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  • Day8

    Lost in the castle gardens

    August 23, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 59 °F

    Our last stop on Thursday before returning to Inverness was at Cawdor Castle, a more "modern" castle (15th century with numerous additions) that is still a home for the Dowager Countess of Cawdor.

    The main attraction for Myj were the beautiful gardens. We spent most of our time wandering in the White Garden, Wild Garden, Knot Garden, Walled Garden and maze. We did take a quick run through the castle itself, which reminded Myj of Downton Abbey.Read more

  • Day125

    Day 125: North to Inverness

    June 20, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Time to leave Edinburgh. We headed west out of the city (taking a couple of wrong turns along the way, whoops), before heading across the Forth Road Bridge (not the UNESCO one but just nearby) and heading north into the Scottish countryside.

    First stop was about an hour in, at the town of St Andrews on the coast. It's famous of course as the home of golf, where the rules were originally laid down and where for many years the game's governing body was based. The golf links here is actually a collection of seven different courses, one of which is the famous Old Course - in use for hundreds of years.

    We took some photos and walked along the edge - the whole area is public land and you're free to just wander around (while watching for flying balls of course). Poked around the gift shops and stuff but it was all very expensive so didn't bother. I also didn't bother checking how much a round would cost; it's the old saying of "if you have to ask..."

    Back to the car where we drove through the town, which was actually surprisingly pretty! Lots of old stone buildings well-maintained, and some good parklands too. There's also a big university here, where I think Prince William might've gone to school? Maybe? I dunno.

    We drove back out of town along the beachfront golf holes, and found a small takeaway in a hut. Grabbed some food but it was pretty dire - my hot dog was awful and Shandos's toastie wasn't much better.

    Back to the car where we headed north-west, rejoining the main road as St Andrews had been a one-hour detour. Stopped again after another hour or so at the small town of Pitlochry. Quite touristy here, with lots of knick-knack shops aimed at old people and plenty of coach parking available. Though we managed to find a nice cafe and have a coffee and a large slice of cake each to make up for our pitiful lunch.

    Further north we went for another couple of hours, into the highlands and some spectacular countryside. Lots of rugged mountains, desolate moors, pine forests and deep blue lochs. The only annoying thing was the AVERAGE SPEED CAMERA sections, where in a crappy car like ours with no cruise control, you basically drive along for 10 minutes at a time, staring at your speedo rather than the road. And they don't tell you the limit, you're just expected to know that on a single-carriageway outside of town the limit is 60mph. Hopefully.

    Finally we reached Inverness, where we stopped at Tesco and picked up some supplies for the next couple of days. Our Airbnb was actually in a separate town about 20 minutes drive east of the town, so we needed to be well stocked for breakfast and the like. Checked in and found our apartment quite agreeable. It's a large old country house that was probably originally a duplex - we have one side while our host and her boyfriend and sister live in the other side.

    Microwaved Thai food from Tesco for dinner as we didn't want to go back out, and then an early night as we have a super early start tomorrow for our trip to Orkney!
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  • Day22

    Day 22: to Cawdor

    April 26, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

    Woke up to sun again, but again sporadically. We planned for an 8am breakfast but got to talking with Diane until out 9am! She was telling us her dad wanted her name to be Donald i-ohn and her mum had some sense and put them together to get Diane!
    She was very passionate about English independence and voted to stay in the brevity vote, mostly to stay within the EU. She told us, she used to dig for peat and hated it. But she loved that our always dug for pest on warm sunny days and then got to go swimming after, so there would be 30 kids digging and then off to the swimming holes. The black ones so it gathers more of the sunlight!!

    I again had heaps of delicious verses with my breakfast! Yum, blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries!!

    We finally left about 10am, which was much much later than we were anticipating and wanting! I drove first. We couldn't believe, every turn showed us a new and wonderful view, or even just a new and wonderful angle on the view we had just seen! Alison took tonnes of pick, a fair few which were on her tablet so we will just have to see how that goes..

    It was still quite cold, it did not go above 7 again today on the island and was about 4 degrees when we left via the bridge. The bridge, which was actually very, unexpectedly, high against the water. We drove around to a toilet and get some postcards of Skye in Kyle of Lochalsh. Second best town name I ave come across, after Machrihanish on the Mull of Kintyre.

    I kept driving on towards Drumnadrochit. We drove past Urquhart Castle and decided to stop at the next place for lunch before heading back to the castle. We ended up at a sweet little place and got a round of toasties. There was a tea menu, for the Flora Tea (Flora Festival), which looked crazy with full flowers inside a wine glass. I realised this was actually how it came so mumba, faj and I decided to get one. They came in a big wine glass, a little ball of wrapped up weed looking stuff, and once put into the hot water, it slowly opened and diffused the tea! It was so amazing, I bought one of each that was available and on the menu to bring back.

    So back we trooped to Urquhart Castle. We all ended up with an Explorer pass for Scotland's history stuff. They have different passes if you want look at Trust stuff or Nature stuff, it would be nice if it was all one, because tomorrow we are planning on going to Culloden and that isn't counted.

    We watched the short film last, but really should have done it first because it told you a brief history other castle and it's battles and finished rather dramatically by lifting the screen and opening the curtain behind to reveal a perfect panorama of the castle ruins. It was pretty breathtaking. And the film was actually really good, it wasn't cheesy nor overdone.

    Alison drove from lunch and kept driving, with faj in the front for a change. We drove to Drumnadrochit and had to stop at the souvenir shop! I picked up bibs for Jaks new twin bebbies. One of a highland cow, because she loves them, and one of nessie. I also got a onsie for Nicole's new but which has Nessie's on it, and says wee little monster or something. Alison found chocolate for Ewan with nessie on it. I found a different chocolate box saying Nessie's whoopsies! Bah haha. I also picked up a couple of very small cross stitches. One of a highland cow and the other a bookmark with a piper on it. But just before I left I saw a couple of joke condom packets! One which was scotch flavoured, which I got for Ewan. And another which had a pic of nessie and said want to see my big monster? Haha, got that one for Daryl. The last one was a piper with a kilt that said blow my pipe. Ha, I left that one.

    So headed through Inverness and one Cawdor. Had a little trouble finding the place but made it. A proper hunting type cabin, well not proper, but alone in the woods with all heating turned off etc we found that quickly, thankfully!

    Off to dinner at the local Cawdor Tavern and then home to start the fire in the lounge! :)

    Daryl called me and let me know he is flying out early to get a lump checked on is balls. It isn't a boil or ingrown hair. He had it checked with jess the medic and she didn't know what it was. Better safe than sorry. Would have been nice if I could have been there with him, but not a lot I can do. I hope it is all fine, and he can fly up here on Wednesday!
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