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    • Day 9

      Heute ist wieder ein Seetag

      November 26, 2023 in Aruba ⋅ 🌬 28 °C

      Heute war wieder ausruhen angesagt,baden gehen. Man konnte in der Tanzschule Discofox erweitern.Das hat natürlich Spaß gemacht.
      Beim Baden sind wir überrascht wurden mit einen ganz schönen Regenguss☔️🌦.Natürlich war waren alle Handtücher nass.
      Es war ein schöner Ausruhtag
      Das ist das Theatrium,wo viele Vorführungen gezeigt werden
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    • Day 4–5


      November 11, 2023 in Aruba ⋅ 🌬 28 °C

      Heute haben wir um 8 Uhr auf Aruba angelegt, eine der ABC Inseln. Sie wird von ihren Bewohnern „One happy Island“ genannt. Sie liegt in Südamerika kurz vor Venezuela und gehört zu den Niederlanden, weshalb dort die Bewohner auch niederländisch sprechen. Wir sind vom Hafen direkt mit einem lustigen Busfahrer zum Strand gefahren. Hier in der Karibik haben die Leute immer echt gute Laune und wirken total glücklich. Das Wasser war sehr klar und sah paradiesisch aus. Wir sind dort baden gegangen. Die Wassertemperatur liegt aktuell bei 29,5 Grad. Zwischendurch hat es immer mal geregnet, was aber nicht schlimm war. Aruba ist für seine Divi-Divi-Bäume bekannt, die überall auf der Insel wachsen, auch am Strand. Wir haben dann einen längeren Spaziergang am Strand gemacht und welche gefunden. Anschließen sind wir mit dem Taxi wieder zum Schiff und haben uns dort fertig gemacht und Mittag gegessen. Danach sind wir dann in die Stadt gegangen und waren spazieren. Dort haben wir Leguane, Pelikane und weitere bunte Vögel gesehen. Die Häuser sind alle sehr bunt, aber die Stadt ist recht touristisch. Abends waren wir dann in einem A La Carte Restaurant auf dem Schiff und hatten ein 3 Gänge Menü (inklusive). Wir haben uns eine Zaubershow und das Auslaufen aus Aruba angeschaut und waren dann noch im Brauhaus, wo Karnevalsstart gefeiert wurde.Read more

    • Day 9


      February 12, 2023 in Aruba

      We arrived in Aruba late in the day. We were berthed across the pier from Freewinds- the Scientology ship. I had a little fun placing Aftermath Foundation cards throughout the port gift shop areas. I posed my Mike Rinder bobblehead- trying to get the perfect shot.

      A stroll around the port area of the town was fun- then back to the ship.

      We ate dinner - very casually, although we did ask if they wanted us to change. Very few people at dinner- and most were attired as we were.
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    • Day 3

      Day 3, Aruba

      November 7, 2022 in Aruba ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      First dock of the cruise today in Aruba. We docked around 7am this morning, sadly we didn’t actually see us arrive. We were actually up but had a couple of Firbeck Trophies bits and bobs to attend to, such as giving Adele the password to the laptop so she could actually work for us.

      Once up and out we went for breakfast at the buffet, we are going to try the restaurant - maybe tomorrow if we are up in time. Weather today has been a very warm 29 degrees with sunshine and cloud. We were told storms were forecast for later. We disembarked the ship and had a wander round the local town of Oranjestad. Whilst we could remember bits from out last visit, there were lots of bits we had forgotten about. I think they have suffered like lots of places have, many of the shops had closed and there were less bars than we remember. But it was still a lovely place, we walked down to the harbour and around the shops. The really nice shopping centre was still there, they fetch people in to it by boat from the local hotel. We saw lots of Iguanas and s couple of very large birds but we weren’t sure what they were, we thought heron st first but then settled on pelican ! Who knows, we’re rubbish at that stuff.

      We spent the latter part of the afternoon on board, finally deciding where we’re going to eat on my birthday and we also booked the beach hut for Thursday. Had a little sit in the atrium with an ice cream before heading to the open deck to see us sail-away. Captain Paddy McGuire was quite right when he forecast storms this morning, it went very black and it threw it down, we were treated to a lightening display and quite a few tremendously loud claps of thunder. However, not long after we left it cleared up and the sea was as calm as ever. All enjoyed with a group of people outside on the open deck but we were under cover!!

      As we headed back to the room, the roast beef brisket and Yorkshire pudding caught our eye in the buffet. We had fully intended eating in the restaurant tonight but neither of us were feeling on top form. My cold is still lingering and Sharon’s is coming out, so we ate in the buffet, went down to the cabin and had an early night.

      Next stop Curaçao 🇨🇼 tomorrow !!
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    • Day 11

      Aruba - Day 11

      April 5, 2023 in Aruba ⋅ 🌬 28 °C

      Aruba is roughly 15 miles long and 4 miles wide and about 20 miles from Venezuela.
      We did a 3 hour bus tour today, then went into town, got mams meds and a couple of cocktails.
      It's a nice place, a lot of it protected nature but the other half of it is like being in miami or Orlando and prices reflect that. But a very good day so far.Read more

    • Day 13

      Hafä vo Oranjestad Aruba

      March 13 in Aruba ⋅ 🌬 28 °C

      Mir hend na en Spaziergang gmacht im Hafe vo Aruba nach de Akunft. Es isch sehr schön pflägt und suber. Bi de Bötli häts en zuckersüessä Pelikan gha, er het sooo süss usgseh. Sehr spannnend gsi wie er mit sim grossä Schnabel versuecht het Fisch z fangä. Au es super hübsches Krebsli isch im Hafe umegloffä. D Leonie hät de Plausch gha zum paar lustigi Fötteli mache und bim zrugglaufä hemmer en wunderbare Sunneuntergang dörfe erlebe.Read more

    • Day 6


      February 28, 2020 in Aruba ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      So hot here! Had a walking tour this morning which included some local snacks, one was pastechi, similar to an empanada but with Gouda cheese filling. Lots of historical info.

      Found another wedding. Seems to be what we do on vacation. Nice iguanas!Read more

    • Day 3

      Aruba - 130 feet under

      February 11, 2020 in Aruba ⋅ 🌬 28 °C

      Today I got the chance to experience Aruba 130 ft under via a Submarine Tour. Should you ever make it to the “One happy Island”, look for the Atlantis. The Captain even let me join the cockpit. Pretty cool job those guys have. Granted, my job was pretty awesome as well today. While going over the reef we got to see hundreds of fish and a ship wrack.Read more

    • Day 76

      Hash Cruise – Aruba

      March 17, 2023 in Aruba ⋅ 🌬 28 °C

      We did not arrive into port until 1 pm, so we had to scoot right out and scout trail in the hottest part of the day, but we managed to put together a good mixture of sightseeing and shiggy along this 4 mile runners / 3 mile walkers hash trail. Hares were Hazukashii and Calc-oholic, and we had about 20 hashers in chase for this late afternoon hash trail. It was A to B, with an end on the beach. Beer was super expensive here, so after one beer each, and a quick circle, we migrated to the 5 O’clock Bar and had numerous draft beers . . . on St Paddy’s Day. Good times on Aruba.Read more

    • Day 32


      April 2 in Aruba ⋅ 🌬 29 °C

      In Aruba today, as in 'Aruba, Bahama, c'mon pretty mama'. Quite a small island and along with Curacao next door were once Dutch possessions. Neat little place with lots of colonial Dutch architecture. Also lots of shops if you like Bvlgari, Gucci etc. Was tempted to try one of the waterfront restaurants for lunch, but I was starving by the time we got back.
      Anyway, this was our last excursion, and we booked a hi octane, non turbo charged adventure driving a side by side off road buggy thing to see the sights of Aruba. Sounded great, then I find I am going to have to drive on the road as well, and they drive on the wrong side here. To add to the fun, we drove out to the back blocks via the main road and multiple roundabouts where you have to remember to give way to the left. The locals have obviously decided that not killing tourists is a good idea, and they stop and let you through.
      The off-road bits were quite fun except for the person in front of us in the convoy that thought the throttle was an on/off switch. Every time he accelerated, we got filled in.
      Did a really steep hill. Had to climb up and over. Lots of ruts, rocks (big), and washouts. I found we have no footage of that as the camera person had her eyes closed for most of it. We are going to have to have a talk about what constitutes good content.
      The last stop was quite a nice sheltered beach (Savaneta Beach?). Angela parked herself in the shade, and I went for a paddle and looked at the tropical fish in the shallows. Nice.
      Anyway, we got back in once piece, dirty, hungry, and somewhat stressed out but wouldn't have missed it for quids.
      That's the last stop. Sigh... two days at sea, then the U S of A, where we get off and flit off to the UK.
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