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  • Day86

    Happy in London

    February 23 in the United Kingdom

    I often think to myself that I am happy here and how lucky and grateful I am at the process of what got me to this point. The broken foot saga is still a sore spot but that chapter is over.

    What I do find odd is the glum faces I see on the tube. There's resting bitch face, then there's resting glum about to cry face. I've seen this on so many people lately and it's horrible. From my age to older, how have they been so sad that their face can naturally contort to that?

    I do think I'll stick to my plan of moving city summer next year. I actually imagine that when I come back from nz, as much as I love my neighbourhood I'll find the fact of how inpersonal London is will get to me.

    What I do miss is having friends I can go for a drink with after work. Or what a movie in the weekend. Or just turn up with wine and hang out in a different scenery.
    As there's no point sitting in a bar by myself, the prices are usually high and the people don't talk to strangers.

    I think my Amazon order summed up my life pretty well. I ordered a decorative metal wine bottle cork holder, you know, to have a visual representation of all the wine i drink. A London life colouring book and 72 coloured pencils. I'm hoping that a London colouring book will help me visualize the place in vibrant colours and get me to notice things I haven't before.
    I had to call the helpline as I couldn't check out for some reason. She didn't make any comment in my purchase but I found it funny.

    It really is getting cold now, was at close brain freeze stage outside and it's meant to snow next week. I think it's time to rug up with wine and colouring. Meant to be good for the mind right? It'll be like the last book, where I could tell how much wine I'd had by how much I coloured outside the lines 🤣

    Fee mentioned the movie of 'how to be single' It actually took me a while to get the courage to watch it as last time the ideas effected me quite strongly.
    This time it made me happy to be single. Watch it all the way to the end and they talk about how being truly single ( not just romantically ) should be cherished as it doesn't last for long. To be truly in charge of your own life, your own decisions, with little or no external influences, it really is something to enjoy.
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  • Day111

    Tuesday Deliveries

    March 20 in the United Kingdom

    If you're happy and you know it clap your hands! Or jump up and down and squeal like a little girl.
    Ive been a little off lately and maybe it's being a little home sick.
    And I knew this would happen when someone from nz was coming to visit. I'm ecstatic but worried how I'm going to cope once they're gone.
    May be I am a little lonely and should put more effort into making lasting friendships.

    So when I come home and discover not only my spring wine case delivery, but the long lost well travelled Christmas present from mum. I'm very excited!! It has travelled the world over, from nz to London, back to nz and now finally at my door.
    I have enough chocolate for a little while at least, haha.
    I'll share some with my work mates, these pineapple lumps are special edition now ya know.
    Now where the heck do i put everything 😁

    Time to introduce my work mates to pineapple lumps and jellytip chocolate.
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  • Day129

    Night at the local

    April 7 in the United Kingdom

    My plans of a girly wine club meet up fell through as the host hurt her arm and ended up going to the hospital to get it checked out as she previously fractured it in December.
    So I was all dressed up with no where to go. And there was no way I was spending another Saturday night at home alone.
    So I found myself a Date! It was actually with Lewis that has now come back from his holiday in South Africa, we first met at that amazing wine bar.
    Met at my local pub The Tabbard as they had live music on and it's only 10min walk for me.
    It was a successful second Date, there was a sleep over and I made breakfast, hehe.
    He even bought me a bottle of wine from his holiday. Now that's a keeper.
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  • Day130

    Sunday date

    April 8 in the United Kingdom

    So I'm trying to have some form of successful dating life. Walked past this pub when I needed to find the post office one day, The Lamb, of course a kiwi chick is going to want to check it out.
    My dinner plans fell through due to sickness so I found myself a Date again. This one's name is Adam. He's already late but it's only been 10min and he did get in contact saying he was running a little late.

    If in doubt the menu looks amazing.

    The date was Good, but by golly he can talk your ear off. He started going on about politics and I just zoned out.

    Got some fish and chips for dinner on the way home.
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  • Day20

    Feeling sorry for myself

    December 19, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    I didn't realise how much harder everyday life was going to get. All because I missed a step.
    It seems my good luck streak has come to a booming end.
    The idea of getting up and down the stairs at home is daunting.
    No Christmas or new years plans. Feel more alone than ever.
    Still need to work as I need the money. And it beats sitting around home all day.
    Uber is now my best friend. Not sure how long I can keep that up.

    So I'm just being emotional and feeling sorry for myself. I'm frustrated and angry. Ordered a massive order of Thai food. Maybe I was just hangry.

    Luckily everything delivers here. Just need to get myself sorted before Christmas.

    Not sure what I'm going to do if I can't find a job while I'm still in this moon boot. It's not exactly discrete or a great first impression.

    I will get through this. I just really have no idea how right now. And I'm stubborn and hate asking for help.

    What was a bonus was my suitcases arrived, thanks family for sending them!! I may open a present a day for a pick me up 😊
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  • Day26

    Merry Christmas!

    December 25, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    I found some absolutely lovely kiwis to spend Christmas with.
    Sisters Rianna and Lana and their friend's.
    Been enjoying my kiwi wine finds.
    Lots of food and wine. Had a ham last night and lamb for Christmas dinner.
    Even found a champagne called Nicolas feuillatte.

    Listened to the queens message, it was really nice. All about home and family.

    Opened some amazing presents and had such a fun day.Read more

  • Day5

    Home sweet home

    December 4, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Packed everything up again and on the move to my flat. Hopefully won't be moving anywhere again anytime soon.
    Need to go shopping for a few essentials, such as curtains and coat hangers. I should have got the coat hangers I was looking at yesterday. I literally picked them up and put them down again about 3 times undecided if I needed them.
    Most other things can wait like a lamp and clothes basket.
    One of the flat mates, David, was here to let me in and even helped carry my stuff up to My third floor bedroom.
    Able to unpack some souvenirs and finally use them. Like my Prague clock and my Canada dream catcher. Made with turquoise stones as they remind me of mum.
    Also some cute Christmas decorations from Dorisand my love spoon from Whales.

    Quick trip to the supermarket for essentials for breakfast and dinner. Hard when you can only buy so much as you need to carry it home.
    Bedding finally arrived just after 9.30pm. I don't think I've ever been so excited to make a bed. Mainly because I'm tired and i want to sleep.
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  • Day13

    Power cut

    December 12, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    So we've had a power cut for about 2 hours so far, No idea when they'll fix it. It's only our street and a bit.
    This is the most time I've spent with the flat mates and I've really enjoyed getting to know them.
    With a gas stove we can still cook.
    The lack of heating is annoying, but nothing a few layers can't fix.
    No power is actually really enjoyable when there's no earthquakes. The sun will still rise.
    Not looking forward to a cold shower if it doesn't get fixed by the morning. But that's just life. I will survive.

    What isn't fun about a power cut is the power coming back on and discovering we have an alarm that no one knows the code to so we can't turn it off.
    And I was having the best sleep as I got new pillows. The other pillows are all fluff but no support. I needed 4 pillows anyways.
    Our solution to the alarm was to pull it off the wall and cut the wires. Finally we pulled the fuse that made it stop. Luckily we didn't need to cut full power so we now have heating. Oh what a radical Tuesday night.
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  • Day53

    Sunday lunch with Anne and Penny

    January 21 in the United Kingdom

    Went out for a lovely Sunday lunch at a local pub called the swan.
    Had to get the Sunday roast. Had a yummy lamb roast.
    It's going to be my new Sunday thing, find a new place for a roast each week.

    It was so good to meet and catch up with Anne and Penny. Anne is Grandad Terry's niece.
    They actually live just down the road from Fiona and Allan in Hampton court.
    We talked about family and travels and everything.Read more

  • Day16

    Lantern festival

    December 15, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Caught up with another tour friend that is still in London. Found a lantern festival to check out in my area. It was really pretty and not busy.

    After yesterday's Christmas work lunch that turned into drinks that turned into me getting lost walking home at midnight. My head was a little sore this morning. But it was such a great night, met so many people. And it was free drinks. Welcome to the silly season.

    I now feel like I officially live in London as I got my first paycheck today.
    And found out that the office closes between Christmas and New year. So I might try and book a little trip away.
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