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  • Day1058

    Augustow, Pałac na Wodzie

    May 20 in Poland ⋅ 🌬 25 °C

    Parked beside the quiet road here in Augustow we are grateful for the tall pines that offer a little shade. It's a toasty 27°C today!

    It was a late set off from our campsite in Łomża because we made a beeline for the nearby Lidl and made the most of the site's facilities. The multi lane motorway we've enjoyed since entering Poland finally petered out to a single carriageway that passed through several towns. Tyre ruts in the tarmac frequently threw Martha this way and that but progress wasn't too slow. We are drawing every nearer to the border with Lithuania and as we do so we are seeing more and more Storks, mostly busy in their huge nests with a chick whose off white neck feathers we occasionally glimpse above the cylindrical wall of sticks.

    As this was to be our final full day in Poland, we kept our eyes open for a roadside eatery, pulling in at an interesting looking wooden chalet with what looked like a classic American car parked as a decorative curio.
    The services of Google Translate were called upon once again and we were soon served with chips, Swiezynka (a Polish pork stew) and Surówka z marchewki, which according to good old Wikipedia is "salad made with coarsely grated carrots, coarsely grated granny smith apple, lemon juice, vegetable oil, salt, and sugar". We chose a Tyskie beer and a refreshing lime and mint alcohol free drink to accomlany them. The food was tasty and the place was spotless, with polished glass tabletops sitting on top of green lace tablecloths and embroidered doilies. Original acrylic canvass paintings hung on the beams of the open timber frame and in through the wooden trellis fencing between them we could see a carriage and bench swing in the beer garden. What a great lunchtime experience for only 52zl (£10.40)!

    Arriving at Augustow, Vicky needed to rest but Will headed straight for the water to cool off. Walking past a pink/peach 'palace hotel' whose golden adornments erred on the side of garish, he came to the bank of the Kanal Augustowski that links Poland to Belarus. Strolling along the paved path, as canoeists paddled between him and the pale reads on the opposite bank, he came to a corner where the canal opened up into an expansive lake fringed by trees. It was all part of the winding Kanal Augustowski, whose route makes use of glacial lakes and river valleys. It was here Will plunged into the cool water, before returning to the van with a smile on his face.

    We returned together later for Vicky to have a paddle. It was thankfully on the way back that she disturbed a grass snake, which leapt into the water. Will had warned her he'd seen one earlier but it still made her jump out of her skin!

    The hot day was beginning to darken as steely grey clouds covered the sun. We heard peals of thunder and just as we were getting close to the van, the skies began to throw down heavy droplets of rain. The cooling effect of the intense shower made our last night in Poland a lot more comfortable.
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  • Day14

    Competition "Goat busters!"

    June 28 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Soeben konnten wir die aus unserer Sicht schwierigste Aufgabe der 10 Photo-Competitions erfolgreich erledigen. ✅

    Der Klassiker: „Goat busters!“ - A picture of a REAL goat driving your car.

    Ziemlich störrisch so eine Ziege, da war das köeine Kiz schon zutraulicher.

    Nun das Auto nur noch mal auf Lego-Steine stellen... 😁Read more

  • Day14

    Und wieder eine Reparatur

    June 28 in Poland ⋅ 🌙 14 °C

    Eigentlich nur ein Tankstop und durch die Zeitgrenze, zum Glück auch noch ein Einkauf, dachten wir.

    Bei der letzten Reparatur merkten wir das unser linkes Hinterad leicht wackelt. Wir dachten an das Radlager. Da es keine Alternative gab ging es erstmal weiter.

    Beim tanken Prüften wir dies nochmal und bemerkten das der Bolzen des Radmitnehmers locker ist. Nach kurzem Schock 😲 telefonierre Reschi mit Mölli. Er erzählte wie dies zu beheben ist, glücklicherweise also ein lösbares Problem. 😊Read more

  • Day15

    Guten Morgen in Polen

    June 29 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Am Strand unseres Hotels mit Blick auf den See und Nähe zur Skianlage 😁👍

    Wir unterstützen "Menschen helfen Menschen" - Spenden Sie für die Aktion "Menschen helfen Menschen" der Aachener Zeitung im Rahmen der Baltic Sea Circle Ralley des "Team Afrin" - mehr infos unterhttp://www.teamafrin.de #teamafrin2019 #aachen #menschenhelfenmenschen #balticseacircle2019 #roadtrip #scandinavia #balticsea #travel #reise #charity #nature #superlativeadventureclub #fotografie #ralley #spendenaktion #midsummer #mittsommer #beautifulplaces #urlaub #vacation #campingRead more

  • Day1057

    Łomża campsite

    May 19 in Poland ⋅ 🌧 20 °C

    We've splashed out 34zl (£7) and are poshing it up at a campsite tonight! The town of Łomża sits on one side of the Narew River. This watercourse is a focus for recreation, with electric hire bikes, an outdoor gym, table tennis, children's playpark and a yurt-like bar with terrace wooden. Our campsite is part of these facilities and is run as part of the small marina which also rents canoes and pedalos.

    We covered 200km today, the first part of the journey taking us through the outskirts of Warsaw, Poland's capital. The glass walled high rises came upon us all of a sudden and there was a lot of chopping and changing between lanes but we managed to stay on course thanks to Satia the Sat Nav and the motorway eventually emerged the other side.

    Being a sunny Sunday, the roads weren't too busy but the recreational area at Łomża was, with plenty of people of all ages spending quality time with family and friends and enjoying themselves. Our nearby campsite was a grassy area behind a green mesh fence with portacabins containing showers and toilets. An area with picnic benches was set aside for alfresco dining and even had a brick bbq for you to use. An A4 piece of paper slipped inside a polypocket on the fence gave a number to call. It's always a little nerve wracking phoning in a foreign country but when our call was answered, it was with a friendly 'hello! I am here', we turned to see the harbour master in blue dungarees waving at us from the marina's small, redbrick administrative building. She was friendly and spoke good English as she invited us into her office, checked Will's ID and gave us a receipt to display in our windscreen.

    Back at the site Vicky changed the van from its driving to its living arrangement and Will explored the site, where he bumped into an American Will and the two struck up a friendly conversation, soon joined by their respective partners. Jessica and Will have been living in their French registered van 'Lemonade' with their two children Avalon and Largo for the past 2 years. They too were heading to Lithuania, but could afford just one day there, as they had a flight booked from Estonia in less than a week to spend a month back home. All the time we were talking, Vicky had a nagging feeling she had seen them somewhere before and it became clear when we asked what they do. Working on the road, they run a business called World Towning, supporting people to travel or move to foreign countries. They've lived on 4 different continents and one if their latest ventured is to lead a motorhome convoy through Morocco. Vicky had come accross their blog and You Tube Channel before so it was really cool to actually meet them!

    You can find out more about them on their You Tube introduction video here: https://youtu.be/Mh6CjqIN2TE

    After settling in we took a wander along the riverside. We've been seeing more and more Storks as we get closer to Lithuania and here one had ignored the specially designed 'Stork Pole' to nest on top of a tall brick chimney. There were signs of beavers too, with a huge tree knawed to its core, lying twisted and fallen on the river bank. We sat on one of the few unoccupied benches enjoying a soft whip icecream from a little trailer and watching the Polish locals enjoying their weekend.

    Unfortunately some leisure activities extended late into the night, with music booming and cars screeching as they raced up the hill. It's ironic that the one night we pay to stay in a campsite is the noisier than any of our free stopovers!
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  • Day15


    June 20 in Poland ⋅ ☁️ 25 °C

    Zo en dat was Litouwen, sorry hele grote graan, tarwe, maisvelden niet heel spannend. Het binnen land zal best mooi zijn, maar door de tijd die nu in Polen weer uur terug flipt minder stress. We gaan in de buurt van Giżycko een plekje zoeken. Het schijnt een prachtig omgeving te zijn. Wij gaan verkennen. Teammini-ons met vaste team Hiluxpower on the go.Read more

  • Day14

    Augustów ist ein Kurort in Polen

    March 8 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

    Augustów ist ein Kurort im Nordosten Polens ... irgendwie ganz nett hier. Auf jeden Fall günstig sauber und wie immer aufregend. Auf dem Weg hierher gab es einen Sturm, mit vielen umgefallenen Bäumen, Beziehungsweise Straßensperrung.
    Ach ja, Marienburg wurde nichts...

  • Day14

    Polska, yeah!

    June 28 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Herzlich willkommen - Otti ist in Polen 🇵🇱
    Wir haben die 10 Ländergrenze geschafft 🎉💪
    Die Grenze war besetzt, aber Otti hat mit seinem Charme die Beamten milde gestimmt...
    Weiter geht's zur Masurischen Seenplatte, wo wir uns für heute eine Bleibe suchen.
    Mittagessen ist heute ausgefallen, mussten etwas Strecke machen...dafür gab's Chips, Nüsschen und Schokokekse 😀
    Kurz noch zu Litauen: viele Felder und Wiesen - sonst nichts, ach doch, Störche gab's auch 😂
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  • Day10

    Welcome poland

    June 24 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    3. Land für heute: Lettland, Litauen, Polen

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