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  • Day13


    September 16 in Portugal

    Woke up and started heading south. We got to Aveiro, a town known as the "Venice of Portugal". I had a fun session on a fat softboard, and we had late lunch in an Italian restaurant with a birthday party to Mauricio, the 8 years old. We went to the guesthouse, and started walking around the city. We met a Belgian couple, and we visited a few bars...

  • Day73


    July 20 in Portugal

    Heute verlassen den wunderschönen Campingplatz, hier hat es uns echt super gut gefallen!
    Es geht nach Aveiro - "dem Venedig Portugals". Diese Bezeichnung trifft für uns nicht ganz zu. Es gibt 3 Kanäle, die durch die Stadt verlaufen, auf denen Schiffe fahren die einem das Gefühl geben sollen, dass man in Venedig ist. Die Schiffe und die Kanäle sind aber viel größer als in Venedig. Es ist ein schönes Städtchen zum durchschländern. Am Parkplatz haben wir neben einem alten Feuerwehrauto geparkt, das ebenfalls zum Wohnmobil ausgebaut wurde.
    Daneben sieht der Bussi richtig niedlich aus!
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  • Day9


    September 6, 2017 in Portugal

    I was able to visit the church of São Gonçalino the patrón of Aveiro. As far as I know his name does not translate to English. He was born in 1190 and was a priest known for welcoming and marrying people who were living together without being married. Unfortunately I did not get a picture with my phone. The church was built in 1714. I am staying next to the Aveiro Catedral and was able to visit and pray there today too. Very peaceful and pretty. Lots of tourists in this town.Read more

  • Day8


    September 5, 2017 in Portugal

    Old university town on the side of a hill. It is actually on the river but the albergue is up a very steep hill with slippery cobblestones. I don't know how you could walk if it was wet. It rained all night but the streets were dry by morning. It is picturesque in some places and very old and run down in other places. Coimbra dates back to at least the 400s, and the university was established in 1290.Read more

  • Day25


    May 26 in Portugal

    This town is along the coast in a lagoon formed by the Ria river. There are canals criss-crossing through the town. People can take canal tours on the large, colorful boats that used to be used for harvesting seaweed for fertilizer. There are lots of beautiful Art Nouveau buildings, mosaic sidewalks, and clean pedestrian streets. A town confection we had to try is Ovo Moles made with egg yolks and sugar, originally made in the convents.Read more

  • Day25

    The baroque church is stunning. The organ in the choir loft is available for anyone who wants to play it, and we heard a very talented teenager playing.

    There were so many pieces of religious art in the museum, both Baroque (lots of gold leaf) and Rococco (very colorful). A lot of the pieces came from this convent.

  • Day25

    Museum of Aveiro

    May 26 in Portugal

    This is a religious art museum in a 15th century convent, the Monastery of Jesus. The convent is famous because of St. Joanna, a Portuguese princess. Because she was in the royal line she was never able to take her solemn vows. She rejected marriage three times; instead she lived out a modest life at the convent, and bequeathed her estate to it when she died in 1490. At first she was buried modestly as she requested, but when she was canonized in the 1600s, a inlaid marble tomb was made for her. We also saw the washing room and the refectory where the sisters ate in silence.Read more

  • Day13


    March 13 in Portugal

    Mardi, 13 mars 2018
    Nous quittons Vila Nova de Gaia en direction du sud. Il nous faut d'abord trouver une station de gas, qui veut bien nous remplir notre bonbonne. Nous arrivons juste pour le dîner à Aveiro, le Venise du Portugal. O Batel, resto de poissons, nous propose du riz avec homard, crevettes et moules. Aveiro a été reconstruit en grande partie dans le style art-nouveau. Nous allons visiter l'ancien couvent des Dominicains, où vécut Santa Joana Princesa. Les bâtiments sont richement décorés et abritent d'innombrables trésors religieux. Le retour au parking se fait le long des canaux où des bateliers proposent des tours sur leurs moliceiros. Nous passons la nuit à Praia de Barra.Read more

  • Day33

    From Porto to Aveiro

    October 2, 2015 in Portugal

    On Thursday morning we packed our bags, unfolded our bikes and hit the road for our first real ride since arriving in Portugal. When we left our apartment we had to walk our bikes down the hill to the waterfront due to the steepness of the street we lived on. It was a cool 14°C at 8:00 AM with a gentle breeze coming in from the river. We headed out across the Luis l bridge and rode west along the waterfront below the Port houses on the south side of the river to the point where the Douro empties into the Atlantic. After about 10 kms, into our ride, we turned south and rode along the beautiful, scenic Portuguese coast for almost 40 kms to Esmoriz where the bike path ended and we had to turn inland for a while. The route became a little more challenging at that point, with a few 4% to 8% hills that were, fortunately, not terribly long. After all, this was our first ride and we didn't want to be tackling anything too mountainous at this stage. At Ovar, we again turned west toward the coast and rode along the inner portion of the peninsula that runs to Sao Jacinto, where we hopped on the ferry that brought us back to the mainland and our final destination of Aveiro.

    Including the minor detours (getting lost) and the lunch and nature breaks, we traveled 86.5 kms in a leisurely 5:22 at an average speed of 16.1 kmh.


    It was a beautiful day for a first ride and now, after a well deserved night's rest, we're ready to explore Portugal's answer to Venice; Aveiro.
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