Topčidersko Brdo

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  • Day23


    July 2, 2016 in Serbia ⋅ 🌧 26 °C

    Today started with bus tour around war torn Belgrade City. This city does have a few nice buildings but in general still a depressing city

    Belgrade is the modern day capital of Serbia and one of the oldest cities in Europe. Signs of tumultuous history are visible everywhere but so is the vibrant city life.

    So many architectural styles revel the past from Gothic, Ottoman, Baroque, art nouveau to the Communist apartment blocks.
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  • Day1


    April 27, 2017 in Serbia ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    4 לילות בסרביה, בלגרד-

    לינה במלון רדיסון בלו, רבע שעה הליכה מהמרכז, חדרים מצויינים (רצפה מחוממת, מיטות נוחות, נגיש ונעים), ארוחת בוקר מגוונת. בצמוד למלון יש בנק שאפשר להמיר בו כסף, צריך לבדוק את השער שם מול הצ'יינג'.

    לילה ראשון הגענו מאוחר אז פשוט התמקמנו והלכנו לישון.
    מזג האוויר נעים.
    הלכנו להסתובב בעיר- יש מדרחוב גדול עם דוכנים, פארק צמוד שבפנים יש כל מיני מוצגים ממלחמות עבר. עשינו שם סים של חברת VIP. במקום לקנות שניים, קנינו אחד וחלקנו.
    בערב הלכנו לאיזור של הבארים לשתות ולרקוד.
    בוקר למחרת הלכנו לשוק הסיני, יש שם דברים טובים (קניתי שם שעון ב4 דולר, והוא כבר למעלה משנתיים מחזיק מצויין) אבל כמובן גם זבל בכמויות. שווה לקנות מזכרות משם, בגדים פחות.
    בערב נסענו לקזינו, צריך לזכור שבאירופה הגיל החוקי לשתייה הוא 21 ולכן בזמנו לא יכולתי לשתות.
    צריך לשים לב מבחינת המוניות שלוקחים שתמיד יש מונה והנהג לא משחק עם המונה באיזה שהיא צורה.
    בבוקר השלישי הלכנו לעשות שיט על נהר הדנובה, הלכנו לכנסייה הגדולה וטעמנו אוכל מקומי. הלכנו למסעדה בשם Toro והיה מצויין.
    טיפ כיפי: לא לקנות שוקולדים בדיוטי פרי. בסופר המקומי יש מבחר מטורף בזול מאוד. קנינו הרבה וכשחזרנו לארץ נהנו מהם מאוד.
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  • Day37

    Belgrade, Serbia (Day One)

    May 9, 2017 in Serbia ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    We arrived from Dubai at about 12.30pm in the afternoon. Finally! After 7.5 hours with Fly Dubai from Bangkok to Dubai, 2.5 hour stopover and Dubai to Belgrade flight 5 hours & 45 minutes. 🛫✈️The entertainment screens weren't working the whole time 😬 so it was a bit boring but did manage to listen to some Backstreet Boys! 😉
    Immigration line took a little while but soon through to collect our luggage from the Fiat's boot (see photo!).
    We found a taxi driver whose prices were similar to what we Googled so went with that - 2200 Dinars, 20 minutes later we arrived at the Compass River City Hotel. 🚖🚕 The bargain of the century - $29AUD per night. 🏨 As our hotel was on the river there is no road access so we were dropped on the other side of a small park and trekked through. We checked in and straight away had a nap as we were buggered! In the evening we strolled down to the 'Intergalactic Diner' for a delicious hot dog and burger. Back to the hotel to sleep forever!!! 🍔🌭

    HOTEL - Compass River City Hotel
    INCLUSIONS - Breakfast and WIFI
    COMMON AREAS - Bar on the rooftop as well as a swimming pool!
    Lounge bar also on the deck below.
    ROOMS - They were small but they were clean, beds were super comfy, and shower was hot!
    LOCATION - It was peaceful being just out of the city but it was a bit too far, if we had bikes or rollerblades like the locals it would have been great! However the restaurants around were fabulous, if we stayed in the city we wouldn't have experienced them.
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  • Day38

    Belgrade, Serbia (Day Two)

    May 10, 2017 in Serbia ⋅ ☀️ 11 °C

    Body clock a bit out of whack... Waking up at 5.00am! 😐 We headed up to the restaurant for breakfast, due to low numbers on the boat breakfast was A La Carte so a huge egg & veggie breakfast it was. From this point I'd been sick from Saturday 6th of May with stomach pains so had to be careful what I had. 🤢🤒
    We had a quick Google of the sights and decided to visit the Belgrade Fortress, just a short walk away.... WRONG! 😡😮😭 One icy-pole, a drink stop, a huge bridge to climb, 100 pitstops 'admiring the view' or 'tying my shoelace' (whilst wearing slip-ons!), we arrived about 50 minutes later however it felt like hours. We didn't realise how huge it was, beautiful gardens and Military Museum in the middle. 😍🌲🌸 After exploring for a few hours we ventured back to the hotel via the city & a supermarket buying some ingredients for sandwiches which is where my next story starts.... 🥙😂🤣

    Sitting back in the room on the bed, two bites into Q's sandwich I'm thinking 'I wonder what's really in that meat he bought' so I decide to turn to the old faithful, Google... I'm mortified to read the list of ingredients and he spits his sandwich straight out! Let's say I'm glad I passed on his offer to try some. This sliced meat contained hearts, pigs ears and languages... Languages?! Gosh you could only imagine... Straight into the bin outside!!! 😦🤢😨
    For dinner we went to a restaurant on the river nearby called 'Gabbiano', soup for me to keep it basic for my tummy and pasta for Q - pretty delicious and great service. As we walked out we were both still feeling hungry & I was finally starting to feel better so... SECOND DINNER TIME! (Naughty!) I remembered seeing a crepes place on Google so two doors down we found the place where we were about to put back all on all the calories we'd just lost that day. Snickers crepe for me! YUM! It didn't disappoint and we practically​ rolled back to the hotel! Haha. 🥞🥞
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  • Day39

    Belgrade, Serbia (Day Three)

    May 11, 2017 in Serbia ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Buffet breakfast on offer this morning - YUM! 😍 Lots to choose from, something for everyone. ☕🌭🥞🥚🍞🥐 After filling up on the most important meal of the day, we caught the bus (Bus 72) out to the airport to visit the Aeronautical Museum. 🛩️🚁🛬 It cost 600 Dinars per adult and we spent about an hour here viewing the war planes & helicopters from the Yugoslav Air Force and Serbian Air Force plus a few others. It's really interesting to see, I'd love to be able to hop into more of the aircraft's but only allowed in one. The museum is starting to look really run down which is a shame for this wonderful collection​.
    We bussed back to the hotel after a lucky guess as to what stop to get off at, quick lunch of sandwiches (no meat this time!) And a nap! 🚃🛏️
    In the evening we walked to the harbour to catch a sightseeing cruise but after realising they left from the other side of the river (near the fortress on day one) and sprinting there... We couldn't decide which one to go on so opted for dinner instead as we were hanging for a drink 😋 🍸🍝
    We caught the trusty bus 72 back towards our hotel which saved some time 😊🚃
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