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  • Day50

    Last day in Brno

    October 23, 2016 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☁️ 10 °C

    I found an Apple Store in town today as well as a huge shopping centre. Bad news is my phone won't hold much data let alone upload to cloud so I have to email myself my pictures to my laptop and then delete them from my iphone to make space. Pain in the ass. When I return to Sk I will buy a camera. Ntl I have managed to make some space to take a few shots today. Visited the gothic church of St. Peter & Paul, Green Market square and Freedom Square. Check out the cock clock as it is known here. Rings everyday at 11 but should be at noon and no one can figure out what time it is. It was erected (literally) in 2010 and the representation is when the swedes invaded in 1645. Every new year it's wrapped in plastic to protect it from fireworks so it looks like a giant condom. Only in Europe! Amazing.Read more

  • Day48

    Brno-Czech Republic

    October 21, 2016 in Czech Republic

    Well here I am again in another amazing city. I am the only one in my six bed hostel (keeping my fingers crossed) and it is an apartment decorated for a queen. I may actually sleep all night. Brno from what I walked so far this afternoon has lots of culture, history and is the Moravian region. It's gorgeous! I will be here for the next 3 days snooping around and then will decide where to go.Read more

  • Day49

    Brno today

    October 22, 2016 in Czech Republic

    What a beautiful sunny day today with a crisp note in the air. Walked the city today but all the churches seemed to be closed. There are 4 churches within .5km of each other here. There are also underground tunnels (labyrinths) which I am too chicken to explore by myself. Apparently the dearly departed who had the plague years ago were exhumed and strange things lurk there. Got a roommate, Yuchin from Taiwan bunking with me tonight and she works for Amazon in Bratislava. Will meet up with her when I go back. We had dinner together at a local beer tavern that was super busy and the beer and food was outstanding. Two beers, gulash with steamed dumplings and gravy and hot peppers with tip $10. No fotos because since I uploaded to iCloud I have no storage in my phone. Really ticked off. Will be purchasing a camera tomorrow if I can find a shop so I can take some pictures. It's a must as the sites here are incredible. Highly recommend Brno as a destination to see.Read more

  • Day91


    July 7, 2017 in Czech Republic

    Its nickname is "Moravian Manchester". It is the second largest city in Czech Republic and it was dead the day we arrived.. I don't know if someone warned them we were coming but hopefully it was due to it being a Czech public holiday. This first day was largely taken up on the search for a chocolate crepe. They seem to like crepes here in Czech and as I do not share the obsession with Nutella with the rest of Europe, I dragged Stuart around the streets until we found actual chocolate.

    On the second day we did our first "free" walking tour here. Where you basically tip what you feel like. Definitely helped to add interest to the city and we learnt quite a lot about it and Czech humour. We saw a statue of two people fornicating on the side of a church, a huge horse that when you stand under it and look up it looks like a giant penis and their modernist astronomical clock which is shaped like a bullet but people think that it looks - again - like a giant...

    In Brno they ring the noon day bell at 11am and have done since 1645. The weary Swedish were close to conquering the city but agreed that if they had not done so by 12pm then they would leave and not return.. the sneaky Moravian Mancunians therefore decided to ring the bell at the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul an hour early at which point the Swedes promptly left and the city was saved.

    On the tour we met a lovely Finnish girl called Hanna, who was in Brno for a Bachelorette party. We ended up having lunch together and visiting a crypt under the Capuchin Monastry with Hanna. We also enjoyed a free Birdseye view of the city which we had learnt about on the tour.

    In the evening we headed to the coolest bar called Super Panda Circus. It is found behind a curtained doorway and you must ring the doorbell to be let in. You are then met by a doorman who explains how the bar works, shows you to a seat and brings a display of random items on sticks. You choose your drink by instinct (but you can see how much you are paying and the alcohol content!!).

    The drinks themselves were like works of art. Mine came accompanied by a lime and coriander ice lolly.. Hanna's had a marshmallow and an ice block branded with the bar's logo.. Stuart's came accompanied with a dish of enoki mushrooms.. All of this in a completely non-pretentious atmosphere. The bartenders were really friendly and the doorman didn't bat an eyelid at us in trainers and rainmacs. To top it all off the prices were half of what you'd pay at home. I would say this place is reason enough to stop over in Brno, and I don't even like cocktails!
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  • Day45

    2 days in Brno - Czech Rep

    August 27, 2016 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Rode south to Brno, Czech Rep's 2nd largest city and amother great place to visit. I missed the Czech Motogp by 4 days, not such a bad thing as I wouldn't have been able to afford to stay. The hotel told me the price was over 4 x as much last week!!!!.

    Lots of places in walking distance within the city - the usual cathedrals, museums etc. To be honest it can almost become overload.. my highlight was the local fire fighters had a huge display closing down part of the city. Then a fireworks display later that night. There were a couple of really nice roads on the way down.

    My inability to order a drinkable chai latte has meant I've been drinking hot chocolate, but even this isn't as easy as it sounds (although "chocolate" seems to be one of those multi-lingual words common to most languages, a bit like pizza and spagetti, also among my favourite of words). Anyway I've had some hot and misses even with hot chocolate. There's a pic of one I ordered here in Brno. It was literally a cup of hot very very melted chocolate and a smaller cup brimming with whipped cream. Not sure what to do, I slowly mixed the cream into the chocolate. know was great👍

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  • Day357

    Country number 6!

    May 27, 2017 in Czech Republic

    Today was mainly about the fear of no morning tea and cold baked beans!

    Our cooking meth spirit bottle was down to the last few doses and we needed to get another. A huge Kaufland and Tesco megastore had 33p pain au chocolat but no meths.. it led to a few funny encounters of Peter trying to explain to a member of staff what we needed, somehow "spiritus" got translated to "ghost"! 😅

    1 hour later we were full of breakfast and ready to hit the road. It was a day of mainly main roads or jungle- overgrown back-lanes, very little middle ground. Oh and a nasty headwind. All day....if you had to stop in a low gear uphill, forget being able to get back onto the bike without going back downhill! Generally not many recreational bikers on the road, mainly old people who could cycle more fluidly than they could walk.

    The small residential areas were interesting, many gardens still had hand pumps on the front, presumably now surplus to requirements but kept for nostalgia. Talking of nostalgia, every fourth car seems to be a skoda from the 00s, favorit, fabia, felicia... still well-loved and going strong!

    We still managed a healthy 88km but it meant arriving into our Czech campsite a bit later than we'd like, crossing the border just before the end of the day. Delayed futher by the reception lady not speaking English, German, French... well, why would she 😀 . Thanks to Google translate we were able to ask if any rooms in the wooden cabins were free, they weren't so she showed me a room in the main building. 2 tiny twin beds and a guy audibly snoring in a neighbouring room at thanks!

    There were 2 coin-operated shower cabins, of course I chose the non-working one and had to run back to the tent in my tiny travel towel in order to get more coins. Amusingly, the toilet roll dispenser (just one) was outside the toilet cubicles, so some good guesswork was called for before chosing your throne room!

    After a delicious dinner of pasta with mushroom sauce with garlic and onion, Peter ended up dreaming of buying meth spirit for tomorrow. The quest goes on!
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  • Day258

    Day 259: Lednice-Valtice

    October 31, 2017 in Czech Republic

    Last full day in Czechia today! Thankfully only one WHS, but this one has two separate villages. So off we went, back in the car around 9am and heading south. This one is a cultural landscape, based around the towns of Lednice and Valtice. The two towns contained important residences of the Liechtenstein family (yes, that Liechtenstein), and they set up an enormous parkland area around and between their main residence at Valtice and their summer chateau in Lednice.

    We arrived firstly at Lednice and had look around. The huge neo-gothic chateaux was closed to visitors since it's now on a winter schedule, but the huge gardens area was open so we went for a walk with Schnitzel. The full grounds between the two towns is over 200kmsq, making it the largest garden in Europe (if not the world).

    We just contented ourselves with a 3km walk around a large man-made lake out to a watch-tower designed as a Turkish minaret for some reason. Fun trivia: the architect of this building went on to invent the pencil!

    Lots of nice garden areas, as it was done in the appealing English garden style. Schnitzel spotted a couple of red squirrels which made him very excited! After a nice walk around we grabbed some lunch of takeaway paninis at a cafe then headed back to the car.

    Drove about 20 minutes across to the other side of the cultural area and the town of Valtice. Didn't seem like much happening here, but we checked out the main palace which was very impressive but closed for the winter. Filmed a few pieces, then headed out of town to a weird Roman triumphal arch thing, dedicated to another Austrian nobleman. One of those random points of interest they put into large parks I suppose.

    Finished our filming and headed back to Brno, though traffic was quite slow as it was approaching rush hour. In the city itself the traffic absolutely crawled, since it seems like there are far more cars than the city can handle. It's been a long time since I've driven in peak hour and I have no idea how people can handle it every day of their lives.

    Also made a quick detour to visit another WHS - Tugendhat Villa. It's in the wealthy hills of Brno, and is a modernist style villa built in the 1930s. We'd planned to skip it since the guided tours sell out months in advance, but decided on impulse since we had an hour to just visit the gardens instead. It's very nice, and also has a claim to fame as the location where the "Velvet Divorce" agreement between Czech and Slovakia was signed in 1992.

    Struggled to find a park near our apartment as well, and weren't helped much by the warren of one-way streets. Eventually just pulled up somewhere in a quiet side-street in the hope that something would free up later.

    Headed out for dinner to meet some friends, Tom and Sarka who we met while climbing Kilimanjaro back in 2011. Tom is English but Sarka is Czech and they've lived here for about 9 years. They've married and had a little girl since we last saw them! Cute little kid, very chatty and playful. We had a nice evening, though the brewery we were at was very noisy and conversation was a bit difficult at times. Alas!
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  • Day4

    Prague's Astronomical Clock

    January 17, 2017 in Czech Republic

    A fascinating structure is Prague's Astronomical Clock-the Pride of Praha, a pure work of genius. It is made of all mechanical fixtures but one. It shows the seasons, the 24 hr and the 12 hr time measure, what zodiac the earth is in at the moment, and the phases of the moon (the one piece that gets hand-turned every night). It was originally installed back in the 1400s and legend says was commissioned by the city officials. The master clock maker amazed everyone and Prague was very proud of their clock. The city officials were SO happy with the clock and it's maker they threw him a big party with lots of wine and beer. Well into the party, the clock maker was quite wasted, which the city officials intended so they could cut out the clock maker's eyes and cut off his tongue. You see, while they were very pleased with the clock, they were also very afraid of some other city acquiring such a cool clock. In medieval times, instead of having civilised conversation and a contract with a non compete clause, people lose body parts.

    The legend goes on to say the clock maker got his revenge, however. Soon after his eyes and tongue were removed, he timed a well placed jump into the clock tower gears, ending his own life and the working of the clock for many, many years until someone smart enough could come around and rebuild it.

    That's not exactly what happened but it's a great story told as we walked the cobblestone streets. It is beautiful and on the hour, apostles come out and do a little jig, rooster crowing and everything. It is only one of three astrological clocks still in existence and the oldest one still working.
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  • Day2190


    July 7, 2016 in Czech Republic

    The ruling dukes of Liechtenstein transformed their domains in southern Moravia into a striking landscape. Baroque architecture and the classical and neo-Gothic style of the castles unite with the romantic principles of English landscape architecture.
    Video: more

  • Day14


    April 23, 2018 in Czech Republic

    Struggled to find any camps at Brno but followed a fellow traveller's advice and arrived at this wee place, which has two sites! I have to share the female shower as male is being renovated (for which I get a 20 pc discount, I thought that would be extra!) As with many small towns I am the only person staying and enjoy a couple of relaxing days in the 26 degree sun, apparently this weather is not usual for Spring, it should be 12 to15 at most.Not much to see here so I have added a couple of pics from Kutna Hora, I forget the name of the Church( the towns are all worth about 200 on the Scrabble board) The Roman Catholic church is decorated with the bones of 60,000 dead, half of which are from the time of the great plague.Read more

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Jihomoravský kraj, Jihomoravsky kraj, Südmährische Region, South Moravian, إقليم جنوب مورافيا, Yihomoravsk diyarı, Паўднёвамараўскі край, Южноморавски край, Rannvro Moravia ar Su, Južnomoravski kraj, Moràvia Meridional, Sydmähren, Sudmoravia regiono, Región de Moravia Meridional, Lõuna-Morava maakond, Hego Moravia, منطقه موراویای جنوبی, Etelä-Määrin lääni, Moravie-du-Sud, Rexión de Moravia Meridional, Južna Moravska, Dél-Morva kerület, Moravia meridionale, 南モラヴィア州, სამხრეთ მორავიის მხარე, 남모라바 주, Pietų Moravijos kraštas, Dienvidmorāvijas apgabals, Јужноморавски крај, Wilayah Moravia Selatan, Zuid-Moravië, Moràvia del Sud, South Moravian Labuad, Kraj południowomorawski, Morávia do Sul, Regiunea Moravia de Sud, Южноморавский край, Pėitū Muoravėjės krašts, Juhomoravský kraj, Södra Mähren, Güney Moravya ili, Південноморавський край, جنوبی موراویائی علاقہ, Nam Moravia, Salatan nga Moravia, 南摩拉維亞州

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