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  • Day2

    Hard Rock Café

    December 8, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 2 °C

    Wenn man schon in New York ist, dann muss man auch ins Hard Roch Café und Burger essen. Sehr schöner Laden, mit mehreren Sitzetagen und kleinen Nieschen. Riesen Leinwand und wie immer die geilste Mucke im Hintergrund. Schöner kann ein erlebnisreicher Tag nicht enden!Read more

  • Day35

    I see NYC.

    September 1, 2019 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    I did not get to spend much time in New York City, but it was enough to take two expensive sightseeing tours and make the best out of the even more expensive hotel. (The three nights here equate to a sixth of my entire accommodation budget for over 60 nights!) In true Paul fashion, I dedicated one day to the New York Public Library. There I worked my way through 12 books over the course of 5.5 hours, ending up with 555 pages I can take back home for my State Exam thesis. But I am taking so much more with me, and it will only get more throughout the second half of my journey!Read more

    Manfred Druschke

    Danke für den Bericht mit den tollen Fotos. Guten Flug und viel Freude weiterhin auf deiner Reise!

    Dalija Druschke

    Trumpai, bet smagiai ir įspūdingai pabuvojai gyvenimu kunkuliuojančiame Niujorke. Gero skrydžio į ramesnes vietoves!


    Kaip smagu, - Paulius,Po pasauli,- kaip namuose😆Pirmyn!😆

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  • Day2

    Steve Madden vs. Apple

    February 12, 2019 in the United States ⋅ 🌨 -2 °C

    Als bekennende Opfer des Kommerzes gehen wir noch ein wenig durch die Geschäfte bummeln. Apple ruft Anton, während ich mit femin profanen Dingen wie Schuhen von Steve Madden zufrieden zu stellen bin. Der Apple store befindet sich direkt in der wunderschönen Grand Central Station, die ein architektonische Augenweide ist und im oben genannten Battle als klarer, wenn auch unbeteiligter Sieger hervorgeht. Mit der Subway geht's zurück ins Hotel, von dessen Terasse wir eine tolle, wenn auch immer noch feuchte Aussicht genießen. Kaputti fallen wir ins Bett...Read more

    Sybille Runkwitz

    Gigantisch und wahnsinnig beeindruckend. Weiterhin viel Spaß euch beiden.

    Sybille Runkwitz

    Und ein bisschen schöner kann das Wetter auch werden

  • Day4


    November 30, 2016 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    Auf vielfachen Wunsch sind wir für euch live...

    Der Rest vom Tag war / ist indoor: Madame Tussauds 🕵, M&M's Store 🍡 gerade sitzen wir im Hard Rock Christmas Café 🎸🍔 und nachher noch eine Führung in der Radio City Music Hall, wo gerade mehrmals täglich die Rockettes mit ihrer Weihnachtsshow auftreten - das miese Wetter wird also bestens genutzt ;)

    Heute steigt außerdem noch die große Christmas Tree Lightning Show am Rockefeller Center, aber es schüttet wieder was das Zeug hält, und der Baum steht morgen auch noch...

    Morgen scheint endlich die Sonne wieder, dann geht's auf's Wasser und in die Luft ✌
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    Sehr schönes Bild.

    Gabi Cavelius

    Mr. Präsident, smile

    Daniel C

    Eijo Make America great again und so

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  • Day19

    St Francis Church, and 37th to 42nd St

    October 8, 2017 in the United States ⋅ 🌧 23 °C

    It was an overcast day, with some rain. There was a typhoon hovering in the eastern coast. But we persevered with today's plans.

    We braved the light rain towards the subway, but when we had to do some walking to St Francis Church in Manhattan, the rain picked up. We managed to get there in time for the mass we were hoping to hear. Afterwards, mom and Tita Elery met. Lots of warm hugs and kisses long overdue were exchanged between two good old friends. Her daughter and her husband were present as well.

    We also got to meet the mass celebrant, whom Tita Agot knew. It seems that he portrays an essential role for the Filipino community there, especially with visa related matters. He met us while we were queuing to utilise the public bathroom. He was very kind to offer us the use of the private toilets inside the administration area of the church. There I had to help him carry a box of sacramental wine up a few flights of stairs and I managed to see a bit of their priory, which wa mainly built-up wooden structures.

    We then had lunch in a nearby multi-cuisine centre that featured a buffet section as well as quick to-go meal options for the ever busy New Yorkers. Mom and Tita Elery exchanged stories with candour while they sat together and had their lunch.

    Then we said goodbye to Tita Elery and her daughter. Hopefully the two good friends will get to see each other again sooner than later. Then we went on our separate ways--they went home and we proceeded to visit the South Korean ethnic enclave in West 32nd St Manhattan simply called Koreatown. We were surprised with the alacrity of the place, and the amount of South Korean tourists made the surrounds look even more authentic. We had a snack at the nearby Caffe Bene and tried their pastries and coffee.

    Then we walked our way towards the Empire State Building. It was truly fascinating to be stepping into the world-renowned structure. It had a foyer featuring a very shiny embossed signage and building art. We did not go up the top but instead made the most of our visit at the lobby.

    As we proceeded, we were treated to a multi-cultural parade to mark Colombus day. It featured a variety of people in differing skin tones. We thoroughly enjoyed the live band music that accompanied the baton twirling females, along with all the colourful costumes the participants had to wear. As much as we enjoyed the spectacle it was difficult to repress the feeling of the need to be alert and be ready for the worse.

    Thankfully enough it turned out to be just another parade, no violence or whatsoever ensued. We then got to the Rockefeller Centre and took heaps of photos. It was packed with people, but we persevered, and Tita Agot's photo ideas gave other people some inspiration too. There plenty of gold statues and flag poles in the area.

    Then we passed by St Patrick's Cathedral. We were unable to enter as there was an ongoing mass. It was a real shame as the structures inside would have been beautiful to behold. Outside, there were a flock of pigeons roaming around, and when they flew altogether it made a scene usually featured in films.

    On our way to Broadway we passed by the Radio City Music Hall, and then, the Times Square.

    There were so much people in Times Square. It was an assault to the senses: gargantuan, animated advertisement boards found everywhere you look at, people in costumes, tourists, pedestrians, cars, rowdy crowds, eateries, shops.

    We took some photos while it was still dusk and decided to take some more later after we watched the Lion King.

    We made our way to the Minskoff Theatre and because we thought we will all get hungry if we attended the show without having something to eat prior, so we went to the nearby Junior's bakery.

    Finally, it was time to enter the Minskoff theatre. There was a bit of a queue that resolved quite easily. There was a quick check on our bags by the security personnel. Then up we went to the main halls to where our designated seats were located.

    My sister and I have both seen the Lion King Musical before and we thoroughly enjoyed it, so we thought it would be special to watch it with our mom and dad and auntie--in Broadway.

    Alas, the walk around the city have proved to be taxing that for some of us, it became challenging to stay fully alert throughout the duration of the show. Next time we know better, we will have to make it a relaxing day should we be watching a performance at night.

    Then we visited Times Square again for more photo ops. There were some ridiculous costumes there, such as an adult man wearing baby diapers, some nude people covered in body paint, while others had superhero costumes, or even some Looney Tunes or Sesame Street characters. Most tourists have photos with them and give them a tip.

    We then walked our way to M & M's shop. My sister and I were delighted and impressed. Straight away we caught a whiff of the distinct M & M's aroma as we entered the store. There were all sorts of merchandise there featuring the M & M's characters. And the highlight of them all are M & M's of the colours of the rainbow - - each colour in their very own dispensers!

    Unfortunately the Hershey's shop across the road was under renovation.

    Close by was a McDonald's, and we thought it was only right that we had some dinner so mom and dad can take their medications. Thankfully enough we did, as we got back to Tita Agot's home very late (around 1am+) due to track works and modified timetable. The subway was very uncomfortable--very humid and hot. It was noteworthy to mention that despite the unfavourable conditions, there were still some buskers performing in the platforms, singing their hearts out.

    By the end of it all we were very tired, but very fulfilled as well.
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  • Day2

    Wandeling door Manhattan

    May 20, 2012 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Ik heb redelijk geslapen. We hebben geen ontbijt in het hotel en willen bij een bakkertje in de buurt eten. Maar ze hebben alleen jam. Dus kopen we een brood en halen ergens anders nog wat beleg en koffie. Dit eten we op bij een parkje bij de Hudson rivier. Het is mooi zonnig weer en we kunnen lekker buiten op het gras zitten.

    Daarna lopen we over Broadway de stad in. Onderweg kopen we ook wat kleren, onder andere een paar spijkerbroeken voor mij. We lopen via Columbus Circle, Times Square en Empire State Building naar 5th Avenue. Onderweg vergapen we ons aan de enorm hoge gebouwen waar je langs loopt. We doen het rustig aan en nemen ook de tijd om liggend op het gras in een park nog wat te eten en te drinken. Op het laatst nemen we de taxi naar het National September 11 Memorial. We hebben daar al enige weken geleden kaartjes voor gekocht en je mag het Memorial in een bepaald tijdslot bezoeken. Omdat we iets te vroeg zijn drinken we nog een biertje in een pub in de buurt van het Memorial.
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  • Day13

    We walked the line.

    November 26, 2017 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 6 °C

    Sunday in New York - we will get some steps in today but in may be difficult to beat yesterday’s total of 22,272 (a personal best). Another beautiful day = sunshine and blue sky, not that we see that much of the sun with the shadows of these skyscrapers! As we headed out this morning on our way to the High Line, there was a brisk wind blowing and not much sun to warm us. We walked the High Line, a linear park built on a disused rail line, admiring the scenery and the sculpture exhibition by multiple artists titled "Mutations". Some pieces were easier than others to work out ... there were even a few with explanations that I still didn’t get! Not sure if that is a reflection on me or the “art”.

    After the High Line, we headed to Chelsea Market for a bit of a browse and then had some lunch. We went to the "Green Table" restaurant who believe that the best food is grown, raised and harvested within a day’s drive of the table. The food we had was delicious and fairly priced. As we were leaving the market, we ran into the Greens who are also here on holiday, which was a nice surprise. We will catch up with them for dinner on Monday night.

    We caught the subway back up to 42nd street, and had a bit of down time before we needed to head out again for our first show on Broadway. We got up to the August Wilson Theatre only to find it closed, and no "Ground Hog Day". Apparently it closed in September after opening in April to rave reviews. The lady in the box office was very nice and helpful, and advised me that Ticketmaster would have refunded the money. I checked when we got back to our apartment, and yes it was refunded in late August. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t send an email to advise us of this. Very disappointing - I have now got a ticket to "Waitress" on Tuesday night, and the boys elected for a night in, so everyone is happy.

    As we had a free couple of hours, we decided to walk up to Central Park and take it all in. We watched with amusement as a guy let his dog off the lead and he then (the dog) had a stand off with a squirrel - the dog came off second best, as those squirrels can move at lightening speed. It didn’t deter the dog from trying to creep up on the next squirrel or bird in its sights. We also saw people ice-skating, and we may give it a go at the Rockefeller Plaza ( I used to skate when I was young, hopefully I is like riding a bike and it will all co e back to me).

    We then walked back to our apartment down 5th Avenue past Tiffany's, but I couldn’t persuade Ian to buy me anything🙁. Some of the Christmas decorations are now up and they look fabulous. We have again broken the 20,000 step barrier, and so we rewarded ourselves with a cuppa and shared a brownie from the Fat Witch.

    Tonight we went to a local restaurant (next door to our apartment) called "Un, Deux, Trois", which was very nice.

    Another big day planned for tomorrow so a good nights rest is required.
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  • Day17

    Harlem Gospel Singers

    March 11, 2018 in the United States ⋅ 🌙 5 °C

    What a way to finish our days in New York. We experienced the Harlem Gospel Singers today at the BB King Blues Bar and WHAT a way to hear the Gospel!
    I've uploaded a video on my FB if you would like to see a bit of their singing 🎤Read more

  • Day15

    New York

    March 9, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 2 °C

    After a little rough time getting to New York - we love it!
    Finally got into our room at 1.30 am after a 6 am start that day and my luggage turned up the next night - thank God.
    Spent most of our first day at 9/11. Words cannot describe what you see and feel there, a memorial that is so well done ❤️
    We walked the Brooklyn Bridge and went to the top of the Empire State Building last night and off to the Statue of Liberty now.
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  • Day2

    angekommen New York

    August 25, 2016 in the United States ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Mit der Subway in die Stadt und jetzt im Hotel.
    Das Hotel liegt genial, zwischen 6. Avenue und Broadway, 45 th Street. Also direkt beim Times Square.
    Das Zimmer ist für New Yorker Verhältnisse groß, das Bad auch. Die Dusche riesig und es kommt herrlich viel Wasser.....
    Das Bett "King Size" und selbst mit Fips groß genug.
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