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  • Day87

    Die Stadt der Meerjungfrau

    July 17 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Warschau ist die Hauptstadt Polens und mit etwa 1,7 Millionen Bewohnern die größte Stadt die wir auf unserer Reise bis jetzt besuchen durften. In der Stadt selbst hörten wir sämtliche Sprachen und sahen viele Menschen mit unterschiedlichen Nationalitäten. Viele Straßenkünstler und Musiker zeigen ihr Können und gaben der Stadt ein besonderes Flair. Wir lieben dieses multikulti und die viele Musik so dass wir uns in der Stadt sofort wohl fühlten auch wenn wir mit unserer Stellplatzwahl nicht das beste Händchen hatten...
    In den zwei Tagen konnten wir viel zu Fuß, Bus und mit E-Rollern (macht sau viel Spaß) von der Stadt besichtigen. Auf der einen Seite sieht man alte historische Gebäude wie den Kulturpalast oder der Altstadt und auf der anderen große moderne Wolkenkratzer. Für uns zeigte sich Warschau als eine Stadt voller Gegensätze und mit unzähligen Moskitos. Aber trotzdem auf jedenfall eine Reise wert!
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  • Day20

    Goodbye Warsaw

    July 2 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Die Tage, an denen wir unsere Herbergen pünktlich verlassen müssen, sind gleichzeitig einmalige Möglichkeiten, um Frühstücksempfehlungen auszuprobieren. Heute gönnen wir uns daher ein Frühstück im Charlotte, eine polnische (?) Kette, der wir auch schon an früheren Zwischenstopps begegnet sind und die uns sogar doppelt nahegelegt wurde. So erinnert diese Kette jedoch eher an ein Café Extrablatt, in dem Julhuhn in ihrem Teeniealter ständig anzutreffen war, als an ein fancy french-style café, das es vielleicht gerne wäre. Selbstgemachte süße Aufstriche verlieren aufgrund der Massenproduktion etwas ihren Reiz und auch sonst fehlt die Liebe zum Detail. Aber auch so stellt sich die Frage, wer schon freiwillig französisches süßes Frühstück genießen möchte, wenn richtiges Frühstück (fast hätte ich 'deutsches' geschrieben) so viel mehr zu bieten hat. Die Verehrung der französischen Küche über Landesgrenzen hinaus bleibt ein ungeklärtes Mysterium.
    Nachdem wir etwas verloren im sog. Hipsterviertel Warschaus' Praga umher irren, brechen wir auf in Richtung Tomaszkowo.
    Die Fahrt selbst sollte ein eigenes Highlight werden, eine 74km lange Schnellstraße mit Ampeln sollte selbst den sonst so ausgeglichenen Achtrau zum Brodeln bringen. Hinzu kommt seine Antipathie gegen das allgemeine Fahrverhalten vieler Pol*innen, die die Stimmung auf der Autofahrt weiterhin trüben sollte.
    In Tomaszkowo angekommen werden wir von einer sehr netten Dame begrüßt, die voller Begeisterung mit uns ihre Deutschkenntnisse auffrischt. Nach einem kurzen Spaziergang zum See, kaufen wir ein und gönnen uns mal wieder selbstgekochtes Essen, bevor wir völlig entspannt die Relegation verfolgen. Schwingt zwar die Hoffnung mit, dass die Fischköppe in den Keller wandern, liegt unsere Priorität doch eher auf einem spannenden Spiel, das uns leider so gar nicht geboten werden will.
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  • Day4

    Restless in Warsaw

    June 6, 2019 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    When I had been planning this trip I had been faced with the problem of how best to get to the start of our ride in Vilnius. Since there are no airlines that offer flights from Melbourne to Lithuania, we would have to devise a more complicated route. After investigating several options I came to the conclusion that the simplest (and cheapest) would be to fly first to Warsaw and then take a short flight from Warsaw to Vilnius.

    Since nobody in our group had ever been to Warsaw, we had no idea of what sort of city it would turn out to be. I must admit that my preconceived notion was that it would be dull, dirty and dour - how wrong that turned out to be. After spending the past two days here I can honestly say that the city is clean, vibrant and interesting. It is also relatively cheap compared to most other large European cities. We will all be a little sad when our time here comes to an end.

    The second full day in Warsaw began when the predawn light started streaming in through my hotel window. I decided that it must be at least 5.30 am and climbed out of bed. It was only when I checked my watch that I found that the correct time was 3.20 am. These long hours of daylight really can play tricks with your sleeping patterns. I don't mind getting up early, but 3.20 am is too early even for me. I went back to bed and tried to convince my body clock that it was really still the middle of the night.

    Somehow I managed to steal another 90 minutes of sleep, but by 5.00 am I was really ready to begin the day. I joined the rest of our group (and also about 50 very noisy schoolchildren) for breakfast before heading off with Bob to the Polin Museum. This famous museum documents the 1000 year history of the Jews in Europe (and more particularly in the region now known as Poland).

    Since it was only a short 4 km walk from our hotel,we decided to skip the bus and walk the whole way. We are now already starting to get a feel for the layout of the city and the streets which seemed so confusing at the start, now feel familiar.

    There is one feature of Warsaw that is worthy of special mention. The city has an excellent system of public electric scooters. These are scattered all over the city and are obviously very popular with the locals. In fact you cannot walk anywhere without being nearly knocked flying by one of these devices. I am not sure how fast they travel, but it must be at least 25 kph.

    There was however one mystery which we never did solve. The scooters must be regularly recharged, however we never once saw any of them plugged into a power outlet. I even asked the girl at the hotel reception, but it quickly became apparent that the question had never occurred to her. We had to assume that every night they are all secretly recharged by magic electric elves and fairies.

    We made our way successfully to the Museum and were happy to discover that it was free admission today. I then spent the next two and a half hours discovering the remarkable history of the Jews. Somewhere along the way I lost Bob. Although I looked for him everywhere, I finally had to admit that he was lost in action and had to walk back to the hotel without him. I had to assume that like the proverbial "bad penny" he would turn up later. And he did.

    The rest of the day I spent wandering the streets and exploring the banks of the Vistula River. The hot sun made it impossible to spend any time in my room and I was content to enjoy a cool drink by the waterside instead.

    In the evening seven of us returned to the Italian Restaurant that had undercharged me the previous evening. Unfortunately the same waitress was no longer there. Perhaps the boss had not been happy with the way she had been handing out discounts. Tonight we all had to pay full price.

    Tomorrow we will be returning to the airport to catch the flight to Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania. Although the flight is only short, it will be in a Brazilian made aeroplane, operated by an unknown airline. What could possibly go wrong ?

    By tomorrow evening our team will be almost complete in Vilnius.
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  • Day3

    A Wander in Warsaw

    June 5, 2019 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    It's always amazing how much difference a good night's sleep makes. When I collapsed into bed last night, the cumulative effects of the long trip over and the rapid changes in time zones had reduced me to a zombie like status.

    Although the room was still uncomfortably hot, and although it was not even 8 pm, I don't think it took me more than a couple of minutes to fall into a deep sleep. The next thing I remember was the room being brightened by the approach of dawn. When I checked my watch I discovered that it was not quite 5 am. By the same token I had already enjoyed almost 9 hours sleep and that was about 2 hours more than I usually get.

    A glance at the pre dawn sky suggested that the day was going to be a carbon copy of yesterday, and that's exactly the way it turned out. I decided to check my emails and try a Hangouts video call back home. What followed was a delightful 30 minute chat with my day old grandson. Although he was fast asleep the entire time, it was easy to see that he was glad to hear my voice. I tried to tell myself that it was almost as good as a cuddle, but obviously it wasn't. Although he had only been born the previous day, the mother and baby had already been sent home from the hospital. I guess it's all just a matter of freeing up the hospital beds now.

    Since it was still too early to go down to breakfast, I spent the next hour watching Polish TV. Although there must have been about 50 channels to choose from, not a single one was in English. Even though I have been in Warsaw for a few hours, I would have to admit that I am not yet fluent in Polish, so I had to invent my own dialogue for each show.

    At 8 am I could wait no longer and went down to get some breakfast. I discovered that some of the others could not wait either and had already raided all the best food from the buffet. The breakfast room was also full with about 30 rowdy school children. In fact Warsaw is currently full of groups of students from all over the country. This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of Poland gaining independence from the Communists and the schools are obviously marking sure that the young people appreciate that freedom should never be taken for granted.

    After breakfast we formed into a walking peloton and headed south to an incredibly beautiful complex of large parks, the highlight of which was the royal palace by the lake. This was yet another reminder of the opulent lifestyles that the royal families of Europe all enjoyed. For me it gave an opportunity for my favourite pastime of people watching.

    Several of our group sat under the canopy of trees and savoured the moment. For me these moments are the highlights of every trip. I enjoy this far more than visits to famous art galleries or museums and I always find it gives me an insight into what makes each country unique.

    It was certainly the right day for an ice cream and we were happy to find that they cost much less than we would have paid in Australia. After lunch at the lakeside amphitheatre, we started to make our way back towards the hotel.. The temperature had, once again, risen to near 30C and we were grateful for any shade we could get along the way.

    After a short afternoon siesta, I set out again to walk the surrounding streets. Just twenty four hours earlier, the entire city had been a mystery,however I found that I was already feeling more at home. Familiar landmarks showed me the way back the hotel.

    I have already begun to make my mind up about Poland and about Warsaw in particular. The city is certainly clean, the traffic is orderly and the people seem happy and prosperous. The fact that they all wait for the green signal before crossing the roads, shows that they are law abiding. It is also very obvious that they are fiercely independent and value their freedom highly. It is a country that has suffered badly over the past hundred years and the people certainly deserve a brighter future.

    The rest of our group had decided to head back to the old town for a walking tour, however since I generally avoid organised tours as much as I avoid typhoid, I was happy to wander the streets by myself. I eventually found an Italian cafe near the hotel and ordered a pizza.

    A short time later my phone rang. "How are you enjoying your pizza ?" David asked. I wondered how he could possibly know what I was eating. He told me to turn around. Of all the hundreds of restaurants in Warsaw, the others had chosen a restaurant directly across the road from mine.

    The pizza was lovely and so was the freshly squeezed orange juice. The night was still quite warm. It really was a lovely place to be. I asked for my bill and was somewhat surprised at the amount shown on the invoice. It was about half of what I calculated. The waitress explained that she had not charged me for half of what I had as they had "kept me waiting for too long". Now that was a surprise. Warsaw went up a few more points in my rating. I was able to give the waitress a good tip and still spend less than what I had anticipated. I think I could grow to like this place a lot.
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  • Day108

    Warsaw, Poland

    November 18, 2019 in Poland ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

    Warsaw in short: a beautiful historical city center (restored after WWII), a surprisingly modern new part of the city with skyscrapers and a big football stadium and a lot of memorials for famous citizens, like Kopernikus, Marie Curie and Chopin. And of course tasty traditional food like "Pierogi". For the first time on our trip we slept in a hotel :DRead more

  • Day61

    Warschau für Warmduscherinnen

    August 30, 2018 in Poland ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Warschau hat uns nicht losgelassen. Wir hatten einfach zu viel zu tun :) Donnerstag Abend sind wir angekommen und haben den Abend mit unseren Gastgebenden (die wir über warm showers gefunden hatten) verbracht. Die beiden haben uns nicht nur ihr Wohnzimmer zur Verfügung gestellt sondern auch eine Ladung Pirogi und Wein. Freitag waren wir in der Stadt und haben uns nachmittags dort mit unserem Gastgeber getroffen. Er hat uns noch die Partymeile an der Weichsel gezeigt, war allerdings weniger aktiv als wir und so saßen wir dann kurz nach unserer Mittagspause auch schon mit einem Bier am Fluss. Abends hatten wir dann auch schon wieder Freizeitstress - wir waren mit den Leuten, die wir in Augustow kennengelernt hatten zum Essen verabredet. Einer von ihnen lud uns auch gleich für Sonntag zum Kaffee zu sich nach Hause ein. Samstag konnten wir unserem Sightseeing-Drang dann auch nur eingeschränkt nachgehen, da wir unserem Gastgeber zugesagt hatten, mit ihm auf einen Flohmarkt und in seinen Garten zu gehen. Das war auch alles sehr spannend, das Museum über den Warschauer Aufstand jedoch noch viel mehr. Abends waren wir mit unseren Warmduschies zum Shanty-Konzert verabredet. Leider hatten wir jedoch alle nicht damit gerechnet, dass am 1.9. die Band nur nationalpatriotische Lieder, z.B. über den Warschauer Aufstand, spielen würde. Das war schon eine sehr interessante Veranstaltung, wobei uns trotz einigem Nachfragen immer noch nicht klar ist, wie nationalistisch und politisch rechts so etwas tatsächlich ist. Am Sonntag zogen wir dann in ein Hostel um, um näher an der Stadt und freier von Schlüsselabsprachen zu sein. Nach einer sehr interessanten und bewegenden Stadtführung über das jüdische Leben in Warschau aßen wir mit zwei lustigen und spannenden Leuten aus Fidschi Mittag. Danach noch kurz durch die Stadt gelaufen und schon ging es zu unserer Kaffee-Verabredung in den Süden der Stadt. Dort besuchten wir unseren neuen Freund, seine Familie und seine ca. 20.000 Bienen. Zum krönenden Abschluss des Tages sahen wir dann noch ein Open air Konzert von Ara Malikian (ein Violinist mit seiner Band). Wie schon in Vilnius gönnten wir uns noch eine zweite Stadtführung (die alternative Walkingtour). Danach legten wir erstmal eine ca. 3-stündige Pause in einem Straßenrestaurant in Praga ein, denn das Leben als Touri ist manchmal echt anstrengend! So wurden aus den geplanten 3 gleich 5 sehr abwechslungsreiche Tage.Read more

  • Day2

    rainy free walking tour

    October 25, 2016 in Poland ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    Piotr und eine tapfere Truppe mit Regenschirmen ausgestattet kämpfte sich durch die neue Altstadt (zerstört und alt wieder aufgebaut also Grad mal 60 Jahre alt). Wir sahen Milchbars, romantische scheißhügel, einen Attentatsort auf einen König (im Gegensatz zu anderen Ländern wurde allerdings nie wurde ein polnischer König ermordet ! Darauf sind sie stolz), die Warschauer Meerjungfrau und berühmte Kanaldeckel des Warschauer Aufstands. Voller Infos und Legenden musste erstmal ein Schnitzel her! Es war ungefähr doppelt so groß wie ich!Read more

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