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  • Day59

    This is the most beautiful place. There are exquisite purple water lilies on the lagoon and numerous birds. Saris Crane we’ve never seen before. They don’t come close enough to photograph, lapwings, whistling Kite, egrets etc. A camp bbq last night which was great fun. We are spending a week here!

  • Day60

    Wild life at Leichhdart Lagoon

    July 12 in Australia

    There are an amazing number of birds here! A Pretty Face Wallaby visited yesterday.
    Magpie Geese, lapwing, the purple pub Normanton! We have seen Sarus Cranes but they are too far away to photograph! There’s also a beautiful Forest Kingfisher too quick to photograph!

  • Day14


    September 21, 2016 in Australia

    Mount Isa
    500 km

    Nice windy bush roads just after Mt Isa. Bourke and Willis Roadhouse at lunch time.
    Later we passed along 150 km of termite hills on both sides of the road. That must have been millions.
    End of the tour in 35 degress. We went straight into the pool 🐳

  • Day14

    Albion Hotel

    September 21, 2016 in Australia

    Normanton, up and down the main road.
    Albion Hotel for drinks and dinner.
    4WD cars like horses in front of the pub.
    A statue and Info about Kyrs the largest recorded saltwater crocodile. 8.63m long with a weight of 2 tones.
    The purple pub looks like a brothel in the night 😲

  • Day41

    Karumba Outback of the Sea

    June 6, 2017 in Australia

    Karumba 6/7/8 May
    Three relaxing days in Karumba at Sunset Caravan Park - apparently we have chosen the most expensive one, but it is right next to the boat ramp, and everything is clean and the kids have spent many hours in the pool. Rob had a thong emergency, and had to go shopping.
    We have hit grey nomad city, though, and our dusty, canvas home well and truly stands out in a street of sparkly clean 4x4s and even sparklier clean houses on wheels! Some of the setups are mind blowing, but I do wonder sometimes how the senior citizens can drive such monsters around safely. (Apologies to all the grey nomads I know, excluding my parents, as they are adamant they are not yet in this demographic.)
    Karumba is known for its amazing sunsets out over the Gulf of Carpentaria and we weren't disappointed. We created our own "Sunset Cruise", taking the tinny out late in the afternoon, lazily putted around the bay, caught a couple of nice bream and a grunter, then settled in to watch the sun set over the horizon.
    Imagine us sailing off into the sunset, then turn us around and have us sailing away from the sunset back to shore. Then imagine our delight when a pod of dolphins joined us on the journey back in. Magic.
    Our second sunset was from the shore, with a bottle of wine, our fish, a generous serving of hot chips and Rob's special treat - local fresh mud crab. I had heard a lot about northern Queensland mud crabs and I normally love crab (more than crayfish), so I was excited.
    The crab came live, huge claws tied with bailing twine. Accompanying it were written instructions on how to prepare and cook it, and the 2 required measured portions of salt. Despite following the cooking instructions to the T, I was sadly underwhelmed. The others didn't seem to mind it, and it was a great experience regardless.
    Our few days have been great, no reason to steer away from Karumba - Outback by the Sea.
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  • Day40

    Cobbold gorge to karumba

    June 5, 2017 in Australia

    Drive to Walkers Creek 5/6
    Back to the real world and back on the Savannah Way (nice and sealed after getting back on the main road from Forsayth).
    Overnight stop was Walkers Creek free camp, half way between Normanton and Karumba. Good enough for one night although overgrown, sharp grass and a "toilet" that you wouldn't go near with a barge pole! We got excited when we saw there were loos, but very quickly decided that we weren't going to use them upon discovering them to be near capacity metal drums...
    We spotted two small freshwater crocs, thankfully on the opposite side of the river (even though they are not dangerous, I still like to stay clear), kids had a photography lesson, trying to get decent snaps.
    A fellow camper gave us some red claw yabbies, Ben was particularly excited by the huge claws he also donated.
    Rob had a red claw cooking demonstration (the guy seemed a bit horrified that we had only ever cooked them in boiling salted water), so
    Cooking Red Claw, Walker Creek Style
    Remove head from yabby
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  • Day43

    AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Week

    June 9, 2017 in Australia

    On Friday morning we went to the rodeo and saw the campdraft. In the campdraft you need to chase a cow around an obstacle course on your horse.
    Then we drove to a place called Gregory Downs and we stayed 3 nights there.
    On the first day there we didn't do much then on Saturday we went to Lawn Hill National Park and went on a bush walk along the side of Lawn Hill Gorge River which was a cool turquoise colour.
    On the way back we decided to go for a swim which was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was really good because there was multiple waterfalls and there were lots of cool fish. We also jumped off the platform.
    On Sunday we went up to a swing someone had made and we swung off it then floated down the Gregory River on our boogie boards. My favourite bit about that was when we went in a rainforest bit that you can't see from the camp site. I also liked the really fast rapids just before our campsite.
    That evening we lit a fire and stuffed ourselves full with peanuts.
    The next day we were headed for a place in the Northern Territory called Frewena. That afternoon we went to Devils Marbles which was another thing that is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because we could climb on them and the sunset over them was awesome!
    On Tuesday we arrived in Alice Springs and when we set up the tent we went in the pool. I mean in the four pools the first pool is heated but only 50cm deep 2 of the others are the size of normal pools except they're heated as well and the fourth pool is freezing except at the bottom of a giant water slide. There was also a bouncy pillow and a few playgrounds which Erin and I played on all of them the three days we were there.
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  • Day40


    June 6, 2017 in Australia

    The next day we drove to Karumba. At Karumba we stayed at a caravan park.
    That day we went out in the boat in the afternoon. I caught a Grunter Bream, we also caught two Bream. We stayed out in the boat to see the sunset. The sunset was a very orange colour and when you looked all around the whole sky was orange.
    On the way back to to shore we saw a pod of dolphins, they came right up to the boat.
    The next day we got up early to go fishing, but didn't have much luck. It wasn't very pleasant out on the water so we didn't stay out too long.
    The rest of the day we just spent relaxing. For tea we had the fish we caught and chips, we also bought a Mud Crab that we had to use a rock to crack.
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