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  • Day10

    Trees that are really super.

    August 17, 2018 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Outside the cloud forest are the Super Trees! They are manmade structures but with plants growing on the outside. Some of them some you can go inside, and there is a high walkway between- it was closed today because of the storms predicted. We still loved them and will come back soon in the evening to have a different look!

    Lunch was fun, in a replica market Satay by the Bay, and Ruby and Sam ordered their own food. Mum was proud of us! Mum and Dad said their satay tray was the best ever.
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  • Day12

    welcome to the world

    July 21, 2006 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    So i realise how keen everyone is to see the photos, and can't understand why they haven't been posted up yet but its been a long day and i'll try and tell you about it without falling asleep. (if you would rather skip the excuses and head straight for the photos just scroll down I wont be offended). So here we go, due to the excitement of last nights news and jet lag we ended up with about 5 hours sleep , which isn't too bad if you've been getting regular good nights sleep, which we haven't. First thing this morning we jumped into a cab and headed over to the Thomson Medical Centre to meet the latest member of the Wheeler clan and were there within 15 mins. When we found the room we knocked and were welcomed in by a very proud but extreemly tired looking Chris and were introduced to Saffron. Now at this point I should say its Stewart writing this blog and have been asked to say that "Saffron is the most beautiful and perfect thing in the world", by Ali, however I am far too manly and macho to share such sentiment (she so is though!). We stayed with Chris, Rebecca and Saffron for around an hour and Saffron pretty much slept through the whole experience as only a baby can. We then headed down the road to the nearest MRT station to get an underground train to Little India, half an hour later both swealtering in the humidity we decided it best to jump in a cab which cost little more than the train would have done. We arrived in Little India and found ourselves walking around the many indoor shoping complexes full to the brim with every kind of electrical gadget you could imagine, had I found heaven? We then went into one shop and asked about a webcam which we were informed was $49 dollars, which I considered a little expensive and told the shopkeeper we would look around and come back, this apparently was the perfect thing to say as the price suddenly became $35, it was at this stage I realised that this was truly heaven. We grabbed some food in the hawker centre (food court) downstairs which set us back all of £4 for 2 currys, a naan bread and enough rice for two, and headed off to try and find some premature baby clothes for Saffron who at 5lbs 6oz aparently was too small for all of her new born clothes. We spent some time looking around some traditional singapore shops such as mothercare and marks and spencers before realising that babys were only allowed clothes if they were 4lbs and under or over 7/12 lbs.
    At about 18:15 Saffron Wheeler was introduced to her new home and was subjected to more photos and more filming. We orderd a pizza and Chris and Rebecca decided to feed Saffron, it was shortly after this that Saffron started crying, and unsurprisingly continued to cry off and on for the next 5-6 hours occasionally settling for a while, before to the distress of a stressed and exahusted couple of parrents, started crying again. Chris and Rebecca finally decided to take Saffron back to the hospital to get her checked out about half an hour ago at 01:15. I'm sure she is just stressed out at how much of the world she has to take in but I don't disagree with the decision to take her back to the hospital as this just shows how much they both love their new baby daughter and would do anything to look after her. The moment I get any news I'll post up on here, but for now the moment you've been waiting for ........

    p.s. I appologise for the blurryness of the photos but it was very dark and we decided it best not to have the flash on in case we woke up Saffron.
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  • Day228

    Burgis Street

    April 17, 2017 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    Die Burgis Street ist ein überdachter Straßenmarkt - eine vollgepackte touristische Shoppingmeile, schön bunt und bis 4.00 Uhr geöffnet!
    Früher befand sich hier eine wundervoll schräge Amüsiermeile, die zu Zeiten der Kahlschlagpolitik wegsaniert wurde.Read more

  • Day54

    Medical stuff & sightseeing Pt.1

    June 11, 2018 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Sit bi dr Martina vor ca. 3 Mönet Hashimoto Disease diagnostiziert worde isch, mues sie regelmässig ihri Schilddrüse Hormonwert ga überprüefe. Meh oder weniger de ganz hütig Morge hemmer somit im private (& türe) Raffles Hospital verbracht - doch sganze Warte het sich glohnt! DWert sind tiptop und dMartina mues erscht i dr Schwiz wieder ga Bluet kontrolliere la :)
    I dr sengende Mittagshitz hemmer en wiiteri HopOnHopOff Tour gmacht, dismal durch Little India, Kampong Glam und Chinatown. Die drü Viertel sind all sehr farbefroh, gruchsintensiv und wiiti Teile dervo stend under Denkmalschutz, so as alles schön erhalte blibt.
    Allgemein isch d Stadt sehr gepflegt und au sehr grüen, sogar die meischte Skyscrapers hend hochglagerti Gärte und Terrasse. Vercherschaos gits praktisch nid, dank 100% Import-Zoll uf Autos, begrenzti Azahl Zuelassige und es sehr Stau-sensitivs Roadpricing wo eim dLust am eigne Auto schnell verdirbt... Wiitere Fun Fact: Singapur het 5.5 Mio. Iwohner, dervo sind 40% Usländer! Zudem sind ca. 90% vu ihne ca. en Chopf chliner als mier :) d.h. uf dr Strass het mer sehr vil Übersicht, au wenns vil Lüt het :)
    Am Nami hemmer denn en wiiteri Stund dermit verbrätlet, 2 Schwizer Rezept in diverse Apotheke welle izlöse... sProblem isch, as Apotheke eigentlich nur lokali Rezept ilösed, en Usnahm gits nur wenn mer scho für de Rück-/Wiiterflug icheckt isch, denn gelted dMedis als "Export"... naja, probieremers am Mittwuch numal.
    Dernach het eusi Touri Tour erscht so richtig agfange: Nacheme Stadtspaziergang a dr Ocean Front und überd Helix Bridge, simmer ufs Marina Bay Sands Hotel es Bierli ga nä - und hend derbi dUssicht über die ganz Stadt gnosse. Na simmer ind Gardens by the Bay, dSupertrees ga bewundere und denn nu ind Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, en riesigi Luxus-Shoppingmall, inkl. befahrbari Venedig-Kanäl! Da hemmer so richtig sLas Vegas Feeling becho... a propos Glückspiel: Singapur lit nach Las Vegas und Macau ufem 3. Glückspielsstadtplatz. Doch während Vegas mit 75 Casinos 7.5 Millione USD Inahme pro Jahr macht, macht Singapur 6 Millione mit nur 2 Casinos!
    Anyway, nach meh als 17'000 Schritt hemmer eus numal en Pause gönnt, i dr Lantern Bar, ufem Dach vum Fullerton Hotel - am Bela sini Lieblingsbar da :)
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  • Day4

    In Singapore

    July 21, 2017 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Singapore 21-23 July. First day here....finally found our hotel. Now we are waiting for lunch before we go to the markets and China Town.

  • Day42

    Bugis & Arab Street

    February 21, 2017 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    After Chatting for a while in the hotel lobby David and I went back out to explore a new part of town.

    First we went to Bugis street an the market there. It was pretty neat! This city is so diverse and the skyline is always changing. I love it. Bugis Street and Market was an area filled with cheaper stores of clothing, souvenirs, and candies. It was crowded and more chaotic than the rest of the city. I liked to see the cheaper prices, but I still didn't buy anything because I dont' have any space in my bag! And because nothing really caught my eye. Sorry to everyone at home, but you aren't getting any souvenirs lol. My favourite part of the marked was buying fresh juice! For $2 I got a cup of freshly squeezed red dragon fruit juice. Tasty :) And spending $2 instead of $1 was splurging ;)

    From there we wandered a few streets over to a building that David had discovered yesterday that he thought I would love. And I did! It was a very impressive building... Looking at it from a distance you'd swear that it was built at least 50 years ago but apparently it's only 14 years old. Which is evident when you start looking at the finer details.. The building looks older because it's completely stone and the style is older, see the pictures of the brown building with this post. But looking close you can see that the stones are caulked with modern techniques, definitely something you wouldn't have seen in an older building ;) But that's just my inner nerd speaking. Anyway, the building was very inspiring, and really made you feel small. I guess that it's an office building, I can't imagine working in a place like that. Another thing I really enjoyed about this particular area was the merging of different Architectural styles. Adjacent to this building was a very modern looking building with the entire outer shell made of hexagonal shapes. But still, somewhere, the buildings work in harmony here in Singapore. Maybe because there is so much mixing of styles that it doesn't look odd to have two completely opposite styles right next to one another.

    From those buildings we wanted to Arab Street which is a small, well, Arab Community. There was a temple and the buildings here are shorter and older. We stopped by a Turkish place for dinner which was pretty good! Started with hummus and pita, I had a mint tea to drink while David had a sour yogurt drink that tasted exactly like Moi (spelling?) that I have come to love from my time in Nepal. For a main I had a roasted eggplant stuffed with chicken and cheese covered in a tomato sauce. Very good! The prices at the restaurants were also a bit more reasonable here than in the area immediately adjacent to the hostel. So that was nice.

    We were in no rush to return and wandered back to the hostel slowly. We had an excellent conversation about life, views on life, and such things. We have very similar personalities I think and discussed how we seem to be mediatiors in a lot of situations among other things. Interesting how travelling introduces you to people so similar to yourself!
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  • Day43

    Bugis Round Two

    February 22, 2017 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    After Little India, Youngmin and I took the MRT over to Bugis Street and Market. Second visit for me, but totally worth it :) I like those little shops, and I didn't really look around too much when I went with David as we spent more time talking that browsing. I also absolutely love all the fresh juices that they have there and was very happy to get another one. Kind of. I decided I'd try a sour plum flavour and oh boy was it disgusting! It tasted like salt water. Nasty. I threw it out even though I hate to waste food/drinks... But I didn't let that experience stop me and I went back and bought a lime juice instead, that was much much nicer. Haha. Each juice was only $1 so it's not like it was a huge deal or loss... Honestly I wish that I could have tried all the different flavours but that would be require a lot more time as there's no way I could humanly drink that much juice in one day. I think there are maybe 20 different juices? I'm not really sure.

    There actually happened to be some sort of religious event going on at the Chinese Temple while we were here this time. The streets outside the market were packed with people! And there were many more stalls than the last time that I was there. It was clearly a very specific clientèle being targeted, local Chinese. The different booths in the outdoor market were manned by people with microphones advertising their products... Products ranging from juicers, to household plants, to clothes, to dishes and other housewares. Definitely not touristy items which was kind of nice. As we were exploring the market I got the feeling that we were being herded and forced into one direction.. So we quickly turned around and forced our way out of the crowd. They all appeared to be going to the temple for worship of some kind. Each person was carrying burning incense, the scent was a little bit too much for me, but it was interested to see. I tried to ask someone there if this was a special event or not but they didn't really speak English so Youngmin and I moved on.
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  • Day3

    Singapore Delights :)

    August 26, 2016 in Singapore ⋅ 🌫 31 °C

    Heute war Entdeckungsreise - wir hatten einige süße Soezialitäten aus den Hawking Markets, die Singaporean Version von Pat Thai mit Muscheln und diversen Nudeln, ein "Eis im Brot", einen arabischen Eiskaffee, ein Blätterteig-Curry-Hähnchen-Täschchen und noch weitere Spezialitäten. Es war sehr genussreich und wir haben gar nicht von allen Dingen Fotos machen können. Aber eins sei gesagt; bei einem Stand der Chicken Rice angeboten hat, hat bereits Gordon Ramsay sein Cook Off verloren... Yummy...Read more

  • Day5

    5. Tag Singapur Little India/Hostel Move

    January 14, 2018 in Singapore ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Pünktlich um halb 8 klingelte der Wecker meines thailändischen Mitbewohners in einer Lautstärke, dass das ganze Zimmer nun wach war ;) des Hostel live ist schon was ganz besonderes. Gestern habe ich zum Beispiel einen Argentinier, Agosto, kennengelernt, der auf Weltreise ist. Nun hieß es Zeug zusammenpacken und auschecken, da ich die letzten 3 Nächte noch in einem anderen Hostel bin, bissl Abwechslung ;) natürlich haben sich meine Sachen anscheinend verdoppelt, denn plötzlich war der Koffer proppenvoll und ich hatte noch nicht mal meinen Kosmetikbeidl drin... typisch, also musste mein Rucksack herhalten ;) nachdem ich ausgeschleckt und nochmal ein Frühstück auf der Terrasse eingenommen hatte, fuhr ich mit der Metro nach Little India. Dort nahm ich an einer free walking Tour mit 30 anderen Touris Teil. Aber die Tour war echt klasse vor allem von einem richtigen singapurianer, der uns auch über das Leben hier erzählte. Zum Beispiel darf man keine Wohnung unter 35 Jahren mieten, außer man ist verheiratet und bei der Schlüsselübergabe muss man die Hochzeitsurkunde zeigen. In Singapur gibt es verschiedene ethnische Bevölkerung Chinese (76.2%), Malays (15.0%), Indians (7.4%) und Europärer der Rest. In Public Wohnhäuser müssen auch immer rund 80% Chinesen, 10% Malays und 7% Inder wohnen. So bekommen die singapurianer von klein auf diese Vision einer integrierten und offenen Nation beigebracht. Echt cool. So nun zu Little India: also ich dachte wirklich ich bin nun in Indien gelandet, Wahnsinn diese Unterschiede. Eine kleine indische Oase inmitten von Singapur. Es ist ein echtes Farbenmeer vermischt mit orientalischen Düften. Dort kann man „noch“ in urigen Läden Mengen von Gewürzen günstig erwerben. Wenn man davon genug hat, kann man auch wunderbar in die Welt der dortigen Tempel abtauchen. Ist ein Besuch wert.
    Ich habe gleich noch ein paar nette Australier, Amerikaner und eine Deutsche kennengelernt, mit der ich zusammen zur MRT Bugis gelaufen bin. Hier in diesem Shoppingcenter holte ich mir einen Thai Quinoa Salat, sehr lecker. In jedem Shoppingcenter ist im Keller ein riesiger Food Court oder ein Hawker Center, also immer eine mega Auswahl. Anschließend fuhr ich in die Gardens by The Bay und sah mir nochmal diesen tollen Garten genauer an. Abends checkte ich in mein neues Hostel The POD ein, kann ich sehr empfehlen. Ist ein bisschen schickeres hostel und dafür aber auch teurer ;) Greta hat jetzt auch 2 Nächte hier gebucht. Abends sind wir noch humus essen und dann ausnahmsweise mal um 12 ins Bett gegangen.
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