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  • Day11

    Capital Canberra

    January 31, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    Yet another 6am rise to catch the 07.12 train from Sydney Central to Canberra. We were going to visit my Aunt Jean and cousin Stuart who ironically only recently moved from Sydney to Canberra. Our 1st Class journey was pleasant enough, although not on a par with the wonderful Spirit of Queensland service. (Train nerd note: I noticed that the New South Wales trains run on the Standard Gauge Track of 4’6”, like the UK, as opposed to Queensland’s smaller 3’6” Gauge).

    The train passed through Campbelltown on the way, (but no sign of the Loch (or the whisky). Again there was only minimal sightings of bush fire damage on the 4 hour train trip, although generally everything looked hot and dried up, including some of the small rivers. The air conditioned carriage belied the fact that it was 41 degrees Celsius outside! No need for my sweater then today!

    We arrived bang on time in the nation’s capital city, Canberra, located in the ACT (Australian Capital Territory), separate from the rest of the State of New South Wales, just as Washington DC is a separate entity from other US States. Stuart and Aunt Jean met us at the station and it was good to see them again. Aunt Jean has recently turned 90 and is looking good.

    Stuart gave us a tour of Canberra - the planned capital city of what was the new Australian federation. The excellent visitor centre gave an overview of the planning of the city, and then we had a tour of the impressive Parliament Building. A trip up to Black Mountain Telstra Tower afforded wonderful views over the city and Lake Burley Griffin including, rather worryingly, a thick pall of smoke from bush fires just over the hills! We finished our tour with a trip to the National Arboretum, home to more than 44,000 trees from all over the world, including many endangered species.

    A visit back to Aunt Jean’s house for tea ended a lovely visit. Although Stuart offered to drive us back to Sydney (distance is no object here in Oz, he declared), we insisted on getting the train back as we had bought return tickets anyway. The 4 hour journey back was slightly delayed as the train was required to slow down due to excessive outside heat which was affecting the rails!

    We enjoyed an airline-style meal on the train back to Sydney. As we were eating, we heard a rather loud conversation from the elderly gentleman behind us, on the phone to his daughter: ‘Yes, I know honey that your new stepmother and I have been on another trip, and I can tell you here and now that there will be a lot more. What difference does age make? I’m not 80 yet and I know she still finds me attractive. I don’t care how much our trips cost, I’ll be damned if I am leaving anything for you to squander’. Still not sure if he was joking, but the call ended abruptly thereafter.
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    Margaret Morris

    Great you could visit Aunt Jean she would be happy to see you. ❤️

    Robert Fyfe

    Yes it was great to see her and Stuart. He was a great tour guide. 😊

    Margaret Morris

    Looking fab Aunt Jean. ❤️

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  • Day67


    January 6, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☁️ 24 °C

    Gleich nach SYD wird die Luft wieder rauchiger, wir haben zum Glück Eisminzebonbons zum lutschen.
    Auf dem M 31 nimmt der Verkehr deutlich ab, es ist Zeit für einen Zwischenstopp mit starken Kaffee.
    In GOULBORN finden wir eine Tanke, dort gibt es für Betroffene des Feuers kostenlos Getränke. Auch eine Übernachtungsstelle ist ausgewiesen.
    Wir setzen die Fahrt fort, bis zu einem kleinen Campingplatz in GAGA GAGA. Es dunkelt bereits, auch hier sind einige Locals mit dem Camper gestrandet.
    Morgen soll die Luft wieder besser sein, und wir müssten die Buschfeuer hinter uns gelassen haben!!
    So werden wir bis MELBOURNE kommen und Dorothea kann den planmäßigen Flieger erreichen!
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  • Day216

    Fast am Ende...

    March 31, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    So heute bin ich glaube ich am letzten Stop, bevor ich in Sydney bin... hierzu dann noch ein paar Fotos der letzten Tage.




    Einfach nur schön...ICHI



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  • Day2

    So near, and yet so far.

    July 12, 2020 in Australia ⋅ 🌧 6 °C

    Bit tired tonight.
    We are booked into a pet friendly motel in Taree for the night.

    We left Goulburn at 9am this morning and it was such a glorious day.
    The rain had disappeared and the sun was shining.
    And I found the chocolate milk in Bumper’s fridge.
    Emily had bought it for me and I had forgotten.
    So I had chocolate milk with toast!
    Great breakfast!!!

    Wonderful driving day..
    We went a lot further than planned because we were having fun.

    Very glad we were driving around Sydney on a Sunday.
    If that was the traffic skirting Sydney on a Sunday, heaven only knows what it is like on a weekday.

    But as we headed north, the traffic was thinning.
    Lots of people coming back into Sydney on the other side of the road though.

    So I am following Bumper.
    Looking at those perfectly painted rubbers and back window...
    And Emily leads the way...
    Heading into Taree .... about 2km out ....
    Emily pulls over to the side of the road....
    I pull in behind her and put the Emergency lights on flash.
    Something has dropped down under Bumper.
    Something quite big.
    Being as mechanically minded as we are we thought, “That doesn’t look good.”

    And it didn’t.

    Rang RACV..... luckily both have Total Care (planned)
    Driving a 1981 bus and a 20 year old Hi Ace .... can’t do without it.
    RACV very confused, then rang NSW version and got things organised.

    A lovely ‘man in a van’ Glenn arrived.
    Thought he was Ted’s brother (Phyll and Ted)
    So we had a ball.
    ( He didn’t think it looked good either.)
    Rang the tow truck.
    He arrived.
    Loaded poor Bumper onto the back of a truck and followed that truck into Taree.
    Moved Winston into Tin Tin....
    Took all we thought Emily needed out of Bumper...
    And left him sitting forlornly outside the mechanics.

    Booked into this pet friendly motel
    (Didn’t know they existed.)
    Very comfortable.
    500 metres from the mechanics.
    Emily will head down there in the morning.

    We are 2.5 Hours from Daryl and Martine’s at Sandy Beach.
    So near, and yet so far.....

    Depending on what is said tomorrow.
    Obviously need a new tail shaft (or drive shaft ... whatever that thing is)
    But will have to wait for parts I think.
    Both RACV guys said it looks like a bolt has come loose or sheared off.

    So we think that we will leave Bumper to be fixed, drive to Sandy Beach and have fun...
    And come back down to pick up Bumper.

    That’s the plan tonight.
    Subject to change ....

    We are fine.
    You just deal with it.
    And very comfy watching TV on a very big bed in the motel room.

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    Carolyn Arch

    Stopped 2 km from Taree

    Carolyn Arch

    Hmmm.... don’t think that should look like that.

    Carolyn Arch


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  • Day130

    Goulburn - Big Merino

    February 24, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 31 °C

    EN: The Australians and their fascination for huge statues of sheep, bananas, koalas, whales... I forgot how many of those "attractions" I've seen on my way across the continent....

    DE: Die Australier und ihre Faszination für riesige Statuen von Schafen, Bananen, Koalas, Walen... Ich kann mich schon gar nicht mehr an alle dieser "Attraktionen" erinnern, die ich auf dem Weg durch den Kontinent gesehen habe...Read more

  • Day72

    Bulahdelah to Goulburn.

    September 20, 2020 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 16 °C

    Up at 7am.
    Easy pack up though it was raining.
    ( The kayak got a bit wet sitting outside for the night.)
    Took Lacey for a couple of walks in the caravan park.

    Left at 8.10am after calling into the office to pay for the metered power that I had used overnight.
    “ Nothing owing”, they said.
    I had used 13 cents worth of electricity.
    That’s the fridge, blow heater for 10 minutes and phone charger.

    Off we went.
    It rained heavily for about 2 hours of the trip.
    That windscreen gel that makes the raindrops run up the windscreen is wonderful.
    I put some of that on when I washed Tin Tin at Daryl’s weeks and weeks ago.

    The getting past Newcastle was easy.
    Over the steel bridge, right then left.
    Nailed it I thought!
    This was where we found it very confusing on the way up.
    Lots of traffic and traffic lights.

    That was not the spot.
    Somewhere approaching Sydney was that awful spot.
    And the phone told me to go left.
    So I did.
    But it didn’t tell me to go left, then IMMEDIATELY right.
    So I was in trouble.
    Off I went down some street towards Sydney ...
    Didn’t hit the harbour bridge so I suppose all was OK.
    It was absolutely pouring and my phone kept saying ... “U-turn. U-turn.”
    Keep your shirt on.

    Back on track.

    Half ran a red light.
    Skidded to a halt.
    I was going very slowly though.
    Too busy trying to figure out where I was.
    Almost missed the light.
    Lacey fell into her water bowl, perched high on things in the passenger footwell.
    Nothing else moved though.

    Settle down.
    Just trundle along slowly.
    Which I did with no further dramas.

    So roads trips seem to be OK so long as I do not go within 100kms of a major city.
    Really enjoy the country driving.
    Hate those intersections and right/left turns.
    (Plan to investigate how to get past Sydney going via Alice Springs next time.)

    Onto the Hume.
    A pit stop and walk for Lacey.
    Needed petrol.
    Went off the highway to a small town.
    Asked directions to a petrol station.
    A lovely man gave me directions.
    Then his wife came up and gave me ‘proper’ directions.

    Back on the Hume.
    Heavy, heavy fog.
    Then pouring rain.

    Good trip though.

    Found the caravan park easily.
    An older park.
    Lots of big trees and a fenced ‘off lead’ area for dogs.
    Hardly anyone here though.
    Dead quiet.
    Very deserted.
    Correction - I have wandered around and talked to a few people. This is a huge park.
    People are just so far apart.

    Ate chicken and salads at 2.30pm

    Had an early shower.
    Lots of walks for Lace.

    I had water dripping off the back curtain of the van as I drove along.
    Could see the drops falling inside in the rear view mirror.
    I think I caught a corner of the back curtain when I closed it this morning so it seeped in.

    The doona was very wet at that end when I pulled in here.
    So, as I do not have metered power here, I am drying it in front of the blow heater.
    Working brilliantly.

    Beautiful and sunny here now ... 4.45pm.

    Will relax with a book or something after another walk.

    Pretty excited about driving to Albury tomorrow.
    Rang cousin Michael.
    He had stayed at the Woopi Caravan Park.
    Knew it well and loved it!!!
    So onto to Albury tomorrow ...
    Love that Hume Resort right on the water.
    Will be strange to go back without Emily.
    That is where our adventure started.

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  • Day1


    July 4, 2016 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    Headed to Goulburn first. Did the obligatory service centre stop at Marulan because I can't pass this place without stopping for a roast beef and gravy roll. Give it a go if you're driving by!

    Once I got to Goulburn I decided on a whim to scoot up to the War Memorial. It's that tall tower thing plonked on the hilltop that you see when you first drive in to Goulburn. When driving through Goulburn in the past, I never really bothered to work out what it was - for some reason I thought it was an old lookout for escaped prisoners or something (ha!). But anyway, went up there and got a nice view of Goulburn, but as I was alone and there was nobody around, it felt a bit creepy so I didn't stay too long.

    Zipped into Goulburn town itself and engaged in another tradition - a quick shop at Dimmey's. If you've never bothered to have a poke around, I highly recommend it! I picked up a pair of grey cords for $2.99! I love the random stuff they have there, and now make it a regular stop off whenever I pass through.

    I also did the obligatory drive-by of the Big Merino. I'd only ever driven past before - I'd never driven in to have a look around. I was quite surprised at the er, *detail* that they included at the rear of the sheep. :P
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  • Day33

    Roadtrip Tag 3

    March 22, 2019 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Schon am dritten Tag haben wir die Länge einiger Straßen unterschätzt. Mit einem knap halb vollen Tank habem wir uns also auf nach Canberra gemacht.. mit einer leuchtenden Tankleuchte und schwitzigen Händen fuhren wir dann mitten durchs nichts. Weit und breit kein Ort und auch keine Tankstelle. Auch das Internet bzw Netz hatte uns schon lange verlassen, so dass wir, wenn der Tank nun komplett leer gewesen wäre, mitten im Nichts gestrandet gewesen wären. Aber wir haben nochmal Glück gehabt. Irgendwann kam ein kleiner Ort mit einer Tankstelle. Es gab natürlich nur "Super Mega Premium Sprit" der dann mal eben 20 cent/Liter teurer war als der normale aber uns blieb ja nichts übrig.

    Ende der Geschichte, wir sind gut in Canberra angekommen.
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