a few cups of tea we headed back to Justine and James' house. We headed to the camper and tried to get some sleep as we had had so little and felt awful. We have since learnt though that where James and Justine live, the shocks are felt a lot worse than in other places, such as higher in the hills, and so instead we were just sat or laid down whilst the ground kept rocking the car every minute. People were out and about though and we had been reassured that this part at least was normal and the size of these quakes were something more of the norm. It was still unnerving though and took a very long time to get any kind of shut eye.

    Eventually we gave up and headed inside after James woke us to say bye on his way to check on his bar. Most stuff had been cleaned up and Justine was a bit calmer now. The poor dog Indie was still not right though. I forgot to mention her in the last post but she is adorable. About the size of a big cat but not yappy and just plain cute. She was terrified the night of the quake and writing this a week later, I have been told she hasn't been right all week with the aftershocks.

    We said bye and headed to Dave and Rachel's who had offered us a floor and blow up bed for the night. On route we were still checking Geonet, which monitors all the quakes, and were amazed at the volume of the aftershocks coming through. Hundreds of them! The media always makes out like it's 5 or 6, but nope..... hundreds!

    One thing we could take comfort in, being at Dave and Rachel's house, was the fact that they were at least above the tsunami line, so at least we wouldn't need to evacuate again! We ordered some food from Burger Fuel (they make delicious burgers!) and then settled down to watch a daft movie and attempt to calm ourselves. There was another fairly substantial aftershock whilst we were there, which had us all a bit on edge once again, but there isn't much else you can do except get on with it. We also had to ring Tom, our friend in Australia, and let him know that unfortunately we wouldn't making it to the South Island any time soon as not only was our Ferry cancelled for the foreseable future (the docks had been raised in the quake so there was no way of getting on or off the boats now - not great for those already on them!) but also there was horrendous weather battering the islands and therefore the roads were all at risk of more landslips. We really dint want to risk getting stranded between landslips, or worse, caught up in one, so we had decided to stay put. Tom being Tom managed to convince the airline to credit him for the non refundable ticket he had bought after a very long battle on the phones so that was a positive at least.

    Eventually we went to sleep after blowing up the air bed. I say we went to sleep - truthfully I slept only a little as there was another couple of aftershocks in the night that woke me up and made me quite anxious once again!

    The next day when we were alone in the flat we also felt another one, it actually had me and Rob rush to stand outside of the house it was that bad this time. I certainly won't be sad to stop feeling these quakes!!

    Anyhoo, the following day Rachel and Dave informed us that their tenants were moving out of their house that they had been renting (they were excited to finally be getting it back) and said we could stay there until the ferries sorted themselves out. The other two tenants there, who still had a couple of night on the lease, seemed a little bit unsure about us staying but I think after an explanation of the situation were a little more understanding,

    And so we stayed for a few days......that turned into a few weeks! This next part is a bit long and boring (except of course for the whole collapsed lung thing), so I will just summarise in the next post!
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  • Day141

    Pencarrow Coastal Trail

    March 2, 2015 in New Zealand

    Wellington je super, ale nikdy neni na skodu si od mesta trochu odpocinout. K Pencarrow majakum (ten stary na kopci je nejstarsi "pevny" majak na NZ, ten mladsi na brehu postavili proto, ze horni nebyl v mlze casto videt - coz by majak mel, ze :-)?) vede asi 10 km rovne gravel road, nikam se nestoupa, nic se nepreliza, takze z hikingoveho hlediska nuda nejvetsi :-(. Ale vyhledy na protejsi "poloostrov" s centrem metropole, proplouvajici trajekty a - hlavne! - Jizak byly celkem fajn.Read more

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