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    • Day 33

      Day Thirty-Three: Prague

      April 17 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☁️ 6 °C

      I believe Prague is up there for one of my favorite cities. And today is up there for one of the best days on the trip, for sure. We started the day a free little walking tour to the castle district. Fun fact that I learned after we left is that this castle is the second biggest in all of Europe. But the tour was going to continue outside of the castle district, but I was so amazed by it that I convinced a couple of other people to stay with me and explore. So we bought a ticket for some of the highlights and went. A lot of people have gotten their fill of churches, but they still blow my mind. This one was my first one that had a lot of stained glass. And fuck me it is so beautiful see all the beautiful colors coming through. This church was full of this crazy tombs of all the bishops of the church and even contained the second ever bishop dating back to the 500s. Afterward we went to the palace which was a little disappointing, there wasn't really anything in there and it was so full. We did get to see the throne and the crown jewels, which was cool. On our way down to meet the group, the other people stopped for a treat, and I saw vendor had bowls of fruit for sale, and by God, it has been the best purchase I have made so far. It was so ripe and delicious, much needed fruit since I haven't had any since traveling. We met back up with everyone and went to this BBQ place, and we were all convinced to buy pork knuckles, which was hella expensive. As you can see, it was very much worth. It was so delicious and one of my favorite meals. I have also gained a taste for Hugo spritz since Italy, a fantastic drink. For the evening, we did a hidden Prague tour with the total gem of a tour guide named Bruno. This was the best tour we have done. It started with us getting to try some Czech liquor, 2 shots. And of course, I grabbed the stronger one first, I was not ready for how gross it was. It did come back up just a little bit. The other one was very good, though. I believe the percentage was 40 and 35 respectively. So, it was a great way to start the tour. Then we went to this beautiful park just hidden up some random street. And you could even hear peacocks in the distance, too! And when we went to see them, one even pulled his feathers up! They were looking a little sad, though. We also saw these random signs on the wall with just a straight line and a year. One was like 4 meters up, and it turns out it was the high that water got too during some of the major floods that happened. Happened a lot, apparently... we walked a little to a classic pub and learned that all the classic pubs are underground because Pilsner needed to be stored at 15 degrees. And beer doesn't have a listed percentage but is listed as steps. So a normal beer is 14 steps. This indicates how many steps underground it is stored since it affected percentage. But I also learned that Pilsner beer originates from Prague, and the recipe has not changed since 1842. On top of all this me and Ethan learned our new favorite way to cheers! We had a lot of fun at this pub. Our tour guide was a total gem since I was called Buffalo on my first pint, so I had to chug it, and Bruno gave me another one! And then when other people were first and he was getting another round he got me another one! So I had 3 beers for free... after the tour, we found out the other tour guide only gave one drink to the group, so we really got the cool guy! Then we walked across one of the old bridges full of statues and got to try the trdelník dessert, which is just like a chimney cake. You can put like ice cream and stiff in them but the place stayed open for us because we were late. But for that reason, everyone got their own! Then we went to this bar where you could only pay with the card they give you, so you would have to fill the card with cash. And to top it off, you can only leave the bar if you give them the card back. But this bar was a lot of fun. There were multiple rooms, and we got to meet another contiki group there as well. They were awesome. Turns out that when you cheers you need to make eye contact, or else you get 7 years of bad sex; so I'm screwed. But at this point, I was pretty drunk, so I slowed down a lot and was just having a good time. We went to the dance floor and I was teaching some of the girls how to dance, it was so much fun! Then Bec came over and randomly just came over and told me to be careful and that I was going to throw up? Like I was teaching people to dance and I didn't have a drink at the time. But that's OK, we just had some fun and went to a five story club afterward. Everyone was saying how all 5 stories were open to get there, pay 20 euros to get in, and only see two of the levels open... but it was still fun with the gang just dancing and playing around. At one point, one of the ladies was running to the dance floor and just fell straight on her face. She was ok, but it was pretty funny to watch. It was a blast of a day made better by the fact I was feeling a little better too.Read more

    • Day 19

      Prague Castle

      August 24, 2019 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Today we spent the day exploring Prague Castle. Like Buda Castle, there are several buildings and monuments within a walled area, so it took a fair few hours to get around.

      We went to the Cathedral first, then took the Castle tour followed by a walk down Golden Lane and a visit to some old residences.

      After that we were tired and hungry so we went for dinner at a Czech restaurant before getting a tram back over the river.

      Before heading back to the hostel we got a pedalo on the river and saw the Dancing House and other sights from a riverside perspective.

      Tomorrow we’re up early to go to the airport for our trip home. I’ve been notified of strikes at Barcelona, so I hope it doesn’t cause problems...
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    • Day 225

      We went swimming in the river!!! (Pt1)

      December 18, 2023 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☀️ 9 °C

      Had the best day yesterday :). First thing we did was go out for a Turkish breakfast. I'd completely forgotten how much we loved the big spreads they did for breakfast in Turkey so when Ozge suggested we go I was so amped! This one wasn't quite as vast as the real thing but it was still so yum. After that, I had to go back to the ornament alley from the other day, we tried to walk there but we got lost and ended up at the prague castle. The castle was real cool but the best bit was the Cafe at the end, it overlooked the whole city and the sky was so sunny and clear it turned out being the best view of the city so far! In the evening we went to the Charles Bridge to see a guy that dresses up in an old medieval costume to light the lanterns, it only happens at Christmas and seems like a pretty big deal, we only saw the end but there were like 100 people following the guy around and they gave him a huge round of applause when he finished. It was night by this point so we got dinner from the Christmas markets and then went to a sauna bar, which was definitely the highlight of the day. It was on a boat and they let you swim in the river! The river water was so cold it was insane, the longest I spent in the water was like 30 seconds and by the end my whole body was contracting into a ball and I could barley move. We spent the night getting as warm as we could in the sauna and then running out to have competitions to see who could stay in the water the longest. I definitely didn't think I'd be swimming in the prague river this trip and I'm so stoked I got to. After that we went to another bar on the rivers edge, it had a massive glass circle as the door which was so cool, it was terrible at keeping the warm in tho ahah.

      Ps the guy taking the video is Konrad, he's a friend we made at the bar crawl he's from Perth.
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    • Day 2

      Karlsbrücke & Prager Burg

      December 29, 2023 in Czech Republic ⋅ 🌬 10 °C

      Heute sind wir früh aufgestanden, um die Karlsbrücke und die Prager Burg so leer wie möglich zu sehen. Außerdem war das Licht natürlich wunderschön zum Fotografieren.
      Die Brücke war bereits voller als gedacht, dafür war der Spaziergang zum Schloss schön entspannt und leer. Im Schloss war auch noch relativ wenig los, sodass wir entspannt durch das Burgareal schlender konnten. Im Anschluss sind wir noch durch Novy Svet spaziert: ein Viertel, in dem man sich wie im Mittelalter fühlt. Dort sind wir im Bistro Loreta für einen Cappuccino und eine Cola eingekehrt. Der Inhaber war unglaublich freundlich :) Danach haben wir die Metro 22 bis nach Hause genommen und gehen nach einer kleinen Pause nun shoppen 😁Read more

    • Day 2

      Prager Burg (Hradschin) mit Veitsdom

      June 15, 2023 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

      Geschafft. Nach noch mehr unzähligen Treppen und verwinkelten Wegen sind wir tatsächlich oben angekommen.
      Was haben wir gestaunt: Riesengroße Burganlage mit dem von Weitem schon zu sehenden Dom und vielen Museen im Gelände. Wahnsinn. Der atemberaubende Blick über die Dächer von Prag ist ja nun schon fast zur Gewohnheit geworden 😝Read more

    • Day 3

      Kulturtag Praha

      December 18, 2023 in Czech Republic ⋅ 🌙 6 °C

      Am Montag ging es erstmal in ein kleines Café frühstücken. "The Oat" hat sich auf Porridge spezialisiert und diese auch super lecker zubereitet!
      Danach ging es mit den Öffis zur Standseilbahn (ebenfalls in den Öffis inkludiert) und von dort hoch auf den Petrin Berg. Die Empfehlung von Marie war super, auf dem Turm hatte man eine herrliche Aussicht auf Prag und das Umland. Inkludiert im Ticket war auch ein kleines Spiegellabyrinth, was einem automatisch ein Lächeln auf die Lippen zaubert!

      Weiter bergab ging es in ein Kloster mit einer beeindruckenden alten Bibliothek. Die Literatur durfte man leider nur von der Ferne betrachten, es war aber auch von weitem sehr beeindruckend!
      Über die Burg mit vielen vielen Touris ging es in einen kleinen Winzerei-Bereich mit herrlichem Ausblick auf die Stadt. Natürlich durfte da ein wärmender Glühli nicht fehlen!
      Wieder am Fuße des Berges und auf Höhe der Moldau angekommen gab es für Sandra eine Kartoffelsuppe und für mich einen Goulasch.

      Hightlight war das Abendprogramm:
      Abendessen gab es in einem Eisenbahn-Restaurant, in dem Modellbauzüge das Essen und die Getränke lieferten.
      Mit gestärkten Bäuchen ging es in einen Jazz-Keller, in dem wir bei Live Musik und mehreren Runden Skibbo den Abend haben ausklingen lassen.
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    • Day 2

      Alter Königspalast mit Vladislavsaal

      October 13, 2018 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

      Nach dem Veitsdom ging es, vor dem Aufstieg auf die Aussichtsplattform, in den alten Königspalast mit dem berühmten Vladislavsaal. Diese Reihenfolge haben wir gewählt, damit noch etwas Zeit für die Aussicht vergeht, da die Luft aktuell noch etwas diesig war. Sowohl der alte Königspalast, als auch der Vladislavsaal wirken auf dem ersten Blick nicht sonderlich pompös oder besonders. Die Geschichte des Palastes geht auf das 12. Jahrhundert zurück und ist im Stil der Gotik und der Renaissance gestaltet. Von 1490/1493 bis 1502 errichtete der Baumeister Benedikt Ried den Vladislavsaal, den wohl bedeutendsten Saalbau der Renaissance nördlich der Alpen. Die Vladislavhalle wird für Einweihungen genutzt und ist die wichtigste Repräsentationshalle des Landes. Am tollsten an dem alten Königspalast hat uns die kleine Aussichtsplattform gefallen, von der man einen wunderschönen Blick auf die goldene Stadt Prag hat. Das Panoramabild ist wirklich super gelungen!Read more

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