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  • Day24

    Day 24/72: Singapore day 2

    November 20 in Singapore

    We woke up and had a lazy breakfast at the hostel this morning, enjoying the cake we picked up from a bakery late last night. We got the MRT to the botanic gardens and spent an absolutely beautiful and very hot and humid morning wondering around the gardens. The gardens are huge, with so many different areas, lakes and trees, with rainforest sections, fountains of all kinds and English country garden sections to make us feel slightly at home in the sweltering heat.

    The really impressive part of the garden was the orchid gardens, which cost about £3 to enter, and were absolutely huge and gorgeous; crammed full of the most beautiful hybrids of orchids in the world. There is a whole heritage and vip section of the orchid gardens, where famous or influential people who come to Singapore botanic Gardens get an orchid hybrid bred and named in their honour. A special favourite of ours was the Princess Diana orchid, which was absolutely beautiful.

    The heat in Singapore is very different to the heat in Thailand. In Thailand the heat is the first thing you notice when you walk out the door, whereas in Singapore the heat kind of sneaks up on you, to the point where you don't realise how hot you are until you find it impossible to try to cool down. We walked around the orchid gardens baking in the heat, wishing desperately that there would be the slightest lick of wind to soothe us, and standing slightly too close to the fountains to try and get the cool water to possibly splash on us a tiny bit.

    Once we had exhausted the gardens we headed to Chinatown where we enjoyed a huge lunch at a Chinese restaurant. The lunch consisted of egg fried rice, sweet and sour pork and kung pow chicken, and was absolutely incredible. We were very obviously the only tourists in the restaurant and the only people who had no idea how the whole premise of sharing large plates of food worked, but luckily the waitress was very friendly and explained it all as she gave us forks instead of chopsticks...

    We spent a while wondering around the shops in Chinatown, marvelling at inner painted bottles. Our next stop was the Gardens by the Bay. This time we paid to go inside the Cloud Forest: a dome very like the Eden Centre, in that it's an environment inside a dome where many plants are grown. It's quite incredible, huge waterfall in the middle and clouds hovering to create environments for many different types of plant, including lots of carnivorous ones. The centre had lots to do and learn about, and at the end had a huge portion on climate change and how to do better.

    The next dome we went to was the Flower Dome, which wasn't quite as impressive as it seemed to be mainly dedicated to Christmas decorations... But included a lot of roses which smelt incredible.

    We walked across a very impressive bridge past part of the F1 track and wondered into a very expensive shopping centre and got an enormous chocolate brownie and dark chocolate cake from a chocolate shop called The Dark Gallery. It was incredible; the richest brownie, but still incredibly light and fluffy!

    Right now I am writing this blog post while Tom gets his hair cut at a very expensive barbours, and absolutely raves about having a head massage while they are washing his hair; 'I'm never washing my own hair again!'
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  • Day44

    Stadttrip, Singapur

    November 16 in Singapore

    Singapore ist eine unglaubliche Stadt. Man ist überwältigend von der Anzahl und Höhe der Hochhäuser, 🌁 die Größe und Massen der Einkaufszentren (unter 5 Stöcke geht hier nichts) und von der Weihnachtsstimmung die hier verbreitet wird 🎅. Alles ist mit Weihnachtsdeko verziert, es läuft überall Weihnachtsmusik und es werden ganze Parks, Fotostationen oder Märkte mit Weihnachtsthema, aus dem Nichts errichtet☃️🦌 Also Deutschland könnte sich eine Scheibe abschneiden. 🎄
    Und trotz dieser Größe, war es mit Abstand die grünste und schönste Stadt, die wir je gesehen hatten, mit Baumaleen mitten in der Innenstadt und riesige Grün- oder Waldflächen🌳
    Außerdem war jede einzelne noch so abgelegene Ecke makellos sauber!
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  • Day54

    Unser Tag begann mit einem super gutem Frühstück (der Frühstück-Standard in Asien ist im europäischen Sinne eher mäßig – Fleisch am Knochen ist normal 🙈). Los ging es dann in Kampong Glam, dem arabischem Viertel mit Moscheen, süßen Gassen, Street Art und richtig coolen Pop-Up Stores. In der Mittagspause beim Türken lernten wir einen Deutsch-Türken kennen, der seit einigen Jahren in Singapur lebt und viel über die Stadt und die Menschen berichten konnte! Weiter ging es über die Waterfront des Marina Bay Sands (Bootfahren in der Mall, bevor man bei Ferrari 🏎 einkauft, ist übrigens kein Problem 🚣‍♀️ ) zu den Gardens by the Bay, einfach spektakulär, was die dort angelegt haben. Nach der Light-Show, konnten wir mit Glück auch noch die Laser-Light-Show am Marina Bay schauen – die machte uns tatsächlich sprachlos 😍😍Read more

  • Day55

    Die Inder sind los …

    February 25 in Singapore

    … weil die heute alle frei haben – ist ja Sonntag. Dementsprechend voll waren die Straßen in Little India. Und bunt. Und schön. Und alles hat gut gerochen. Da brauchten wir mittags erst mal ne Pause am Hotelpool – nicht das Marina Bay Sands, aber immerhin im 5. Stock mit Blick auf Hochhäuser und den Singapur River.Read more

  • Day2

    Singapur - Tag 1

    September 2, 2016 in Singapore

    Willkommen in Singapur.
    Die Hitze hat uns direkt erschlagen und die Luftfeuchtigkeit war enorm hoch.
    Trotzdem begaben wir uns auf eine kleine Tour, um die Stadt ein wenig kennen zulernen.
    Unser erster Eindruck ist sehr positiv. Eine moderne Stadt, welche man bequem zu Fuß erkundschaften kann.
    Jedoch kam uns der Jetleg leider in die Quere und der Tag war damit für uns frühzeitig beendet. 🇸🇬💤
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  • Day12

    An easy day in Singapore

    August 19 in Singapore

    We had a lovely quiet day locally, still experiencing yummy food. Bugis Street is pronounced Boogers! The fruit market even has durian which is stinky and banned from most places.

    We went to Orchard Road because mum wanted to see what it was like... It was a big fancy shopping street which we didn't get excited about, apart from a great big bookshop Ben had told us about. We each chose a couple of books. If you want to buy the huge fashion labels you will love orchard road but it wasn't our favourite experience.

    Then we went to Fatty's for dinner near our apartment, and mum and dad had pepper crab.
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  • Day10

    Walking in the clouds

    August 17 in Singapore

    It was a hot and sticky day, and Ruby was a reluctant starter again, but we all had a great time in the end!

    With our new Singapore skills we caught the train and went to the Garden By The Bay, especially to the Cloud Forest which is a big high indoor rainforest. It was spectacular!! So cool and misty and just like a lost world (apart from all the people). The cool walkways and high plants felt like a movie set at times. One photo has a very different kind of plant, can you tell?

    There was a lot of education about the environment and water shortages and how we can reduce the impact of humans on the earth. That was good.
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  • Day11

    Back to the super trees!

    August 18 in Singapore

    The super trees were fantastic at night. There was a very long wait to go on the sky walk, it looked like half of Singapore was there. So we enjoyed looking and photographing from the ground. It was beautiful.

    We came back to our apartment tired and happy. Tomorrow will be an easy day too.

  • Day9


    August 16 in Singapore

    Movies on the plane, cute meal trays, very nice roads and cars, and we arrived at our apartment in Singapore. It's in an area with local markets and temples and food stalls. We met up with mum's cousin Ben who works in Singapore a lot, and showed us how to get around on the trains like the locals! Sam and Ruby had fun playing on the trains and platforms. We had dinner at the waterfront, and then we all got super tired. It's been a big few days! We'll do some sightseeing tomorrow and probably some swimming!Read more

  • Day11

    Little India then views up high

    August 18 in Singapore

    After a relaxing afternoon with a teeny bit more screen time we caught the train to Little India. It was so colourful and interesting but a bit smelly for us kids. We didn't like the coconut juice we tried. Ruby bought a beautiful Indian dress.

    Then we had a great time up on the 56th storey of the Marina Bay Sands hotel... You can see everything from there! The sun started to go down.Read more

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