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  • Day23

    Dinant, Belgium

    June 14 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Dinant 14-17 June
    Dinant is a city in Belgium’s Walloon Region. It’s on the banks of the Meuse River and backed by steep cliffs. Perched on an outcrop above town is the centuries-old fortified Citadel. It's now a museum with sweeping views. Below it is the Gothic Collegiate Church of Our Lady. Nearby, on the site of saxophone inventor Adolphe Sax’s birthplace, Mr. Sax’s House has interactive exhibits on the instrument’s development.
    What a beautiful city - our friends from the US invited us to stay here with them and we are so glad they did. We had a lovely 3 days 4 nights here, one of which was Alan's birthday.
    Apart from the city itself and all its attractions, we visited Han-sur-Lesse, a lovely village in the municipality of Rochefort, Namur Province, famous for the exceptional caves, Grottes de Han, the Cave of Han, carved under a nearby hill by the river Lesse, which is reached via a preserved remnant of the local tramway system. Another beautiful place was Durbuy in the Province of Luxemburg , known for its stone houses and cobbled streets. Promoted as the smallest city in Europe, it has charm, character and not too crowded.
    The food in Dinant was amazing - we were fortunate to dine in four different restaurants while here - all different cuisines and all delicious. The owners delight in offering samples of local desserts or liquors which of course you must accept. I would love to come back here and spend more time. Thank you Owen and Jacqueline - great choice!
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  • Day20

    Great day at Ghent Festival

    July 21 in Belgium ⋅ ☁️ 20 °C

    I wish I was posting this at the end of our day but despite it being nearly 9.30pm we r due back into town at 10.30pm for our evening out with Hendrik and Steve straight after their performance- god help us!!
    Spent the day eating, drinking and walking around Ghent taking in all the free activities.
    Spent a lovely 30 mins listening to a cracking band, listened to some drummers, walked more than 10kms.... and then walked up 440 steps of the Cathedral tower to get a fabulous view of the city. Coming down was worse than going up!
    Sat by the river with a wine and then had dinner before coming home for a rest but have a feeling 1 hour is not going to be enough. This “holiday” is like an endurance event!!
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  • Day21

    Party with Ghent's Talented and ? Famous

    July 22 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Had a very quiet day planning. Then after dinner we were taken swimming in the Leie River Ghent which also doubles as a toilet for the local cows!
    What was hilarious was after getting ourselves unceremoniously in we realised we couldn’t easily get out!!
    Several attempts and both flying backwards onto our asses (one of us into prickles and one of us into mud later!!) we got ourselves out onto the bank!!
    At 10.25pm we left for Sven’s bday party only to be stranded when a tram derailed.
    Steve cycled home and rescued us and walked us to the poshest party with the most talented group of people we could encounter. We had entertainment at professional level.
    Now on last tram home again...2.02!!
    This holiday is going to kill us ps the house where the party was has its own tunnel!!
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  • Day23

    Evening river swim- Ghent

    July 24 in Belgium ⋅ 🌙 24 °C

    To celebrate the procurement of our Mongolian visa and the fact it was sweltering we spent a pleasant evening swimming in the Leie River followed by a v nice dinner in a quaint little village (whose name we don’t know).
    The highlight being getting to travel in Hendrik’s super smart new campervan which is less than 1 week old- Kate is now googling the price of Citroen Clever Vans!!Read more

  • Day6

    Tour de France Day 2- Team time trial

    July 7 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Another cracking day stood at the start of the Team Time Trial where the teams race over 27,6kms reaching speeds of 64kms!!!
    The winning team contained George Bennett our NZ rider from Nelson!!
    Worth standing and holding our place for 3 hours .... but didn’t take too kindly when some man asked if we could move so his little child ( who had no interest in the race) could see, 5 mins before the start, just so he could muscle in- the answer was a definitive no!!
    Meeting Kate’s friend Hendrik for a drink at a v European time... 9pm!!! On a Sunday night!! We r usually asleep by then!
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  • Day5

    Start of the Tour de France!!

    July 6 in Belgium ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Great morning!! Positioned right at the front of the podium for the riders sign in..... little did we realise it was 11am not 9am! Got a great view of the actual yellow jersey.
    Won ugly hats by cheering in the dance off!
    Then ran down the road for the official start of the Tour de France 2019. Now off to walk to try to get best position for the finish of Day 1Read more

  • Day5

    Finish of the Tour de France Day 1

    July 6 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Sadly didn’t make it to the finish line of the TDF as just too many people deep to be able to get a good view so settled for a great spot just before the 1kms to go banner.
    Cheered everyone in and then back to Grand Place for a couple of beers as plan tomorrow time trial viewing

  • Day34

    Torhout / Antwerp, Belgium

    June 25 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Today we rode from Willemstad to Antwerp, a port city on Belgium’s River Scheldt. It was an unbelievably hot day reaching 37°. It was a long hard 50kms to our destination but we made it....a little later than planned because we lost one rider along the way! Luckily his wife noticed he was no longer with us. A panic-stricken tour guide and the only other two men set off in various directions to find him. About an hour later he was found! For the men this expedition added a few kms to what was already a very exhausting ride - for the women, it was a very welcome pitstop to relax and revive!
    We had an almost unnoticed crossing of the border from Holland to Belgium until our guide pointed out a big insignificant concrete block at the side of the path!!
    Our lunch stop today was Kasteel Ravenhof (Ravenhof Castle), a castle in the centre of Torhout, West Flanders. The city's park surrounds the castle which now serves as a museum and tourist centre. The promise of Belgian waffles at the café here kept everyone in high spirits....and they didn't disappoint. They were by far the best waffles ever tasted - light and delicious!
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  • Day34


    June 25 in Belgium ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

    The Port of Antwerp is one of the biggest in the world, ranking second in Europe. The city is also known for its diamond industry and trade.
    We walked into the city after dinner to look around. We went to the top floor of the Museum aan de Stroom for some great views of Antwerp.
    We continued into the old town and into the main square, the Grote Markt, with its extravagant city hall (which was sadly covered up while being renovated), its 16th century guildhalls, and many restaurants and cafés. We picked a nice pub in the square and had a drink before heading back to the boat. Antwerp old town is a very easy to walk around.Read more

  • Day34

    Old Town Antwerp

    June 25 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    It was very quiet when we were in the old town!
    Also threw in a picture of the Museum aan de Stroom to show some modern architecture - this is the building the previous photos were taken from - 10th Floor.

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