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    • Day 16

      De vuelta a Mahé

      August 31, 2019 on the Seychelles ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      A las 7:15 horas nos recogió del hotel el mismo carro tirado por un buey que nos llevó una semana antes. Ya en el puerto embarcamos primero en el ferry a Praslin y de allí en el "Cat Cocos" a Mahé, donde volví a sentirme fatal durante toda la hora que duró el viaje. En Mahé esperamos todavía um buen rato al taxista y por fin alcanzamos el Soleil Beachcomber en primera línea de playa y nuestra habitación con la terraza directamente sobre las rocas y las olas del mar.Read more

    • Day 4

      Victoria, capital of the Seychelles

      April 19, 2023 on the Seychelles ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

      Victoria is purported to be the smallest capital city in the world. It is certainly the only city in the Seychelles.

      For us, today was all about getting our bearings and checking out the market. We will go back another day to explore further and visit the museums. Having said that, we did see the Clock Tower, the focal point of the city. It really isn't that big, but it acts as a central meeting spot, standing on the intersection of Independence Avenue, Albert Street, and Francis Rachel Street. It is a miniature version of the clock tower at Vauxhall Bridge in London. It was a gift of the British government and was erected in 1903 when the Seychelles took the first step towards Independence.

      We wandered around the city before pausing at the waterfront for a much needed beverage! 😂 It was lovely just to sit and watch the comings and goings.

      Afterwards, we went to the tourist office to pick up a city plan and to ask for directions to the market. On route to buy our vegetables and salad stuff, we stopped at one of the many bakeries (a legacy from the French 😀) to buy a pastry for lunch. A delicious spicy vegetable pasty did the trick - snd it was only 10 rupees (60p).

      The market was great - we will definitely go there again. Locally grown stuff is quite reasonably priced, but you obviously have to pay a premium for imported stuff like tomatoes 🍅 and peppers.

      Before catching the bus 🚌 back, we went to another supermarket where we found low-fat milk 🥛. Mark bought a couple of different beers to try. The shops really remind us of the Caribbean, as did the whole of Victoria - the people, the architecture, everything! We feel very at home here 😀.

      On the bus ride home, the heavens opened, and it lashed it down!! All the windows were quickly closed - it was like being in a sauna!! You could see the steam rising! 😂 Local people all carry small towels with them. There was a girl at the bus stop this morning using one to mop the sweat (there's that word again 😀) from her brow. This afternoon, on the bus, people were getting on looking like they'd just stepped out of the shower 🚿 and using their towels to dry themselves off!

      Luckily, the rain had stopped by the time we reached home.
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    • Day 17

      Seychelles National Museum

      May 2, 2023 on the Seychelles ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

      Today, we ventured into Victoria for the final time. It was incredibly hot and humid this morning. The first bus 🚌 that came along was full and sailed straight past. By the time the next one came along, I was melting! It was pretty rammed, and we had to stand to start with. We did get seats, but it was a very uncomfortable ride - too hot, too crowded, and too smelly!! 😀

      In town, we went to buy some euros 💶. Unbelievably, our tour tomorrow has to be paid in cash in euros, and we used the only euros we had (which we have been carrying around for over a year!) to pay for the hire car! We tried a couple of places. Nowhere would take a card, so we had to buy euros with sterling. We lost on the transaction, but we had no choice!

      The expected rain came as we were on our way to visit the National Museum, so we were grateful to get under cover.

      The museum opened in 2018 and is housed in Victoria's restored Supreme Court building, which dates from 1885. It is well laid out with three exhibition rooms downstairs that take the visitor on an informative journey through 300 years of Seychellois history. Upstairs, there are interesting exhibits describing Creole culture, focusing on fashion, food, music, fishing, and architecture.

      We spent an enjoyable couple of hours learning about the history and culture of the Seychelles. Outside, we were ready for a drink, so ended up in the expensive café we went to before! As we left there, the heavens opened, and we had to shelter in the entrance of the post office. As usual here, though, it wasn't long before the rain stopped and the sun came out again!
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    • Day 17

      St. Paul's Cathedral

      May 2, 2023 on the Seychelles ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

      Our next stop was at St. Paul's Anglican cathedral. The original church was consecrated in May 1859 by the first bishop of Mauritius, Vincent William Ryan. In the years since, the building has been extended with a new tower being added in 1910 and the sanctuary being relocated in 1978.

      We were particularly impressed with the striking stained glass.
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    • Day 5

      Hinduistische Tempelanlage in Victoria

      October 6, 2018 on the Seychelles ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      Eine sehr schöne kleine Tempelanlage inmitten der Hauptstadt Victoria, die wir mit unseren Freunden etwas erkundet haben. Im Inneren wird ein Feuer angezündet ohne Rauchabzug, danach fühlt man sich wie Räucherfisch. ;-)Read more

    • Day 6

      Fra Praslin til Mahé

      March 20, 2017 on the Seychelles ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

      Denne morgen skulle vi meget tidligt op (kl. 5.15 helt præcist), for vi skulle med færgen til hovedøen Mahé. Vi havde bestilt en taxi på forhånd men vi kunne ikke få chaufføren til at køre med taxameter, så der fik vi også lov til at betale overpris. Der stod på vores færgebillet, at det var meget vigtigt at møde op en time før afgang, men vi var stort set de første der ankom på havnen, og damen der skulle veksle vores billetter til boardingpas kom først et kvarter før afgang, så vi var stort set de sidste der kom om bord.
      Den 45 minutters lange sejltur gik fint - Gitte sov selvfølgelig.
      På havnen i Mahé blev vi igen overrasket over de dyre taxier, og da der samtidig stod en biludlejningsmand med et godt tilbud, besluttede vi at leje en bil til de 3 dage vi skulle tilbringe på øen. Så kunne Jesper samtidig øve sig lidt i at køre i venstre side af vejen inden Sydafrika. Jesper klarede det til UG, og vi fandt hurtigt vores hotel.
      Efter indtjekning kørte vi ud til Eden Island som ligger ved Seychellernes hovedstad, Victoria. Det meste af Eden Island (om ikke den hele) er en kunstig ø med super eksklusive boliger, sejlbåde og yachter. Vi fik en god frokost på en café i shopping centeret og fik shoppet en smule.
      Derefter tog vi ind til Victoria for sightseeing. Der var nogle spændende bygninger, et marked og nogle turistboder - det hele var set på et par timer. Vi så et Hindu tempel, en moské samt diverse kirker, og byens størrelse taget i betragtning vidner det om en god sammenblanding af forskellige kulturer. Victoria virker som en travl by hvor de lokale bor og arbejder, mens Eden Island udelukkende er turisme.
      Efter sightseeing tog vi ud forbi et større indkøbscenter og handlede forsyninger - især vand. Selvom vandet ikke er til at drikke fra hanerne er det ret dyrt i butikkerne - de fleste steder ca. 10 kr. for 1 liter.
      Da vi kom tilbage til hotellet skyndte vi os i badetøjet, så vi kunne nå en dukkert inden solnedgang. Øens mest besøgte strand lå lige uden foran hotellet. Der var på ingen måder overfyldt med turister på Seychellerne, hvilket vi havde en forventning om, men det var jo bare rigtig rart.
      Efter en svømmetur og lidt aftensmad på sengen så vi en film så længe Gitte kunne holde sig vågen.
      Dagen får 3,5 stjerner.
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    • Day 4

      Victoria, Mahe

      January 9, 2017 on the Seychelles ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      I have noticed something's like you have a bad hair day every day. It's impossible that your hair looks anything like back home, nooo...I have the feeling I look like a lion with all my fur around my head because of this insane air humidity. Or maybe I just feel like an untamed lion now after my 12 hour work day.
      Today we spent the whole day at the office with my colleague, I was trying to get to know the destination, meeting people from the agency we work with...a lot of things to see, learn, understand.
      Nice thing about our office, it is located right downtown Victoria (the world's smallest capital)...If I step out of the office, then I can see the famous Clocktower, aka the mini Big Ben of the Seychelles. But the absolute best is that there is a cute little coffee house called La Dolce Vita right behind the office! And the owner is Italian, so there is real good coffee. And there is even more...cakes, ice cream. In one word: Happiness! Mondays are almost fundays (NOT).
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    • Day 21

      Victoria, Mahe

      January 26, 2017 on the Seychelles ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

      I had to arrange some "official" things, so in the last days I was also getting an insight of how is bureaucracy on the Seychelles. I got my super nice national driving license, so here I come left side driving. By the way, I thought I'm gonna change my matchbox car for an automatic one, but seems like there is no possibility for that, so just have to get used to my left handed gear changing.

      The driving license and also the ID card can be done in minutes, they have their own camera and printing machine, I was really pleasantly surprised. In Europe I haven't seen something like this. OK, one should also precise, that the volumes are different: on the islands there are in total approximately 60.000 people living.

      Going to the bank is another experience, less pleasant as getting the ID card and the driving license. After queuing for at least half an hour, when you once get there then they are already quick. There is no number system, you just have to stand there in the line like as at the passport control on the airport. It took like half an hour to get to the cashier. In the bank seychellois they take it very seriously if you talk on the phone while standing in the line. It is strictly forbidden, just like wearing a helmet:) I got away with my crime as I was talking on the phone and mamma security didn't notice it. The girl behind me was not so lucky, she got warned.

      I also paid a visit to the phone operator as I want to cut/exchange the sim card in order to use it with my own phone. After queuing again, of course I need another couple of emails and papers in order to do this, because the sim card is not on my name, but on the agency's. The phone operator is called Cable, the store is rather simple, it doesn't look like anything back home, so there are no shiny phones and gadgets exposed everywhere in the store.

      It is funny that there is no language barrier, wherever you go, everybody speaks English. This is so different from Turkey, where you had to speak the language in order to be able to make yourself understood. But somehow it was felt like a local. Here I guess i have to spend some more time to feel a bit more like a local person. But there are so many foreigners: from Kenya, Madagascar, Mauritius, South Africa, Russia, France, Italy and soooo on... not to mention the huge Indian population and there are some Chinese also. I guess you cannot really become a local unless you were born here. But as I said, this journey is about how to be a let's see;)
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    • Day 36

      Kymani Marley show in Victoria

      February 10, 2017 on the Seychelles ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Creole people in general love reggae music, and the Seychellois are no exception. So the long waited show of Kymani Marley finally arrived to the Seychelles. Organization was quite good (ok except that nobody knew when does actually the show start), you could buy front row and back row tickets. Of course we took the vip ones, so we were close to the stage. There was no huge crowd, more people in the back row. When we entered, they took our tickets and put some uv paint on our middle finger (why that?!). There were some stalls like at a festival, you could get drinks, takamaka as usual and some local beer. Some local artists started the show (each of them was performing one or two songs, and it was more than enough). Kymani Marley, one of the 42 children of the one and only Bob Marley, arrived a bit after 23h, and did a show of an hour and a half approximately, great songs from his father...great voice and there was a nice atmosphere. He also did mention the current political situation and stood up against Trump.
      What I also really liked was that to be honest...I have never felt so comfortable at a concert: nobody pushed nobody, no beer landed on me, nobody tried to approach could just enjoy the music. Also interesting: there was a lot of police and they were even walking around with the drug searching dog..quite a surprise, you wouldn't expect such a control at a reggae concert. I also never so as many people at night in the "city" as Saturday evening/night. Normally the whole city is deserted at 5pm.
      Another interesting fact: the Seychelloise like to dress like they are going to a club even if it's a reggae concert on a football field. Well it was for sure an interesting experience and all in all, it was a super nice evening. As I heard the next celebrity coming in the summer will b Sean Paul...will definitely be there;)
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