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  • Day11


    Yesterday in the United States

    About to get some calcium with this big ol jug of chocolate milk!!!!! Lol

  • Day41

    Off to Hot Springs Arkansas

    May 14 in the United States

    The kids were up early to head to school, so Brandon, Inara and Elisa walked them their bus stop (being picked up at 650 am), and the little ones could see a magic school bus.

    The day began early, but we had a lot of packing up to do, help Kristia clean the house, and pack up the car before we left about 11am.

    The drive was not as beautiful as coming into Arkansas, but it was still green and hilly. We seemed to have taken a scenic route and went through a mountain area, going 30mph.

    We had a quick, 15 min stop, at a little lake, for lunch where a local was fishing. The lake was surrounded by trees, it was still and humid, and very little noise. Elisa thought this was perfect conditions for an alligator, but are there alligators in Arkansas? The local, with a cigar between his mouth, confirmed that there are at least 2 alligators in this lake and told us tales of seeing it and catching huge fish.

    We finally made it to the Hot Springs, 3.5 hours away from Kristias house. The KOA was cute and was the most secluded KOA we have been to, almost like in a National Park, rather than just a few feet from the highway. There was ducks, squirrels, rabbits and birds, along with a pond and trails in the woods.

    We sweated while we put up the tent and went right into the refreshing pool. It was a high of 95 degrees today/almost 40 C. We recently bought Inara some floaty things and she was a little fish, being the water baby that she is. Brandon had a bit of a swimming lesson and was able to swim across the pool, with the help of a swimming band.

    That night was an early night as the kids get so tired when they have water play. Josh didn't share the sleepyness and was chatting away with the local guys at the next campsite until midnight. They were local Arkansas guys who work for At&t, who get compensated when they work on a job away from home. They were technicians. Josh had a enjoyable night learning about the locals and their culture.
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  • Day40

    Take me out to a ball game

    May 13 in the United States

    Happy mother's day. Kristia and Elisa organised a outing out to a baseball game for mothers day. Fayettville is home to University of Arkansas and the Razorback Hogs. This is the last series in the normal season and game 3 against Texas A &M.

    It was a very HOT and sunny day as we sat in the Hog pen. You bring your own seats, and most people brought there own food and drink to have a bbq, which picnic tables and bbq s provided, first come, first serve. Kristia had never been to a game and none of us had any idea what to expect.

    All and all, it was a pretty boring game, with the Razorbacks winning 6 to 1. The kids seemed to have fun, and Josh and the kids even made it on the ESPN as they played baseball with the little souvenir bats and ball that kristia bought them. (Mavericks teacher told him on Monday that she saw him on ESPN).

    That night, josh cooked hamburgers, as that is what Kristia requested. The kids ate ice cream peacefully and was a relatively relaxed dinner. Bedtime was early as mav and Charlie had school in the morning.
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  • Day4

    Dropped off load

    November 12 in the United States

    Dropped off a little while ago

    Side note got to see my grandma 👵 and grandpa 👴 and my uncle have not seen them in two years 😃

    Got cookies....grandma cookies are the best

    Got a home cooked grandma meal with left over lol

    Got too see baby pictures of me and got to see payoff my dad who passed when I was seven and I never had any good pictures of him.

    Joy 😭 tears for sure this trip was so worth it

    Got to see my grandpa and my uncles bricks from the war memorial and veteran era in Jonesboro AR

    Cool looking bridge and river

    Their cat bear

    And the oldest pump I have ever seen we showed up and they said no com data go figure lol

    Had a great time now I’m headed back to California I think for the last time with this co driver.
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  • Day1

    Back to california

    November 12 in the United States

    Guess what guys paid DH back to cali no load to switch out co drivers and do local stuff I think

    Got to consignment and guy tried to steal our empty haha no not happening

    It was fun in TN

    Getting some rest had my co driver start first so I could rest.

    Miss everyone can’t wait to see them soon

    On a side note
    My grandpas knife collection
    The eagle I bought him years ago
    The dog is my uncles
    Where my grandpa and grandma live and
    The veteran memorial statue in town
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  • Day8

    Here we go again

    August 13, 2017 in the United States

    Last night we traveled a lot I mean 8 to 9 hours, we left at 3 pm and arrived at midnight with some breaks in between so that's a long time. So today we are going from Arkansas (are ken sore) to St. Louis it's a big travel but I think we can do it. We had breakfast when we woke up and it was good. Me and Jared toke the longest time to wake up, I was tiered. The plan for today is a big travel and then we go to the zoo and do activities I don't know the plan exactly but I'll roll with where we go... and do. See you later today I guess. I am currently on the road to St. Louis still boring but I'll have to stick with it. I am just siting around singing to the radio looking out the window. We still don't have the camper so we still have the camper people truck to get around. That's today byeRead more

  • Day85

    Little Rock, Arkansa

    April 26 in the United States

    Nach etwa fünf Stunden Fahrzeit, immer auf der Interstate 30, sind wir in der Hauptstadt von Arkansas, Little Rock, eingetroffen.
    Wir machen hier Zwischenhalt auf unserem Weg nach Memphis, weil sich ein für mich wichtiges Denkmal der Bürgerrechtsbewegung hier befindet. Mehr dazu hoffentlich morgen.
    Hier ein paar Highway-Eindrücke: einfach schön, diese Wolken; ja, es gibt sie noch, die legendären langen Züge in den USA; und immer wieder: riesige „Stars and Stripes“; sog. RV („recreational vehicle“) mit angehängtem Personenwagen für Ausflüge aus dem RV-Park hinaus; Moving Day the American Way.Read more

  • Day10

    After NJ.... I REALLY MISS JORGE!!

    November 17 in the United States

    Ok... so we left NJ... wait no back up.. ok... so we were trying to leave NJ... with no GPS.. Was already told not to drive that small street.. Im driving so i as Fletcher to look on the qualcom to get the directions to the place so we can run it backwards.. He has NO idea!! He cant figure it out... its cuz HE DOESNT KNOW HOW!! so as i drive AND try to navigate outta this crazy place we get lost, on the wrong hwy, and its taking us REALLY off course heading us back into the North West.. Suppose to go South.. anyway stopped took an hour to work backwards from I 40 W.. This is THE MOST EXHAUSTING/BORING TRIP ive EVER been on!! On a lighter note.. be going to Mexico in a few days.. 😋Read more

  • Day31

    Lake Ouachita

    May 2, 2017 in the United States

    Avant d'aller dans une autre ferme, j'ai décidé de faire quelques randonnées. Avant d'arriver ici au Lac Ouachita je suis arrêté me promener dans Hot Springs, Arkansas. Très jolie village construit à l'époque où les bains thermiques avec des vertus médicinales. J'en ai juste profité pour me dégourdir les jambes après une longue route. Et de gouter à une tite bière local ;) oh, et d'obtenir des informations sur les randonnées.

    Les randonnées sont bien. Il n'y a rien de spectaculaire, autre peut-être de constaté les dégâts causé par une tempête, il y a de çà quelques jours. Les ruisseaux sont tous sorti de leur lits et certains de BEAUCOUP!!! Ça ce remarque par les tronc d'arbres couvert de débris, collé là par l'eau.

    Sinon les randonnées sont jolies. J'ai vu plusieurs serres ou du moins leur petite queue blanche touffu quand ils se sauvaient. J'ai aussi vu des dindes sauvages, c'est pas mal plus gros quand on est à pied et plutôt qu'en voiture! Plusieurs sort d'oiseaux aussi. Oh, et un serpent.

    Je suis surtout fière d'avoir fait tout ça seule. Je n'avais jamais fait de randonnée seule au par avant, seulement qu'avec des amis ou des chums. J'ai lu ce passage ressèment et j'ai trouver cela très propice :

    L'inaction engendre le doute et la peur. L'action engendre la confiance en soi et le courage. Si vous voulez vaincre la peur, ne restez pas chez vous à y réfléchir. Sortez et bougez! -- Dale Carnegie
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  • Day1

    Branson; MO

    September 15, 2017 in the United States

    Flew into Springfield, MO. What a beautiful airport! Then on to Branson. Love their "Old Town!". Stopped in their local ice cream parlor and I had an old fashioned strawberry ice cream soda (on table in photo). Memories of my childhood. I had one often when my mom took me to Woolworth's soda fountain after we went 'down town' (San Jose...no malls) to shop.

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Arkansas, AR, አርካንሳው, أركنساس, ܐܪܟܢܣܐܣ, اركنساس, Arkansas suyu, Arkanzas, آرکانزاس ایالتی, Арканзас, Штат Арканзас, আর্কানসাস, ཨར་ཁན་སཱ་སི།, আরকান্‌সাস, ئارکنساس, Αρκάνσας, Arkansaso, آرکانزاس, 阿肯色州, Arcansas, અરકાનસાસ, Â-khén-set, ‘Akanaka, ארקנסו, आर्कन्सा, Akennsas, Արկանզաս, Arkinsọ, アーカンソー州, არკანზასი, ಅರ್ಕಾನ್ಸಾಸ್, 아칸소 주, Arcansia, Arkanzasas, Ārkanzasa, അർക്കൻസാസ്, आर्कान्सा, အာကင်ဆောပြည်နယ်, आर्कान्स, आर्कान्सः, Dził Biiʼ Dzígaii, ਆਰਕੰਸਾ, آرکانساس, अर्कान्स, Arkanzasos, ஆர்கன்சா, ఆర్కాన్సా, รัฐอาร์คันซอ, Arkanzas Shtati, آرکنساس, Әркәнзә, ארקענסא

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