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  • Day21

    Phong Nha

    April 22, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    Another early start and we hit the road off into the national park of Phong Nha. The first place we visited was the 8 Lady Temple, named after the 8 women who were trapped and died in the cave as they got blocked in and starved. The temple was created in memory of them. People still go pay respect to them today.

    The main road that runs through the park used to be the passage way used by the Vietnamese in the war to transport supplies from North to South, hence the area was heavily bombed by Americans. But due to the trail being covered by a canopy of trees it made it very hard for the Americans to find it from a birds eye view.

    Next we travelled through the gorgeous scenery to Paradise Cave. There was an unexpected trek up to the cave but despite being covered in sweat it was worth it. The cave was enormous, one of the most impressive sights I've ever seen, no photography could capture the shear size of the cave. Walking through the cave it just seemed to go on forever.

    Heading through more beautiful scenery we arrived at Dark Cave. The first thing we did was indulge in a huge meal of meats, noodles and rice and oh wow did it hit the spot. Then we headed into the Dark Cave via a zip line which was such fun. Entering the cave we trekked deep into it and ended up at a mud bath. I have to say it was a strange but very cool experience and because of the thickness of the substance you floated in the mud.

    Back out of the cave we kayaked back to land and having it been raining we were all very cold but waiting for us was some rum and coke to warm us up.

    Getting back to hostel we had a long warm shower after a busy day and a much needed early night.
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    Trish Dundas

    Not surprised you need an early night. Whole thing sound hilarious!!

  • Day22

    Pub with cold beer

    April 23, 2017 in Vietnam ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Woke up and had a chilled morning with a more leisurely breakfast and decided to go exploring by ourselves around the national park.

    Hiring bikes from the hostel we headed to a recommendation known as the 'pub with cold beer'. The first 10km of the bike ride was thoroughly enjoyable however the last 5km could be referred to as hell on wheels. We managed to find ourselves on a dirt track all up hill on a steady incline. This happened just at the time where I was actually beginning to enjoy cycling, but after that not so much. We arrived exhausted, sweaty and extremely in need of a cold beer.

    Having had the bike ride from hell on the way, we chilled there for the afternoon in the hammocks provided enjoying our cold beer. However the restaurant was also famous for being able to kill and eat your own chicken. But the thought of killing our own food may have put us off our meal so we just decided to let the workers do it instead and still have an appetite. It has to be said the chicken was some of the best I've had in Vietnam yet. I'm not sure if that was because of the quality or the hunger that had brewed on the journey there.

    Realising we could take a different route back along the highway we had a much more relaxing journey. Along the way we stumbled at a duck farm and got to help herd ducks and ducklings which was hilarious and such a treat, never having an experience quite like it. Finally we arrived back at the hostel for 6pm which meant free beer.

    After having something to eat and collecting our things together it was time to get on the nightbus to Hanoi.
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    Chris Bennfors

    'Pub with cold beer', it's got a very appealing sound to it. Might just have one myself 🍺👍

    Trish Dundas

    That story about killing your own lunch really underlines the reason why I never eat chicken. I hate the idea of choosing your own lobster from a tank in a restaurant - I always feel so sorry for them.!!

  • Day128

    Son Doong Cave - Day 3 (Engagement Day!)

    July 27, 2015 in Vietnam ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    It's pancakes for breaky this morning which is a welcomed change for Trav from the constant Asian food.

    We arrive and setup our cameras at the first 'doline' (cave opening) and capture some impressive shots. We continue to the second doline and as we get ready for another photo, Trav drops down on one knee to pop the big Q. Suki frantically yells 'What are you doing?!' and eventually responds with an 'Ok then' and a cheeky grin. The photo continue and cheap Vietnamese champagne is sprayed over us followed by congrats and finally lunch.

    Still on cloud nine we continue hiking the treacherous terrain until we arrive at the next camp site and drop off our day packs. From here we continue right to the end of the cave via a 1km long narrow muddy path flanked either side by steep clay batters until we reach the Vietnam Wall.

    Back at camp it's time for another impressive feast followed by more games involving exhausting exercises.

    A magical an unforgettable day - we're ENGAGED!
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    Amie Abela

    YAY Perfect shot of the proposal. Looked like a really awesome place.

    Amie Abela

    Great action shot :-P


    Congrats hehe, should let Suk tell her side of the story! I want some emotion hehe

  • Day138

    Paradise cave and Dark cave

    January 14, 2015 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 31 °C

    This is by far my favorite part of the trip. We went to the Paradise Cave first that is filled with beautiful, giant stalactites. The cave was huge and took about an hour to walk through. We then head to the Dark Cave. It was one of the most memorable experience. The Dark Cave was filled with mud and you have to expore it with a lighted helmet. At the end of the trail there was a mud pool so thick and gooy that you can literally sit and float. Our pictures were no good in the dark, so you just have to trust us that it was incredibly dirty and fun!!!Read more

    Nhung Ngo

    That's crazy looking

  • Day13

    Tag 1 Phong Nha-Kè Bàng

    March 31, 2018 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Nach einer sehr anstrengenden Nacht im Hostel haben wir heute früh die erste Höhle besichtigt. In diese Höhle kommt man nur mit dem Boot 😊
    Danach haben wir eine Fahrrad-Tour durch den Nationalpark gemacht.
    Die Tour war schön, aber durch die schlechten Straßen und die bergige Landschaft, war es super anstrengend.
    Gestoppt haben wir zum einen beim „Pub with the cold beer“ und haben dort die angeblich beste Erdnusssoße der Welt probiert.
    Danach hatten wir sehr viel Spaß auf einer Enten-Farm. Ich sollte eine Ente werfen und zum Fliegen bringen, dabei bin ich selbst fast mitgeflogen 😉
    Einen Bullen namens Donald Trump sind wir dort auch noch geritten!
    Den Abend verbrachten wir auf einer anderen Farm mit einem wunderbaren Blick auf den Sonnenuntergang!
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  • Day126

    Son Doong Cave - Day 1 (Hang En Cave)

    July 25, 2015 in Vietnam ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    We've arrived at the Oxalis HQ and everyone is excited about the journey that lies ahead. Separate bags of out belonging are given to the porters to haul to the first campsite as we only have to carry our helmets, water and cameras. We've packed light with a few kilos between us however this is in contrast with some of the other guys who have loaded their sacks the same size as our travel backpacks.

    There is a total of 10 tourists, 2 British cave guides, 3 Vietnamese tour guides, 2 national park rangers and approx 30 porters (who effortlessly haul massive loads without breaking a sweat).

    It's about 11am by the time we drive to the park entrance and commence the descent into the jungle. First up is a small village of about 4 houses and a local school. The children here are married from the age of 13 so it's not uncommon to see young teens carrying their babies or older siblings looking after younger siblings whilst they're parents tend to the fields. Surrounded by a surprising number of small dogs we say goodbye to the friendly locals and continue our hike through the jungle to the entrance to Hang En Cave via numerous river crossings.

    Our campsite is extremely picturesque just inside Hang En adjacent to the steep decline entrance which provides a nominal amount of daylight/moonlight. The sandy bank is surrounded by a ice cold lake perfect for a refreshing swim and to wash away the BO.

    Tents are lined up along the sure and we unpack for our first night. Dinner was a enormous spread of about 8 different dishes with surplus amounts of food - a common theme throughout the tour.

    It's only 730pm but with the darkness of the cave we agree to adopt a Cave Time time zone of plus 3 hours and stroll off to bed
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    Amie Abela

    The photos are amazing :-)

  • Day127

    Son Doong Cave - Day 2 (Son Doong Cave)

    July 26, 2015 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    We slurp our way through noodles for breaky and set off on Day 2 with helmets and headlights ready for action.

    First stop is a viewpoint made famous by National Geographic (via a previous trip through Oxalis). We position team members for creative photos but they're certainly not the same quality. We scurry up and down rocky boulders and approach the exit of Hang En. Although not as big as Son Doong this is still an impressive cave with relaxing swimming spots.

    We continue through the jungle and strive to protect our belongings from the rain. We arrive for lunch and the first leech of the trip is picked up by one of the other tourists. A short stroll further and we reach the entrance to Son Doong Cave.

    Son Doong Cave was first found by a local jungle guy seeking refuge from a large storm in 1990 (It then took a number of years for him to find it again as the paths to the entrance are erased by floods during the wet season annually. It's classified as the worlds biggest cave and has such attracted the attention of large film crews (Nat Geo, BBC, ABC) from around the world. This is the second year that tourists have been allowed to enter with a maximum number of 500 permits issued each year solely to Oxalis.

    It's a steep decline of about 80m into the cave so were fitted with harnesses and attached to a lifeline. The adrenaline continues to pump as we crossing a raging river via foot and another by a highline.

    We arrive at the next camp site and take up the option of a short hike to swim in an icy cold crevice. Suki is the only female with 6 guys who've all stripped down to their dacks. It's a amazing short dip with another reason to wash away the days smell just in time for dinner.

    After dinner the Vietnamese tour guide Bamboo teaches us a card game similar to 'spoons' which provides hours of entertainment with the loser of each round being face painted with a finger of an ash/water mix by the winner.

    Another adventurous day and who'd knows what surprises tomorrow holds.
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  • Day129

    Son Doong Cave - Day 4 (Return to Hang E

    July 28, 2015 in Vietnam ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Having reached the end of the cave it's time to head back. Its a lot faster as were not taking a thousand photos and bypass some of the lookouts but there's still time to stop along the rivers and skim rocks.

    We make it all the way back to the first camp site and settle in for our last night of cave camping with an esky of beers n coke hauled in especially from Phong Na.
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    Amie Abela

    Amazing shot!!!


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