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    • Day 11

      Day 4 Saint Thomas

      May 17 on the U.S. Virgin Islands ⋅ ☀️ 84 °F

      I got up at 5am and spent 2 hours reading and cross stitching. I saw the sun rise at 5:45.

      Glenn brought me some watermelon after he did his daily 30minutes on the bicycle.

      Since St Thomas is US VIRGIN Islamd, I was able to use my internet data package.

      We even talked to Dad on FaceTime. We were talking to Tom and Cheryl from NJ.

      I went to a craft class called Pearl diamond art

      The 4 of us took a taxi/bus along the St Thomas island.
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    • Day 409

      Liferaft Inspection

      May 15, 2023 on the U.S. Virgin Islands ⋅ ☁️ 82 °F

      A life raft is something we carry on board to keep us safe in the event our boat starts to sink. Most likely this is the only time we will see it inflated or sit in it!

      The life raft should be re-certified every 3 years to ensure it can do its job, if needed.

      It was really interesting to see it blown up, and to see how small it is! This is a 6 person raft, so we’d be like sardines—but for just me and Pat it would be tolerable!
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    • Day 10

      St. Thomas

      January 4, 2023 on the U.S. Virgin Islands ⋅ 🌧 77 °F

      Today, we visited St. Thomas. Our tour took us on a scenic drive around the island, stopping at Mountain Top for a banana daiquiri and views of Megan's Bay. Then we drove through the city of Charlotte Amalie and past Fort Christian, built by the Danes when they first came to the island. We rode the tram up to Paradise Point and did a bit of shopping before returning to the ship for a relaxing evening.Read more

    • Day 14

      Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas

      March 5, 2020 on the U.S. Virgin Islands ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      We ran into Kim on the quayside and made arrangements to meet up for the next show, but after swimming for the first time in years and on the back of a not entirely satisfying breakfast it was high time to return to Explorer to refuel in the Windjammer cafe. After food, we headed back to the state room for a shower and to watch some Voyager (which was showing round the clock on the TV). We headed back on shore for half an hour or so towards the end of the ship’s time in port; mostly the shops in the harbour sold diamonds, but there was a neat shop that sold textiles made from bamboo fibre and was playing No Doubt was on the stereo - much more Dan’s kind of place.

      Dan decided to head up on deck for sail away time, which was just ahead of William Shatner’s show (he had joined the ship in St Thomas); from deck 12 there was a great view of the bay, and Star Trek II was showing on the pool screen. Time to go to Shatner’s show rolled around with no sign of the ship moving off, Dan met back up with Alex and found seats on the upper level, Kim walked in on the lower level but we caught her attention with a wave and she joined us. William Shatner’s style is… unique, this particular show seemed to be almost entirely unstructured - the memorable moment (perhaps not for the best reasons) was when a member of the audience asked Mr. Shatner to have lunch with her mum (which he declined to do).

      As we left the show we walked along the outer deck to avoid the crowds; the Virgin Islands were still visible, but falling quickly astern and we paused to watch the seabirds fishing in the ship’s bow wave on the way to the dining room. For the first time we were seated near a port hole and the birds could still be seen outside as the sky darkened, but our attention was soon captured by the vegan creme brule on the menu and a conversation about the economies of Caribbean islands.
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    • Day 14

      Buck Island

      March 5, 2020 on the U.S. Virgin Islands ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      At 07:00 Explorer was passing through the West Gregerie channel into the Baye de Grigri on the southern side of St Thomas, one of the US Virgin Islands. This being our earliest port call, and the previous night’s party having been well attended the promenade was quiet on the morning coffee run, but soon the ship was waking up and we were rushing to the 08:00 meet up for our day’s excursion: snorkel and sail, hosted by Robert Piccardo. We sat in the theatre scoffing a breakfast of pears and vegetable wraps and reflecting that carrying on past 01:00 again might not have been the wisest.

      We headed out to quayside a few hundred meters from where Explorer was tied up, where a large catamaran with its sail furled arrived to take us on our trip. Soon 120 unshod trekkies, Robert Picardo, his family and our all girl crew were on the 40 minute or so boat trip to Buck island. Robert was very clear that we were to be careful as he only treats fictional patients (although technically that may mean he can help with a real injury as long as it belongs to a character you’re method acting?). Soon enough we were jumping in to Turtle Cove; there were some gorgeous turtles to be seen but sadly the reef seemed like it might have been adversely affected by environmental issues.

      We moved onto the adjacent Shipwreck (Mouillage) Cove, home to the wreck of the Cartanza Senora which can be clearly seen despite being 45feet down. The vessel was launched during WWII as a freighter, scuttled in suspicious circumstances (probably related to some disreputable dealings in Colombian agricultural products) during the 1970s, dragged out of the shipping lanes and then washed up to her present position by a Hurricane in 1989. When we arrived a group of SCUBA divers was on the wreck, sending up constellations of sparkling bubbles.

      Soon it was time to head to the main island of St Thomas so Robert could get to rehearsal for a play later on; we stood against the rail at the aft of boat (taffrail?) drying off in the bright Caribbean sun whilst rum punch was served. When we arrived back in harbour the wood of the wharf was warm enough that Alex ran to her shoes (which had been laid out on the shore for us to collect).
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    • Day 4

      St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

      December 20, 2022 on the U.S. Virgin Islands ⋅ ☀️ 81 °F

      We slept in a bit today (which means 7:30 Caty/Laura time). Once again we were scheduled to arrive a little early, so we hit breakfast, packed our bags, and hopped off the boat at our first opportunity. We were hopeful that we'd get to walk around and see some cool stuff, but we found that the area immediately outside the ship was one big tourist trap with trinket/jewelry shops. We walked around for a bit, and then decided to write it off and get back on the boat to wait for our scheduled excursion.

      After a short wait, we hopped on a safari bus and climbed up the island to take in a view of the bay dotted with sailboats and yachts. Shortly thereafter we went to the north side of the island where we spent two hours at the beach.

      Laura and Caty were thrilled to see some sea turtles, while I spent my time chilling in the shade and then walking along the water with Laura.

      After some time at the beach, we hopped back on the bus to wind our way back up to the very top of the island, where we got a scenic view of the island, and several other adjacent U.S./British Virgin Islands.

      Back on the boat, Caty hit the water slides again while Laura and I enjoyed cocktail hour, and devoured some mixed nuts while we waited for dinner time to arrive. We had reservations at the seafood restaurant on the ship, which Laura and I both enjoyed immensely.

      After dinner, we made the briefest of appearances at the ship's casino (we won't be going home rich), before calling it a night since we have an early scheduled arrival and snorkeling excursion scheduled for tomorrow.
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    • Day 6

      Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas

      February 23, 2023 on the U.S. Virgin Islands

      Greg & Megan set off in the morning to see Magen's Bay. We three took a 2-hour taxi ride to see the island. At the mountaintop, we came upon G&M, and enjoyed Banana Daquiris. Our driver let us out near Gladys' Cafe. Guess who we were seated next to? Greg & Megan!

      Wayne had his Conch Chowder. I had a friend grouper sandwich, and Julianna had a grilled tuna sandwich. Wayne & I headed back to the ship, while the younger 3 went in search of rum cake.
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    • Day 15

      Saint Thomas

      August 7, 2023 on the U.S. Virgin Islands ⋅ 🌬 31 °C

      Neuer Tag, neue Insel. Heute war es Saint Thomas, eine der amerikanischen Jungferninseln . Früh um 7 Uhr legte die norwegian sky dort an und jeden Morgen war es aufs Neue sehr schön, eine Kabine mit Fenster und tollem Ausblick zu haben!
      Nach dem Frühstück gingen wir von Bord , hatten aber heute nur bis max. 13:30 Uhr Zeit, weil um 14 Uhr abgelegt wurde. Deswegen sind wir auch nicht mit der beliebten Seilbahn skyride to paradise zum.paradise point gefahren, sondern sind in Hafen Nähe geblieben. Ich entdeckte dort sofort einen Coffee Shop, wo es köstlichen Kaffee gab ,der dann doch besser schmeckte, als an Bord.
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    • Day 22

      Charlotte Amolie, St. Thomas

      December 20, 2023 on the U.S. Virgin Islands ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      Last port for this cruise, Charlotte Amolie, St. Thomas. Here there is nothing nothing but souvenir shops, jewelry stores, and tourists from cruise ships. 🤐
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    • Day 74

      St. Thomas

      January 14 on the U.S. Virgin Islands ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

      We spent three days in St. Thomas. On the first day, I wasn't feeling well 🤒
      Day two, we conquered paperwork (yawn), did laundry (exciting, right?), and navigated a sea of jewelry shops in Charlotte Amalie. Bling, bling everywhere – blame it on the cruise ship swarm!

      Day three's grand plan? Hit up a cozy beach. But, oops, we docked at a VIP-only pier. Swiftly moved our dinghy to the public beach, crisis averted.

      Shortly after, an older gentleman approached, assuming we were hotel guests. I explained we were just there for the day, and he nodded, saying "okay," before wandering off.

      An hour later, he returned, declaring us "cool guys" and offering two champagne bottles. He and his wife were leaving and couldn't finish the bubbly, so he wanted us to have it. Of course, we gladly accepted! 😁 We chatted a bit more and discovered that one of his parents hailed from Flums. Cheers to unexpected connections! 🥂

      Oh, and guess what? We anchored right behind Jeff Bezos' amazing yacht for those three days😎
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