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  • Day87

    Trummelbach Falls

    September 12, 2017 in Switzerland

    Today we visited the fantastic Trummelbach Falls near Lauterbrunnen. The Falls are in the Valley of the 72 Falls. They are the world's only glacial falls accessible underground by lift, pathways & tunnels. Incredible! And so is the noise as the water roars through at a flow of 3 cubic metres a second! We took the lift up through the mountain and then walk down. (Many, many, many steps!) Another amazing day in the Swiss Alps.Read more

  • Day27

    Day 23,24,25&26

    June 24, 2017 in Switzerland

    So I was and still am sick but day 23 was travelling from Como to Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland

    Switzerland was absolutely stunning would go back again in a heartbeat, really amazing scenery

    Day 24

    Was spent in Lauterbrunnen and I just walked around but we went to a bomb shelter which had been converted into a bar which was fun but so hot no ventilation at all!

    Day 25

    On the bus again from Lauterbrunnen to Milan amazing scenery as we crossed the non existent border basically go from one to the next, no patrols or anything

    Day 26

    Today we strolled around Milan. So hot here!!! Really pretty city though. Walked through the big expensive shopping plaza and I made a purchase in Milan of the really expensive new thongs. Tonight we are going to go out again and join in on the gay parade that is going to be on🌈🌈
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  • Day1

    Day 0 & 1: Drive to sunlight = Suisse

    October 9, 2017 in Switzerland

    It is time for a well deserved holiday, the rain drove us away, literally ;-) We only had reserved 2 weeks off from work. We had a good plan and nothing booked or fixed so we could do whatever we wanted. We drove off around 3PM on the Monday after packing that same day. We managed to get to Oberkirch in Schwarzwald in Germany, we booked a nice accommodation that was in a managable distance. The holiday was started and we were already feeling healthier and much better than the day before.
    So the next day after a nice German breakfast we tried to walk a nice route in the Schwarzwald, After 15minutes of walking in the fog and when rain started we said that this wasn't what we had in mind. We moved back straight away and did not stop until we had blue skies and a nice scenery. Lauterbrunnen. It is almost like a fairytale, mountains rising up straight from the ground and here and there waterfalls came falling down the edges. We planted our stuff in a hostel like accomodation and moved out to do some exercise and see the area. This ended up in a 17km long hike up and down the whole mountain (well we took the train to skip the boring part). Walking up was the heaviest so we managed to get to the top before 5PM, the sun was still shining but we needed to get back since we expected it to be dark around 7:30PM. The sun however did off course not go down on the horizon it went down behind the highest mountain so after 30minutes it was already cooling off and within the hour it was a whole lot darker. The journey down should have taken us 2,5 hours but we walked slower than planned. Especially when we walked through the woods, it took us a whole hour longer (the sun was gone and it became pitch black on some parts) it was a little to much excitement after the long day but we managed to get to Wengen around 20:45 to find a place that we could finally regain energy with a lovely meal ;-) we took a late train back down to Lauterbrunnen and a wonderfull long day and the story that comes with it :D.
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  • Day15

    austria to swtizerland

    July 3 in Switzerland

    today we leave beautiful austria and head to Switzerland. stopping in Lucerne for lunch and a quick walk around the city. then back on the rad to Lauterbrunnen. we pass 3 amazing lakes aong the way. stopped at lake brienzersee cuz mick couldnt help himslef and had to go for a swim in this amazing blue color lake. back on the road... arrive at camp lauterbrunnen just below jungfrau mountain. had dinner here where we had fondue... was pretty good, but dont think id have it for dinner again.
    also we got a ticket today for being om a toll road without a vignette that allows you on toll road $40 vignette... $120 ticket. ouch.
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  • Day16

    Jungfrau mt. switzerland

    July 4 in Switzerland

    today we got up at 6am to walk to the tram station to take us up to the top of Europe...Jungfrau mt. the views were amazing. and the way the train worked was pretty kool. works almost like a sprocket. the trip took about an hour. we got to the top and started to wander around, in to the ice caves, out to different lookouts.... it was freezing. i was wearing 2 pairs of pants, 3 layers of shirts, a jacket, snow gloves and a beanie and my hood. however when they opened up the outside area to walk around the sun was shining and it was fairly warm. the views from the top of this mountain were pretty amazing. and we got to see how lindt chocolate is made too, and they gave us 2 free samples, but the guy at the counter was aussie and he gave us like 10 truffles... score! we headed back down the mountain after lunch and walked to a waterfall near hour camp. made dinner at the campsite and spent the rest of our evening planning out the rest of our tripRead more

  • Day13


    July 1 in Switzerland

    today we woke up and went for a drive to find coffee.... except nowhere in austria is open on a sunday! we finally came across the train station and luckily the had a bakery open. finally some food and coffee....p.s. i dont think ive had a proper breakfast this whole trip yet, just bread and pastry :/
    after breaky we headed into the mountains for some paragliding. wow, what an amazing experience. cant even describe how awesome it was. started off running dwn a straight down mountain to get going (skeeetttcchhyyy) half way down the pilot asked me if i like roller coasters, of course i said yes, and off we went on a wild adventure. twists, and turns and flips. wow it was crazy and so kool! after paragliding we headed further up the mountain to a waterfall where we had local tyrean food. couldnt tell ya what it was called but it was pretty good. beed broth with cheese and bacon dumpling meatballs(tastes better than it sounds) and like a potato stirfry with steak. yum. after lunch we walked to the waterfall and splashed some water on us cuz we read a sign that said al these health benefits from the waterfall. lol. then off we headed towards area 47 where we camp for rhe nightRead more

  • Day47

    Day 47: Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

    August 6, 2017 in Switzerland

    Today it rained, rained and rained, so we went to a cafe to figure out our game plan for the day and take advantage of the Swiss chocolate (or at least I did). Zoe is all about the cappuccinos. She actually made me laugh right when I was taking a picture as she made fun of me for being so excited about my hot chocolate and cake. The blueberry cake was exactly like how my grandmother used to make it! And the bathrooms had black toilet paper. She would have loved Switzerland. <3

    After our snacks, we took on the walk to Trummelbach Falls. It had stopped raining so we were confident that we could do the 40 minute walk. It starting pouring on us half way through and we got soaked, but we heard that the Falls were a good activity for a rainy day (the falls are inside a cave). Turns out, it's only inside for a small portion so we still got rained on, but the falls were really cool. It drains from the three largest Alps in the area and the current is so strong. We met a nice lady from Wisconsin who got lost on the walk there so we walked all together and she was nice enough to take pictures for us.

    After the falls, we took the bus back as it was pouring and we were so excited to shower. Once again, one of the best showers of this trip. We then made dinner, chicken with zucchini, mushrooms and pesto pasta. It turned out really good and we have leftovers for our lunch tomorrow. We also met two girls from Oregon who we will be meeting up with in Munich and a nice couple from Washington. Seems like everyone we talk to is heading to Munich from here so we seem to be heading in the right direction. :)
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  • Day48

    Day 48: Jungfraujoch & Lauterbrunnen

    August 7, 2017 in Switzerland

    Today we travelled to one of the largest glacier Alps in Europe, the Jungfraujoch. It was really neat (and painfully expensive), but it was totally worth it. We saw incredible views, went in the ice palace, walked in the snow and ate our lunch overlooking the glaciers.

    After we got back around 2:30, we read there was a community BBQ at the pool so I suggested we go check it out and spend some time at the pool. Turned out there wasn't much of a BBQ or people for that matter, but we enjoyed a nice afternoon nonetheless. The pool was overlooking the Staubbach Falls and the Alps. It was weird going from 0 degrees on the Jungfraujoch where we were freezing to sitting in the sun dying of heat. 12,000 feet surely makes a difference.Read more

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