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    • Day 14

      He works on the Thames Barrier!

      May 31 in England ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      Hello John, got a new motor? Hello John, got a new motor?
      He works on the Thames Barrier. He works on the Thames Barrier.
      Is there life in Peckham? Is there life in Peckham?
      ..........with apologies to Alexi Sayle ( 1980's muso) but that song of his fascinated me in the 1980's about the Thames Barrier and I never went to see it, so I finally made the pilgrimage. Yes, I know what you're thinking (has this lad got nothing better to do?) but it was worth the visit as the Barrier is one of the great modern wonders of the world. London flooded in the 1950's causing a lot of deaths and since the barrier has been in place, it has been activated 3 times, saving serious flooding. London is very low lying, and it's hard to imagine it flooding, but it has.
      While in Nth Greenwich, I took the opportunity to go on the Thames Gondola, that too was amazing.

      The area where the Gondola is, used to be a waste land in the 1980's and now there are endless luxury apartments and an international London airport which was created by a NZer who convinced the Brits there was room for an airport closer to London. I can remember the day he flew his prop plane onto the makeshift runway to prove his point.

      I took the opportunity to do a London river cruise back(while having G&T) from Greenwich, which is a fitting way to return from that part of London.

      Today has been a day for British engineering feats as I also visited the old Battersea Power station that has been restored into a hotel, shops and apartments along with a lift in one of the old chimney stacks. The power station in its time was the largest coal powered station in Europe, powering 20% of London. The station was decommissioned in 1983, and I can remember when they were contemplating knocking it down. However, a Malaysian group bought it and spent galzillions of dollars upgrading it, and what a great job. I had heard of the lift in the chimney, and that alone was an experience not to be missed, better by far than the London Eye (and no queues).
      The shopping centre represented the top end, so purchasing anything from the shops was slightly out of my league.

      Later in the day, I just had to stroll up Oxford Street in the maddening crowd. That was hard work.

      I do love the British sense of humour and it came out in the "graffiti " photo I took.

      After dinner, I walked around Kenningston Gardens and walked down a street housing a large number of embassies.

      The end of day walk was a perfect wind down to yet another exciting day in London.
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       Great to see all your pics and hear about your trip, Graeme.I Look forward to catching up on your return to Tawa. Best, Philip [Philip Marshall]

      Traveler  Don't know if you've checked out the Imperial War Museum on previous visits, but that's definitely worth a seeing. Also I trust you are going to go for a ride on the Elizabeth Line trains in honour of QEII 😊

      Traveler  Hi Allan, my friend Barry also said about War Museum, but had to make a choice between queueing and seeing something else however just realised, I have another day in London towards the end of the trip so may try then.

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    • Day 13

      It's been a hard days night........

      May 30 in England ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      ....and I've been sightseeing like a dog...........

      My first full day in London and I had to make a stop at Abbey Road Studios. While tours of the studio were not running, I did the famous walk across that crossing and visited the gift store.

      After checking out Abbey Road, I went to the Natural History museum. Whoever would have thought that such a museum of old bones, rocks, and skeletons would hold so much interest. I had to queue for 2 hrs to get in the door, and then it was a " bun fight" to get around inside. Altogether I spent 3 hrs there and could go back for more. I saw the oldest and largest complete skeleton of a dinosaur ever discovered, and that only occurred in 2014 in Argentina. It has only recently gone on display. It's called a Titanosaur. It's massive, and you wouldn't want that running through the Redwood bush in Tawa... NZ got a mention as to some very old rocks, etc, and I saw some of the worlds biggest uncut diamonds and jewels. The museum was just amazing. I was fascinated that Britain has so many mineral deposits that they are trying to mine for electric car batteries.

      Speaking of cars, I passed by the Lamborghini sales office, and they also sold Maseratis as a side line. Very nice!

      Those excertions filled my day, I forgot about crowds in London, the time on the underground and busses and those queues!
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      Traveler  Did you walk across 4 times😎

      Traveler  Haha, should have, the motorists hate it.

      Traveler  Can you pack a Lamborghini into your suitcase?

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    • Day 12

      You know when you are in London......

      May 29 in England ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

      You know when you're in London when you see...........( photos)........

      Hey Arfer, you seen anything of Graeme?

      I haven't Terrance, I haven't! Thought he might have called at the Safari club for a pint of Ruddles and to off-load some expired Immigration permits he had from 1986.

      Reason asking Arfer is that Delboy said Graeme wanted to rent the Reliant Robin.

      I hope Delboy charged him a pretty quid Terrance. He never can trust those Colonials to deliver it back in one piece.
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      Traveler  Nice one Graeme 😀

      Traveler  Good location. Stayed there a couple of times. Mum too in 2008.

      Traveler  Thumbing a lift?

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    • Day 10

      Coronation Day, Westminster

      May 6 in England ⋅ 🌧 14 °C

      Suzie - As Nik has already said, plans for today got scuppered and while it was beyond my control, I wasn't happy that I needed to watch part of the coronation on my phone!! What the?! Apparently the Mayfair Garden Party peeps copped a lot of complaints. Good!! However, singing God Save The King with other people in a pub in England on Coronation Day was pretty special.

      Anyway enough of that, the rest of the day went pretty well and Phantom of the Opera was phenomenal!! I have seen Phantom 4 times now, twice in Brisbane and twice in London at her Majesty's Theatre, the home of Phantom 💜💜💜 It's another late night, but it's our last night in London!! Well, before we come back here to leave the UK in 3 weeks time 😀😀😀 Many more adventures to come, tomorrow we are off to Chester!!
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      Suzie Holland  The entrance to Westminster Abbey with the canopy where the Royal family passed under to their carriages

      Suzie Holland  Westminster Abbey

      Suzie Holland  Westminster Abbey

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    • Day 105


      July 4, 2022 in England ⋅ ⛅ 70 °F

      Miles: 8.1 Steps: 20135
      Flights stairs: 17

      Beautiful day in London today!

      We had a great day seeing many tourist sites. Rode the top level of a classic double decker bus and then went to the London Dungeons. It’s a 90 minute haunted house kind of atmosphere walking you through the gruesome history of London - like 15 “scenes” with actors portraying history live with us as participants. It was very entertaining, scary but I actually learned a lot of the history. Unfortunately no pics allowed so only had the one they sold us in the end.

      Then we headed to Kings Cross station to see platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter - or what they set it up to be for the tourists. Cute. On the same vein, then went across town to see the Abbey Road crosswalk. Funny to watch everyone try to get pics on an active street without a street light.

      We walked thru Hyde Park, saw Buckingham Palace, Queen Victoria fountain and then strolled thru St James Park. It was very beautiful.

      We eventually hit Admiralty arch, and Trafalgar Square - the direct center of London. Down the street we saw 10 Downing Street, the amazing looking Parliament and of course Big Ben (which was smaller than I imagined). We finished off our day with a ride on the London Eye - takes about 30 minutes to make a full rotation. Each pod holds 25-30 people. Went really high and really cool to see the city from that vantage point.

      Overall, it was a great day seeing the city. London is pretty cool.
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      Traveler  Glad you’re enjoying London. We have our fast pass tickets for the London Eye on July 16th.,


      Christie Mitchell  We didn’t have a fast pass, and the line WAS extremely intimidating… but in reality, it moved VERY fast. When they’re loading 25-30 people at a time, it moves quick


      Traveler  Looks fun!


      Traveler  We have one here in Boise that they brought over😳Converted it into a mobile coffee shop😜But not that modern or fancy:)

    • ‘Cause we Can Can Can ☀️🍷🏨💃🏼

      June 23, 2022 in England ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

      Slept in this morning and went across the road to Starbucks for a leisurely breakfast. We packed our bags and rolled across to Maidavale Marriot Hotel for a ‘Staycation’ treat 🍾

      We purchased the package where we get free drinks 🍹 & nibbles from 530 to 830 and complimentary coffees & non alcoholic throughout the day. We have full access to the gym, pool and saunas which I spent a couple of hours making use of this afternoon. (Not the gym 🤫).

      It has been so relaxing 😎 just to chill out and enjoy the luxurious atmosphere. I’d say we both deserve it after all the planning, activities & sightseeing.

      The only downside is that we are surrounded by foghorn American 🇺🇸 folk 🫤👎🏻

      Everything else is lovely 🥰

      6.30pm UPDATE! We are at the complimentary nibbles guess what? It’s hideous! I cannot tell a lie:

      Bags of crisps
      Green salad
      Chicken 🐔 nuggets (dry)
      Samosas (dry)
      Black Forest cake

      The yanks are loving 🥰 it and DEMANDING more! We are drinking as much wine 🍷 as is humanly possible to block it (and them) out!
      One of the cranky yankies demanded lemon cake because “…I can’t eat chocolate 🍫 cake 🍰…”
      Fucking wanker! 👎🏻

      So. Richard & I looked at each other and said: let’s get outta here and go see a musical 🎵 🎭

      Within 10 minutes we had purchased great seats for MOULIN ROUGE, ran for the tube 🚇 and was at the Piccadilly Theatre 🎭 in the heart ❤️ of London in 15 minutes!

      …Because we CAN, CAN, CAN!

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      Traveler  love those fishnet stockings😛👍


      Traveler  😝😝😝


      Traveler  Coco latte love em

    • Leisurely London Life & Sotheby’s

      June 6, 2022 in England ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

      With the right Royal 👑 Extravaganza extinguished, the four day lavish long weekend over I decided on a more leisurely ladies day 😜Determined to have a FULL English breakfast 🍳 I went on the hunt down back alleyways and cobbled roads in search of just that. Boy! Did I get it! Eggs 🍳 poached to perfection, crispy bacon 🥓 pork sausages, magicAL mushrooms 🍄 grilled tomatoes 🍅 homemade baked beans 🫘 and black pudding (which I reluctantly tried). Just between you & the grease also helped the indulgence in one too many beverages last night! 😜🥳😵‍💫😵‍💫

      …the Jubilee Continues 👑👑👑

      My wanderings bought me to Sothebys in New Bond Street and what a surprise… A Jubilee exhibition of amazing and priceless tiaras! Not only were they exquisite but Diana‘s wedding day Tara was on display. See first video. The second video is of Queen Victoria‘s tiara. I died and went to tiara 👑 heaven 😇😇😇 And! Yes LT: that’s the gayest thing I’ve said all week! 🫣🫣😜😜

      There was also an exhibition of history’s strongest female monarchs from Queen Mary to Queen Elizabeth II. Feast your senses on these! What a find! There is also a painting which was done by Winston Churchill… It was fascinating! Most of these artworks were hundreds of thousands of pounds and into the millions! And, even better for us poor people, especially after this holiday, lightning speed free Wi-Fi and very comfy couches in our sumptuously decorated reception area…

      At this rate The Platinum Jubilee Celebrations May never end! And, why should they! 🥳🎉👍🏻❤️👑🇬🇧

      PS: I forgot to mention the beautiful Balan from Romania… 🔥🔥🔥🥰🥰🥰 As I was strolling along Bond Street where all the high-end retail is, this absolutely gorgeous male model type tempted me to come into the skincare shop and he did a full demonstration of face wash and cream… He was so beautiful and a sparkling personality… I wish I had of got a picture of him but I was mesmerised and starstruck and forgot to! He asked me if I knew Dracula… In a sexy accent, and then told me he was the son of Dracula! He was an absolute Charmer!

      Damn!… Yes, I also bought the facecream LOL 😝🫠🤦‍♂️🔥🥰
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      Traveler  Who do you think you are, I’m surprised you didn’t rush in to try one of them on. Must have left a tingle to see Diana’s tiara. How amazing gosh you are having such a adventure.


      Traveler  I know! Right. Totally by accident!


      Traveler  Oh how the other half lives and what a breakfast that would keep you going for a while.


      Traveler  All day!

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    • Day 3

      Time for magic!

      June 4, 2022 in England ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

      Highlight meiner kleinen Reise:
      Harry Potter and the cursed Child im Palace theatre in London 🥰 Ich schreibe diesen Eintrag gerade in der Pause zwischen den zwei Teilen und muss jetzt schon sagen: I am in Love! Ein großartiges Stück, was die magische Welt wieder lebendig macht. An Fanartikeln mangelt es auch nicht. Gute Nachrichten Phia, ich hab den Nimbus gefunden!Read more

      Traveler  Alles zauberhaft! 😊😘

    • Day 3


      June 4, 2022 in England ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

      Die National Art Gallery in London stand heute auf dem Programm. Sie liegt direkt am Trafalgar Square und zählt zu den größten Kunstsammlungen der Welt. Ich war gespannt und irgendwie auch in Erwartung von etwas wirklich Großartigem. Aber es war so toll, dass ich sogar ernsthaft überlegt habe, das Mittagessen ausfallen zu lassen, um noch etwas zu bleiben.
      Van Gogh, Rubens, Monet, Leonardo da Vinci, Canaletto, Cézanne - alle da und ich mitten drin. Ich bin sprachlos und unendlich glücklich! Den weiteren Tag werde ich mit Fish and Chips und Harry Potter verbringen 🥰

      Bis bald 😊
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      Traveler  Mega, viel Spaß dir :)


      Traveler  Ich glaube den Raum kenne ich aus James Bond :D


      Jessica Weise  Aus welchem Bond? O.o


      Traveler  Ich glaube der letzte oder vorletzte

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    • Pretty Woman: Big Musical. BIG. huge!

      June 3, 2022 in England ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

      So exciting to be able to go out your front door and turn a corner onto London’s Strand to go to a musical 🎶
      The Savoy Theatre 🎭 is basically 5 minutes from my accomodation. In fact, the entire West End is only an extra ten minutes through Covent Garden! It’s a Queen’s paradise (…and, I’m not talking about Lizzie this time! 😜🎟🎼
      Great opportunity to put on the glad rags & treat myself…again!
      And, last minute half price 3rd Row tickets 🎫😜

      The Verdict: initially it was strange to see an all-time favourite and much loved movie break out into song… But, after a few minutes it all seemed perfectly normal… Schmaltzy, humorous and the music really complimented the original storyline. Stand out character was the campy hotel Manager who played about 5 other characters as well! In short, it’s hard to better perfection but they did a good job! 🎉🥰👍🏻
      I give it 4 pretty women out of 5

      PS: it is so fantastic not having to wear a mask anywhere! You wouldn’t even know Covid ever existed in the UK, or London at least! Everyone is getting on with life… theatre crowds, public transport, restaurants, gatherings… a few masks 😷 by those who make their own personal choices… exactly how it should be! 🕺🏼🕺🏼🕺🏼
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