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    • Day 2

      We hit the ground running

      April 28, 2023 in England ⋅ ☁️ 14 °C

      After 2 uneventful flights (Loss slept solidly for at least 10 hrs during our Singapore to London flight!), we landed at Heathrow around 7.30am local time.
      We did all the usual arrival stuff, then left our bags at Heathrow in a secure facility and jumped in a pre-booked car to Windsor Castle.
      We had a bit of time to walk around exploring the quaint twin towns of Windsor and Eton before touring Windsor castle itself.
      Eton college could be viewed from the outside- the alma mater of many famous Brits including George Orwell, David Cameron, Boris Johnson and Princes William and Harry to name a few.
      The Eton and Windsor brewery was our lunch stop, and Loss couldn’t resist sampling their latest creation which has been specially crafted to be served at king Charles’ Coronation in just over a week’s time. They are the official Royal Brewers, so how could she say no?
      It was then on to Windsor castle for a tour of both St George’s chapel and the Castle itself.
      Inside St George’s chapel we joined a large, respectful crowd filing past the burial place of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip. It is also the burial place of Henry V111 and many other well known royals from the past.
      Prince Harry and Megan were also married there in 2018.
      As it turned out, King Charles happened to arrive at Windsor castle at almost the same time as us and although we didn’t see him we watched the Royal standard hoisted up the flagpole to mark his presence.
      The length and depth of the history in both places we visited is especially impressive.
      At the conclusion of our tour we caught a cab back to Heathrow, collected our bags and headed down to the Underground to train it in to Kings Cross / St Pancras.
      We’ve now settled in to a small self contained apartment in what seems to be a central yet quiet location in London.
      As I write this, it’s 8pm local time andLoriene is warming up a roast lamb dinner with all the trimmings which she had prepared and frozen at home. Amazing!- although it does help explain why my suitcase mysteriously increased from only just over 12kg when I had packed it up to a figure of about 20kg by the time I was wheeling it out our front door.
      It smells delicious, so signing off here for now.
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    • Day 108

      Last day in London

      July 7, 2022 in England ⋅ ⛅ 70 °F

      Miles: 11 Steps: 30546
      Flights stairs: 26

      Today was a rough day - a block from our hotel, right as we left, I took a tumble. The sidewalks in most countries are cobblestone, brick or slate slabs and they’re not flat like in the US. There’s lots of edges to catch your feet on. We seem to trip all the time but are always able to catch ourselves. Not today. I went down hard, wasn’t able to get my hands up and hit the side of my head on the bricks. Pretty scary. Very nice people in London - many came running and one guy was going to call an ambulance. Jordan stopped him.

      In the end just banged up - my shoulder, both knees, the side of my face … headaches, dizzy and a little nauseous - pretty sure I’m concussed, but I’ll live. Reminded me too much of my parents falling in their later years - Felt very old today. It made the rest of the day somewhat of a struggle in every way.

      We went to Westminster Abbey. It was beautiful, tho I was surprised (and slightly bothered) by the MANY tombs everywhere. Kind of crazy. Then we took a train out to Windsor Castle - it’s huge and very impressive. We came back and went to the “View from the Shard” for sunset on the 72nd floor - cause I just like to go up high to see sunsets in cities. 😃 and then took a boat ride on the Thames river to see the city at night.

      Didn’t get back to our hotel till we’ll after midnight - exhausting, beat up kind of day, but still nice in the end.
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    • The End is Near…👑🇬🇧🥰👜🐴

      June 25, 2022 in England ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      The Royal Standard was flying high above the Round Tower at Windsor Castle this morning so we could be sure the Queen was in the same 2km radius as us 👑👜

      Tour of Windsor Castle 🏰 was extremely busy. Lots of tourists (yes! I know I’m one too, but this was really congested & so busy!) The audio tour was not as well organised as either Kensington or Hampton Court Palace. Was indeed interesting to see through though. Strictly no photos within the State Rooms or the St George’s Chapel. Slightly disappointed 😔 Overcast 🌫 day, like my mood knowing only 36 hours left of this wonderful trip.

      Nice way to round off the month long Jubilee Tour was to be in Windsor knowing that Our Queen was indeed here also ❤️🇬🇧👑
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    • Day 3

      Day trip to Windsor castle

      September 8, 2023 in England ⋅ ☁️ 82 °F

      We took a train out to Windsor castle today. Its 90 min or so out from London and a beautiful trip through the countryside. When I went last year it was PACKED but this time was really pleasant. Lots less people in the fall.

      Headed back to the city and met up with a friend of Adams from college and her wife for a great Italian dinner and Filipino ice cream! Not quite sure what Adams look of surprise is about, but thought it was too cute not to post. 😂Never had it before - was a little nervous, but it was awesome. Hard to describe sweets in Europe … they just do them differently than the US. Much more flavor - not just sweet. Was fantastic.

      6.0 miles
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    • Closer to Betty Windsor 👜👑🇬🇧

      June 24, 2022 in England ⋅ ☁️ 19 °C

      Today has been quite stressful & challenging and is a classic example of when things go wrong it can make an entire day seem exhausting! 😫

      This morning I had to call my travel insurance to extend my cover. Both numbers that I contacted were unable to help. One because it was the emergency number…Fair enough, I suppose, but may I just add that I (…well, my poor parents…because I couldn’t make a phone call…) was on hold for 10 minutes. Not good enough if you actually have an emergency! The second because the travel insurance company doesn’t work on weekends!? Go figure! So, nothing happens on weekends in travel!?!? Poor form RACV Travel! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

      Next, we were about to board our train to Windsor and our accommodation cancelled two hours before we were supposed to check-in! Extremely poor form from Booking.com. This meant I had to scramble around and find alternative accommodation! At a higher price (…basically whatever I could get) unfortunately. This is been a theme of travel organisation this trip: AirBnB have been the worst but now this is very disappointing from a company I have always expected better from. The host cited an ‘emergency’ as the reason for last minute cancellation! What the fuck ‘emergency’ happened less than 2 hours before checking in? Roof fell in?

      Anyway. We finally arrived and the alternative accommodation, the Royal Adelaide Hotel, is just across from the Long Walk to Windsor Castle 🏰
      It’s amazing how levelling and calming it can be to realise you are somewhere as historic & overwhelmingly beautiful as Windsor 🏰🇬🇧👑

      I have to apologise to my parents, Mylene & Richard because I almost lost my mind with all this going on… I thank them for accepting my manic worrying mind. Richard offered me his larger room as a calming alternative which I appreciated so much! 👍🏻😍

      All is well again. Let’s hope this weekend finishes an amazing trip with both calm & excitement in equal measure. Thanks 🙏 to everyone who stands by me when I’m at my worst and know that good is coming soon. 😜

      Some sights & sounds from the first night in Windsor…

      And, to think, Our Queen is, most likely, just up the road from us tonight. Like, less than a kilometre!!!

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    • Day 10


      August 15, 2023 in England ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

      Windsor is a town on the River Thames in southeast England, just west of London. It’s home to Windsor Castle, a residence of the British Royal Family. Built by William The Conqueror in the 11th century, the castle was extensively remodelled by subsequent monarchs. Public tours take in the State Apartments, which contain opulent furnishings, and paintings from the royal art collection.Read more

    • Day 83

      Windsor Castle

      July 27, 2023 in England ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

      Irgendwie glauben wir, dass Windsor Castle noch sein muss. Wenn man schon einmal in England ist... sozusagen als letzter Höhepunkt (London selbst hatten wir ja schon 2019 exklusiv besucht). Und heute ist es soweit!
      Als wir ankommen, können wir nicht mal das Visitor Office erreichen - alles abgesperrt und wartende Menschen. Dann kam sie! Nicht die Queen (leider persönlich verhindert), aber die Musikkapelle. Wir freuen uns, dass sie extra auf uns gewartet haben. Danach Tickets gekauft, Zutrittszeit in 3 Stunden, also schauen wir uns das Städtchen Windsor an. Queen Victoria wacht vor dem Schloss, der alte Bahnhof ist sehr schön hergerichtet und dann steht da diese alte Dampflok. 1894 wurde sie gebaut und ab 1897 beförderte sie unter dem Namen "The Queen" die sechs Waggons des königlichen Zuges. Doch es handelt sich um einen Nachbau. 1912 wurde sie außer Betrieb genommen und leider existiert kein einziges Original mehr.
      In der Stadt gibt es eine ganze Reihe sehr alter Gebäude zu sehen, aber deshalb sind wir ja nicht hier. Endlich gewährt man uns Einlass und wir sind hoch erfreut, das Schloss in seinen kompletten Dimensionen so aus nächster Nähe betrachten zu können. Es ist das größte "durchgängig bewohnte" Schloss der Welt!
      Der Innenbereich ist für uns an Fülle, Differenziertheit der Gestaltungselemente, kostbarer Gegenstände und prunkvoller Arrangements nicht zu überbieten. Natürlich gilt hier drin generelles Fotoverbot, aber so hin und wieder gelingt doch ein Schnappschuss. Wie soll man sich denn sonst erinnern???
      Schlussendlich sind wir uns einig: Windsor war ein würdiger Abschluss einer durchaus gelungenen Reise und morgen geht's nach Dover zur Fähre...
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    • Day 6

      Muss man gesehen haben: Windsor

      April 6, 2023 in England ⋅ ☁️ 12 °C

      Nach ca 90 Minuten waren wir dann endlich in Windsor angekommen.
      Ein Parkplatz war schnell gefunden, bisher musste an den Parkautomaten mit Bank- bzw. Kreditkarte oder über eine App bezahlt werden, nun wollte der Automat hier plötzlich für 1 Stunde!!! 5 Pfund!!! in Münzen! 🤔 Tja, hatte ich natürlich nicht, aber auf dem Parkplatz war eine kleine Bude, in der ein älterer Herr stand (sorry, aber sah echt ein bisschen gruselig aus🙀), der das Geld in Münzen wechselte.
      Auf ging’s in Richtung „Windsor Castle“! Wow, war schon echt beeindruckend aus nächster Nähe dieses prachtvolle Gebäude zu sehen.
      Ich denke, über das Schloß muss ich nichts weiter sagen, das kennt sicher jeder.
      Natürlich war auch an jeder Ecke ein Souvenirladen mit x Souvenirs von der königlichen Familie. Ach ja, da konnte ich natürlich auch nicht dran vorbei 😉.

      Nach Sightseeing und Shopping gingen wir zum Auto und wollten eigentlich in unsere für heute Nacht gebuchte Unterkunft. Aber es kam doch anders…. Leoni war so fasziniert von den Flugzeugen, die extrem tief über Windsor flogen, sodass wir noch einen Abstecher zum Flughafen Heathrow machten.

      In Nähe der Landebahn ist ein Parkplatz auf dem die Orientierungshilfen für die Flugzeuge bei der Landung stehen. Wenn man sich dort hinstellt fliegen die Flugzeuge ganz dicht über einen Hinweg, um auf der Landebahn zu landen. Echt Wahnsinn der Anblick!

      Nachdem ein paar Flieger über den Kopf meiner Tochter hinweg geflogen sind, setzten wir unseren Weg nach Maidenhead fort, um in unserer letzten Unterkunft vor London einzuchecken.
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    • Day 3

      Windsor castle

      May 15, 2023 in England ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

      *puh* vier einhalb Stunden reichen nicht aus, zum Schluss mussten wir schon Gas geben - gut, dass wir die St. Georges‘ chapel schon am Anfang gemacht haben, inkl des Grabes von Her Majesty.
      Bilder gibt es nur von außen, in den Innenräumen war es verboten.Read more

    • Day 8

      Windsor Castle

      November 27, 2023 in England ⋅ 🌧 7 °C

      The in town out of town home of the Royal Family, Windsor Castle is quite the classic mediaeval castle.

      Notably the home of William and the final resting place of Queen Elizabeth II.

      Also featured is our British Macca's run, and we can now say that while the restaurant was cleaner the food was the same.Read more

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