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  • Day8

    Here we go again

    August 13, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Last night we traveled a lot I mean 8 to 9 hours, we left at 3 pm and arrived at midnight with some breaks in between so that's a long time. So today we are going from Arkansas (are ken sore) to St. Louis it's a big travel but I think we can do it. We had breakfast when we woke up and it was good. Me and Jared toke the longest time to wake up, I was tiered. The plan for today is a big travel and then we go to the zoo and do activities I don't know the plan exactly but I'll roll with where we go... and do. See you later today I guess. I am currently on the road to St. Louis still boring but I'll have to stick with it. I am just siting around singing to the radio looking out the window. We still don't have the camper so we still have the camper people truck to get around. That's today byeRead more

  • Day85

    Little Rock, Arkansa

    April 26, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Nach etwa fünf Stunden Fahrzeit, immer auf der Interstate 30, sind wir in der Hauptstadt von Arkansas, Little Rock, eingetroffen.
    Wir machen hier Zwischenhalt auf unserem Weg nach Memphis, weil sich ein für mich wichtiges Denkmal der Bürgerrechtsbewegung hier befindet. Mehr dazu hoffentlich morgen.
    Hier ein paar Highway-Eindrücke: einfach schön, diese Wolken; ja, es gibt sie noch, die legendären langen Züge in den USA; und immer wieder: riesige „Stars and Stripes“; sog. RV („recreational vehicle“) mit angehängtem Personenwagen für Ausflüge aus dem RV-Park hinaus; Moving Day the American Way.
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  • Day3

    Hiccup number … uh … are we losing count

    September 9 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 79 °F

    As we were enjoying our wonderfully delicious meal at the Brick and Spoon, Heather remembered that on a previous trip through Tupelo, we had eaten at the Neon Pig and thought maybe it might be near by. Sure enough, it was only 200 feet away. So after finishing our meal, we walked on over to the Neon Pig. They serve food, but also have a wide assortment of jellies, jams, pickles, and meats for sale. We found a jar of Autumn Pear Preserves and a jar of apple butter. We are very particular about our jams, we like them to be loose. So many jams have so much pectin that they are as solid as a cow pie in winter. We much prefer a more springtime consistency. Anyway, we got are our jars and went to the cashier. She had lovely blue hair and regaled us with how she took some pear butter, blended up with fresh pears and peaches, and then spread that over cheese cake. I asked if we could come live with her, and while she was pleased at the attention, the thought of two more mouths to feed convinced her to thank us, but also, it was not meant to be.

    About 30 minutes later we stopped for gas, as you can well imagine is something we do fairly often. I was excited to see that they had ethanol free gas. I got out my wallet, got my credit card …. uhhh …. looked for my credit card…. uhhh…. looked again…. uh, Heather…. uhhh…. my credit card isn’t here, can you check. Well, she took everything out of my wallet, “nope, it isn’t here”. I take every thing out of my wallet, nope, still not there. Hope springing eternal, Heather again removes everything from my wallet, again not finding the errant card. Me, not trusting myself or Heather, checks my wallet contents again.

    I know the last place I used the credit card, the Neon Pig. I try to remember where I put the credit card after paying for the jams, but draw a blank. Note to self in the future, never have a conversation while paying for something. Focus only one the credit card! So I call the Neon Pig to have them cut up the credit card. But the nice lady says “sorry, no credit card here.” Oh poop, it must be some where! I’ve already searched through my pockets, but I search again. I consider having Heather search my pockets, but decide it would either look like the police were frisking me or someone would call the police because they though lewd acts occurring.

    Well, nothing to be done but call the credit card company. A very nice lady named Maria in LA cancelled the credit cards and is Fedexing new cards to us at Lawrence KS KOA on Saturday.

    So another adventure, this one with a happy ending. It will be if the credit cards get to us on Saturday.

    One might think that this trip is cursed, but these misadventures are the spice of our journey.

    Thanks for joining us!
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    Paula Rose

    Oh my…those credit cards can be easily lost. But what a funny commentary. Hope you see the new one soon.

    Geezers in Paradise

    I like my sister’s idea of a “find my credit card” app!

    Bonnie Benedict

    Hate when that happens. Might not have been a bad idea to have Heather check your pockets. Brian thought he lost his credit card. He canceled only to discover he had put his wallet in a different pocket. 😂

    Geezers in Paradise

    We turned him upside down and shook, and tickled him for good measure. His pockets were empty! We think he must have put it in his front pocket without thinking (after all he was talking recipes with the blue-haired clerk), and then bent over to check the tires or something else like he does before we take off. Some crow is going to have fun attacking the shiny square!

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  • Day31

    Little Rock AR KOA

    May 18, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 64 °F

    We have big plans to fill in the blank spots from the past week. We've just been getting a little worn out looking at towns with an eye to making a new home somewhere.

    This morning we tried to look at Bentonville, Arkansas but there was MORE TRAFFIC THAN ATLANTA!! And it's a small city!! So IT'S off the list. Poof. Finito. Get outa town as fast as we can given the horrific gridlock.

    At the moment we are making a bee-line to Marietta to visit sister Laurie, John, and (yay) our nephew Matthew. Shortest distance took us through Little Rock.

    We are celebrating being out of the land of 3% beer! AND being back in the land of The Fresh Market!!! (!) which was the one positive of Bentonville. We mixed and matched our own 6-pack today, and were SMITTEN by the Coney Island hard root beer. Good to the last drop.
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    Karen Anderson

    Hi Heather and Gordon, I have been following your most interesting journey and have enjoyed being the vicarious traveler every step of the way. Thanks for sharing your adventure. I must admit I have travelers envy. Love all the photos and stories. Saw there is severe weather heading your way. Are you high tailing it to a "less severe" weather zone?

  • Day45

    At Least It's Not Raining

    May 3 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 79 °F

    After a long, very wet day yesterday, the sun is sort of out and it's not raining right now. However, the skies are dark with a coming storm. Oh well, everything is still wet anyway. 😭

    Now I've just had my rear tire replaced and signed in for the Ozarks rally 😁.

    So long [for now], and thanks for all the fish! ✌️

    Day 44 mileage: 285.9 (total 9305.7)
    HD Dealership Challenge: 1 (total 81)
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  • Day8


    August 13, 2017 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 21 °C

    Okay so, for the last couple days we have been waiting for the RV. It hasn't come yet.
    What we've done is taken the truck of the people who are loaning us the RV and drove for about 8 hours trying to make up for lost time.
    It's been a cool drive, there are big concrete roads, long and straight, multiple lanes (I once saw 6 per side of the road), big American flags everywhere!
    As I'm writing this I am in a hotel in Arkansas. We got here at midnight.
    Being told that the turbo boost on the RV is broken? Are we racing all of a sudden or what?

    Yesterday they booked a hotel for us and we stayed there (flash one too).
    There was a tram that we took into town. We went to a store called Barnes & Nobel. I got four books, all decent size. It's gonna take me a while to chew through that. Now I have SEVEN books. I'm honestly not sure if I can finish them all in time.

    Other than that, not much has happened recently. We met the RV people (Tom & Jean) and their dogs, Ellie, Bomber, Nico and the little one who's name we all forgot...
    See you soon!
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  • Day8


    August 13, 2017 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 21 °C

    Today I am writing about yesterday so... let's go. Yesterday we had lots of fun the first thing we did after waking up was going down to the trolley stop and waiting for the trolley. When we got on the trolley we waited and got off at a bookstore and it was cool. That's actually near all we did some just went down to the camper people and had a chat then went that's all for yesterday byeRead more

  • Day8


    August 13, 2017 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 21 °C

    WHAT DID YOU SAY 2 DAY DRIVE OH COME ON yup it's already been 1 day and where all out of Texas and in Arkansas I know it's spelled right but it's a weird name but where on the move to (drum roll please!!!) saint Louis I don't know if that's in Canada but where on the move (OH STOP THE DRUM ROLL PLEASE)and the camper is still broken yup it's exhaust is not working as well and the best things we did was to to denny's and had speggeti apple dunkers see the big American flag on poles that go up for kilometres THERE SO BIG YOU NEVER GET THIS IN NZ AND IT IS.....SIX TO FIVE LANES ON HIGHWAYS AND OTHER HIGHWAYS GO OVER OTHER HIGHWAYS THATS JUST INSANELY AWESOME YET DUMB AT THE SAME TIME I BECAUSE IT LOOKS COOL II DUMB BECAUSE THE ONE ABOVE COULD COLLAPSE ON THE HIGHWAY BELOW THAT ONE that's about it for now see you laterRead more

    Henry fulton

    on the road again cant wait to get you on the road again

    Henry fulton


    sepp downes

    ############# SEPP

    Cleo Sands

    on the road again

  • Day115

    N Little Rock, AR - Little Rock N KOA

    June 8, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Now in another state, Arkansas! We can check off another of the states that we have not camped in. Remaining states are Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

    As for our one night stop in Arkansas, we are in North Little Rock. Amazingly we are just across the Arkansas River from Little Rock, the state capital. The pressence of the river is particularly significant now since the river and every tributary, creek, stream, lake, and bathtub here has overflowed big time. Farmers can now sell lakeside farmland. I think I saw the Ark tied up by a farmer's barn. This area has received the rain of the century. Farmland has received some serious damage. The road in front of our campground just reopened yesterday.

    While Little Rock may have some interesting sights, it probably is best for us to stay put, lest we have to confront flood waters somewhere. Besides, with our lack of interest in city life we don't feel any great urge to go to the big city. Also, there is another reason not to explore the city. Little Rock is a dangerous city. Crime appears to be a leading industry.

    While there may be a dark side to the city, it can't be all bad. The population has increased every decade since 1850. Apparently, many people have found an appealing good side to Little Rock.

    And finally, the question everyone has been asking. How did Little Rock get its name? It derives its name from a small rock formation on the south bank of the Arkansas River called the "Little Rock". The "Little Rock" was used by early River traffic as a landmark and later became a river crossing. And, not surprising, across the river from Little Rock there is a Big Rock on a large bluff at the edge of the river. Boy, what a story! Kinda makes you want to go "Rock" hunting along the river. What excitement!
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Pulaski County, مقاطعة بولاسكي, Пуласки, পুলাস্কি কাউন্টি, Condado de Pulaski, Pulaski maakond, Pulaski konderria, شهرستان پلاسکی، آرکانزاس, Comté de Pulaski, Pulaski megye, Փյուլասկիի շրջան, Contea di Pulaski, プラスキ郡, Pulaski Comitatus, Pulaski Kūn, Hrabstwo Pulaski, پلاسکی کاؤنٹی، آرکنساس, Comitatul Pulaski, Пьюласки, Округ Пуласки, Пуласкі, پولاسکی کاؤنٹی، آرکنساس, Quận Pulaski, Condado han Pulaski, 普瓦斯基縣