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  • Day2

    Finally to base camp!

    May 23, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Well, it was another harrowing drive, fraught with white knuckles, wrong turns, and a very loud annoying chicken in the back seat (who fortunately finally went to sleep!), but we did make it to our hotel for our first night.

    Kathy, if KK was nervous about roller coasters before, her fears should be all gone, girl has nerves of steel now! She may be a little shy the next time she gets behind the wheel, but she shouldn’t ever hesitate before an adrenaline filled activity again!

    So, as we get ready to crash for the night, I’d like to send a heartfelt and loving cheers to my family and friends! We miss you, love you, and wish you were here (mainly so someone else could do the driving and I could do the drinking!).

    A good way to end an absolutely beautiful day!
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  • Day155


    September 5, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Worst sleep. Terrible headspace.
    I just want some time without any other human. Including Will. Like everyone friggen piss off.

    I wasn't coping in the morning so everyone went to go get the car without me and I slept for 2 more hours.

    I felt so sick in the morning like I wanted to vomit but I had to push through and help pack up the apartment which took a while.

    Got in the car and headed for Windsor.
    The traffic is just a joke. Their road rules and lack of signage is appalling.

    It took us an hour to get out of the city but eventually we got onto the highway.

    We stopped at Burger King because my stomach was giving me sharp pains.
    I ate slowly but felt a little better.

    Exhausted. We arrived at 3 but couldn't check in until 4.
    Went to a shopping center to pass time.
    We had to pay for parking and it was the same quality as North Epping shops.

    Went and checked in.

    And here began another craptacular day.

    We thought we had an entire apartment but nope we had private rooms.
    It was the worst check in ever. We got shown our room up that was it. No keys given, no info or wifi password, no offer for help or permission to use kitchen...

    Jess was not impressed. We were stuck in a room with a 1 year old.

    All I wanted to do was sleep.
    Had another cry to Will while Jess went to the loo.

    Shut up Jaxon.
    He pulled the air vent off the wall 😒
    Skipping a long story with a lot of stress and everyone being over life - Jess booked a hotel and we snuck out without telling them we wouldn't return to avoid awkwardness. Plan to message later.
    I was happy to stay but Jess was not because she needed kitchen and laundry facilities for Jaxon.
    She only has wet clothes too because as I'm sure I've mentioned before - the washer dryer was a piece of shit and often turned off halfway through.

    We got lost finding he place but we found it.
    Checked in.

    Jess booked here because it had laundry facilities.

    ........... so our room doesn't have a fridge and by laundry facilities it means it cost THREE POUND FIFTY to wash 1 pair of underpants.

    We bought food before hand but will have to chuck meat

    We ate at the hotel diner. I had a fancy pie. Very British.

    Jax didn't have a good night. He split his chin in the shower and the rolled off the bed into a table. Bigggggg scratch.
    Jess was on duty both times so all good lol.

    Thankfully Jax went down to bed quite easily so we were saved the screaming.

    Have I mentioned they are obsessed with baked beans?

    Went to bed at 8:45.

    Do not disturb.
    Jess organised some Bnbs for us for upcoming days.

    Jaxon likes to say Bgg. That is spelt correctly B -gg
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  • Day156


    September 6, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Good sleep :) good bed :) excellent day :)

    Woke up at 7. Jax was great through the night - well at least he was quite.

    We went to the lobby for our complimentary breakfast. I was quite satisfied with it.
    The bacon looks and smells disgusting so I skipped that.

    We left at about 7:50 and headed to Watford for our Harry Potrer studios tour which was about 35km away. Our tour was for 9:30 but the Bnb host man had made a comment about how difficult it is to get to HP so we left really early..
    Once again our perception on distance, as Australians, is different to everyone else.
    Made it in 30 mins and there was very little traffic.

    We were an hour early but we wasted time in the gift shop - Jess bought some pajamas and a onesie for Jax.
    we were able to enter early so woohoo.

    First is the cupboard under the stairs set before you go into a room which has all the different release of posters from different countries for each book.

    Next was a quick video (that Jaxon yelled through a lot of) from the Daniel, Emma and Rupert saying how they had lived here for 10 years and it's a home away from home ..

    It opened up to the great hall.
    Even though I've been - I love it 😊😍

    We kept walking through the first bit which was mainly sets which had Hagrids hut, the burrow, griffindor common room, potions, dumbledoors office, umbridges office and some ministery fireplaces.
    It also had the horcruxes, the 3 broom types, the chamber of secrets snake door, costumes, the fat lady portrait, info on the animal actors, the black family tapestry and more.

    Next we went through a new section which was opened this year - the forbidden Forrest.
    While it was very cool - the "scary" warning before hand was not necessary. I am a pansy and it was fine haha.
    It had Aragog, buckbeak and showed how they make the patronus.

    Next was the hogwarts express and platform 9 3/4 which is when we started to take more photos.

    We then came out at the cafe and I finally had a chance to sample butterbeer!!!
    Last time I missed out because I didn't realize the cafe in the middle was the only place to get it and once at the final gift shop you can turn back 😭
    Anyway, we got one each - I was the only one to finish it lol.
    It had a sort of honeycomb cream on top but overall wasn't very nice. I don't need to have another one but am glad I got the opportunity to sample it :)

    Outside was the night bus, hogwarts bridge and replica number 4 private drive. In number 4 was a scene with hogwarts letter mail going everywhere.
    There was also some of the chess pieces, hagrids bike and the blue car from the 2nd book.

    Inside the next section was all the effects stuff so like masks a dog animated creatures.

    Up next was a replica dragon alley which in I loveee and then little cardboard set designs finishing up with the most beautiful small (not small) scale hogwarts.
    It is honestly a work of art in its own right.

    I left Harry Potter studios without a single souvenir #proud

    We then drove back to the shopping center we were at yesterday to park the car so we could go to Windsor castle.
    Jess was super impressed. I forgot she hadn't already seen lots of old shit like we have.
    And by old shit I mean that with the utmost respect hahaha

    It was 20£ each and Will actually asked me if I was red a souvenir guidebook?!!!!
    Well der, of course I want one.
    Lol yay for me.

    We went through security checks and scans then we were in.

    Jess kept blabbering how she is glad we came. Haha it was sweet.
    We walked around a bit then entered the viewing bit.

    So roams not allowed but after entering it's understandable - wouldn't want to ruin their impeccable carpet.
    First we saw Queen Mary's doll house which looked so fun to play with!!!! I even think I could reboot my imagination just to have a go.
    It was so big and so many rooms!!
    Next was a few doll costumes the Queen got given as a gift as a child (I think! I didn't read it all properly cause of Jax)
    Next was a china set room which was basically full of things I would never want to use out of fear I'd drop one.

    We then walked though heaps of other room that had weapons, armor, statues, house crests, paintings etc.
    we saw king Henry Vlll armor. My oh my what a gut! Hahah
    The ceilings are why I like most about most of the rooms - exquisite designs and lots of gold and red with an occasional splash of blue.
    No words to really describe it other than Royal and amazingly, beautifully over the top. Lol
    There were just so many rooms and we were only in a small section.

    You couldn't take photos but I tried to get some sneaky ones of the roof lol

    We finished that bit, picked up the pram then Went to the St George's chapel. King Henry Vlll is buried there with relevant people so I found that interesting.
    Lots of Crypt and while it's still very nice - definitely not in the top 5 churches we have been to.
    A few other significant people buried there such as both of the queens parent.

    We left and then found a guard to take pictures with. He deserves a raise we couldn't decide if he was real or not until about 2 meters away.
    Whatever skin lotion he uses....

    We the left and went home for a 4 way nap lol.
    It much needed.

    We then went out for dinner. It was a 20 min drive and we then spend another 20 trying to find it but we did lol

    I'm disappointed how quickly I became full because their dessert looked delicious lol.

    Drove home and now in bed.

    Our first successful day in a while! Lol
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  • Day41

    Holiday Inn - Heathrow

    October 22, 2019 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

    Overnight at Heathrow Airport and back to NYC.
    They couldn't give us seats together on our flight to New York, it seems that the flight is very full because Brits are heading over to New York to do their Christmas shopping?
    Even though we booked the flight ages ago and were a bit more than 2 hours early for the flight - more and more people are checking in online (or paying to select a seat) so check in at the airport types are left with the crumbs.
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