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  • Day7

    Top of Europe

    July 21, 2019 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 45 °F

    At over 11,000 feet this is the highest point in Europe unless you do ice climbing. To get here, you travel by cogswheel train and in the last leg, switch to a train that travels into a mountain, a true marvel of engineering. Inside, among other things, there is an ice palace with beautiful sculptures and man is it cold!Read more

  • Day86

    The Top Of Europe! Jungfrau!

    September 11, 2017 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ 0 °C

    Such an amazing day! Wonderful weather! Today we drove through green Swiss pastures with beautiful wooden chalets to Grindelwald to catch 2 trains to the 'Top Of Europe' - Jungfraujoch- 3454 metres up- The snow capped peak of Jungfrau is right there! The train travelled almost vertically at times! At the top there is the High Altitude Research Station, the the Ice Palace- ice carvings (freezing) and amazing views including over the glacier. We walked out onto the snow to see breathtaking views. The weather was perfect- apparently such clear views don't happen very often so we were so, so lucky. Problem- altitude sickness! Not pleasant but so worth it!!!!Read more

  • Day14

    Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe

    August 25, 2020 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Heute morgen kurz vor 6 Uhr entschloss sich ein netter Herr im Zimmer alle seine Kleider in Plastiksäcke umzupacken. Die Perfekte voraussetzung also, etwas aus dem Tag zu machen (und für schlechte Laune, welche aber schnell wieder verflog).

    Beim Frühstück sass ich am Fenster und schaute auf den strahlend blauen Himmel. Also löste ich über die Homepage der Jungfraubahnen mein Ticket zum Jungfraujoch (3'466 m.ü.M.). Ein absolutes Schnäppchen für 117.- inkl. Vergünstigung mit meinem Halbtax...

    Ich war froh, meinen Sitzplatz reserviert zu haben, denn ich war definitiv nicht der einzige mit dieser Idee.

    Der Auslug hat sich auf jeden Fall gelohnt. Die Aussicht war atemberaubend. Auch wenn die Wolken im Verlauf des Nachmittags immer dichter wurden und der Wind zunahm, war die Sicht bestens.
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  • Day9


    September 12, 2018 in Switzerland ⋅ 🌧 6 °C

    Last night after discussion with Irene (the lady I met on the train) and checking the weather we decided to book the train to Jungfraujoch. The Jungfrau is the highest mountain around here.
    We started out by taking the train to Kleine Scheidegg then changed trains to Jungfraujoch. From Wengen it took about an hour, the last 20 minutes or so through a tunnel.

    I was writing this in the lounge of the hotel but then Irene and I started discussing our plans for tomorrow and I got sidetracked. Irene is returning to Zurich tomorrow but as it’s only a two hour and a half hour trip she was trying to decide what to do. I’m hoping to do a circuit on the other side of the Lauterbrunnen valley that involves buses, trains, cable cars, hopefully some walking and waterfalls. Providing the weather cooperates (it is thunderstorming at the moment) and Irene will probably join me.

    Anyway back to today. Jungfraujoch is simply amazing. I don’t have enough superlatives to describe it. There’s a lot to do up there. They have an observation deck that gives you 360 degree views. From there we went to the snow fun. Walking on packed snow in sneakers was not easy. Where are my nailed boots when I need them?
    I made it the two metres or so down the incline to some deck chairs. We sat in them, with cold backsides from the cold coming up from the snow and warm faces and legs from the sun beating down. We couldn’t have asked for better weather. There were people zip lining and well as on donuts, skis and something that looked like a tiny ride on mower with no engine.
    From there we went to the Alpine sensation which was just weird. They had various wood carvings and an alpine display in a dome. We went through much of that on travelaters. Then the ice palace and theat was COLD. The floor was icy but not necessarily ice. There were various ice sculptures throughout. From there it was the Lindt store where I didn’t buy anything but did see how they get the liquid inside the balls. We got a Lindt ball as we left the shop. We had some lunch and then came back down to Wengen. The ticket checker on the train gave everyone a Lindt ball as he checked their tickets. While waiting in line for the toilet the woman in front of me said “I recognise you.” Unfortunately I couldn’t say the same until she reminded me they had sat across the aisle from me for part of the way on the Glacier Express. They are also staying in this hotel but I didn’t see them at dinner.

    Irene and I parted ways, she got off in Wengen and I kept going to Lauterbrunnen. I knew if I went back to the hotel I’d just have a nap and I wanted to make the most of the beautiful day. At Lauterbrunnen I walked to the other end of the village to the Staubbach falls. At nearly 300m are simply stunning. I was there quite a while before returning to the station and back to Wengen.

    Irene is lovely, she Canadian and also a solo traveller so we’ve compared notes on what its like. Fortunately we seem to be interested in the same things so travelled well together. See does seem to regard me as a bit of an expert on all things Wengen and surrounds which is a bit of a worry when all I am is quoting TripAdvisor a lot of the time.
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  • Day192

    Day 193: Jungfraujoch

    August 26, 2017 in Switzerland ⋅ ☀️ 12 °C

    Very early start this morning, one of the earliest we've had on the entire trip! Alarm at 6:30, up and dressed and out the door by 6:50. Arrived at Grindelwald Grund station around 7am, well in advance of our 7:25 train. Grabbed a coffee to pass the time while we waited, though the train showed up fairly early and we settled in.

    Not too many people on board which was nice - Jungfraujoch (the lookout near the top of Jungfrau) is the most popular tourist attraction in Switzerland and apparently gets very very busy during the day. Part of the reason we'd bought "Good Morning" tickets was to avoid the crowds, though it also looked like the weather would be much nicer earlier in the day as well.

    The train left on time with Swiss efficiency and was soon chugging its way up the hill sides. It's a cog-wheel train, where there's a central rail of cog-teeth, and a bunch of wheels on the train rotate around the teeth, pulling the train up the hill. It allows the trains to climb much steeper gradients than typical trains, and we were soon climbing quite sharply. Fantastic views of the Grindelwald valley on the right hand side, though on the left-hand side Eiger loomed above us.

    After about 45 minutes we popped out at a pass, where our train ended and met another train coming from the next valley over (Lauterbrunnen, where we'd been yesterday). Here both trains terminate and you switch trains for the final ascent up Jungfrau. The view from the station was magnificent, as you finally got to see Jungfrau shining in the sun, flecked with snow and topped with a little cloud.

    Soon after leaving Kline-Schidegge station the train entered a tunnel, which it stayed in for about the next 25 minutes. Pretty much the entire final ascent of the mountains is done in tunnels through Eiger, which is absolutely crazy. Particularly in one part, the train stopped at a station where you could hop off and look out windows onto the glacier below. Thankfully it stopped for five minutes so we didn't have any re-boarding dramas!

    Finally we arrived at the top station, still underground and in the tunnels. Our train was probably half full, but it was the first train of the day so the area didn't feel that crowded. Once at the top, there's a surprisingly large centre with lots of stuff to do - a small museum about the area and the construction of the railway (in the 1890s, no less), an "ice paradise" area where you could walk through tunnelled-out parts of the glacier, a 4D ADVENTURE which looked very unappealing, plus an elevated observatory, a few outdoor areas, and the usual load of shops and restaurants.

    We decided that since Jungfrau (and the Aletsch glacier) were on the world heritage list and we needed to film, we'd head straight for the observatory. There's a numbered itinerary you're supposed to follow while at the complex, but we figured skipping to stop 4 and back-filling was the best way to go.

    The observatory is about 100 metres above the train station level, accessed via elevators, and as far as I could tell we were the first people up to the observatory, along with a couple of others and an Australian girl from Brisbane who was cooing over Schnitzel. So we finally popped out at the top, with nobody else around! Perfect.

    The view was epic from up here, nice and sunny though not super clear, but Jungfrau was clear, as was Monch and the other nearby peaks. The glacier looked magnificent as well, lots of snow powder despite being late summer. And it wasn't too cold either, about 7 degrees at the top, though a bit of breeze made it chillier at times. Took a bunch of photos and did some filming, and 20 minutes later when the next train arrived it was definitely noticeable by how much the place started to fill up.

    Walked through the ice palace which was quite nice (though a little slippery), checked out the museum and the other displays, and the lower outdoor viewing platform. By now it was around 10:30am and the place was noticeably more crowded (lots of shouting Chinese too which never impresses me), so we decided to push ourselves a bit and head out on the glacier walk.

    This walk was listed as 45-60 minutes each way, across the glacier to a mountain hut on a ridgeline, from where you could see other directions normally hidden behind the peaks above. It was surprisingly tough going, even though we were both dressed adequately for snow walking (proper shoes etc). Lots of uphill trudges, and in some places you'd sink ankle-deep into the snow. Schnitzel seemed remarkably un-fussed by the whole experience; the only time he really seemed bothered was when his belly got wet from the snow.

    Finally after a bit over an hour we made it to the far hut, and were rewarded with more fantastic views. The glacier stretches out endlessly, more snow-capped peaks ringing the horizon, and great spectacles in every direction. It's almost disappointing in a way when you look back at your photos and realise how they didn't quite capture the moment.

    We headed inside the hut where Shandos celebrated our hike with a beer, while I just settled for what the Germans (and the German-speaking Swiss I suppose) call a Milchkaffee. We agreed that the 45-60 minute estimate probably assumed that you were Swiss and well versed in snow hiking! It was very noticeably a different crowd over at this hut - not that it was crowded, but everyone was dressed appropriately, most people had hiking poles and so on. Nobody sporting Loius Vuitton heels or Burberry overcoats.

    We hurried back to the main complex, slightly concerned since we'd reserved seats on the 1:13pm train (a condition of our cheap morning tickets was that we leave by 1:15pm at the latest). We made it just in time, though it was still tough going on the way back as the snow had softened significantly and made walking tough.

    Quickly went through all the shops selling expensive Swiss watches and Lindt chocolates, and of course we didn't even bother looking at the Chinese restaurant or the Indian restaurant as despite our lack of time, we'd heard they were overpriced and crap even by Swiss standards (and the cuisines should give you an indicator of who actually ascends the top).

    Anyway, we made our train and enjoyed the descent in the tunnel. The stop at Kline-Schiedegge took about 20 minutes, so we had a good amount of time to admire the views looking both upwards to Jungfrau, and down into the valley. The descent took noticeably longer than the ascent, not sure why, though finally we were back down at Grund station, tired and filled up on incredible views and photos.

    Back to the car where we drove back to our accommodation and collapsed around 4pm, very tired but satisfied with how the day panned out. After a good rest, we went downstairs for dinner again - this time Shandos had the fondue (apparently a traditional Swiss dish!!), while I had the Schnitzel. Great food again, though still expensive for what it is. Off to bed, long day of driving coming tomorrow!
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  • Day192


    September 28, 2020 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ -3 °C

    Die Wege im unterirdischen Besucherzentrum sind weit. Für die internationalen Gäste gibts ein bisschen Schweizer Disneyland, mit Heidi, Schneekugeln und Co. Aber auch allerhand über die Geschichte der Jungfraubahn.

    Wirklich sehenswert ist der Eispalast, eine komplett eisige Umgebung (die hier oben ja auch nie taut), etwas rutschig, weil auch der Boden aus Eis ist, mit Skulpturen, die wohl teilweise schon Jahre bis Jahrzehnte stehen. Die Halle wurde seit den 1930er Jahren aus dem Gletschereis geschnitten.

    Wer immer schon mal wissen wollte, wo Scrat, das Säbelzahneichhörnchen aus der Film-Reihe Ice-Age, abgeblieben ist, wird hier oben fündig... 🤣
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  • Day192


    September 28, 2020 in Switzerland ⋅ ⛅ -5 °C

    Als nächstes folgen wir der Beschilderung in Richtung Aletschgletscher, wo es dann endlich mal richtig raus geht in den Schnee (Bahnhof, Besucherzentrum etc. sind alle unterirdisch im Berg).

    Der Grosse Aletschgletscher ist der flächenmässig grösste und längste Gletscher der Alpen. Er gehört zusammen mit den umliegenden Regionen seit 2001 zum UNESCO-Weltnaturerbe Schweizer Alpen Jungfrau-Aletsch.

    Hier lichtet sich dann auch der Nebel mehr und mehr und erlaubt fantastische Ausblicke. Man könnte dem Pfad übers Jungfraufirn bis zur Mönchsjochhütte folgen. Macht der Hase auch, bis zu dem Schild „noch 30 min“. 3500 m Höhe sind 3500 m Höhe! Da ist die Luft was dünner und für diese Strecke reicht weder Kondition noch Ausrüstung bei -11 Grad Celsius.

    Der Ritter hat schon früher aufgegeben und wartet in der „Gletscherbar“ bei einer heißen Schoggi. Im wahrsten Sinne atemberaubend schön...
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  • Day192


    September 28, 2020 in Switzerland ⋅ ☁️ -2 °C

    Zum Finale zieht es uns noch auf das eigentliche Jungfraujoch. Das Jungfraujoch ist mit 3466 m der tiefste Punkt im Verbindungsgrat zwischen dem Mönch und der Jungfrau. Mittlerweile ist es auch richtig klar.

    Hier begegnet uns dann auch die ominöse Webcam, mittlerweile freigelegt.

    So langsam zieht es uns jetzt aber auch wieder runter, 3500 m sind anstrengend.
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