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  • Day14

    Monday 1

    October 7, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Andrew's off early in another attempt to get the trailer registered. John, Rob and I have breakfast and make lunch.

    Then they head off to a local engineering company in the hope they can help with the steering arms which broke yesterday. I'm left at the campsite so suss out the tent sites for the rest of the team and check out general facilities. I'm surprised when they reappear within the hour having had a successful trip.

    Then we have another trip to the supermarket to restock. Rob's going to make veg kebabs, we have halloumi and prawn kebabs. I'm practicing a couscous salad which will hopefully be suitable to scale up for the others.

    We liaise with Andrew who has finally got the trailer registered and get back up to the pits for lunch. It's brutally hot. John discovers the hospitality tent which is handing out bottles of chilled water and even has an air-conditioned section! It is so nice in there!

    John, Rob and myself head to Bunnings to source components for a battery box in case there's a fire. It's no use Andrew pointing out that our battery is built in. Regulations say we have to have a wooden battery box so a wooden battery box we must have. Conveniently, Bunnings offer a sawing service so John and Rob knock up a quick design and we depart with precut lengths of wood. It doesn't take them long to assemble it but it does bear an unfortunate resemblance to a coffin. We will be transporting this across Australia in full view on our trailer...

    Meanwhile Andrew has repurchased four fire extinguishers. The original ones weren't allowed in the container coming over so had to be left behind. No doubt these ones will, too.

    Time for a trip to the pub for a 'Darwin beer', ice cold and not very strong but, oh, so refreshing. Our evening barbeque works out nicely. The halloumi is probably the best I've ever had, the veg kebabs work out well and the couscous salad is going to be fine to do in bulk.
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  • Day15

    Tues 1

    October 8, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

    Breakfasted, we drive down to the pits. John and Rob are solar carring whilst Andrew and I go out and about.

    First off, it's a trip to the supermarket where we buy the most enormous amount of food. I hope there's enough. With some fighting we manage to force it into the fridge. The water is problematic - maybe the freezer later? Then a trip to downtown Darwin where I drop Andrew to collect another car and go on to the Convention Centre to get myself officially registered, after my online application apparently failed. All done, it's back to the racetrack for lunch.

    The rest of the team are due in at 14.45 so I head back to Andrew's room to organise...stuff that needs organising. I start the couscous, collect 6 sets of keys and end up being allowed to put all the water in the big ice cream freezer in reception. Fingers crossed they chill down noticably. This room is chaos but once the tents and air mattresses go it should be a bit better.
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  • Day322

    Darwin - dort wo alles anfing

    July 27, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Vor einer Woche sind wir am Sonntag (21.07.) gegen Nachmittag in Darwin angekommen und haben uns im Discovery Caravanpark niedergelassen. Dieser liegt direkt am Showground, sodass wir es nicht weit zu unserem Verkaufsstand hatten. Am Abend sind wir zum Mindil Sunset Market gefahren, den wir noch von einem Jahr kannten und der wieder super schön war mit leckeren Essen. 😁
    Am Montag haben wir unseren Stand aufgebaut und den Pool im Caravanpark genossen ☺️.
    Dienstags sind wir, nachdem wir Gemüse gekocht haben abends in die Stadt gefahren. An der Waterfront wurde lecker gegessen und dann im Monsoons mit 5 Dollar für einen Wodka-Lemon ein wenig gefeiert.
    Ausnüchtern konnte man am Mittwoch dann besonders gut an der Lagoone mit kühlem Meer unter schattigen Palmen. 🌴
    Donnerstag bis heute (27.07.) ging dann die Darwin Royal Show, wo wir tatsächlich den Preis für das beste Essen auf der Show bekamen. Da kann man ja schon mal mit angeben. 😁
    Nachdem vorhin das große Feuerwerk stattfand haben wir noch alles zusammen gepackt und in den Truck geladen, sodass wir morgen früh los fahren können Richtung Broome.
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  • Day45

    Darwin (delays and double ups)

    July 31, 2017 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 30 °C

    With the new fridge on a (slow) train from Brisbane we filled in another few days in Darwin doubling up on a few experiences we'd already done - more fun at the Wave Pool and the water slides, back to the Ski Club for Sunday afternoon beers, and another dinner on the beach at the Mindil Beach Sunset Market.
    In addition, Roy and the kids did some fishing (no luck so we bought some Barra from the local fish shop instead!), we checked out the NT Art Gallery & Museum (another FREE experience thanks to the NT government!) and made the most of being in civilisation to stock up some essentials like hardware and clothing supplies.
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  • Day27


    October 10, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 29 °C

    Wir waren zwei Nächte am „Top End“ von Australien, hatten also genug Zeit, die Hauptstadt des Northern Territories anzusehen. 136.000 Einwohner, über die Hälfte der Bewohner des riesigen Territories leben hier. Das Land ist außerhalb der Städte menschenleer.
    Gleich nach der Ankunft am ersten Abend fuhren wir mit dem Local Bus an den Mindle Beach zum Markt. Tolle Stimmung, nette Leute. Liegt es daran, dass Alkohol in der Öffentlichkeit verboten ist, nicht verkauft wird? Die Menschen hier halten sich daran!!!!
    Am Freitag waren wir bummeln, in einer Art Reptilien Zoo, sahen viele große Krokodile, Schlangen und Echsen. Sehr spannend.
    Am Abend feierten wir meinen Geburtstag mit der Gruppe in großer Runde. Wir hatten viel Spaß, saßen für unsere Verhältnisse lange zusammen. Es wurden einige Flaschen Wein geleert. Ein schöner Abend.
    Am Samstag waren wir nochmal in Darwin zum Sightseeing.
    Da es hier die „Sandflights“ gibt haben wir uns zum Sonnenuntergang gut verpackt, lange Hosen, Socken und geschlossene Schuhe. So haben wir das gut überstanden .
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  • Day197

    Darwin 24.8.16 - 29.8.16

    August 24, 2016 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

    Darwin isch e tolli Stadt und jede wommer bis ez troffe hend isch sehr fründlich :)
    Mir sind go shoppe, am Mindil beach Market gsii - und hend biz öppis kauft... Hend e sightseeing tour gmacht und so wiiter
    Am Fritig abig hemmer na as agebifäscht vom Josh derfe gah - isch sehr lustig und underhaltsam gsii :D

    Darwin is a very lovely city and the people we met so for are also very nice.
    We went shopping (a couple times :) ), did a little sightseeing tour and visited the Mindil Beach Market. Still theres so much more to see.
    On friday night we were invited to the birthday party of Josh whom we met in Litchfield :) it was a very funny and entertaining evening.
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  • Day18

    Darwin, Friday

    October 11, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    My cough is sounding great - really loud and hacking first thing! Sorry, John, who's had me coughing most of the night.

    The car needs to be back at the Convention Centre for 09.30 so various teams head for the workshop. My job is to drive all the tools back to Darwin from Hidden Valley Racetrack. Lance's team is sorting our orange flashing roof light - that gets the ok this time so the support vehicles are all good to go. The kids are on domestic duties. Then I'm back to the track and on, following Lance and Rob P, to get the 4x4’s lights repaired across Darwin. It's a fun trip when Lance takes the 'scenic' route. It's actually a minor job so when the call comes in to please take the original seatbelts down to the Convention Centre I can leave the others, return to the garage and head into Darwin for my third trip today. I have now acquired four of our kids on my travels this morning.

    We get to the Convention Centre to be greeted with the great news that we have passed static scrutineering! All the issues of yesterday appear to have dissolved overnight and the car is good to go as it was originally! We reload, head straight back to the track so that Tom can do his required timed figures of 8. He's got to better 18 seconds which he does after a few runs. Yay, we are bang up to date and good for dynamic scrutineering tomorrow. And we get the rest of the day off!
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  • Day19

    Dynamic scrutineering

    October 12, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Our dynamic scrutineering is at 08.00 today which sounds quite good initially but, on getting down to the track, I realise that it's rather early and the atmosphere that I was anticipating from last time just wasn't there. We did our lap and, apart from a few cheers from the team, that was it. We passed, anyway, so we're good to hit the road tomorrow.

    Donna, Lance and I go shopping for a massive shop and spend over $1100 dollars. There's a lot of food. I get cough medicine for my barking cough. Back at the camp site we spot a cheeky possum helping himself to someone else's breakfast. Meanwhile, the others spend the morning clearing out the garage and starting to fill the lorry.

    We assemble our lunches at the pits. The quiche is delicious after days of lunches of wraps with different fillings.

    Then there's a filmed lap of honour of about 10 cars which doesn't really go to plan. One doesn't start, one breaks down on the track, the lead car holds and holds them back from the final straight. The crowd is slowly frying as we wait and wait. Eventually, they roll down the home straight and the camera man has his footage.

    Returning to the pits we find John lugging in a 20 pack of 500 ml bottles of water. Apparently they are clearing them out from the hospitality tent so it's help yourself. Ardingly carry out a raid and acquire 32 packs which is 320l of water which is a much more appealing thought than the jerry cans of water we were proposing to cart through the Outback.

    We just about have time for the final clear up of the garage before having to rush into Darwin, along with every other solar car team, for a safety briefing. The big boss does a roll call of all the teams - most of them have inspiring and buoying chants they shout out. We have nothing but devise a plan on the spot. "Ardingly College" is called and, as one, we stand and clap. So English. We are the only team that got a laugh!

    Safety brief over, we all drift back to camp. Apart from the lorry which is off on a mission of it's own to check the exact route out of the city that we will be following tomorrow. This wouldn't be a problem apart from that it has all our cooking equipment so we can't start food. It finally turns up as it's getting dark.

    Lucy is suffering badly from the heat so takes refuge in our room for a couple of hours. She's sipping cold water, we're trying to cool her with damp towels and are running the aircon at 16C. Eventually she feels a bit better.

    Once we've eaten, we have to start packing the lorry in the dark for our early morning departure. It's so hot and humid. Finally we are done and a group of us head to the pub for a final couple of 'Darwin beers' - lovely.
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  • Day13

    Sunday 1

    October 6, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    We start the day with toasties from the caravan park café as we haven't been shopping yet. Then it's all hands on deck up at the race track getting the garage sorted out and the kitchen stuff ready to go back to the campsite.

    Eventually John and I make it to the supermarket to get the four of us a late lunch and to buy dinner. After that we're off to Bunnings on the hunt for gas bottles for our bbq and hob. And tables. And a new hat for me. And sand. It's really hot today 35C on the car thermometer.

    We've taken over Andrew's room as command control for food as it's the only one with any kitchen facilities at all. We produce our first bbq for dinner but I can't quite see how it's going to work with 24 people to feed...
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