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  • Day334

    St David's

    July 25, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Am Mittwoch waren Mama und ich wieder joggen. Obwohl das jedes Mal wieder eine Qual ist werde ich immer schneller und ich fühle mich gut danach. Zuhause waren wir duschen und haben dann gefrühstückt bevor wir dann relativ bald aufgebrochen sind zu unserem relativ langen Ausflug.
    Raus aus unserem Teil in Wales, hinein in Pembrokeshire, sind wir ungefähr 2 ½ Stunden nach St David’s gefahren, der kleinsten Stadt Großbritanniens. An Ostern war ich in Wells, der kleinsten Stadt Englands, aber diese war noch kleiner. Eine riesen Kathedrale und die Ruine des Bischofs Platzes stehen außerhalb eines durchaus kleinen Dörfchens, durch die Kathedrale aber eben Stadt genannt.
    In St David’s angekommen sind wir als erstes ‚in‘ die Ruine gegangen. Einige Wendeltreppen konnte man da hoch und runter. Es hat Spaß gemacht das alles zu erkunden. Das Wetter war wunderschön und das, was vom Haus noch da war, auch.
    Nach der Ruine haben wir uns die riesige Kathedrale angeguckt. Da hat gerade ein Chor geprobt, was bei der Atmosphäre immer echt hilft. Zahlreiche verschiedene Arten von Decken waren in der Kathedrale zu bewundern. Immer mal wieder wurde anscheinend in einem anderen Stil angebaut, das Sammelsurium war aber echt schön.
    Die Kathedrale wurde in einer Senke gebaut, und nicht wie üblich auf einer Erhöhung, damit man sie von der Küste aus nicht sehen konnte. Indem sie nicht gezeigt haben, dass sie da sind, wollten sie sich vor dem Ausrauben schützen. Das hat auch gut geklappt, bis auf die drei Mal halt…
    In der Stadt St David’s sind wir dann einmal durch die Straßen gelaufen und haben Burger zu Mittag gegessen, womit unser Aufenthalt in St David’s dann auch schon wieder vorbei war.
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  • Day334

    Whitesands Bay

    July 25, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Nach St David’s sind wir allerdings noch nicht wieder zurückgefahren, sondern sind zu einem kleinen, dezent überfüllten Badestrand gefahren. Mama, Jakob und ich sind dann auch schwimmen gegangen. Jakob und ich haben mit Ball werfen angefangen, sind dabei aber immer weiter reingegangen und haben dann halt irgendwann auch angefangen zu schwimmen. Mama hat sich zu uns gesellt und wir hatten mal wieder einen Nachmittag / frühen Abend, der sich 100%ig so angefühlt hat, wie man sich Sommer vorstellt.
    Nach dem Schwimmen hat Tomke dann auch noch beim Bilder machen geholfen, was immer sehr viel Spaß macht. Unglaublich lange waren wir nicht an dem Strand, aber wir haben die Zeit genossen.
    Auf dem Rückweg haben wir bei Lidl ein paar Sachen eingekauft, aber sonst hab ich die ganze Zeit gelesen. Nach der Fahrt war ich dann extrem müde und mir war auch ziemlich kalt. Trotzdem haben wir zu Abend gegessen und dann ein bisschen noch gespielt, bevor wir ins Bett gegangen sind.
    Ich hab also durchaus ein bisschen Sport gemacht und interessante Sachen gesehen und das in einem Land, wo ich vorher noch nicht war, der Tag war also ein voller Erfolg.
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  • Day27

    Goodwick & Fishguard

    August 15, 2015 in the United Kingdom

    Cycled from Goodwick to Fishguard and had a look round the Farmer's Market, craft shops, family butchers and organic fruit and veg shop. Went canoeing the next day and came within 10m of a seal lounging on a fisher's box float, paddled into caves and under arches, beautiful views of the coastline from the water!Read more

  • Day26

    Ramsey Island

    August 14, 2015 in the United Kingdom

    Caught the boat over to this RSPB reserve. Amazing wildlife and a wonderful peaceful place. Saw Choughs, Wheatears as well as seals and a school of Porpoises. Spent the day surrounded by sweet smelling heather pollen.

  • Day49

    A gentle day

    October 11, 2016 in the United Kingdom

    I decided that I just wanted to explore the immediate area today and come back to the castle in the afternoon to enjoy amenities.

    I set off to St David's but only got to Newgale, just down the road when I took a left turn to follow the coast. It was all B roads which meant windy, skinny roads with hedges on both sides.

    I can see though why people come to Wales for holidays. I stopped at Broad Haven and took a walk along the beach. The water wasn't as cold as I was expecting (no I didn't paddle but just dipped my fingers in).
    There is a cave/tunnel at the north end of the beach, I did wonder how far in it went.

    I discovered on the beach that I finally have my sense of direction back. It may have something to do with being on the west coast. Until today I guessed where I think north is, then I know north will generally be 180 degrees from the direction I think it is. It is most disconcerting, I hadn't realised how much I rely on knowing where I am in relation to direction until I didn't have it.

    From Broad Haven I made my way along the coast to various other beaches and havens. The church at St Brides (St Bridget's) was open and I was able to go in.

    Milford Haven is where all the ships in the bay are headed/leaving. It is rather incongruous to see 5 or 6 tankers out in St Bride's Bay.
    There is an oil refinery in/near Milford Haven although the harbour was also full of yachts/boats.

    I went back the way I'd come to St David's. It was 4pm by then. I had a look at the information centre and a walk down the main street. I picked up at oggi (Welsh version of a Cornish pastie, I think there is some dispute as to which came first). It had lamb and leek in it.

    I drove back to Newgale and had my dinner on the beach.

    I came back to the castle just as everyone else seemed to be leaving for dinner so I have had the place to myself (except for the poor worker who is waiting for a late arrival) for the last couple of hours.

    The castle has been modernised so is very luxurious inside. I'm not sure what makes a shower luxurious but the shower in my room is. It is very large, with a large shower head and strong water pressure.

    I'm in the sunroom/lounge at the moment which has numerous comfy chairs and couches.

    St Brides
    At Druidstone
    Broad Haven beach
    Broad Haven beach
    Tunnel at Broad Haven beach, the colour is natural.
    St Brides
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  • Day50

    Another quiet day

    October 12, 2016 in the United Kingdom

    Another quiet day. I'm not sure whether it's travel fatigue, the long drive on Sunday or the relaxing nature of Pembrokeshire but I didn't feel like doing much today either.

    As you can imagine the breakfasts here are lovely. Yesterday I had poached eggs with potato and laverbread hash. I thought it would be the best way to have laverbread. It was nice.

    Today I had pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. It's the first time I've had it and it was weird but good.

    I went down to St Justinian's which is close to Ramsey Island and where the lifeboat is.
    I did a small part of the coastal walk which was very coastal indeed! The path is very close to the edge and I could imagine how people could be blown off in high winds.

    From there I went to Whitesands which is a lovely beach. There were plenty of dogs around. Dogs aren't allowed on the beach May - September. There was a little tent pitched on a hill nearby, crazy people!

    I came across a small woollen mill. They mostly make carpets and rugs. I was able to see the loom (automated) working and they had a good description of the process. They also have the original waterwheel running. Well I imagine all the parts have been relaxed as they mentioned the wood had rotted and they'd switched from (I think) oak to elm.

    I stopped at a little pub for lunch. I am finding that little random pubs can do great food. I opted for sausages and mash. I never understood the appeal of this dish until coming to the UK. Now I like it. Every item on the menu had peas as the veg. Even the curry came with "rice, peas or half and half".
    These peas were at least garden peas and not mushy.

    While waiting for my meal I noticed all these farm implements hanging above the fireplace. It brought to mind the Torchwood episode "countrycide" where instead of find aliens being responsible for people going missing in the Welsh countryside it was a small settlement of people using implements like those on the wall. It gave me a giggle (and a small sense of unease). When I mentioned it to the landlord he was familiar with the show but didn't really get the connection. He did show me they were bolted onto the wall and couldn't be used.
    Who knows what he thought of me. Having an active imagination isn't always a good thing.

    I went into Haverfordwest to pick up some essentials and then came back to the castle to relax.

    Tea at a pub in Solva was one of the most ordinary meals I've had so far. A whopping beef rib with tasteless chips. Oh well.

    St Justinian's lifeboat station
    Coastal walk
    Ramsey island
    Whitesands beach, nite the blue speck that is the tent
    Waterwheel at Woollen mill
    The Rising Sun Inn
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  • Day48

    The desination is worth the journey

    October 10, 2016 in the United Kingdom

    When I decided to stay longer in Scotland and not go to the Cotswolds I didn't consider what that would do to my journey from the Peak District to Wales. I made the journey longer by staying on the east side of the Peak District and then staying in the west of Wales.

    So most of the day was spent driving.
    I went via Stoke-on-Trent as I needed to find a shop to top up my mobile. Without a U.K. card I had to go into a store. That added about an hour to my trip but is done.

    Lunch was at a farm shop somewhere in Shropshire (I think). They had a little wire haired jack russell who came and inspected each person as they got out of their car.

    The drive down through Wales was very pretty.
    I am staying at Roch Castle, a 12th century castle in Pembrokeshire. The inside has been modernised but is very luxurious.

    Before I started my trip I had a lot of lists of things to see or experience in my head. A stay in a castle was on the accommodation list but I didn't think it was realistic. I was lucky Roch castle had a vacancy for my dates.

    Roch Castle
    Jack Russell and friend from lunch
    First view of the Irish Sea
    Cardigan bay
    Roch Castle
    View from my window
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  • Day108

    Day 108: Pembrokeshire

    June 3, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    After wanting to do some hiking yesterday and not having much luck with the weather, today of course dawned with brilliant blue skies and promisingly warm sunshine. Of course we were going to be in the car a lot of today!

    We checked out of the cabin and hit the road around 9:30, heading south-west towards the coastline. First stop was the small village of Ystradgynlais to pick up some breakfast. Found a cafe that sold bacon baps with coffee for 2.50 each, so we grabbed a pair and scoffed them in the car.

    It was quite a long drive to our first destination, Barafundle Beach near the south-western tip of Wales. It's a large bay with a big sandy beach, surrounded by cliffs and fairly sheltered from the weather. Very pretty spot, with the green hills, grey slate cliffs, surprisingly white sand and deep blue shades of water. I got very annoyed at the car park, because it was a flat fee of five pounds to park regardless of whether you were staying a few minutes or a few hours. Ridiculous, and no wonder they have traffic problems nearby where people squeeze into the strangest of spaces to avoid paying.

    But regardless, we had a nice 20 minute walk over a few rolling hills to the beach which Schnitzel also very much enjoyed. Shandos was brave enough to put her feet in the water, but I contented myself with taking photos and retreating! Apparently not as cold as she was expecting. Lots of families parked on the sand enjoying the sunshine and their day out.

    Back up to the car where we headed further west into Pembrokeshire. More fantastic countryside, with green rolling hills, loads of sheep, a few grey stone outcrops poking up, and the sea never too far away. We stopped at our lunch destination, a food truck called Cafe Môr where they serve local cuisine and apparently one of the best food trucks in Britain.

    It was in a great spot, in a car park on a bluff above a huge long sandy beach, though this one definitely wasn't a beach for relaxing and swimming - much more wild and windswept! The food truck is apparently famous for their lobster rolls which unfortunately were out of season, but we had a crab roll with laverbread (a sort of seaweed sauce/paste) and a classic burger with the laverbread as well. Very tasty! Also interested to see that Cafe Môr meant "cafe by the sea" - very close to what it would be in Spanish (Cafe del Mar). I've noticed a couple of Welsh words that seem quite Spanish (or I guess, Latin-originating), maybe it's more closely related to Latin than to English? Something to follow up another time.

    Back in the car where we drove another two hours, this time north to the town of St David's, right on the western tip of Wales. This is the location of St David's Cathedral, a fairly famous landmark and home to the eponymous St David. He was a local bishop in the 6th century who performed miracles and eventually became venerated as the patron saint of Wales, and was buried here after his death.

    We wanted to look around the cathedral, but as luck would have it a BBC orchestra were performing live in there later in the evening. Half the building was blocked off, and they were busy rehearsing so you couldn't really do much inside anyway. Alas! The rest of the site wasn't free and we didn't feel like paying to access another ruined abbey, so we headed up the hill for a spot of afternoon tea and a pint in the sunshine!

    Back to the car where we drove eastward for another couple of hours to our accommodation for the night: a room in a large country house near the town of Newcastle Emlyn. The lady hosting us was very chatty and we had a long conversation with her, close to a couple of hours! At first I thought she must've been quite lonely as she started to unload a whole lot of baggage about her divorce and her kids and her sister who died of cancer last year and her pets and so on, but we both soon realised she was just a talker. A serious talker.

    Hurried down through the fields to the pub as I wanted to catch the Champions League final, but unfortunately it wasn't on the TV! Neither was it on TV at the other pub! So we had a quick dinner of chicken curry and headed back up to the house where I made it in time for the start of the second half. Priorities!

    Not much sleep for me tonight as I was just about to head for bed when news started breaking about the terrorist attack in London. I made the mistake of flipping on the BBC and getting hooked on the live coverage, which I ended up watching until well into the night! Sad to see, and slightly unnerving since we'd been at Borough Market only a couple of weeks earlier. But what can you do? Not much I think, just enjoy every day that you have and be happy with what you've accomplished.
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  • Day2

    Strumble head

    August 12, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Lighthouse Strumble head. Mooie locatie om te eten en te wachten op de Ferry , straks nog 20min naar de boot en dan 4 uur varen. We vertrekken om 23:45u dus midden in de nacht komen we aan en moeten dan nog een rustplaats vinden. Dit is een lange dag vandaag

  • Day13

    Llawhaden castle

    August 23, 2017 in the United Kingdom

    Nog een kasteel om de benen te strekken
    Gratis toegang en rustig gelegen naast een bejaardenhuis. Waarschijnlijk horen ze de drone toch niet.Als we terug wandelen naar de mobilhome worden we vergezeld van een bejaarde vrouw die blij is dat ze men iemand kan praten.

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