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  • Day2

    Campingplatz "De la Route Bleue"

    July 18 in France ⋅ ☁️ 26 °C

    Ich bin abends in Balbigny angekommen auf einem ruhigen Campingplatz direkt an der Loire, in der Nähe von Lyon, nach den Autobahn-Verkehrsgeräuschen eine echte Erholung! Fast wäre ich noch eine weitere Nacht geblieben, aber ich möchte nicht in den Wochenendverkehr in Bordeaux kommen.

  • Apr28

    Day 17 Vienna

    April 28 in France ⋅ ⛅ 9 °C

    Day 17 Vienna – a bit windy, but around 18 degrees

    We have both been sleeping really well in Nico. I didn’t actually wake up this morning until 8am, so a 9 hour sleep with no pit stops. Pretty unheard of for me, and I was very surprised at the time. But feeling quite on the mend now, and didn’t take anything to help with symptoms today. So we left the campsite around 10 with our bikes all ready to catch the train – first time I have done that with a bike. It wasn’t too hard as the carriage that could take bikes was clearly marked. We had to change trains once, and then we were in Vienna. It was a bit different taking the bikes up and down the escalators too, but we coped admirably.

    So then we were out in the sunlight deciding where to go. We had a few places in mind, and chose to go to the Hundertwasser village and museum. When I worked in Whangarei there was a lot of discussion about Hundertwasser as there had been fundraising for a building, and it was quite a contentious issue. I now have more of an appreciation of how wonderful his art is, and what an unusual approach he had to life. The toilets in Kawakawa are of his design, and I was asked if I had been to them today. We bought the audio cues at the museum, and that had heaps of information about him. It was great cos you could read it on the screen as well as listen to it (could scroll through it very quickly, and there were lots of pages). His art is very bright and vibrant, and not restricted to paintings. In Austria he has designed the exterior of a refuse incinerator plant which looks fantastic, and also came up with the concept of tree tenants which had some wonderful words with it which I can’t find – about having trees in your houses which don’t need to pay any rent as they pay in many other ways. We were there for quite a long time as both really enjoyed his art and concepts. His art reminds me a bit of Gaudi in Barcelona, and it was great to see examples of both everywhere in their home cities. We had lunch there – kumara chips with guacamole (odd, but nice), and some beef goulash with bread and a gherkin (yes, very odd!).

    Then it was off to try and find the Belvedere Palace and baroque gardens. It was a bit of fun riding around Vienna with one hand off the handlebars with googlemaps on my phone directing me left and right and all over the place. We stopped and took pics at a couple of places with stunning churches, and managed to find the gardens. That was pretty spectacular, and a very popular place for runners. We took lots of photos, and I have been trying to perfect my posing technique – there are lot of examples for me to follow! I think people think we are a bit mad, but it is a bit of fun.

    So after leaving the gardens, we went on a bit more of a tiki tour and saw a lovely fountain. Shortly after that as we were biking down a road, I chose to ride up a sloped path onto the footpath, while Jody thought she would be clever and jump her bike up a really high kerb. Unfortunately she was going a bit slow for that, and her front wheel landed in the dip, so she flew over the handlebars. After ascertaining that she was ok, I was convulsed with laughter cos it really was the most ill-timed jump. I was riding beside her at the time, so had a great view. Unfortunately when she got on her bike again, she realised that the derailer was poking into her spokes, so it wasn’t really rideable. So we found a place to lock the bikes up and went walking. Later on we devised a temporary solution with a New World bag and some dental floss to tie it up (kiwi ingenuity to the fore!).

    The we walked to Stephanplatz which is a bit of a big square with an extremely high church (maybe as high as the Sagreda Familia in Barcelona?). We walked around that, and had a look in the church. Then walked to another square and into another church where they were having a service. The priest was the one leading the singing which I thought was interesting. Then we decided to have an early dinner before taking the train. Jody had some enchilada type thingeys, and I had beef spare ribs which came with chips. Everything seems to be served with chips here. Last night we had Wiener Snitzel at the camp ground which came with a side of a potato dish as well as some chips. Then it was back to the bikes, and trying to work out how to get back to Nico. The train system here is similar to the London underground with a few interlinking lines. Our campground is beyond the Vienna lines so we had to take 2 Vienna trains, and then 1 regional one. It wasn’t too hard to work it out though, and we were back by around 8pm. Really enjoying the good wifi here, and are both downloading the NZDAC 2017 playlist form Spotify.

    There is a Giant bike shop next door, and that is our plan for the morning. It doesn’t open until 10am though, so we possibly might be staying here for another day. There are scooters for hire in Vienna, so maybe we could try them out – I have told Jody that if we do, I think she should take her bike helmet. She has chosen only to tell me now that she is a bit accident prone on holidays! Next time she looks like she is doing something unwise I might be yelling NEIN NEIN at her!
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  • Apr29

    Day 18 - Reading day in Vienna

    April 29 in France ⋅ ⛅ 8 °C

    Day 18 Vienna
    Raining this morning, and the bike shop didn’t open until 10am. So Jody went off there while I was reading a book in bed (though I had been up for a shower). Hmm, bike won’t be ready until tomorrow, so we decided to have a lazy day in Nico hiding out from the weather. It wasn’t actually that bad from lunchtime, but by then we had settled in and had the heater on. We had vague plans about going into Vienna to a jazz club, but the jazz started at 9, and we would have had to be there at 7 for a seat, and leave at 10.30 to get a train so we flagged that idea. I did go out on my bike to find a supermarket, and managed to fill up my backpack, and bike back with a bag of chips down my jacket. Raspberries were 1.80 euros, and large blueberries were 3.80 – from Spain, and very tasty. Jody cooked steak and made salad for dinner, and we finished off the Movenpick sorbets that we picked up a few days ago. So all in all a total rest day, but our first one and it was pretty cold outside.

    Tomorrow we can check out at 2pm, so the plan is to set alarms, and be on a train at 8.30am in to Vienna. Funny, we didn’t pick our Lippizaner tickets up on Sat when we arrived as couldn’t park in centre, didn’t pick them up yesterday as it was Sunday, thought we might today (Monday), but then looked at our voucher, and Monday is the only day that we couldn’t. So we should be able to get them tomorrow, and that is next to the museum of illusions (similar to the one that we never got to in Dubai).

    Golly this morning seems a long time ago, Dubai must have been about a year ago!
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  • Apr30

    Day 19 Budapest

    April 30 in France ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Day 19 Vienna (raining), Budapest (fine)
    We did well with our alarms, and were in Vienna (Wein) by 9am. It was interesting at the Lippizaner ticket place as the queue was way out the door, and as it was raining there were lots of umbrellas out. We looked at the shorter queue, but didn’t see a person there, so abandoned that idea for now and went to Starbucks to get out of the rain. I had a hot chocolate (have learned to ask for them just with milk rather than water), and Jody had a cappachino. The it was 10am and the museum of illusions was open. There was a group of around 20 teenagers that went in just before us, and it was interesting watching what they did with the exhibits. It is a fairly small museum, but had lots of cool things and we took a number of silly pics. I took one step on this vortex tunnel thing and thought it wasn’t for me, but Jody walked the whole way though she felt a bit sick after.

    Then we went back to see if we could get our tickets to the horses. The queue was even longer at that stage. We worked out that the practice sessions were from 10-12, and people could queue up for that whole time. We found a guy to ask questions of, and he took us to the front of the line but their machines were down. The lady explained that it wouldn’t be nearly as busy on actual perfomance days, so next Saturday we should be just fine to go in there about 9.30 and get our tickets. So the 3rd day in Vienna, and still haven’t got our tickets! Then Jody decided she needed some tights for lounging around in Nico, so we went shopping in H&S. That was a sucessful trip, but funny when Jody was in the changing rooms and I was outside playing on my phone. I thought the door looked slightly open, so called out to her but she wasn’t there. Had not even noticed me sitting outside, and was up on the next floor. Thank goodness for phones and mobile networks! So by then it was after 12, and we had to check Nico out by 2pm, so it was off to the trains again. It was raining pretty hard by that stage, so we were pleased to be on the underground. Catching the trains has been pretty easy for us – similar to the tube in London. But our second train stopped and everyone got off. Then we all seemed confused about which side of the platform we should catch the next train. We got on and off a couple of times, but then sat down and were pleased when the train headed off in the right direction.

    Jody then went to the bike shop to see if the derailer had arrived, but unfortunately not. So we decided to head for Budapest, and pick her bike up on Friday. This was a shame as we could have headed off yesterday if we had known it wouldn’t have been ready. Oh well, never mind. So it supposed to be a 3 hour drive to Budapest. It rained quite hard for the first part of the journey so it was slow going. But then it became dry, we crossed the border and Nico was happy sitting at 70mph amongst the huge number of trucks that joined us. It was very weird driving in Hungary as there was nothing really to see except flat fields. There weren’t any little settlements, and even 20kms out of Budapest we were driving through farmland. The we hit Budapest, and I really wished that I had had a reststop before we did. It took over an hour to drive through the city, and I was well and truly over it by then. The bad thought was that we will have to do the trip in reverse on Friday, but at least I have 2 days with no driving. Our campsite is a bit different, we drove in and stopped on the first pitch we saw and then went to find reception. We ended up staying exactly where we parked as it was level – not that it was nicely parked in the middle or anything and lucky neither of us have OCD.

    The girl at reception talked and talked and talked about things that we could do, and neither of us seemed capable of taking it in. We took away the brochures, and headed off to the university restaurant. My dinner of crumbed turkey with rice and grilled veges was really nice. Jody had pork which was extremely tender, but received boiled veges instead which weren’t quite so nice. But it cost us $10NZ for both meals so that wasn’t too bad.

    Now we are sitting in Nico with limoncello working out what to do tomorrow. It is May the 1st which I hadn’t realised which means that many of the shops are not open. All of the attractions should be, including the hot baths which I have been looking forward to. I think we will be doing the hop on hop off bus for a while as that seems to be an easy option. I didn’t have much concept of how large Budapest is, but it is similar to Auckland and will take us about 30 mins by public transport to get into the middle of the city. I am thinking I will be sleeping very well tonight as that drive was rather tiring. It was quite long, I was driving at speed and there was a lot of traffic. Nico is being very good though and responding to my directions quite well.

    Jody is just refilling her glass with limoncello. I am thinking we might have to find another bottle…..
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  • May1

    Day 20 Budapest

    May 1 in France ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

    Day 20 Budapest
    Lovely fine day over 20.
    Overnight there was quite a bit of train noise in our campsite, and we weren’t that impressed by the chemical toilet just being a grill in the driveway where the other grey water was being emptied. Then one of the helpful people on the Just go FB site mentioned that the site he preferred shouldn’t have been closed, so we re-looked at it. Not sure where Jody got that info from, but we were very pleased that it was wrong and were happily parked up at a new camping ground much closer to the city by 10.30.

    We took a train into the city (the Hungarian plan names are not the easiest to remember, but photos and maps helped us). Once there we realised that there was a big car race on in the city as well as it being a holiday on the 1st May. We saw a couple of guys with small green electric motorbikes, and ended up talking to them – nek minite we were hooning around on them. Although Jody is sworn to wear a helmet on her bike, there wasn’t one for these so we tried to be careful. We went over the bridge to the other side of the river, and then onto Margaret Island which is where lots of fitness activities are held. There was a lot of people there riding all sorts of tourist bikes and things. The parliament building is absolutely stunning, and we hope to have a better look at it tomorrow. We had one of the guys as a guide, and had the bikes for just over an hour which was a good amount of time. Then we visited lots of very funky little shops with funny hats etc.

    Both of Jody’s sons have been in Budapest before which is one of the reasons we are here. Matt had recommended an eating place which we spent a bit of time trying to find. We did find it, but there was no sitting down and a huge queue. On the way there we had seen a bit of an outside food hall, and ended up having a late lunch there. I had goulash on flat bread, and Jody had a pulled pork sandwich. Both were really nice. We had a good chat to a couple from near Manchester who were in Budapest for his birthday just for a few days. He was interested in Nico as he owns a garage.

    Then we decided it was time for some hot pools. There are loads of options in Budapest, so we chose the number 1 attraction which is the Szechenyi Baths. It took us a while to find a train station – googlemaps is not our friend, and was the source of much amusement with our lunch companions as they find it similarly challenging. But once we got on the right train, we got off at the right station and the baths were very close. We got a bit confused after going in as there were these little rooms with doors at both ends with both men and women going into. On the other side of the rooms there seemed to be a lot of nearly naked people running around. We finally figured out that these were changing rooms, and the lockers were on the other side. But people would push the doors open while we were in there (which we had done as well), so it wasn’t obvious when the rooms were full or empty. Once we put all our stuff in lockers we headed for the first pools which were inside. We found a cold plunge pool which we weren’t going to try, and then found a 37 degree one that we walked through as the tiles looked a bit slippery on our bare feet. Then we got outside and found the really large pool which was 38 degrees. We stayed in there for about an hour just watching and listening to various people – we both love crowd watching, and the different languages and looks of people were very interesting. Not many asians here, and a lot of slavic looking people. Also interesting that there wasn’t anywhere with free drinking water – quite different to NZ where everyone is encouraged to keep hydrated. Then we went to the inside pools and found a 38 degree one, and then finally the 40 degree one. That kept us warm while we changed in the little cubicals – and for me to find my sock which someone had kindly put on top of a shelf for me.

    Then back to the train again. We found that it is a really good plan to catch the train the wrong way so it goes to the end of the line cos then you are guaranteed to get a good seat which we then kept on until we got to the city centre – Deak Ferenc ter. The station by the camp site is called Nagyvarad ter – yep, those names just roll off the tongue! It took a wee while at Deak Ferenc ter to work out where to catch the train, and then when we got to Nagyvarad ter we went up 2 sets of stair cases before we chose the right one to walk 1km to our campsite. I don’t normally take 2 trains, and walk a km after doing hot pools! Once back at Nico we decided to check out the restaurant – I had veges and kumara chips, and Jody had chicken and grilled veges which was just ok. Then we polished off the rest of the limoncello, must make some plans to replace that! Actually Jody is quite a bad influence on me! It is quite nice listening to the NZDAC 2017 playlist – current rocking away to Mania by Michael Sembello (who knew who sang that song?)
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  • May2

    Day 21 Budapest

    May 2 in France ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Day 21 Budapest
    Lovely and fine, over 20 degrees
    This morning we had planned to meet up with my friend Anna Eiffert at 11am. But we also wanted to go to the big city market, so decided to leave as soon as we woke up and do that first. Well I woke up at around 7.45 – I am amazed at how many nights in a row I have been sleeping for longer than 8 hours. My normal is about 6.5 hours. We were pretty organised tho, and left the campground before 9am. We are pretty good at the train system, and Jody managed us through the train network rather than having to walk 1.2 kms to the market.

    The market was very interesting, and Jody and I split up as we had to leave there at 10.45. Lots of Hungarian food options – interesting meats, and loads of paprika. Upstairs were souvenirs, trinkets and clothes. I bought this wee linen jacket in white. Then I bumped into Jody and she bought one in a pinky colour. Then it was time to get another 2 trains which we did successfully, and found Anna by the big ferris wheel as arranged. Budapest is a city of 1.7m people, so we are doing pretty well getting around having been here for 2 days. I met Anna 6 years ago when she was taking an agility seminar in Texas which I attended with Clare Wellington and Allan and Elaine Rohde. Since then Anna has become a One Mind Dog coach, and is a really good teacher and handler.

    Anna found a bus for us to catch to go up to the castle which overlooks Budapest. Pest is on the flat side of the river, and Buda is on the hillier side. It was very cool up the hill as we could see both sides, and the castle itself was just amazing. After the castle we took another bus and had a bit of a walk to our lunch restaurant which Anna had booked. It was called Stand 25 and is part of the same company as the one michelin star restaurant called Stand. The food was incredible, and presented extremely well. It was lovely chatting to Anna and hearing about her growing up in Budapest, and about European agility. Unfortunately she had only come home yesterday, and is leaving again in the morning, so only had a short time with us, but it was lovely to catch up with her.

    After Anna left us, we made our way to the metro and took a seat working out what we were doing next. Lo and behold a sign appeared in front of us – Decathlon! Just one of my favourite European stores. So yep we just had to visit. I bought 2 pairs of togs for a total of $40 and a t shirt. Then we went to Starbucks – mainly to use the loo, but more working out of what we were going to do. We both felt a bit weary so decided that staying around for the evening river cruise was not going to happen. But looked up the market again and thought we could spend a bit more time there so took 2 more trains for that. It was good because we have now done the whole market and won’t feel like we were jmissing out on anything. I bought some wonderful large blueberries and tasty strawberries. We had been very disappointed in the strawberries in Italy, so haven’t had any for a while. After the market we walked down a road that looked like it had lots of eating places, and that was a great choice. Heaps of souvenir shops, and whatdeyeknow, some more clothes shops. Jody and I bought another linen jacket each, and a couple of other tops as well. They are so nice, and pretty cheap. We also stopped and shared a chimney cake which I had been wanting to try. Basically doughnut baked into the shape of a cone, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and filled with icrecream and cream. It was rather nice, but we won’t be needing to have another one. Then on the way to the next train station we went for a walk over the bridge to take some pics and then finally got on the train. We sort of got on a train going the wrong way, so had to get off again. That was paired with me making us get off a train which I thought was going the wrong way earlier in the day, but actually wasn’t. Lucky there are so many trains so it isn’t really an issue.

    So we walked 1 km from the train station back to Nico, and by this stage Jody was re-energised and buzzing. I suggested that maybe she take the train back into town and try out the river cruise but I didn’t get a positive response.

    When we got to this campground, we parked behind another motorhome, and the guy wanted us to move forward as much as we could. I was hoping he didn’t want anyone to park behind us, but at 9pm tonight that exactly what he was trying to do. We are going to leave in the morning, so don’t really want anyone behind us who might go out for the day. We managed to get him to find somewhere else to park, and will have to keep an eye on the situation in the morning. It is not the quietest campground, and we have been serenaded by someone playing some sort of horn this evening.
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  • May8

    Day 27 Biking from Titisee

    May 8 in France ⋅ 🌬 14 °C

    Day 27 – Biking
    Raining and around 10 degrees
    Last night I told Jody that I had a plan for today as long as it wasn’t raining too much. She was keen at the time though may be a bit wary of my grand schemes in future! Our choices were my plan, reading books in Nico all day, or driving somewhere else in the rain and trying to find another campsite. So the grand plan won out, and I thought we had a pretty fabulous day. I felt really good cos we did a fair bit of exercise. Jeremy left around 9am, and it wasn’t raining much at that stage so Jody agreed to my masterplan for the day. Titisee Lake is supposed to be really nice and is 30kms away. There is a bit of a climb up there though, so my plan was for us to take a train there, and bike back – how hard could that be? The train ride went well though it started raining a bit harder while we were getting there. We arrived around 11.30, and immediately found some really cool shops with clothing, souvenirs, cuckoo clocks etc. We parked the bikes and went shopping. We already were a bit wet at that stage, and found some awesome jackets which are lined with fleece and are really warm and cosy. We both ended up buying one, and putting them on under our rain coats. We also bought some buffs to wear under our helmets. Oh, and small cuckoo clocks with magnets on the back. We also had an awesome lunch of sausage and fried potatoes.

    Then we started biking to the next town – Hinterzarten - which was 4 kms away. We made it there quite easily, though were slightly surprised at the number of hills even on that short leg. Then we tried to find our directions to the next township. Despite asking directions from a lady who spoke great english, and using google maps, and the map that we had taken a photo of from a bike shop, we failed in our quest. By that stage we had walked and biked up some very steep climbs, and then biked back down them again. It rained quite a lot, and we were pretty wet from the waist down. We finally gave up when we were headed up this mountain bike path that got so steep that it was hard for me to walk up without my bike, and I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to bike down it. And there was a drop of many many metres down to the main road which were unkeen to fall down. So we backtracked, found the train station and jumped on. We got off at Kirchzarten as I had convinced Jody that it was a lovely ride from there back to Nico.
    Yes it was lovely the other day, and still quite picturesque today. The driving rain in our faces and the chill in our legs and feet sort of spoiled the moment tho!

    We managed to find the supermarket on the way back – how did more blueberries and raspberries arrive in the trolley? As well as a couple of bottles of wine. When we got back to Nico, we stripped off our wet clothes, and both had a shower for over 10 minutes. We had turned the heater on in Nico, and when we got back from our showers, we finally started to thaw out. So it was supposed to take an hour 37 minutes to bike back, and was around 30kms which I thought was mainly downhill. I have traced our route, and golly knows where we were actually supposed to go, but our total trip was around 17kms. But the number of hills added quite a bit of effort to that though. I had thought we would be back early afternoon, and spend the rest of the afternoon reading books in Nico. We didn’t get back until after 4pm, and the thawing out process took another hour. Then reading books in bed was great. Nico can get lovely and warm with the heater.

    Jody cooked another lovely meal with baked chicken and potatoes. She also got a bit carried away with the spray and wipe so things are looking a bit cleaner. It is still supposed to rain in a lot of Europe tomorrow, but we think we will leave here and head for Strasbourg which is only an hour away, but supposed to be lovely. That is in France, so we will be bonjouring, merci beaucouping, ouing, and noning with the best of them.

    Bon nuit
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  • May9

    Day 28 Strasbourg

    May 9 in France ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Day 28 – Strasbourg France

    Well waddeyeknow, when we woke up this morning, guess what? Yes, it was raining. I had a great sleep after the big ride yesterday and didn’t wake until 8am. Then we got packed up and hit the road. It seemed to take a long time to get to Strasbourg which should have been just over an hour away, and we didn’t even get lost! The campsite seemed reasonable, so we parked up, hooked up the electric and watched the rain outside. About this time we realised that we had left out little step at the campground in Frieburg. How handy that there is both a Decathlon (or 3) and an IKEA here. Googlemaps had her fun with us as per usual. It was only after we had driven down a narrow path and encountered a low bridge that Jody wondered if my phone was still set to bike mode, hmmm yes it was – no wonder we had been having issues! After turning around in a rather tight space with a river on one side we set off again through a lot of narrow streets, and finally found Decathlon. This was a bit of fun though – we were dry, seeing the sights, and what else were we going to do for the afternoon? Jody was the winner at Decathlon though a couple of spare pair of tights for 5 euros could be useful for me if it keeps raining. IKEA was fun as well, and we found another step there. The trip back to the campsite took a lot less time!

    Then we had a casual afternoon reading books, had dinner in the campground restaurant – thin pizza and yep it was still raining. Fingers crossed that it will have gone by the morning when we will be doing some biking around this place which is supposed to be stunning. Will be staying here tomorrow night as well.
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  • May10

    Day 29 Strasbourg

    May 10 in France ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Day 29 – Strasbourg

    Yay yay yay, today we woke up and it wasn’t raining. Such a better feeling for the day. Though we expected some rain during the day, it only tried a couple of times and mainly was lovely and fine. We had ordered bread from the campsite – chose a ‘pain’ but didn’t know how large it was – it was huge! By the time we decided that it was a lovely day, and that we would go off on our bikes it was pretty late. We biked into Strasbourg old town, and it was just soooo pretty. The cathedral was marvellous from the outside, and like many others, the pictures just don’t do it justice. They are very high, so it is hard to get that perspective with a camera. We locked our bikes up and walked around everywhere. One thing we were really surprised at was the amount of gingerbread men toys, ceramics, etc that there were. We had no idea that it was such a thing in the province of Alsace, but apparently it is particularly in December. The toys were very cute, but I restrained myself – oh it would have been good to do that for the rest of the day!

    Our first real shopping stop was Pylone – we had been to this store in Italy as I was trying to get something for my nephew that I had bought there before, but had no luck. Though we both found some other pretty cool things to buy – the cutest little gumboots for a toothbrush holder was one of them. We walked quite a way, had fun with some wandering policemen who weren’t keen on Jody taking a picture of them. The patisseries have the most amazing food, and I had a lovely raspberry concoction from one of them. The serving lady was lovely, and when I said I wanted to eat there, she quickly put a reserved sign on the only free table before I did my order. Found the market we had googled, but stumbled on it by mistake. Hmmm, how did another linen jacket find its way into my bag? Also managed to have a lemon and sugar crepe. Then we found our way to Little France which is the old part of town with some stunning buildings near a river. It was really still today so we got to take some lovely pictures. We were both a bit tired by this stage, and wanted something to eat (that a chair came with), but it was 3pm and everything was closed.

    So we made our way back to our bikes, and just beside there found a pub that was open. We had a nice quiche lorraine with salad for a very late lunch. When we both googled where we were, one word flashed up – Uniqlo. This is a store that I love to visit when in London, and where some of my puffer jackets have come from. So yes we used googlemaps to find out way there, and after going in the wrong direction as per usual found the store very near where we had been earlier in the day. We both might have made a few purchases there (I think I won!). We have both been a bit curious as to what KFC tasted like overseas, and there was a store opposite Uniqlo so we gave it a try. The hotwings were like NZ, but the fries were not – no chicken salt on them, and not very nice. Oh well, we have done that now and won’t be doing it again! So then it was time to get back to Nico. We had also been to a supermarket during the day – requirements were tomatoes, and a shower sponge (as mine had disintegrated). We achieved that as well as a few other items (I came back to France really just for the Cote D’or chocolate!). So our bags were quite full and heavy. So on our way back to Nico of course we headed in the wrong direction so it took a while to get back, but it was a lovely evening so it didn’t matter at all. There were a lot of lovely historic buildings on our bike trail which looked to be deserted. So back at Nico in a new pitch site – when we said this morning we wanted to stay another night we had to move. It is a nice campsite here, but not quite as nice as the one in Freiburg. Those damn push button showers again.

    During today I mentioned the chicken thighs in the fridge which we had both forgotten about. Jody cooked them up for dinner – I think I will have to try this slow roasting of them at home some time. And we played some 2 handed 500 which I haven’t done for years which was fun. We would like to stay here for longer as it really is lovely, but it is supposed to be raining again tomorrow, so we will reassess in the morning. If raining we might just start making our way to Luxemburg – I don’t wanna leave France tho!
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