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  • Day18

    Adiós, Llanes

    September 29, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    And so ends another long walk in Spain. We fly home on Sunday and need some rest and recovery time before jumping back into work and our other commitments. So rather than walking 31kms to Ribadesella, we took the train and checked into a hotel for two nights.

    After a little stroll around the town, we indulged our new favourite Camino pastime - a long and leisurely menu del dia! We'll do some more exploring this evening and hopefully meet our Camino buddies for dinner.Read more

  • Day8


    September 13, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Ok, so I skipped an update yesterday and with good reason...... My worst nightmare came true 😳😳😳😳 Ok maybe not my worst but definitely up there........ BED BUGS!!!

    I was preparing to leave the albergue in Serdio yesterday morning and while packing, I noticed something crawling on my underwear...... So I immediately sqooshed it and it gave off blood ... Eeeuw...... But I didn't know what bed bugs looked like so I looked it up on google.... Jaaaaaa hooooor, that was a bed bug, hopi gross, but it was only one so....... Pfffff .... WHen grabbing my pants I saw another one, sqooshed that bugger too, again.... Pats..... Blood. Ughhhh

    Ok, by now, I was completely paranoid and my main aim for the day was to find somewhere I could wash my clothes and find a farmacia where I could buy spray for my mochila.
    Unfortunately I wasn't passing through any big towns yesterday....... So chances of finding an albergue or hotel with washing machine were slim........

    After about 12 km walking and worrying, I walked by a house on the camino that said albergue Renacer, so I thought let me just pop in and see if they have any advice, because I thought for sure they wouldn't accept me staying there with my chinches.

    While I walk up the stairs, a woman opens and greets me. I explain what had happened and she said, no problem, I will help! Wow, she took all my clothes put them in a plastic bag to wash and alsoput my backpack in a bag and sprayed it with the stuff that I had bought.

    Later, while waiting for my clothes to wash and dry, more pilgrims arrived, all spanish. When my clothes were dry I finally put something on and at 8:30 dinner was served.

    It was a home cooked meal, prepared by my bed bug saviour Maria Del Pilar and we ate together at the dinning table. It was gezellig.

    This morning when I left the house, I felt like I was reborn! The name for this albergue, could not have been more fitting 😁😁😁
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  • Day15


    September 18, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 61 °F

    Columbres - Llanes 23.5 K (total 200 K)
    I planned to go only 9 km to stop at the hostel in Pendueles that had a communal meal, but I got there by 11:30, and the town didn't look that interesting, and I couldn't find the hostel, so I kept walking. I encountered a couple of people from Quebec, and a French guy, so got to speak French. The walk was great and my energy was good. It started raining at about noon, got heavier, and then raining off and on. At the end I was on a path paralleling the sea, with a German guy. The path seemed to go on and on forever. We could see the city but didn't seem to be getting closer. It really started to come down as we entered the city, and it was almost 4 o'clock. I was going to go to the hostel but it was raining so hard, and as I got into the city I saw an English-speaking guy coming out of a hotel. I asked him how much the rooms were and he said $40, which sounded pretty good, so I got a room of my own. I was ready for a good night's sleep. I walked around a little, did a little computer work. Good long walk today, intermittent shoulder pain but nothing bothersome. My legs and feet were tired at the end of the day.
    Overall the hostels have been really good. They are definitely what make the trip affordable, and for the most part enjoyable. Along the hundreds of miles of all of the Caminos, every 5 to 10 miles there is a pilgrim hostel. They generally cost $10-$20 a night. My route was along the coast, and passing through many tourist towns. Can you imagine getting a bed for $10 a night in Kennebunkport? It's really a pretty amazing system. On the other hand, the accommodations are fairly bare bones. The hostels don't open until three, and sometimes there is a line around the building and people are turned away. I've only had to wait in line once, and have always gotten a room. They are able to fit lots of people into a small space with the use of bunkbeds; I was even in one hostel where the beds went up three levels. Luckily I've only been on the top bunk once. Of course that was a bunkbed that did not have a ladder but rather a bar about 6 inches from the bottom bunk and then another one 6 inches below the top. To get into bed, I used a technique consisting of an initial lurch and then a hoist, twist, and thud onto the bed. Very reminiscent of Simone Biles mounting the uneven parallel bars. All of the hostels have a place to shower, a place to wash out your clothes, and lines to hang the clothes on. Most of them have some sort of outdoor space to hang out in, and some have basic kitchen facilities. They are certainly a good place to meet other pilgrims, and there are some that make a special effort to create community among the pilgrims, such as Guemes. There they have a communal dinner and a talk about the Camino, and we did some singing.. It was really a special place. You have to be out of the hostel by 8 (sometimes as late as 9).
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  • Day17

    Colombres to Llanes - 26.7kms

    September 28, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    The Colombres albergue turned out to be fine, and nine of us had dinner in the nearby Mexican restaurant last night. Good food, great company and a fun evening.

    We kind of underestimated today's walk. Compared to some of the previous days' exertions, the estimated 23kms sounded pretty easy. We set off with fairly basic food and water supplies, thinking that we'd reach Llanes by lunchtime and possibly even go a little further.

    When we saw that there was a GR coastal alternative to the 'official' route, we were delighted to take it. And what a beautiful walk it was, with spectacular ocean views and forest shade when we needed it.

    Things got a bit tricky on what should have been the final 4 or 5 kms. We continued to follow the GR arrows and went up, up, up, initially on the road and then on an off-road trail. The views were fantastic, but there was no shade whatsoever and although we could see Llanes far below, it didn't seem to be getting any closer. We eventually realised that we'd missed a right turn somewhere, but a quick check of the GPS maps told us that our trail would eventually join the road route to Llanes. It all turned out fine - there was even a shady glade and a covered church porch when we really needed to get out of the sun. And although water fountains seem more scarce in Asturias than in Cantabria, Damian spotted one on the way into town.

    We abandoned any plans to walk further and checked into the Casona del Peregrino albergue. It has private rooms and a washing machine. Life is good!
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  • Day15

    Camino Del Norte - Day 13

    June 23, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Camino Del Norte - Day 13

    San Vicente De La Barquera to Llanes
    Distance 41km !!!! (8.5 hours)
    Total ascent 150m

    What a new day brings. I hadn't really planned where I was going to stop today but it certainly was not this place called Llanes. 41km later.
    I had a light breakfast in the Albergue at 6.30am and chatting to two Italians guy I met In another albergue. The usual question where are you walking today, I answered casually 'oh, where my feet take me'.
    We set off with a young Spanish couple and were soon walking at a blistering speed. By 9.30am, we were in a town called Colombres which was the end of the section in the guidebook. We carried on.
    They were a lovely group and we had a great time chatting away in limited English and my even more limited Spanish.
    We clearly enjoyed each other's company and the kilometers raced past until the last 10kms. We were very tired but carried on. We arrived in Llanes absolutely exhausted. Thankfully, one of the guys rang ahead and booked us into this fantastic Albergue.
    We went for a meal before going to the Albergue as we were starving. It was fantastic. We have a Pergrinos bond and the meal was fantastic.
    Admin completed as soon as we got to the Albergue. Blogs done, I am off for a nap.

    Hasta luego.
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  • Day11

    Gorgeous Mediaeval town.

    July 30, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

    We came back on our route as we drove through this pretty town yesterday and were unable to park as it’s a Sunday. Really pretty mediaeval town with great shopping. We went on the land train to see all the sites. Lots of very pretty buildings and lovely Spanish tiles

  • Day20


    June 5, 2017 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Today I had expected to walk about 30-32 km. What I didn't factor in was the additional kms from taking the coastal options. And the time it would take me to do some careful stepping in some kind of precarious situations. At one point I walked over a natural rock bridge from headland to headland with the ocean below. That was a bit dicey. By the time I rolled into Llanes it was 4 pm. With a 7:15 am departure and just a couple of boots-off rests on the coast my GPS clocked 36.5 km. But I am so very glad to have taken the coastal option. I wouldn't have wanted to do it without a GPS though.

    Llanes is a pretty town on the coast. I had been planning to go to the albergue but as I wound my way through the old town, I came across the Posada del Rey. And wouldn't you know it, they had good pilgrim prices!! After showering and washing clothes, I took an hour or so walking around the historic core, buying food (I arrived as the lunch hour was nearly over, kitchens were closing, and nothing will open back up till 8:30 or 9, so it's dinner in the room).

    I was so happy to finally find real candles in the church (not electric ones) and lit five --my mom, Meara, Jamie, my family and all my camino friends who have shared parts of this with me. The church was quiet and peaceful and though I am not usually the contemplative type, I left feeling at peace.

    I have to be in Gijón on Friday, four more days walking. Looks very doable but you never know.
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  • Day13

    Jeder Tag ist einzigartig

    April 17 in Spain ⋅ ☁️ 18 °C

    Jeder Tag ist einzigartig. An jedemTag sieht die Strecke auf dem Camino komplett anders aus. Jeden Tag nimmt man ganz neue Eindrücke wahr. Jeden Tag fühlt man sich anders. Man gewöhnt sich vielleicht an das Laufen, an die Laufen-Essen-Schlafen Routine. Aber so etwas wie einen geregelten Tagesablauf gibt es nicht. Man lässt einfach alles auf sich zukommen. Man ist offen für alles, was der Tag einem bringen mag. Auch wenn man sich am Morgen vielleicht auf etwas einstellt, kann ein einziger Tag so viel bringen, so viele Eindrücke und Gefühle, dass man schlussendlich am Abend im Bett liegt und einen komplett anderen Tag erlebt hat, als man es sich je hätte erträumen können.

    Heute war mit 25 km ein relativ kurzer Tag geplant. Der Weg verlief fast den ganzen Tag der Küste entlang. Diese war heute besonders schön. Ich war grösstenteils mit Valerie unterwegs. An der Küste fanden wir Spalten im Boden, die durch das Meerwasser aus dem Kalkstein erodiert wurden. Bei Flut und starkem Wellengang spritzt dort das Wasser teilweise bis 20 Meter in die Höhe. Heute hatten wir leider kein Glück. Obwohl aus den Löchern unheimliche Geräusche drangen und man sich nicht all zu nah heran traute, blieb das Wasser ruhig. Seinen Reiz hatten sie trotzdem.

    Eingestellt auf diesen kurzen Tag begann sich die Strecke zu ziehen, sobald wir von der Küste wegkam. Die Sonne brannte. Meine Füsse brannten. Ich hatte unglaublichen Durst und meine 2 Liter waren leider bereits leer getrunken. Ich konnte das Ziel kaum erwarten. Umso schlimmer als wir dann bemerkten, dass wir einen sehr unnötigen Umweg eingeschlagen haben.
    Nach 27.6 km erreichten wir um 15 Uhr endlich unsere Herberge. So früh haben wir unser Ziel noch nie erreicht. Aber so kaputt habe ich mein Ziel auch selten erreicht. Nach einer herrlichen Dusche kamen auch schon Ronny, Stefan und Elena an. Ich ging mit Val ins Städtchen und wir geniessen es sehr, endlich mal genügend früh angekommen zu sein, um noch was vom Tag zu haben. Wir haben die Stadt besichtigt, sind noch ans Meer runter geschlendert, haben uns durch die Köstlichkeiten der Stadt probiert und liessen es uns einfach gut gehen. Daran könnte ich mich gewöhnen! :-)
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  • Day2

    Llanes / 344 km

    July 10, 2015 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    I was waiting for Martin in a bar having brunch and some (5?) beer (stupid small 20cl). Than we had lunch and walked together for 25km on a wonderful coast trail without cars, without streets, without the asphalt. This was the most beautiful part of our way so far. We found a free place in a pension in Nueva / 365 kmRead more

  • Day22

    Tag 22: Pendules - Llanes 16km

    August 7, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Heute gab es wenig zu erzählen.
    Für die Bufones hat das Wetter nicht gepasst. Ebbe und das Meer zu sanft. Wenn es stürmischer ist, dann schiesst das Wasser in die unterirdischen Kanäle und kommt zu den Löchern (Bufones) oben wie ein Geysir heraus.
    Aber irgendwie war das Meer heute blauer als sonst. Lag vielleicht daran, dass es etwas rauer war als sonst. Am Nachmittag ging ein kräftiger Wind.
    In Llanes die Erinnerungswürfel angeschaut. Das sind große Betonwürfel am Hafen die irgendein spanischer Maler angemalt hat. Naja, wem's gefällt.
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