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  • Day27

    1-10 Waiouru

    October 1, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 9 °C

    Droog ingepakt, en daarna met miezer naar National Park. Daar toch maar regenjack aan. Blijkt ook lekker in de afdaling, die helaas maar even duurt. De "Old coach road", met een plaatje van een moeder met kind op een pad van vlonders, staat helaas bij het begin aangekondigd als "grade 3". Dus laat maar. Ik suis nog een stukje naar beneden naar Ohakune. Daar fish en chips gegeten en met een windje achter door. Ik kom nog langs "the last spike" (Frank!!). De foto's in volgorde bekijken, anders is het niet leuk....
    Windje helpt me gelukkig omhoog, maar ik pas het einddoel toch maar aan naar Waiouru, ook omdat het volgende onderdak pas na de afslag naar Napier is. Kan ik ook lekker even shoppen, want morgen is er niets.
    Duh! "De Winkel" is de benzinepomp. Zucht. Echt een stuk leuker dan Peru deze dorpjes 😕. Meestal is het trouwens alleen een stip op de kaart. Maar dit leek groter.
    Ik zit in een motel, heb lekker zo mijn fiets naar binnen gereden. Er is wel een keuken en zo. Maar ja, geen winkel, dus wat moet je dan met een keuken? Er is wel een liquor store, dus ik heb mezelf getrakteerd op jӓgermeister.
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    Riet Atema

    Waar is de trein ? Smal spoor?

    Astrid Oerlemans

    Het ziet er allemaal mooi uit Astrid!

    Astrid van der Zouwen

    Ik heb 1 treintje zien rijden. Zag er redelijk normaal uit.

  • Day118

    Day 2 - Taupo

    July 29, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌙 0 °C

    Well that was one of our coldest nights yet! It was so bloomin cold we could see our breath! The gas bottle didn't want to play ball either because it too was also freezing! After a painstaking amount of time we managed to boil the kettle and knock up some porridge in an attempt to warm us up from the inside.

    New Zealand offers a lot of markets at the weekends so we headed to Taupo's Riverside Market for a mooch. It was small but pretty cute and worth the wander. I even managed to resist the most amazing looking cakes (mainly because they were $5 each). They did look good though! We then went for a mooch around the main town looking at the shops. There was a gorgeous home shop with all kinds of great tat that I could fill our house with!

    After some lunch we made our way down the side of Lake Taupo and along the edge of Tongariro National Park, or as you may also know it, Mordor. The drive gave us stunning views of the snow covered mountains. We did um and ah for a long time as to whether we should do the Tongariro crossing but have decided that the winter just isn't the time to do it. It has also been cancelled the last couple of days due to poor weather conditions, including 75kph winds. We are just going to have to come back to New Zealand again and do it in the summer.

    Our next stop is Napier on the East Coast so we have decided to camp up in Waiouru in the National Army Museum car park and head to Napier in the morning. As I'm writing this post it is only 5pm and I am already cold. The sweet lady in the museum also advised us to keep warm as it's going to be a cold one!
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    Jackie Blake

    Sounds like our summer so far lol x

    Jules Pearce

    It's too dry Mrs B but the temperature seems right

    Tricia Little

    Hi guys, if your cold go into the local OP shops & buy some blankets... looking forward to you reaching Aussie soil... Start up in QLD its warmer up there, the further south you go the colder it will be. It's still winter here too.... love you both, stay warm xxooxxooxx

  • Day6

    Off we go..... Or maybe not?

    February 5, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    So we start our journey from welly up to the North. Didn't start well, OH taken wrong out of date driving licence all I could hear was "sorry sir you can't drive on tht" now at tht moment in time I had two choices thump the hell out of him (he had two jobs 1. Passport 2. Drivers licence, no way could I do all the driving) Or cry.i decided cry n swear was best optioned. Once calmed down a thought came to me "can you not use his international drivers license" yes they could, why on earth he didn't think of this n just left it for me to sort out I don't know.

    So arrived at daughters to pick her n her friend up to find due to an accident we couldn't get out of welly. Great start.

    So off to supermarket stocked up. And waited for road to open. Van is a 7m (bigger than we use to) n slow, very slow. But it had quite bit of room inside, we hoped as yet to unpack.

    Made it as far as national army museum wanted to get further but I was hungry, tired and wanted to get the bags unpacked. Nice freedom site. No open toilet but fantastic views n security.

    Waiting for tea to be cooked by Laura... Off to get beer out now.
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  • Day144

    National Army Museum

    May 28, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

    Heute hatte ich mir bis zur Rezeption um 15 Uhr freigenommen um das National Army Museum zu besuchen.

    Ein super Museum um die 200 jährige Geschichte der Neuseeländischen Armee kennen zu lernen.

    Auf zwei Etagen befinden sich die Anfänge als die ersten weißen Siedler ins Land kamen bis hin zu aktuellen Konflikten im nahen Osten.

    Dabei werden einzelne Schicksale gezeigt von Soldaten die sich besonders verdient gemacht haben, es gibt vermutlich zig tausende Ausstellungsstücke und sogar ganze Panzer kann man betrachten.

    Besonders interessant fand ich dabei die Tatsache dass es ganz viele Originale gibt.
    Originale Ausrüstungsgegenstände, die wirklich mal benutzt wurden, persönlich verfasste Briefe und ganz viele Fotos.

    Die hunderten von Erklärtafeln habe ich weitestgehend links liegen gelassen, mach ich aber in jedem Museum so😅.

    Fotos habe ich selbst bis auf eines keine gemacht, dafür schien es mir nicht der rechte Ort zu sein.

    Nach einem guten Burger zu Mittag wurde ich dann noch mit einem extrem leckeren Muffin von meiner Chefin überrascht😍
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  • Day25

    Tongariro National Park and Waiouru

    March 1, 2018 in New Zealand ⋅ ☁️ 2 °C

    We slept in to about 9am this morning then had a quick shower and cooked some hot cross buns and toast in the kitchen, was nice to have toast for once. We then headed up Highway 4 and onto Highway 47 which was surrounding Tongariro National Park. We then headed to the information center on Bruce Road. We looked around for a little then seeked help for our Alphine Crossing walk. After we headed to the caravan park to see if the shuttle was running for tomorrow. They still didnt know so we decided to go back to the National War Musuem as Chris wasnt happy with the quick look we had on the way down to the South Island the first time. It took about an hour to get to Waiouru as there were road works. When we finally got there Amanda stayed in the car to nap and Chris went inside. Chris seeked some help from a lady who helped him find his fathers name in 2 books. Chris thought this musuem was pretty good.
    After the musuem we headed back to the caravan park which was unfortunatly booked. Thankfully they referred us to another caravan park which was just left of Bruce Road. This caravan park was definitly a dive, we paid $13 a night which was not worth more then $2. The place had really old huts everwhere and the facilities where so old, the receptionist was also a piece of work. After checking in and purchasing our shuttle tickets for the alphine we drive to our spot. We cooked some 2 minute noodles and then showered, we then watched GI Joe and went to sleep as we jad to be up at 5:00am tomorrow.
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  • Day146

    National Army Museum - Waiouru

    February 19, 2017 in New Zealand ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    In December we went all the way down from Hamilton to Masterton and on our way we had seen the National Army Museum of New Zealand. But hadn't enough time to visit it.

    So today was the day of visiting the National Army Museum! The weather wasn't the best, but that's not a problem at all. We spend a few ours there and had seen a lot! Everything from 19th century in Africa, to New Zealand war history or the WWI and WWII. And a lot of weapons how they change during time and lots of old stuff like flags, papers, coins, letters, photos, stories ...

    Outside of the museum were a few tanks, but of course no real ones! 😉😊

    After that it was so hard to find some food because the town just got a petrol station, fish n chips, a expensive pizza place and Subway.

    But I thing you can guess what we took.😊
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