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  • Day6

    Day 6 - Sevilla Arrival

    September 15, 2017 in Spain

    Well...we have said it 5 days in a row and meant it every time. But, once again, every day has been better than the last. We LOVE Sevilla.

    Cadiz had originally been planned as a day trip from Sevilla but we decided to change it to a 2 night stay. After just a few hours in Cadiz, we thought about bagging Sevilla completely and staying a week in Cadiz. We are so happy we didn't do that. Sevilla has all of the charm and beauty of an old Spanish town like Cadiz and Toledo with all of the attractions and kind people of a city like Madrid. It may not have a beach, but it has a beautiful canal surrounding the city, as well as cathedrals, museums, monuments, AND Plaza de Espana, where the pod race scene from Star Wars Episode One was filmed. And we managed to see all of this today. But, the stand out of the day so far has been the food.

    After our tapas-filled lunch, Tim and I agreed it had been our best meal yet. But even that couldn't top our tapas-filled dinner at a Michelin star "bar", Eslava. I want to write all of these tapas down so we don't forget.

    Lunch - swordfish over orange wine sauce, "Padron" peppers, dates wrapped in bacon, hearts of palm over vegetable gazpacho, eggplant topped with goat cheese and drizzled in honey

    Dinner - roasted mackerel with tomato onion pepper salad, roasted pork rib with rosemary honey glaze, artichokes with fried garlic and shavings of cod, grilled razor clams with lemon, slow cooked egg over boletas cake with caramelized wine reduction, and brick pastry stuffed with cuttlefish (we did it again!) and algae served with yogurt.

    (Each of these tapas are about 2 Euros a piece...amazing)

    ...not to mention where we are staying. We have a room in a 19th century Andalusian house that is absolutely beautiful. Our friendly hosts are the ones who recommended both of these amazing meals.

    I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!
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  • Day7

    Day 7 - Sevilla!

    September 16, 2017 in Spain

    Today was pretty much the first day we had to just relax and take it slow. And we needed it! We woke up late and found an awesome park on the water to workout. Then we had breakfast (and lunch!) while wandering the streets and alleys before returning for an early siesta at the beautiful Airbnb. We met our first American friend, Graham, from New Orleans, who is renting the other room in the house, as we sipped a glass of wine on the terrace. Then we wandered the streets some more, had a couple of cervezas at a local bodega, and had a nice dinner while people watching near the city center. Last, but absolutely not least, I finally got my churros con chocolate that we missed out on in Madrid!!!! Now time for an early night (and our books)!!!

    Not many pictures (and they're all of me because Tim had the phone) and a fairly uneventful day, but just as wonderful as the last. Sevilla is absolutely beautiful and the people are by far the nicest we have met so far.
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  • Day8

    Day 8 - Last Day/Night in Sevilla

    September 17, 2017 in Spain

    Sevilla has been absolutely amazing! It reminds me of a Spanish Richmond. It has all of the feels of a small city, yet it's large enough to have a little of everything. There are restaurants, bars, and cafes on every street. There is a ton of culture and history everywhere you look. The people are so charming and friendly. It's cheap! There's a waterfront full of architecture, parks, water sports, art walks, and even a foodie event that we stumbled upon today (similar to "Broad Appetite" of Richmond). While we could happily stay here forever, we did these 3 days right and are happy to see what's in store for us next. We stayed in a beautiful Andalusian home with the nicest hosts imaginable. We ate some of the best food we have ever had (and checked off 7 of the 15 or so restaurants off of our hosts' recommendation list), we wandered about 10 miles a day through streets and alleyways, we explored the beautiful architecture on both sides of the canal, we saw the Cathedral, the Real Alcazar, the Plaza de Espana, and so much more.

    Today was a great finale. Another workout on the water. Crepes for breakfast. Hours of alley wandering and site-seeing. Siesta. Wine on the rooftop. More walking. Another tapas-filled dinner and people watching on a busy terrace. Now some rest and relaxation before we head off to Granada in the morning.
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  • Day14

    Back to Sevilla! 😁

    Das war vorhin ein wirklich königliches Gefühl, als ich die Stadtgrenze zu Sevilla überschritt. Ich war wieder da! Herrlich.

    Die Route, die ich mir ausgeheckt hatte, hat bis aufs I-Tüpfelchen gepasst. Aus Dos Hermanas raus ging es zunächst durch das etwas edlere Wohnviertel La Motilla und dann direkt ins weite Feld. Keine Zäune versperrten mir den Weg und auch sonst lauerten keine unliebsamen Überraschungen auf mich. Es ging dann durch Industriegebiete vor Sevilla, unter Autobahnbrücken hindurch, dann wieder über Felder und Wiesen, dann die nächste Unterquerung einer Autobahnbrücke, dann wieder in Industriegebiete, und plötzlich war ich an dem einen letzten Kreisel unter einer Autobahnbrücke, von dem aus ich es nur noch etwa 500 Meter bis zur Stadtgrenze von Sevilla hatte. Und dann stand ich vor dem Ortsschild 😁 Geschafft!

    Mir war schnell klar, wo ich nun als erstes hinwackeln würde. Zum Busbahnhof San Sebastian, von dem aus ich vor 10 Tagen nach Tarifa gestartet bin. Hier sitze ich nun, auf dem selben Stuhl wie vor 10 Tagen, und schaue auf die Busse, die heute aber ohne mich abfahren werden. So hat sich dieser Kreis geschlossen. Ein ziemlich cooles Gefühl 😎

    Jetzt werde ich gleich zu meinem Hotel traben und erstmal für die eine Nacht einchecken und dann sicher noch bei dem Irish Pub meines Vertrauens vorstellig werden. Ich habe Nic schließlich versprochen, hier noch ein Pils auf ihn zu trinken 🍺 und was man verspricht, muss man auch halten 😎 Später, wenn ich zurück im Hotel bin, werde ich vielleicht noch was schreiben. Stand jetzt 😁

    Hier in Sevilla ist es gerade eher ungemütlich, es stürmt ordentlich und auch Regen ist mit von der Partie. Wenn das morgen früh immer noch so ist, freue ich mich sogar ein wenig - bei dem Wetter ist Wandern vielleicht nicht ganz so nett, aber umso ursprünglicher. Die Natur zeigt sich dann eben auch von ihrer anderen Seite. Wer das nicht ab kann - naja, der hat sich dann eben vielleicht die falsche Freizeitbeschäftigung ausgesucht. Bin gespannt auf morgen. Und was sich auf der ersten offiziellen Etappe der Via de la Plata so zuträgt.

    Ich werde berichten 😎

    Eben noch mit Michael aus dem Irish Pub ein Erinnerungsfoto geschossen, er hat sich sofort an Nic und mich erinnert und wird den Blog jetzt auch weiter verfolgen, super! 😊
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  • Day631

    The Alcázar, Seville

    March 19 in Spain

    The four of us had needed to plan the week carefully according to the weather. Today was one of the coldest days with a high risk of downpours so we'd decided on a trip to the city of Seville because it was significantly warmer there.

    Paul and Cath's hire car would get us there faster and be easier to park, so we loaded Poppy, ourselves and the household rubbish into the little Seat. There is no residential refuse collection in Spain. The communal bins have been great for ease of disposal in the van, but made household logistics more complicated than in the UK. It felt alien packing what we needed for the day for us and the dog. We are so used to just driving to our destination with everything in the van.

    Making good headway, Paul read out the degrees as they clicked up on the external thermometer. Light toned, high rise residential flats and business blocks hailed the perimeter of the settlement, with palms and plane trees lining the boulevards that led us into the centre. There were even some trees that could well have been Seville oranges. The temperature was 17°C as we approached the old town, making us very glad we'd chosen this heat island.

    The car park we'd planned to use was full but it was a lot easier to navigate the city streets in the Seat and Paul found underground parking, something that would have been off limits to the Martha Motorhome.

    Being more organised than us, Cath had thought to book advance tickets for Seville's Real Alcázar; a royal palace built under moorish rule. Making our way towards it we kept our eyes open for somewhere to eat and found Bar Español on the corner of a wide pedestrian area and tramway. It offered a €12 menu of the day but didn't open until 1pm- something we still have to get used to. After 5 minutes the shutters were raised and we found a corner table to settle at. The 3 courses and drinks were served with an almost over-hasty efficiency, but given that we had to be at the Alcázar within an hour, this suited us well. The stuffed pepper salad starter and stew with fried potato main were tasty and we got to sample pestiños; an Andalucian Christmas and Holy week pastry made of dough fried in olive oil and coated in honey and sugar.

    Precipitously, we made our way towards Seville's Alcázar, past unsavoury flag posters advertising a bull fighting event. The yellow and red stone buildings inset with mosaic tiles and topped with domes gave the city an attractive look and warm feel. On route we passed mounted police and numerous horses waiting to pull shiny black carriages on tours. We could see from the map that the palace was a huge complex, but it took some time to find the entrance. As the city's top attraction, there was a long queue, but we cut through this, straight to the kiosk for those that had prebooked. We were in through the metal detectors in a matter of minutes and grateful to Cath for her organisation!

    Inside the walls was a mixture of pillared courtyards, mature gardens and high ceilinged chambers. There were a number of other tourists of all ages, but we didn't feel crowded or rushed. Instead there was a pleasant and calm atmosphere with a quiet buzz, perhaps brought about by the surroundings. The more we saw the more overawed we became by the place. It was a warm day and outdoors the scent of herbs, iris blossom and violets filled our nostrils. The green fronds of tall palms swayed overhead, while water tinkled through spouts of low key fountains and into shallow stone bowls. These water features were both outside and in, providing a link between the warm light and cool shade. Walking between them we passed through fringed stone archways with incredible ornately carved decoration, the beautiful fretwork splashed with subtle blues and golds.

    It was interesting how each of us took something different from our surroundings; Paul had an audio guide and was greatly interested in the history and stories behind the palace, Cath picked out little details such as the representations of leaves, fish and shells painted or carved into the walls, Vicky soaked in the royal hues and overall impression made by the patterns whereas Will's mathematical brain analysed the skilled geometry and recurrence in these same patterns. Needless to say we were all very impressed and spent a few leisurely hours perusing the palace, getting 'lost'in the well kept hedge maze and sampling a Seville orange that Will picked from one of the many trees lining the paths. The best description we can give is that it tasted like marmalade!

    The sun had shone brightly but just as we were coming to the end of our time at the Alcázar the sky darkened and rain began to fall. We exited and made our way back to the car via the imposing tower of the adjacent sandstone cathedral. We could have looked round it too, but felt the quality palace experience was all we needed from the day.
    The rain became a downpour as we walked back to the car but we soon got the blowers going and after picking up some shopping, were heading back to El Balcon de Lijar, a warm fire and scrumptious evening meal.
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  • Day4


    April 25 in Spain

    A very pretty city with the Guadalquivir river flowing through it. This morning visited the worlds largest gothic cathedral, very impressive and extremely well preserved. Got my first “sello” there while listening to the choir - all in their red robes, very nice! But the thing I like best are the little passageways and inner courtyard gardens, filled with lush greenery, flowers, tinkling fountains and beautiful tiles. Very Moorish. Very moreish are also the delicious pastries - I’m making it my duty to sample the various brands of torta de aceite for which Seville is famous.Read more

  • Day3

    After a fast trip (train was averaging 259kph) through interesting countryside. First there seemed to be miles of new green wheat, then miles of olive trees, then suddenly a golf course - seemingly in the middle of no-where - then groves of orange trees and vineyards. Somewhere I fell asleep - could not keep my eyes open. Took a taxi ride from the station, shared with another Australian who is also planning to walk the Via.

    To arrive at this beautiful hotel and find myself in a lovely room. The first and second photos show the entrance to my room - the white door on the right is mine. The hotel is built around an inner courtyard. And just a stones throw from the cathedral, which I’m planning to visit tomorrow. Heaven on a stick!
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  • Day5

    Walking out of Seville

    April 26 in Spain

    So I lay awake from 3am. My sleep pattern has obviously not yet transitioned to Spanish time. I left as soon as the first birds started tweeting but it was still deep night. As I could see no yellow arrows or anything recognisable, I started to follow the red line on Maps.Me - which seemed to be going in entirely the wrong direction. But who was I to argue with the line on the map!? After about 2km and as the sun came up it dawned on me that I was following the line south. So retrace steps. But the walk was nice! Now I’m stopped for a cafe con leche and tosada con tomate.Read more

  • Day66


    April 2 in Spain

    10 weeks later (!) ... some photos of our visit to the Real Alcázar and our wanderings on day 3.
    This is a very impressive place and the gardens are at least as interesting as the palace itself. The afternoon's tapas at Bar Europa (based on another trusted recommendation) were a delight.

    All in all, we had an enjoyable and break. There were lots more things that we could have done and seen, but lazy was what we needed this time.Read more

  • Day3

    Day 2 - Breakfast and a tour.

    October 25, 2016 in Spain

    Breakfast was fantastic!!!! Nespressos and chocolate croissants.......Nutella croissants ..... meats/cheeses/ fruit....... Did the Hop 'n Stop around Seville and spent the afternoon in The Cathedral of Seville. See the tome of Christopher Columbus!

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