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  • Day745

    Thorsminde Havn

    July 11, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Another blustery day sees us a bit further north, overlooking Thorsminde havn (harbour). A dune bank, runs along one side of the water, separating us from the North Sea, if not its fiesty winds. Crab pots are stacked on the wooden jetty and a selection of sturdy fishing boats moored to weathered uprights. The vessels' white sides shine out in the intermittent sunshine and the combination of bright red, powder blue and traditional wood go towards making this scene a very attractive one to gaze at through our windscreen.

    Like Hvinde Sande that we passed through recently, Thorsminde is a town located halfway along a sand bar, the sea on one side and a lagoon, Nissum Fjord, on the other. This bar is smaller and both less industrial and less touristy, earning it brownie points from us! Although you can park here for free during the day, it is 100kr (£12) to stay overnight, but with this comes the use of the filling and emptying facilities at the local campsite. A rep will come round to collect the fee between 9pm and 10pm.

    Vicky was feeling tired out when we arrived so took it easy in the van while Will went sea fishing off the harbour wall. In the afternoon he donned his wetsuit and went snorkelling. The water was cold and there wasn't much other than sand to see but it was good to get out. Vicky made a start on cutting new material to cover the passenger seat and trying to affix foam to the back of it with diluted pva. She's no idea whether it will work, but it is worth a go.

    When the wind was in the right direction (depending on your point of view) we could hear songs from Grease through the air and throughout the afternoon a dance troop of about 20 teenagers rehearsed routines for each of the songs on a nearby car park. Later on we took a barefoot walk along the deserted beach. We could hardly believe nobody else was doing the same, but Denmark has 7314km of coastline and less than half the population density of the UK, so people have plenty of space and choice when they want a day at the seaside.

    We really liked Thorsminde so decided to stay two nights. After a relaxed start to the morning, then another fishing session for Will, we had lunch and took a wander up the harbourside. A sign advertised a Marskandiser (junk dealer) within a warehouse so we went in to investigate. The expansive space was set up with rows of tables, but items for sale filled these and spilled over onto the floor, were propped against the walls and hung from the ceiling. There was an eclectic mix of preloved goods; furniture, tea tins, stilts, board games and even an old spinning wheel. We found a cute little lion 'bamse' (teddy bear) for Poppy because she showed some interest in our great niece's toy animals when we were in Orpington. Poppy has never been very interested in toys but we thought it was worth a go to give her some extra interest.

    Moving on we passed several outlets selling fish, but we'd read you could often get them straight from the boats. When we saw one that looked as if they might be selling, Will persuaded a nervous Vicky to talk to the fisherman. As we approached, the guy pulled out a handwritten 'Levende Fisk' sign and strapped it to a post on his boat, confirming our inkling. He didn't have any crab but started listing the fish he did have. Vicky's Danish doesn't stretch to naming different kinds of fish, so we shrugged, Will handed him about £4 worth of kroner and he picked out two lovely looking plaice for us. After fetching some spring cabbage, herb and new potatoes from the supermarket, Will prepared it and cooked it up with some parsley sauce - yummy!

    As evening drew in, Vicky took Poppy over to the large patch of scrubby grass a little way behind the van. She noticed a bird darting low accross the ground. It was acting in an unusual way and it wasn't long before Vicky recognised it as a Ringed Plover trying to distract her away from its scrape and the eggs undoubtedly laying camouflaged within it. See, all those hours watching Springwatch came in useful after all! We returned without Poppy and while keeping our distance, were able to watch it for some minuted through the binoculars and telephoto lens on the camera, all within 50m of the van!

    The following morning we filled with water and drove to the sluice gate regulated channel through which water flowed between the North Sea and Nissum Fjord. We had seen people fishing here the previous day so Will set up his rods and whiled away an hour. After lunch we showed our overnight ticket at the campsite and were able to empty the toilet and waste water. Interestingly camper vans aren't allowed to stay at this site even if they wanted to and signs directed them over to the harbour where we'd spent the last couple of nights. There aren't that many waste water emptying points in Denmark so we were glad to be able to thoroughly flush our tank through.
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  • Day744

    Ulfborg and Hvide Sande

    July 10, 2018 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    The sound of wind chimes softly tumbles in the breeze around Ulfborg's gravel Autocamper Stellplätze. We are parked with the door and windows open, early evening sunlight dapples the van through the leaves of mature Beech and Poplar trees. We are feeling very grateful for this free motorhome parking area, having moved on from several overnighters we had planned.

    The first place on the itinerary had been Holmsland Klit, a 35km long sandbar with the North Sea on one side and Ringkøbing Fjord (a vast lagoon) on the other. Although we passed a few small lakes at the start of our journey accross the bar, we didn't really get the sense that it had water on both sides. From looking at the map we'd had expectations of sea views to the left and looking out over the lagoon to the right, but in reality, the bar was broad (over 1km at most points) and the landscape was that of low but established dunes, meaning we couldn't see water on either side.

    It seemed that almost the entire length had been turned into a holiday haven of family oriented campsites, thatch rooved bungalows and wooden cabins, huddled low in dune burrows that protected them somewhat against the wind. It wasn't exactly crowded, but you could always see holiday homes amongst the maram grass and low shrubs, either clustered together in resort villages or hidden away in their own pocket of dune.

    As we neared the middle of the bar, our surroundings became more built up. Hvide Sande is a small town centred around its port and the deep sea fishing industry. Overnight parking of vans was prohibited on much of the bar, but there was an autocamper stellplätz in the harbour for 100kr (£12). Driving past some large, metal sided fish processing factories, we pulled in to an available spot, face on to a grey cylindrical tank that could have fitted several vans inside it. Although we appreciated the provision, there wasn't easy access to either the lagoon or the sea and neither the views nor the industrial / touristy atmosphere were for us, so we chose to keep going, checking out a few other potential spots along the way that came to nothing.

    It was therefore with much relief that we eventually pulled into Ulfborg's free stellplätz. The distances we are covering each day aren't great but it is disconcerting to find that places you planned to stay, either aren't there or aren't suitable; an occurance that is very much part of life on the road.

    Taking a short walk through Ulfborg, we had a nose in a charity shop and explored the woodland park where there were sheltered picnic tables and fire pit with a stock of chopped wood, as well as a small open air stage build into the terrain, an almost dry pond and some children's play apparatus. What a brilliant resource!

    We ate tea back at the van but returned to the town to visit Gæstgivergaarden, a 'Kru' (Inn) we had clocked earlier. We didn't quite know what to expect as we entered from the brightly lit street, but as our eyes adjusted we saw a wooden topped bar with a scar faced, shaven headed bar tender behind it. In her best Danish, (not a patch on the Dane's English), Vicky ordered two beers, just saying that we wanted Danish beer when he questioned which one. We sat ourselves down with our Tuborgs at a corner table, taking in the feel of the place. Music blasted from speakers while a group of drinkers in the opposite corner competed for who could be loudest. A pool-like table was set up in the middle of the room with a couple of white balls and some wooden pins like miniature skittles. We later found this to be Danish kegle billard or Danish five pin billiards.

    After a little while one of the drinkers, came over to chat to us. We think her name was Connie. She was loud but very friendly and we ended up nattering for about half an hour! She recommended some pubs in nearby towns, focussing on Irish and English pubs and advised that we stear clear of the Danish alcohol free beers that weren't half as good as the German ones. Her stepfather was English and she had visited in the mid 90s, she was shocked to hear that house prices had gone up and many people were now comparatively poorer. She told us that in Denmark you could buy a nice house with a garden and enough room for 2 or 3 kids for the equivalent of £50,000 and that the government really looked after its people. Of course she had complaints about how the country was run, but it was interesting to compare. As with so many people here, she had brilliant English and when Vicky commented that she had a slight Scottish accent, she corrected her, saying that the Scots had a Danish accent from when the Danes invaded!
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  • Day4

    Ausflug nach Holstebrø

    October 29, 2019 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Heute waren wir mit Björn und Tanja in Holstebrø. Bummel durch die Fußgängerzone mit einem krönenden Abschluss in Jensens Bøfhus - lecker Spareribbs mit 'ner kleinen Coke einatmen 🤩😁
    Björn hat während der shopping tour auch sein Outfit für die Festtage gefunden - Tanja freut sich schon richtig auf Weihnachten 😁🎅Read more

  • Day58


    August 31, 2019 in Denmark ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Gestern Abend sind wir nach einer gelungenen Kitesession in Kloster nach Thorsminde gefahren und dort haben uns dann sehr spontan Inka, Rasmus, Eike und Fanny besucht.

    Wir konnten vormittags einige Stunden auf dem Wasser verbringen, den Rest des Tages noch die Sonne genießen, Spiele spielen und Wein trinken - also ein rundum gelungener Tag bzw. Wochenende :)Read more

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