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  • Day1

    Über Umwege nach Prag

    July 1, 2019 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Nachdem wir uns heute Morgen am Bahnhof getroffen hatten, ging bis zum Hauptbahnhof auch alles gut. Dort wollte unser Zug leider nicht losfahren, weswegen wir in den nächsten ICE nach Nürnberg umgestiegen sind, wobei wir natürlich den Anschlusszug verpasst haben... letztendlich haben wir dann eine Stunde in Marktredwitz verbracht. Mit fünfmal umsteigen und einer Fahrt im blauen, gekühlten, sehr schönen und modernen tschechischen IC sind wir um 17.19h in Prag angekommen und haben uns von dort auf die Suche nach der Airbnb-Wohnung gemacht, die wir uns noch mit sechs anderen teilen, wobei der Platz doch recht knapp ist. Den Abend haben wir dann auch in der Wohnung und im Garten verbracht. Morgen geht's zu Fuß in die Altstadt, da wir doch versuchen, möglichst viele Extrakosten zu sparen...Read more

  • Day1


    July 3, 2019 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Prag mit seinen immens bunten Häuserfassaden macht gute Laune, nur der Bahnhof und seine Organisation sind ein wenig haarsträubend...
    Ende der Geschichte : Statt nach Budapest, fahren wir jetzt gerade nach Wien

  • Day8

    Things I ate

    September 5, 2019 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Most of the time I eat bread, cheese, fruit, and nuts. It's cheap, easy, and requires little refrigeration or cooking

    But obviously I gotta try the local cuisine when I can. I was excited to eat in Prague because the Czech food is more interesting than German, and also it's cheap as hell. Pictured:

    1. Pork knuckle (knee), crusty bread, pickled peppers, mustard, horseradish
    2. Sausage, potato dumplings, cabbage
    3. Braised beef smothered in pureed veggies, cranberry sauce, (unsweetened) whipped cream, and a lemon. Served with bread dumplings. Sounds weird but it was very tasty! It's called svíčková. And omg, bread dumplings are amazing.
    4. Czech pancakes. They are much smaller and denser and I'm a fan. Served with....plum? I think. And unsweetened whipped cream. Also a fan.
    5. I didnt eat this but these chimney cakes are traditional desserts. They're spun and roasted over a fire, dusted with sugar, and then filled with ice cream!
    6. Gingerbread is also very Czech, apparently. There was gingerbread everywhere. This guy was quite tasty.
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  • Day8

    265 miles later: Prague

    September 5, 2019 in Czech Republic ⋅ ☀️ 15 °C

    265 miles later: Prague

    Five stars for the pastries and bread dumplings, for the gorgeous buildings and inspiring theatre and puppetry, for your resilient belief in freedom and beauty after decades of horrific repression.

    One star for cobblestone bike lanes. Ouch.

    I didn't spend as much quality time with a wifi connection as I wanted, there's much more to post. Eventually....Read more

  • Day8

    Communism and clowns

    September 5, 2019 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    I did not research Prague at all before going there. I was a totally blank slate, so besides eating my way through the city, I decided to focus on two significant parts of the culture: history and art.

    As far as history goes, I visited the Museum of Communism, which was amazing and probably one of the most educational and interesting museums I've ever been to. I actually spent a good amount of time this spring listening to Russian history podcasts (I watched Chernobyl and immediately wanted more), so I had a good primer as far as the USSR and what it was all about.

    Still, is shocking how little I was taught of world history in school. And it seems like, the more I try to catch up, the more there is to learn.

    Anyway, the museum gave a general history of Czechoslovakia and the Czech Republic up through Nazi occupation, and then focused on life under communist rule.

    Damn, man. It is frightening to see the parallels between the fascism of the late 20th century and the direction of US culture and policy today.

    Going to this museum was one of the highlights of the entire trip, for sure.

    In terms of art, I decided on a Black Light Theatre show, which is unique to Prague and uses blacklights to create visual effects resembling magic. The show also incorporated acrobatics, puppets, and was entirely mimed, so it was universally understood. It felt very creative and weird and lighthearted. Kids and adults were both laughing. There were multiple layers to the humor.

    It wasn't the kind of theatre that I typically frequent, the kind with a strong message, usually political. But all the same, it felt important to laugh after the darkness of the museum of communism, and inspired and delighted me. Art fills in so many spaces in life.

    Not bad for a single day in Prague.
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  • Day5


    April 13, 2019 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 4 °C

    We took the bus from Munich to Prague. The countryside of Germany is so beautiful. White walls and red roof houses circled around the village church, easily spotted from distance, surrounded by the vivid green fields...
    Spent a whole day walking in the Prague's old town, from tourists crowded Prague Castle, wandered through the famous Charles Bridge, till the National theatre by the river. Totally astonished by endless magnificent churches, buildings, sculptures. Prague is so photogenic from everywhere.Read more

  • Day43

    Last day in Europe

    September 24, 2019 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Yesterday I explored the Castle side of the river. Today I'd cross it explore Old Town and other areas.

    I started with a morning walk across the Charles Bridge. It's everything folks have said about it-- lovely, beautiful views, flanked by statues, and packed with tourists and vendors. It took about 20 minutes to stroll across, as I stopped frequently to check out the views, or listen to jazz musicians playing on the bridge.

    Once across, I took a subway out to one of Prague's suburbs. This let me get beyond the tourist-packed center, and see a bit of what locals see every day. After exiting the subway, it took about 15 minutes to stroll to a spot I wanted to see-- the Žižkov Television Tower. It wasn't as tall as the one in Berlin, but it's futuristic design-- and the statues of babies crawling up the side-- made it a unique sight.

    The observatory was closed for a private party, so I settled for a couple drinks in the cafe near the base. One was beer, the other was Kofola-- an alternative soft drink from communist times, when Coca Cola wasn't available. Glad I tried it, but wasn't a big fan (powerful licorice and herbal flavors)

    From there I walked back toward the center of town. WhenI got to Wenceslas Square, I started a Rick Steves audio tour I'd downloaded, and let him steer me for the next couple hours. It was a great call-- I got excellent background on the sights I was seeing, and was even pointed to a few out of the way places I'd have missed on my own.

    The tour ended in Prague's Old Town, near the Charles Bridge I'd crossed earlier. Dusk was falling, the bridge was calmer-- though far from abandoned-- and the setting sun painted the castle and rooftops across the way. I strolled across it again, admiring the statues and the river below, and found myself feeling melancholy as I contemplated this trip I'd been on.

    The past weeks *had* been an accomplishment and adventure like I'd hoped, filled with many experiences-- most good, some less so. I'd seen cities I wanted to see-- Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Dresden. I rode along the Rhine and Danube, two rivers I've wondered about for a long time, I spent time with really cool people, Marliese and Wolfgang, Joey and her family.

    But I also confronted feelings of loneliness, of physical frailty, of feeling no longer young. I spent much of it with parts of myself I'd hoped to move beyond-- the Joe who overeats, who seeks approval too much, who spends hours playing games and editing pictures.

    I know I expressed parts of myself I do like-- curiosity, warmth, resourcefulness. I know in time I'll have a more balanced view of this chapter. But right now I'm feeling tired, a bit blue, and very ready to go home. I have things to do there. And maybe that is my next adventure.
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  • Day2

    Tag 2

    June 8, 2019 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Prag stand auf dem Tagesprogramm.
    Mit dem Fahrrad haben wir versucht die Stadt zu erkunden :) da das ein bisschen schwierig war durch den vielen Verkehr sind wir in der Innenstadt doch gelaufen. Durch das perfekte Wetter machte es richtig Spaß die verschiedenen Farben der Stadt zu betrachten.
    Verliebt in solche Städte :)
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  • Day2

    Prag 1

    July 2, 2019 in Czech Republic ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Heute Morgen haben wir uns zuerst den Weg in die Altstadt bis zur weltbekannten Astronomischen Uhr gesucht, wobei wir von dem vielen Autoverkehr geschockt wurden. Dabei sind wir einigen Freetourguides mit Sonnenschirmen über den Weg gelaufen, aber leider werden hier wohl eher spanische Touristen erwartet... Vor der Uhr haben wir verzweifelt versucht, die Bilder mit den Tierkreiszeichen in Verbindung zu bringen und allen Zeiger und Ziffern irgendetwas zuzuordnen. Dabei hat uns besonders beeindruckt, dass die Uhr heute noch exakt funktioniert, obwohl sie vor der Wende zum heliozentrischen Weltbild entworfen und gebaut wurde. Schließlich haben wir auch eine englische Freetour gefunden, der wir uns drei Stunden angeschlossen haben, was wirklich gut war, um einen Überblick über die Stadt zu bekommen. So sind wir durch die alte, also die vor dem 14. Jahrhundert errichtete, und die "neue", danach entstandene Stadt gegangen. Auch sind wir durch das jüdische Viertel, das einzige nicht im Nationalsozialismus zerstörte in ganz Europa, dessen Friedhof, auf dem die Gräber aus Platzmangel bis zu zwölf Schichten hoch gestapelt wurden, als Inspiration für das Berliner Holocaust-Mahnmal dient, gekommen. Die Tour endete mit Blick auf die Prager Burg, von wo aus wir erst das anziehend wirkende Kafka-Haus aufsuchten, da wir auf freien Eintritt hofften. Den gab es aber leider nicht, also sind wir einmal über die Karlsbrücke und zurück, wobei wir an etlichen Candyshops vorbeigekommen sind, und dann wieder raus aus der Innenstadt zu unserer Wohnung gelaufen. Nach kurzer Pause ging es sehr erfolgreich auf Schnäppchenjagd in den nahen Supermarkt und gerade haben wir noch versucht, weitere Hostels oder Apartments in Richtung Rumänien zu buchen, wobei wir uns doch unsicher sind, auf was wir uns wirklich einlassen wollen...Read more

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