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  • Day13

    Bergen Norway

    July 2, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    This morning Anita drove us to Gatwick where we got a Norwegian flight to Bergen. Anna came with us too which was great. Traffic to Gatwick was very heavy.
    According to a sign at the airport Bergen is 60deg N, and 5deg E.
    After finding our AirBnB accomodation we set out to explore Bergen which is a mix of the very old, the quirky with a spattering of ultra modern buildings. There are many cobblestoned pavements and some very old wooden buildings. The harbour wends its way through the city and many of the old scenic buildings are clustered around the harbour. The stone hills rise sharply above the buildings providing a great backdrop.Read more

  • Day14

    Morning in Bergen

    July 3, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    This morning we started out to explore a little more of Bergen. First Anita and I did a small area near our AirBnB which we found very comfortable. The cobblestone streets are very prolific and we came across many more this morning.
    First photo is of our accomodation which is the apricot coloured place next to the corner house. We were up on the first floor. Second pbhoto is a modern building which I thought was interesting.
    Then we went to see an area called The Fortress. The church there was built between 1247 to 1261 and there does not seem to be any cracks. Quite amazing. Then we went into the church courtyard through an arch which was constructed in 1728. This whole area overlooked the docks, and yes Jenny Anna did take a photo of the Benalla travellers.
    We observed the very long queue for the funicular, and did not join it. Instead took photos in the market which will be the next blog.
    Cheers everyone.
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  • Day9


    August 18, 2018 in Norway ⋅ 🌧 15 °C

    Heute sind wir am Fjord entlang nach Bergen gefahren. Auf dem Fischmarkt gab es natürlich Fisch und dann ging es einmal durch die Bryggen - alte Hansehäuser aus Holz. Danach einfach kreuz und quer durch Bergen - so groß ist es ja nicht. Die AirBNB ist auch in einem alten Haus - und wirklich schön, direkt im
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  • Day5

    First day in Bergen

    August 27, 2018 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Highbrow men, dressed-up & made-up women of all ages; all staring at each other and walking fast. Hair saloons at every corner.

    I move towards the port to see the wooden old town Unesco site. Only tourist shops and people queuing up to take pictures (my beloved Venice, this reminds me of you 🙏🏽).

    The more authentic neighbourhood is full of locals sitting on bars outside, music is in the air. Cobbled streets and short buildings; street art and tattoo shops. Some playful decorations.

    I get back to the hotel late in the evening. They told me they could not guarantee laundry for Wednesday morning: I have to wash myself my clothes then. I realized I have never hand-washed socks in my entire life. What a wonderful occasion! I learned you have to put your whole hand in the dirty sock, and then rub, if you want to assure cleanness. Unforgettable evening!
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  • Day13

    Bergen, Norway

    July 26, 2013 in Norway

    We all got off today, even Sheila.
    We asked Buzz to come with us which he did, I think he was glad of the company.
    He is missing his wife and kids quite badly, which makes the job hard for him.
    Anyway we all jumped the shuttle, a free one I might add, and got dropped off in town.
    We had a bit of a walk around till we found a MacDonalds and headed in for the free WiFi, only thing was, it had the slowest serving staff I've ever encountered.
    Definitely not FAST FOOD lol.
    We must have spent an hour in there, checking email, Facebook etc.
    Buzz downloaded an entire episode of Downton Abbey, only to realise after 30 mins or so, that he'd seen it lol.
    We then had another stroll to find some pressies for Aimee to take home for Mum and Nan.
    Then I spotted what I thought was our ship, so we decided to walk back instead of getting the shuttle....Bad decision, we walked and walked towards the port, with Sheila all the time saying, "I'm sure this is the wrong way".
    Well knowing her sense of direction, we didn't listen.
    Only to eventually find out she was right.
    We'd walked to the opposite side of town that we needed.....oops!
    So we jumped a taxi back to our ship, which Buzz insisted on paying for.
    Still, we had a nice day, and Bergen is a beautiful town, with the slowest Mackie Dees, and if I ever come back, will explore it more.
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  • Day73


    September 1, 2017 in Norway

    Major port on Norway's west coast. Major Hanseatic league city. UNESCO World Heritage Site of buildings used by the league, last rebuilt about 1702, and still in use. City has both old and new in close proximity. Berger is an active city with lots happening at the port.

  • Day17

    Today was a long day of travelling through the spectacular scenery of Norway. We left Vradel at 7.30am bound for Bergen. Our first stop along the way was at the Vemork Museum. The museum is located within an old hydro electric power plant. The 60MW Vemork power station was the worlds largest power plant when it opened in 1911. It was constructed to power a factory producing artificial fertiliser and was also the site of the Norwegian heavy water sabotage by Norwegian saboteurs during WWII. During the German occupation of Norway the heavy water production plant at the site was sabotaged to prevent the Germans from producing nuclear weapons. We have learnt many stories regarding WWII during this trip especially involving resistance movements in Netherlands, Denmark and now Norway.

    Some of us took the opportunity to walk up the steep hill to the plant from where the coach dropped us off instead of taking the minibus. It was a great walk and blew the cobwebs out from sitting on the bus this morning.

    Our next stop was at Haukeliseter fjellatue for lunch. After travelling through mainly forested mountains this place was surrounded by bare mountains and and ice. It is approximately 1000 metres above sea level and quite cold, especially for those of us in shorts.

    We then proceeded to the western side of Norway which is even more rugged than the eastern side where we came from. The scenery just kept getting better and better with lakes, fjords, winding valleys, rugged gorges and towering snow capped mountains. We also saw our first ever glacier but I can't remember what it is called and I didn't take a photo but it was breathtaking to look at, even from a long distance.

    We arrived at Utne to get the ferry across the Hardangerfjord to Kvanndel. When we arrived there were already several trucks and cars waiting for the ferry so we had to wait an hour in Utne for the next ferry. This was a blessing in disguise as it gave us an opportunity to explore this little town and get out of the bus and stretch the legs.

    Our next stop to break the final leg of our journey today was at the Steindalsfossen Waterfall which was another opportunity to capture some great pictures as well as stretch the legs as we were able to walk up the hill and behind the waterfall.

    We arrived at Bergen at around 7.40pm and first impressions is this is another beautiful city. Apparently the baton as the most beautiful Scandinavian city is between Bergen and Stockholm. We finish our tour in Stockholm so we will make our own judgement then.

    We dined with Adrian, Bec and Luke and Maria and Paul (from Perth) at the restaurant next to the hotel. It was another enjoyable evening with great company and delicious food, we may head back there tomorrow night. After tea we wandered around the city, it was still daylight at 10.30pm with many people still out and about enjoying themselves. I think we will have fun in this city.

    Today was a very long day of travelling but we saw some amazing scenery along the way and also managed to walk over 11,500 steps and climb the equivalent of 42 floors. We will sleep well tonight.
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  • Day18

    Day 18: Bergen - A Beautiful City

    June 22, 2017 in Norway

    Today started with a look around this beautiful city and learn't more about its history and the culture of Norway. After travelling around the city we visited Bryggen which is a series of Hanseatic commercial buildings along the eastern side of the Vagen harbour in Bergen. The buildings facing the harbour all lean to the right due to a massive explosion on the harbour during WWII. We also visited the Hanseatic Museum which tells how the German merchants in Bergen lived from around 1360 to 1760's. The museum is one of the best preserved timber buildings at Bryggen.

    After the morning tour we wandered around the city visiting Lille Lungegardsvann, a lake in the centre of the city, the fish market and also wandered in some shops and bought the obligatory fridge magnet.

    In the afternoon we joined the tour to the museum and house which was the home of Norways most famous composer, Edvard Grieg. I'm no aficionado of classical music but he composed some music that we have all heard, likely on TV ads, such as Morning Moon, Piano Concerto in A Minor and In The Hall of the Mountain King. Apparently he was the Michael Jackson of his time from the 1860's to 1900's. I think I would have liked Grieg if I was alive in these times, especially given he apparently was critical of authorities, criticised the established church, religious pietism and all forms of dogmatism but he did marry his first cousin and that's just wrong/odd in any era. To be honest, I wasn't really into the visit to the museum and house, we had learnt about Grieg (and listened to some of his music) during the bus trip yesterday and that was enough for me. All we really wanted to do to this afternoon was take the funicular up to Mount Floyen to check out the city from this vantage point. Especially as the skies looked threatening today and we wanted to get up the mountain before the rain arrived. Anyway, we got up to the mountain just as the mist started to roll in so whilst we got a good look at the city the surrounding mountains were obscured by the misty rain. Anyway, it was a bit disappointing and in hindsight we would be better off doing our own thing today or taken Bec and Luke's lead and not doing the afternoon tour. But we are all geniuses in hindsight and we had a good day overall.

    After being up the mountain it was time to enjoy a quiet beverage at the Irish Pub, Bec and Luke joined us as they fortunately wandered past just after we grabbed a drink. The funniest moment occurred when my chair decided to collapse under me which gave the others a good laugh. I thought the chair felt dodgy and when I leaned back down I went.

    We went back to the hotel to drop off some things (this has been the best hotel so far with regard to location, comfort and the breakfast is awesome), on the way back out we ran into Adrian. There also happened to be some terrorist training drill happening outside the hotel at the same time with police running around with guns drawn on a truck that they intercepted, it was all a bit surreal until it clicked that it was a drill.

    We had tea at the same restaurant as last night with Adrian, Bec and Luke, this time I had the wings and ribs, delicious! After tea Amy bought a Viking drinking horn as a souvenir of our trip, it will look good on our wine cabinet.

    We love Bergen and had a good day overall.
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