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    • Day 4

      El Loro

      May 29, 2022 in Dominican Republic ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Even though we went to bed late, I woke up early and went for a walk along the beach. I almost reached Playa Ballena, when a friend texted me if we wanted to have Breakfast together. So I met her at a restaurant where we started by ordering a coffee. Although we had only ordered „un cafécito con leche de almendra“, they brought us a fruitsalat with papaya, mango, ananas and melon, so we didnt even need to order a breakfast anymore. In the afternoon we went to the beach in front of a place called Loro, where it was so windy that after a couple of minutes laying there we were completely covered by sand. We gave up the idea of sunbathing the whole afternoon and drank a very refreshing campari spritz instead. In the evening I went to the rooftop alone, ate a salad made of the leftovers we still had in the fridge and really enjoyed the time I had by my own.Read more

    • Day 19

      Mosquito Beach Bar

      June 13, 2022 in Dominican Republic ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Paradise found, that‘s what I thought when we walked into Mosquito Beach Bar at El Porillo. Also, this is what I call a perfect afternoon. I had to fill up some tanks earlier after the diving but didn‘t get bored because Sola was entertaining me perfectly all the time. It‘s surprising, the amount of cuddles this dog needs:) And with her cute puppy eyes I just couldnt say no..:) After the last tank and the cuddle session, I walked to Punta Poppy and from there all the way along the Beach to the Mosquito beach bar, we had seen so many times while driving by but had never checked out. We stayed there the whole afternoon and tried the delicious frozen daiquiris they offered us. To get back i got on a GuaGua, another typical method of transport in the Dom Rep, whoch was full of dominicans coming home from work or the groceries. They were all laughing, talking and some of them even singing. I love this culture. In the Evening we made Avocado toast and later on I had a „date“ with Micka, a guy I met at the beach, who wanted to introduce me to the owners of the „best ice cream shop“ in Las Terrenas and buy me an ice cream. We shared our ice creams so we got to know different flavours as for example Guanábana. In the end he admitted that he already knew all of them;)Read more

    • Day 18

      Lazy Day

      June 12, 2022 in Dominican Republic ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

      After a dive in the morning and a crazy evening on Saturday with a lot of dancing and driving a car for 5 people with 11 people in it, today was officially named “lazy sunday”. This day started off with brunch on the rooftop at 12:30 pm, where everzbody brought something, which could be shared. I prepared porridge after a Jamie Oliver recipe and it turned out delicious, it will definitely become my new to-go. Other than that we had lots of fruit, Eggs, Yogurt and fresh juices. We hung around at the beach the whole afternoon, went into the water and slept. In late afternoon the waves got bigger and some surfers started showing off their skills. It was reallz fun watching them do a handstand on their board and falling in the water. Now, totally tired, after a walk around the “pueblo” with René, i’ll go to sleep.Read more

    • Day 7

      Playa El Anclón

      June 1, 2022 in Dominican Republic ⋅ ⛅ 29 °C

      Today there was no dive, however we had a meeting instead, where I met Jonathan, the biologist we‘re working for, for the first time. During the meeting we discussed everything that needs to be done and even though meeting sounds boring when you could go diving instead, I absolutely loved it. I could ask as many question as I wanted, I could come up woth ideas and I felt as if I could actually make a change. This made me so happy to realize thaz this peoject is partly also in my hands and thaz I am responsible for it such as everybody else, because we‘re working as a team. I wouldnt go as far as to say that I took over the lead (Rio, as the one who has been there the longest still is mainly in charge) but I did talk and discuss a lot, actually way more than anyboby else and Jonathan seemed to like it. I even proposed the diving plan for the next day. Right after the meeting we went working on pur 3d coral models at the diving center. But before I could go I had to prepare lunch fpr Theresa, I had promised I would do it. Apart from Pasta , maybe a sunny side up egg and a wrap, Theresa doesnt know how to cook at all. But since I could only prepare the piadinas and not actually cook them because I had to leave, I wrote her a paper with very accurate instructions on how she had to do everything. While working on the computer the cute boy was there again and entertained me, his sister even made braids all over my head. After we went to a mangrove beach and after dinner we met Jonas, Robin and Tim for drinks at the beach.Read more

    • Day 34

      Último Dia

      June 28, 2022 in Dominican Republic ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      In the morning we ate breakfast at the Cafecito del Mar. our fridge was empty anyways because we were leaving and we‘ve always wanted to eat breakfast at a restaurant. Afterwards we went diving and did a nice cave dive first. After we dived to our nursery one last time and replaced the missing ropes. Daria and I worked together in a team and attached all the empty waterbottles we used as bouys. It was a really good dive and we achieved a lot, I was happy about it because it was my last dive. On the way back on the motorboat I enjoyed every second of the ride. In the afternoon I still had my Pasola, and Theresa was feeling way better than the day before after her allercig reaction to the sandflies, so I went to pica pollo to grab some food and later on we drove to Bonita with Henrike to eat and drink a last Sangría at the beach. At 3:30 pm I had to go fill up the tanks. I said bye to Daria and started. Then to my surprise, René, Matteo, Henrike, Antoine and even Micka arrived to keep me company and we played cards and drank rum sours. Later on I went to the beach with Micka and afterwards home to pack my things and get ready for one last dinner at Manty‘s place. She cooked the coconut fish for me and I took 3 portions of it. Imat 10 we went to Etno where Micka joined us. The mood wasn‘t really great, nobody actually wanted to dance even though Micka kept animating them because he knew I really wanted everybody to dance and have fun that night. Eventually he drove them home, but I stayed and went to Babylon to dance one last Time with Frenk, my Bachata guy. After the goodbyes in babylon, Micka picked me up and we drove one last time to the hills above Cosón beach and looked at the Stars. Without light pollution it looks beautiful we could even see the milky way. At about 2am he drove me home where Theresa was still packing. We finished at about 3 and went to sleep.Read more

    • Day 2

      First Dive

      May 27, 2022 in Dominican Republic ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

      After Theresa and I ate breakfast together, I walked for 25 minutes (morning workout) to get to the diving school where I was welcomed by Daria, the Diving instructor and my fellow volunteers. While the others got ready Daria helped me to pick my wetsuit and diving equipment. I had forgotten how heavy these tanks are and I almost fell when I put it on the first time. When everybody was ready we discussed the plan: we would first count a special type of sea urchins, which unfortunately at the moment are threatened by a local disease, and later on pick up trash from the bottom of the sea. I stayed with Dario throughout the whole dive, who turned out to be italian by the way (so we switched from english, to spanish to italian) so that I could readjust myself and get used to diving.
      After the dive we had a quick talk about the results and then I walked home. Unfortunately on my way it started raining very very much, I needed to hide under a roof. Luckily some other volunteers with a car let me ride with them and drove me to our appartments where I had lunch with Theresa.
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    • Day 33

      Pasolas and Karaoke

      June 27, 2022 in Dominican Republic ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Second last day, still a couple of things left on my bucket list. One of them was eating breakfast at the beach, so I woke up with Theresa‘s alarm, prepared breakfast and took a motoconcho to punta poppy. I loved how calm this beach was during the morning anf enjoyed the time I had all by myself. We did a double dive that morning, one of them was a deep dive I had asked Daria if we could do while I was still here. At this point I really have to sayc I am so so so thankful to have had a diving instructor like Daria. She always did everything so we could dive as often as possible. Aldeas de Paz, the organisation actually only wanted us volunteers to do a max of 3 dives a week. Well with daria we had an average of 6 dives, counting in that weekends are always free). After diving I went to tropikbowl, one pf my favourite places to eat with Theresa because we wanted to plan our trip to Cabarete. In my last post I talked about these sandflies. Well, Theresa had an allergic reaction. Her legs were full of inflamed red dots, that were biting her the whole time, so she couldnt stop scratching her skin. The hospitals here are really bad so all they do when somebody has an ailment, is giving them painkillers, which didnt help her at all. In the restaurant she could handle it anymore, she was shaking, freezing and sweating at the same time, she started crying and I told her to go home. She stayed the whole afternoon in bed but couldnt sleep. I stayed a bit with her but there was nothing I could do except for getting her ice and trying to calm her down.
      Another thing on my bucketlist was to rent pasolas, motos, and drive around and go to some beaches. It took us some time to find a good rental place because some that we saw were really sketchy and we didnt feel comfortable. We found a really trustwothy one with good pasolas at the end. A day of rental including complete insurance costed 20 dollars. They wanted to see our drivinf licenses and I showed my car license. Guess that was enough because they didnt want futher documents, they simply asked if we knew how to drive and if we had driven before. I didnt lie. I had driven one before. For about a minute. After drinking some cocktails. With somebody behind me who took care. But hey, I had driven before. I know all the people reading this are not really proud of me at this point, (sorry mami)
      While we were still at the rental place they gave us each a pasola and explained the basics. Then my big moment came. I obviously had no idea what I had to do but it had to seem like i did. I sat on the pasola, and kicked in the stand. I didnt know a pasola was this heavy and it almost fell to the side. Luckily René was standing next to me and helped me. Then I tried to accellerate but I had forgotten to turn the key to turn on the engine. The guy at the rental looked at the others and asked them if I really knew what I was doing. It was really embarassing but eventually I did it and this stupid pasola started moving. I had some severe difficulties in the beginning especially because in las Terrenas these people drive like crazy but I got used to it fast. We drive to a lookout point which was really beautiful, then headed to Coson for a swim and afterwards drank a sundowner at Mosquito bar in El Portillo. At night there was karaoke at the Garage Bar. First I went to an ice cream place woth Micka and then we met the others at The bar. It was so nice to see how we europeans, usually so strict and controlled, just let ourselves go and sang to songs, danced and enjoyed the night fully as if we were locals.
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    • Day 32

      Jungle Party

      June 26, 2022 in Dominican Republic ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      The infrastructure of our Building is decent but the worst is definitely the laundry machine. I promise that each time theresa and I’ve washed our clothes, they came out dirtier than they were before. Since I didnt have many days here left and I really really desperately needed some clean clothes to go on to Costa Rica, I decided to bring my clothes to a laundry and let them wash and dry. So I brought them to this girl at 3 pm, and went to playa Bonita. I went with Henrike, Theresa, Matteo, Rene, Antonia and Micka. (Now you know the names of my friends here too) all volunteers working with me, except for Micka, he lives here. We spend the whole afternoon there, while the others were just lying around and eating, Micka and I walked along the beach and played some ballgame in the warer sirh Matteo and Rene. At 6pm I went to the laundry to get my clean, soft and extremely good smelling clothes. My jeans shorts finally didnt feel like packing paper anymore but like normal jeans textile as they should. In the evening there was a mottoparty at Mosquito and the theme was „Jungle“. I had brought a bandana, for my hair, so I didnt have to buy anything. Before going there we went to groovy garden for a cocktail and then I went to Micka‘s place. He lives in a residencial complex but they have a private rooftop. We went up and talked a bit, looked at the stars, which were very bright that night, and generally are because there‘s no light pollution over here. We saw the milky way and many constellations. Eventually he put on some music and chose a bachata song. He had joined our dance class 2 days earlier so we had already danced together and knew it was a lot of fun. We danced and tried out new moves. At around midnight we joined the others at mosquito. This was probably going to be one of my last real official parties here so I hoped it would be good. I wasnt disappointed at all, the music was amazing, people were dressed up and the vibe was really good. Micka and I shared a frozen strawberry daiquiri. I got a tired after dancing for a long time, so we had a break and I did something I usually never did: i drank an energy drink and it seemes like not drinking the same amount of coffee as at home actually has an effect, because It woke me up right away, actually it did not only wake me up, I was so hypernergetic that we went back to mosquito and danced until 3 am when the party ended and the people started going home. There was an afterparty but we decided not to go. I wanted to walk home or take a concho but Micka didnt let me and drive me home. When I got home Theresa was already sleeping and I noticed that she had fallen asleep half-sitting in her bed with her phone in her hands. It looked so funny I started laughing and took her phone out of her hand and loved some stuff so she wouldnt gwt hurt in case she moved. I still wasnt tired so I did a bunch of stuff I had wanted to do but hadnt done yet, as for example book our accomodation in Cabarete, where we planned on going after Las Terrenas. So I went to sleep at 5am when I finally was tired.Read more

    • Day 22

      Manty‘s Dominican Food

      June 16, 2022 in Dominican Republic ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      Since Nina, Mirjam and Felicie are leaving this weekend we decided to spend one last night all together and go wat dominican food. I knew a hostel where they cook delicious and typical dominican food, because we went there once and organised everything for the whole group. I called the hostelmom Manty 2 days earlier and asked her if she could cook dinner for 11 people and what the price was gonna be per person. She was really nice and told me that for 500 pesos per person, which is about 9 dollars she would prepare different dominican style veggies, fish, chicken, rice, fresh fruit and of course beverage. The day we planned to eat all together, suddenly Manty texted me and asked for a confirmation of the dinner, which I gave her right away. Then she admitted that she still had to go buy the food she wanted to cook but that she didnt have enough money, so she asked me to lend her some money to go to the supermarket. Of course I told her that I would help her out and we met on the street. She sent me a selfie of herself before, so I would know it was her for sure and she even told me what she was wearing. I gave her 2000 pesos, which is only 35 USD… i was shocked and surprised and didnt know what to think of it. She was so thankful, hugged me and apologized a million times. When we went to the Hostel in the evening everything was perfect. No one was late, to start with and we arrived in time. Manty had prepared a huge buffet with everything one could dream of. We ate a LOT and enjoyed every bite of the delicious food. My favourite was the „pescado al coco“, I almost can‘t say it, but I refilled my plate 3 times.
      Afterwards Theresa and I were so full, we were carrying around food babies. But we managed to dance them away at Etno during the following night.
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    • Day 28

      Still alive!!!

      June 22, 2022 in Dominican Republic ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

      My last 10 days in Las Terrenas were so busy that I didnt even find the time to write a little update on my life. And I even forgot until Grosmami and Gotti asked me if I was still alive, and here’s the proof:) Sorry for that though!
      During my time here I kept adding points tp my bucket list of tjings I wanted to dp for the time being and one of them was to walk from Restaurant Luis all along Cosón to Punta Bonita and later on to Playa Bonita. My friends hadn‘t really been up fot walking but that day I convinced them and they joined me. In the morning we had to do some work at the diving, make new ropes for our coral reef and prepare all the stuff for our next dives. By the way, I am now officially a certified „deep diver“, which is even after the advanced (so my level of diving is higher than papas hihi). So anyways we didnt have to fill up tanks in the afternoon so we had plenty of time. The walk was really nice, we stopped at a beautiful river surrounded by mangroves and palmtrees on its shores. We stayed there a bit and went swimming because it was really hot that day. In the evening we went to groovy Garden again to eat dinner this time & I took rollos de verano con camarones, which ver delicious, however unfortunately earlier they had brought us olives and „papas“ which technically would‘ve been glutenfree but seems like the spices were not good for me, so the next day I suffered from some very bad stomach aches for the first time here in the Dom Rep.
      It got better quickly afterwards and now I‘m feeling great again!
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