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  • Day26

    Bison und Bär

    July 7, 2018 in Canada

    Obwohl heute Samstag ist, nicht dass das eine Rolle spielen würde 😀, stellen wir uns einen Wecker... wir Armen. Die Snooze-Funktion und unsere immer weiter fortschreitende Tiefenentspannung lässt uns allerdings gleich mal um eine Stunde verschlafen.
    Endlich aufgerappelt machen wir uns auf den Weg in die Mitte des Nationalparks, wo man mit etwas Glück in den frühen Morgenstunden Bisons in der Prärie beim Weiden beobachten kann. Trotz unserer Verspätung haben wir Glück und entdecken nach einiger Fahrtzeit 3 Bisons, welche wegen der Hitze jedoch größtenteils auf der faulen Haut liegen und sich auch von uns nicht aus der Ruhe bringen lassen.

    Auf dem Weg zu unserem Frühstücksplatz am See, auf welchem sich Pelikane treiben lassen, kreuzt noch ein kleiner süßer Schwarbär unseren Weg. Allerdings ist auch dieser so schreckhaft, dass er sich gleich im Busch versteckt als wir uns nähern.

    Gut gestärkt liegt ein weiterer Road Trip vor uns, dessen ersten zwei Stunden komplett auf Schotterpisten erfolgen. Dieses ist wohl auch der Grund, weshalb uns nur Pickups entgegenkommen.
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  • Day1

    First impressions

    April 11, 2016 in Canada

    Just the drive up to PA from Saskatoon was already confirming - I'm not home anymore! People say the prairies are flat, but boy they weren't kidding! Ottawa doesn't have the biggest hills or any mountains really, but it has enough to make it look textured, or the illusion of rolling hills... But here, flat. Flat, flat, flat. A speed bump would be a welcomed change in altitude! Since it's post-winter, the fields are endless views of yellow. Nothing interesting, nothing growing, just lots of yellow. Our bus from Saskatoon to PA would stop in these miniature towns along the way, not picking up anyone really...

    Arriving in PA was a bit of shocker - its a city. It's a small city, but it's a city. Not a single building over 3 floors high, yet bigger town then we expected. The roads, much like my dad warned, are all 4 lanes wide despite the lack of any cars on them, it just makes it longer to walk. The parking lots go on for miles in front of stores, despite them being empty. This is definitely a driving town. But still - everything we need is a short walk away! I would say about 80-85% of the vehicles are either SUVs or pickup trucks. Pickup trucks being most of those.

    We had a training today for non violent intervention with violent patients, and at one point we had to act out scenarios. Long story short - one of the women there, probably the most typically small town lady I've seen yet (curly mullet and over sized t-shirt) was repeating "I want to go home" over and over again. When she was finally asked why she responded "I miss my cows". And that ladies and gents and in between, is how you know you've exited the city.

    Small towns also brings on small town sensitivity training, or lack thereof. During the training today Jack kept having to bite her tongue at moments such as the presenter saying "like if you don't want negative attention, don't wear tight scrubs pants, or low cut shirts, and watch how you bend over". Talk about victim blaming. I had more trouble with the lack of inclusiveness of the presenter. I mean, I'm in the room - he's got a pretty clear clue that he needs to be inclusive and yet at one point he turned to the one cis-man in the room and asked if he had kids, to which the cis-man says no. The presenter goes on to say that means he's the only one in the room who would understand how it is to feel hopeless watching your wife deliver a baby. I almost wished I had kids in that moment. Almost.

    That being said, my first 24 hours here has been great! I haven't felt judged at all, haven't felt threatened. We have a roommate in our apartment who happens to be Muslim from Somalia and she's fantastic! It could have gone much worse. Super friendly, we had drinks together, she has a wonderful laugh. Tonight she even said our relationship (Jack and I) reminded her of her relationship with her husband (currently in Kenya). That to me means she's acknowledging the relationship and is ok with it enough to compare it to her own. This is great!

    The apartment is 2 bedrooms plus a TV room plus sunroom. It's actually massive. Living and dining room. Fully equipped kitchen. We have a huge master bedroom with walk in closet and personal washroom. 15 min walk to work. And the cherry on top - there's an indoor pool and sauna and hot tub. Booya! We're actually having 4 friends over for a pool party tonight! We made friends!

    Granted, this is a 24 hour impression - but so far, no intimidation! The people I met at the training, or the people I'm crossing paths with, or Gwen who showed us the apartment, have all been really nice. Friendly smiles, no awkward looks. So far, so good. Not even the typical "don't worry, I'm not homophobic" conversations, just nothing. No issues. That's 24 hours in.

    I'm excited for this bit of time - starting in the emergency Thursday. Plenty of things to do. Making friends already. This is good!
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  • Day11

    I'm failing at this!

    April 21, 2016 in Canada

    I guess I'm not doing as good as I was in Africa... Turns out, there isn't that much to write about around here!

    Last Saturday (I know I'm late), we got a ride with Jenn and her boyfriend Jeff into Saskatoon, about an hour and a half drive. Jenn is the other contract nurse working in emerg - in case you lost tract. The drive up was the same as our bus ride - flat and uneventful. But the company was nice!

    Saskatoon is this really cute town! And by that, I mean the 2 main "downtown" streets and along the river front were beautiful, with so much charm. Everything else was just typical town of wide roads with little traffic and big plain concrete buildings... The downtown had all these cute shops; we had lunch on the patio of a vegetarian café, and then walked to the waterfront. It was a gorgeous day, sun shining.

    Jack saw an add for a tattoo convention that happened to be now, so why not! Took a taxi over, and walked back the 45 minutes inside this rich fancy neighbourhood of houses along the water. In which, I found my future home! All along the river itself was what seemed to be all new art and statues or designs in the ground, all representing Saskatoon's history. Of course Jack had to play around with the statues, or jump on the ground that stated Prince Albert.

    The tattoo convention was a first for me! Rows and rows of portfolios to look through, artists to chat with, or watch them at work! I fell in with one of them but she's base in Edmonton (I think...), so maybe there's a road trip in my future! It was nice to be amongst people you know enjoy similar art. If only I had all the money in the world, I felt like telling some of them "here's a ton of money, now cancel your other appointments and let's talk sleeve!". Soon I hope, soon.

    As for our time in Prince Albert, almost too easy... Nothing to write about! No stares. No name calling. No awkward looks. Many people at work seem to be avoiding conversations revolving around Jack and I, but no comments. I find I haven't been asked the typical "how long have you been together" or "where did you meet", which is the only hint towards discomfort.

    Not even any comments on how I look. I made a joke about me looking boyish the other day and I got crickets... Lol. So again, I feel like there's discomfort in the air, but who knows! Maybe my jokes just aren't funny!

    My approach has been to just be super nice to everyone. Walking into Shoppers the other day, these two sketchy looking men were outside, and one asked for a cigarette. With a huge smile I responded that I didn't smoke. His reply - "alright, I like your hair man!" Which made me confused as to which gender he was associating to me. On my way back out of Shoppers, from the same gentleman I got "hey, Rihanna!". Lmao! There's a first!

    Small town differences - sitting on our balcony we saw a guy arrive at his friends place via 4-wheeler. We saw one of those farming golf cart kind of things crossing the highway. Special mention again for all the darn pickups on the street. A co-worker just bought a house and said "it's JUST 2 acres". According to our boss, our building is the only building with an indoor pool in PA - score! A co-worker was telling me about their regulars, or frequent flyers as we call them, and everybody sees them around town. They can tell you who's brother with who and who's mother was in last week...

    That's that folks! Not too much to rapport. Jack had herself a great day volunteering at the local SPCA and walked/played with dogs all day. She wouldn't stop talking about it and telling me all about Mia the beagle. I just finished working 2 nights and she's about to start 3 nights. Our schedules don't exactly match up, but that's ok. I'll be trying to entertain myself in the next couple days...
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  • Day5

    I'm not in Ottawa anymore...

    April 15, 2016 in Canada

    Well then, it's confirmed - I'm not in Ottawa. I was chatting with Jackie, our nurse educator, yesterday about phone numbers. They have recently been told to dial in the area code because the big phone people might be introducing a new area code; I figured, oh yeah, like in Ottawa, makes sense. What I found out today - she didn't mean the city or region, she meant the province ! Yep, I leant that you only recently have to use an area code for the ENTIRE province. So you could be calling hours away, long distance charges and all, and no area code needed! Maybe I'm just an idiot, or completely naive as to stats for Saskatchewan, but apparently their population is just above 1 million, so quite similar to Ottawa. The region though, slightly bigger.

    Another tell-tale of a smaller town - I spent my morning break listening to a conversation about how many chickens Jackie was buying, and how many pickling jars she could get. I then spent my lunch break talking about buying "a quarter" land which is apparently 160 acres for 50 0000-220 000 $ depending on the quality of farm land. This girl was attempting to buy a piece of land next to hers, 160 acres, 120 000 $. That's nuts!

    I found out yesterday that the nursing salary scale is a full 10$ more an hour then in Ontario. That's 20% more then ours! Their top salary scale is more then what I'm making as a contract nurse. And yet because of the money they also give my agency, we're the last people they call in for overtime. So that's not happening. What am I going to do with my 6 days off alone next week!

    I don't want to talk too much about the job itself, that's not very interesting. I got 2 shifts of training, including a total of 7 hours of shadowing, and my next shift Monday - I'm on my own! Sure, that makes sense... Lol. Apparently that's more training then most agency nurses get. There's even nurses that have worked there for a year, and are just starting to work in their OBS sections with monitors, and we as more experienced nurses will be mostly scheduled there. That's not stressful at all. The saddest part is there aren't any orderlies! The puke, the pee, the poop, all me. The glasses of water, blankets, repositioning, all me. I even have to wheel my own admitted patients up to the floors on nights... No porter. It's all very interesting. I asked what their wait times were, and she said they were shameful - about 30 minutes to 2 hours. I almost died laughing.

    The population / clientele is already proving to be quite different. Different people, different struggles. I really don't know how much detail I can give on the clientele, so obvious confidentiality issues, so this is definitely not something I'll be bringing too often. As a general look, seems like overdoses, suicide attempts, and sexual assault will all be a new challenge to my nursing skills.

    Well, I'm sure there's plenty other differences, so I'll keep you all posted!
    For now, we've been very good with our groceries, cooking, lunch packing, coffee making in the morning... This apartment is really well set up, everything we need, down to the heat lamp above the shower. Plan tomorrow - Saskatoon with our fellow co-worker / agency nurse and her partner. More explorations!
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  • Day56

    In Saskatchewan

    June 12, 2016 in Canada

    Not as many wires. Way worse road. Gordon couldnt read to me.

    Border official grilled us mercelessly. We figure we were his first customer in a week. He was very troubled that we didnt know where we were headed after tonight but eventually let us proceed.

  • Day14


    September 12, 2017 in Canada

    We were very excited about camping in Grasslands National Park in the South-West corner of Saskatchewan.

    So, on September 10th we made a long drive from Kenora Ontario to Weyburn Saskatchewan, with a lunch stop to visit Laurie Connor (former AC prof) in Winnipeg. We met at "The Forks" (area in central Winnipeg where the Red River meets the Assiniboine) and Laurie treated us to a great lunch with home made muffins to speed us on our way to a dog-friendly Weyburn motel. Then yesterday we drove to Grasslands where we are living in a tipi for a couple of nights.

    The park was created in the 1980's to preserve some of the original prairie plant and animal species, and it is beautiful. The dry rolling hills are teaming with bird life (hawks, grouse, pheasants, owls, and lots of others) and mammals (bison, mule deer, coyotes, foxes, and "towns" of black-tailed prairie dogs). It is a desert, with the winding Frenchman River running through it. When we arrived it was 32 degrees Celsius and the café owner at the park entrance said it was a welcome change from the 36 degree heat of the last few weeks. But at night in our tipi, we need our warm sleeping bags as the temperature drops close to zero. There is haze in the air from forest fire smoke from Northern Saskatchewan. This makes the sun look fiery orange at times.

    We have been hiking lots with dogs on leash. There are flat prairies, rolling hills, and massive buttes with cliffs. The dogs have been on high alert with all the wild animals. Boots and Jabba moan with frustration when they see deer or prairie dogs and they cannot run after the creatures. However, in the tipi we give them free range to decimate the rodent life, which is prolific. Or it was on the first night, but now (I am writing this in my sleeping bag on night #2) there is a total absence of squeaks and rustling which we heard on night #1.

    Some of our most interesting moments on this trip involve conversations with other people -- we get a glimpse into someone else's life. The woman who owns the café in Val Marie, the village next to the park, said she came from Toronto 4 years ago to visit because her mother had been born here. She stayed and started the café for a different pace of life.
    "I made documentaries for the CBC, and there was always pressure to produce. They say you're only as good as your next documentary. Here, my life is my own to live."

    She makes awesome cappuccinos.
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  • Day34

    Sskwtchn oder so

    July 10, 2018 in Canada

    So Freunde, nach 14 std Auto, 1 Platten, 3 Staaten, 2 Ländern und 2 ziemlich krassen Typen, die die ganze Fahrt genau wie auf dem Bild gefahren sind, bims i endlich in Kanada.

    Nimmt man sskchwn dazu habe ich ingesamt 13 Staaten gesehen 💪🤘

    Aber ich freue mich jetzt auf eine chillige Woche mit Ui Va.
    Kann also sein, dass es nicht soviel zu berichten gibt.
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  • Day39

    Kultur und so

    July 15, 2018 in Canada

    Das Bier ist alle😳
    Deswegen waren wir heute mal unterwegs im hiesigen Museum und an der Universität von Regina, die ursprünglich für die Ureinwohner gedacht war. (Siehe Bild)

    Aber die letzten Tage waren sehr entspannend. Wir waren am See, im Openairkino oder einfach nur Zuhause.

    Alexej ist zwar etwas anstrengend, wie ihr sicher schon an den nervigen Kommentaren gemerkt habt, aber die Familie ist lovely (wie sagt man nochmal auf deutsch 🤔?!).
    Ich fühl mich hier pudelwohl und werde das auch noch bis Dienstag Morgen, bis es wieder zurück nach Boston und einen Tag später zurück nach Frankfurt geht.

    So jetzt aber auch genug, es gibt wieder Bier☝️
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  • Day0


    April 10, 2017 in Canada

    It's the day before we leave for our "Epic Trip to Nepal" and I can hardly believe we are finally here. I've had a countdown going on my phone for many days and it felt like the days were crawling by. Jon and I have talked about doing this trip since we first met when we were 20 years old. Between careers, kids, life and health issues it has taken us 37 years to get to it. A year and a half ago I honestly didn't think this trip would ever happen but we are are all packed up and ready to go.

    There have been many, many details involved in planning this trip, most of which were taken care of by Jon. For my part, my "to-dos" are all done, I'm sitting relaxing with a cup of mint tea, I'm going over last minute details in my mind and wondering if I'll sleep at all tonight!!
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