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  • Day22


    July 25 in Poland

    We are in Poland. We arrived (by accident) at the Belarus border and were told in no uncertain terms that we were not welcome. So we backtracked until we found the direct crossing from Lithuania to Poland.
    We have been seeing storks in all the Baltic states and they are still with us in Poland. We will probably see more in Germany. It did get me thinking. Who brings the baby to the mummy stork?

  • Day368

    Light at the end of the tunnel!

    June 7, 2017 in Poland

    Just as we thought it couldn't get worse, today threw up a whole extra new level of fun to deal with.

    I was sick. Couldn't eat breakfast. Hanging on to every last second of sleep before check out when we had to decide to move on or stay another night. I tried eating a bread roll and hoped for the best out on the bike, even if it meant cutting down miles just to get a little further.

    Our route choice was between a fairly hairy major road with lorries thundering down or terrible-condition minor roads; zigzagging in the same direction, with less traffic. We opted for the latter, hoping for a less stressful ride and found ourselves in sand once again....total disbelief that there were 2 roads both so extremely different. Pretty unsuitable for bikes in their own delightful way! At the start of this trip never did I imagine that we'd be pushing bikes through sand for 6km through European countryside.

    When we finally approached the end of the first sand road we tentatively got back on the bikes in a low gear to try and move on slightly faster. Just like when you move up a level on Super Mario, the next villain pops up. Today it was "Pepper Dog" who fancied his chances with a piece of juicy vegetarian leg. Lessons learned from previous days. = we were village-proofed and ready. No way could we out-pedal the rabies-on-legs on a sand road so we had to deploy the pepper spray on him. Boom.
    Peter 1 - Dog 0.

    When our route was then blocked by a huge building site we had run out of Mario mushrooms and Power Flowers, seriously questioning why the sand between our toes was monsanto-sprayed Polish farm track sand and not Koh Samui beach sand as the choice of our long summer trip. No amount of chocolate wafers was going to remedy the dark cloud that was hanging over us at that point.

    Half an hour of google and phone calls confirmed hilariously that we had no option to take a train further north without going back down south, re-tracing our previous day's route.. taxi companies also just don't reply to email in English or Polish.

    Without our "get out of gaol free" card, we had to carry on with today's route to Lomska.

    We moved away from the small roads after needing about 2 hours to do 10km and said our prayers on the larger road instead.

    Lithuanian number plates. Caravans. Motorhomes. Motorhomes with BIKES. Heading North!! All things we've not seen at all in Poland so far (unbelievable,no?!). People camping..travelling ...Leisure.

    We arrived in Lomska. No concrete. Gyms. Men in shirts. Dogs being walked. More caravans. An INTERNATIONAL restaurant. A delightful child who spoke English showing us to our apartment. What was this place and where had they hidden Poland?

    We are happier travellers tonight. With 2 days of Poland to go, here's hoping for some easy riding to finish. We're so close!
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  • Day2

    Tele2 pani pange

    August 4 in Poland

    Eile poola jõudes kadus sellega ka mobiilne võrk ja netiühendus. Mõtlesime et asi äkki mobiiliseadistustes ja õhtul Karl jamas asjaga nii tunnikese edutult. Kohalikud võrgud lihtsalt ei lase ühendust võtta.

    Hommikul kui hakkasime Tele2-ga ühendust võtma selgus et tegu nende kalaga ja ei ole teada millal probleem laheneb. Egas midagi, geocachid ja kaardid ja ööbimine varasemalt telefoni ja longime edasi!

    Hommikusöök maitses asjast sõltumata hästi ja meeleolu on kõrge. :)

    Eile õhtul sõime kooki ja jõime veini. Vein jäi veel lõpetamata!
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  • Day2

    Bialowieza Looduspargis

    August 4 in Poland

    Sattusime Bialowieza loodusrajale jalutama. Siinkandis on vabas looduses Euroopa piisoneid mida me kahjuks (või Kerttu arust õnneks) ei kohanud. See park on paras hiiglaslik - ca 15000 ruutkilomeetrit, millest 6250 Poolas millest me nägime ainult kitsast osa.

    Siinsed metsad meenutasid vägagi eesti omasid, aga jalutuskäik oli edukas ja vahva. Teel kohtasime soolakivisid, selili lebotavaid mardikaid ja ühte tigedat satikat.

    Naljakas oli see, kui sirged kõik teed siin on, ka metsasisesed. Tee peal oli palju hariduslikke silte mis panid Karli ahhetama ning kohtasime ka paari ratturit.
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  • Day66

    Umweg und Geocachen, Polen

    August 6, 2017 in Poland

    Da wir noch nie in Polen waren (beider Zugfahrt von Berlin nach Minsk vor drei Jahren sind wir nicht ausgestiegen) und hier noch keinen Geocache gefunden hatten und es nicht weit ist haben wir uns entschieden, die Weiterfahrt durch Polen zu machen.
    Dreissig Kilometer, drei Caches und ein paar Eindrücke später sind wir zurück in Litauen.

  • Day521

    Lots of driving today across Poland, after leaving Gdansk in the morning. Our next two World Heritage sites are in the far east of Poland, just near the borders with Belarus and Ukraine. So off we went! Six hours is a long drive, though we've done a lot of long drives lately.

    This is the trouble we've been having lately - we want to go to very specific places now, and there's not really any more low-hanging fruit in terms of World Heritage sites. And since we kind of have a deadline of finishing Europe by mid-October, we're just stuck with long drives and awkward connections. Oh well.

    Finished our driving around 4pm in the village of Bialowieska where we checked in to our guest house and later had dinner at a nearby restaurant with excellent Polish food - potato pancakes!
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  • Day522

    Today's WHS was the Bialowieza Forest just outside town. This is an old-growth forest, the last remnant of a huge forest that once covered much of northern and central Europe. It's also the refuge for the last remaining European bison, so off we went.

    First stop was the bison breeding reserve, since our chances of spotting bison in the wild was basically zero. It's got quite a sad history - as with the North American bison, it was hunted to extinction because of the meat, fur and skins. The last one was shot by German soldiers in 1919, apparently only days before the Versailles treaty was signed and the Germans were forced leave the area. At this point the species was extinct in Europe, and around 50 animals remained in captivity around the world. The new Polish government bought 4 animals and set up a breeding program in the forest, so that now these days there's a few hundred animals - about 30% of the total population.

    It was basically a small zoo here, in addition to the bison they had wolves, deer, moose, lynx and a few others. Got some interesting footage and then headed off.

    Next up we went to the Palace Park, where the Russian Tsar had built a palace in the 17th century. Only a couple of outbuildings remain, since the Germans used it for an army HQ during WW2 and the Red Army burned it down in 1944 during their advance - not sure whether they were more disgusted by Nazis or Romanovs.

    From here we had a quick bite for lunch and then headed off on a short forest walk. Most of the really old growth sections are off limits without a guide (Polish spoken only of course), so we just sort of fumbled around filming and talking. At least with forests you can film a bunch of footage along the same trail and have it all look quite different, very nice!

    Back home in the afternoon to relax and escape the heat, before heading back to the same restaurant as yesterday for dinner. We both kind of wished we'd splurged on the nice hotel in town that had a swimming pool, but in the end we saved about $70 per night staying in a small guesthouse so it was all OK.
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