Antigo Asilo de Mendicidade do Porto

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    • Day 5

      Porto Arrival

      April 8 in Portugal ⋅ 🌙 52 °F

      Today was a 4 hour train ride from Lisbon to Porto. We were so excited the whole way in anticipation of meeting up with friends, Helen and Mike from Dublin, who we met on our last Camino in the fall of 2022. They flew in to Porto just to see us ☺️. We have a sweet little Airbnb (see red door in pictures) for this stage of our journey that we will share with Miguel, another friend, from Germany, that we also met along The Way in 2022. Miguel was born and raised in Porto so we will have our own personal tour guide for the city. We are excited for new adventures in Porto and time spent with friends.Read more

    • Day 6

      Out and About - Porto

      April 9 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 57 °F

      It was a perfect day in Porto; blue skies, good temperatures and great friends. We met up with Mike and Helen and headed straight for the Hop On-Hop Off bus to tour around the city. We then spent our afternoon at the river where we had a great lunch, rode a river cruise, listened to great street music and attended a Port wine tour/tasting. We finished our day by meeting up with Miguel, once he flew in from Germany. He directed us to a great place for an outdoor dinner and more music in the streets. We are all excited to explore more of Porto tomorrow.Read more

    • Day 7

      Porto - Day 2

      April 10 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 57 °F

      Today was a lot of walking in Porto with Miguel as our personal tour guide. We first went to the cathedral to purchase our pilgrim credentials for the Camino and took a quick tour of the cathedral. Then off to walk the city, have lunch, ride the trolleys and ended up at a beach cafe drinking coffee and eating carmel gelato. After a long day out, we had Helen and Mike over to our apartment, that we are sharing with Miguel, for a home made dinner by Tom. Porto is the birthplace of Vinho Verde wine (which happens to be my favorite white wine) so it was fun to share a couple bottles with good friends before we had to say good bye to Helen and Mike. It was a great day in Porto.Read more

    • Day 8

      Prep Day for Camino

      April 11 in Portugal ⋅ ☁️ 75 °F

      Today was mostly a day of Camino prep as we spent the morning at the local laundromat washing all our clothes and getting our suitcase packed in order to get it shipped to Santiago to be received once we complete our walk.

      We still had plenty of time to do some exploring and found an amazing open market where we had lunch and talked forever to a fun couple from Canada who wanted to know all about the Camino. Otherwise it was a lazy afternoon of reading, hanging out with Miguel, after he returned from visiting his family, and then the cherry on the top of the day was finding Taco Bell for a quick dinner! Who knew?! Portugal never fails to surprise us 😂

      Tomorrow morning comes early as our Camino journey begins.
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    • Day 3


      June 27, 2022 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

      Die Bootstour dauerte knapp 1h. Einfach einmal Richtung Atlantik und wieder zurück

      Netter Trick: Beim Einsteigen freute ich mich schon, dass wir das grosse Schiff vom Foto für uns alleine haben. Im Schiff angekommen stellte sich dann raus, dass es nur als Durchgang zu einem kleinen Schiff dient, welches getarnt hinter dem grossen Bot steht 🤣😅Read more

    • Day 115

      Arrivo ad Oporto

      July 18, 2023 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

      Dopo aver accompagnato Dani mi son diretto ad Oporto in cerca di un parcheggio in città e per andare a cena da una cara collega ed il suo compagno e, soprattutto, per vedere la loro stupenda bambina Sandra di meno di un anno.
      Ho trovato questo stupendo parcheggio nella prima foto, ma non mi sentivo sicuro, troppi tipi strani attorno passati più volte con occhi fissi si Charlie.
      Ho quindi deciso di parcheggiare vicino a casa della mia collega, cenare e poi spostarmi.
      Ho trovato in piena notte un parcheggio mozzafiato nella zona di Gaia (nome che adoro perché così viene chiamata anche la madre terra!), bordo scogliera e con spiaggia di fianco. Un po' affollato ma tranquillo.
      Mi è piaciuto così tanto che ci ho passato vari giorni a lavorare e non fare assolutamente nulla oltre questo, se non leggere e annoiarmi davanti al mare.
      Le uniche cadenze fisse erano lo yoga la mattina e il lavoro.
      Solo dopo 2 giorni ho preso la bici (dal parcheggio parte una bellissima ciclabile verso Porto) pieghevole e fatto un lungo giro per tutta Porto. Se non ho fatto tutti i suoi colli poco ci manca! Di sicuro 35km li ho fatti! Il dislivello lasciamo stare 😅.
      Porto mi ha sorpreso.
      Togliendo le zone turistiche comunque carine, mi è apparsa più viva, più verace e meno imbellettata di Lisbona che è comunque una stupenda città.
      Ci potrei quasi vivere.
      Ha tutto ma è a misura d'uomo.
      Non pago, il giorno dopo sono anche andato ad arrampicare al São climbing gym per procacciarmi dei partner d'arrampicata e nel farlo mi son fatto penso i colli di Porto che mi mancavano 😅!
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    • Day 20

      Second day in Porto

      October 22, 2018 in Portugal ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

      After a lifetime of never using open top buses, the hop-on and hop-off type, we are now convinced they have value. We lined up for the Blue Bus circuit (which is probably the same as the Red Bus circuit and the Yellow Bus circuit) and caught it at stop 11, just around the corner from our apartment. It was quite interesting and took us to places we would not otherwise have gone, but when it reached the ocean we hopped off because we had the opportunity to walk for some kilometres along the beach, such as it was. There were a few people brave enough to go into the water, but most were just sunbaking.

      We missed the bus two stops on so had to go to the third one along, and then waited and waited while Red and Yellow buses drove past. At least we had a good walk along the Rio Douro.

      While walking around the centre of the old town, we noticed many tram tracks but no trams. Today we saw a few of them out and about, all packed to the rafters with hot passengers. We weren’t even slightly tempted to hop on. They looked more like the ones you seen in third world countries where they are piled high with people and their belongings.

      Naturally we are trying a broad range of local wines, including some “Port” left by our hosts. Mostly they have been okay, picked as they were at random because we could not understand the labels. However, this evening we opened a bottle of sparkling and had to pour it down the sink, after a heroic effort to convince ourselves it was okay! Cork bottle closures are still the standard here. We did not see one screw cap anywhere, so it was just as well there was a corkscrew in the drawer.
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    • Day 7

      Porto ⚓️

      June 8, 2022 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      Heute haben wir die Regenkombi nicht ausgezogen, waren aber trotzdem (überwiegend) gut gelaunt 🌧 In Porto haben die steilen, rutschigen & engen (!!!) Gassen uns ziemlich zum Schwitzen gebracht und es war sehr sehr sehr (!!!) knapp! Letztlich sind aber alle gut durchgekommen 💪🏽 Danach gab es die beste Pizza des Viertels (oder der Stadt?!) 🍕Read more

    • Day 15


      October 17, 2018 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

      It was time to pack up and leave our cottage and head for Belfast. Mary, our host, turned up early because, as she explained, she had to look after breakfasts for her B&B. She read the meter, calculated the electricity cost and gave us a bill for a ridiculously small amount. Admittedly we had to stuff coins into a meter for the gas heating, but it was still peanuts for a nice cottage with a million dollar view!

      Our trip to Belfast was easy as we ended up taking more major roads than little byways. This put us in Belfast a bit early for our unit, but it is always nice to know where it is and what the parking is like. Because there were few opportunities to park on the side of the road and put the actual address into the GPS we ended up in Belfast proper first. By then, of course, we had overshot the mark, and Madam Lash took us up some fairly narrow streets to get us back on track.

      Parking around the corner from the unit was a breeze, so we headed down Antram Road towards town. As luck would have it a lady opened the (very shabby) door of our apartment block so I asked if Barry was in. The lady was the person who did all the housekeeping and was more than happy to let us in quite early. What a bonus that was. It meant that we could set ourselves up early and then spend the rest of the afternoon in town.

      We walked in to Cathedral Square, had a look round, and then decided to have some lunch. The couple beside us in the patisserie, sort of locals, strongly advised us to take one of the Red Buses on a tour of the city. What a good suggestion that was. We had an hour and a half of a guided tour that gave us a brief history of much of the town. Robyn was especially interested in The Troubles, and travelling down Falls Road and seeing the murals and memorial gardens was very sobering.

      Following that Robyn went shopping and ended up with three items of clothing, so all in all a great day.
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    • Day 18


      October 20, 2018 in Portugal ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      Breakfast at our hotel was sumptuous, unless you wanted a truckie’s breakfast. We had plenty of choice and the staff were very helpful.

      As we were leaving, one of the hotel staff suggested that we go to the church museum just up from the hotel, and, not wanting to appear rude, we took her advice. As we have found in the past it is awesome to be in the presence of paintings, or statues etc from many hundreds of years ago, with NO security. While there I heard the organ in the church start up so I went in, hoping to hear something really nice. The organ was nice, the acoustics were fine, and ... the organist was a young boy practising. Oh well ...

      When travelling, we try to avoid tolls and did the same today, until it became obvious that we were doing it the hard way. So we changed the GPS and headed in to Porto , ending up in the old part of town. We were really early, and I wanted to scope the place out first, but all we could see was a garage entrance in a one-way street with no parking. This made for a difficult time. Anyway, we drove around until I could park (illegally) and we texted the owners to open up the garage door. In five minutes or so we came up the street and the owner was there with the door open. Good, except that we had to stop our line of traffic. The we had to wait until the other lane was relatively clear so I could swing out and then turn left into the very narrow entrance. I think we probably upset about 100 drivers in all!

      That aside, our apartment is just wonderful - so roomy and well presented. We asked if it would be possible to stay another day, which was okay, so we can now settle in a bit and not live out of our suitcases for a little while.

      We went for a brief walk to see what the lie of the land was. Then we returned to our apartment to do some washing (very important when travelling for some time) and then went for a much longer walk, over one bridge and back on another. Back for a shower, then had a drink in a local cafe, did some shopping and returned for dinner. All in all, another good day.
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