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  • Day928

    Châteaudun, Centre-Val de Loire

    January 10 in France ⋅ ☁️ 4 °C

    We are sitting in the shadow of the impressive Château de Châteaudun (well, we would be if there were any sunshine). Its grey brick walls rise to a neck-craning height, just over the road from the parking de camping cars. It's lower sections are built into the rock and covered in green lichen. They have but a few small inlets guarded by rusting iron bars; the dungeons perhaps? Upper storeys are mostly free from growth and punctuated by tall rectangular windows, some framed in archways and decorated with demure carvings. Impressive as it is, it looks in need of a little TLC. Over the other side of our car park the brown River Loire runs through an artificial basin. A canoe clubhouse perches on the bank and slalom poles hang in place, ready for when the weather warms.

    Like its castle, Châteaudun appears slightly run down; plaster flaking from the sides of buildings. On the way in we passed several houses, originally built into the cliff but now dilapidated beyond habitation. We also drove by the entrance to the Grottes du Foulon; a cave system renowned for its geodes (hollow rocks containing crystalline formations). In the case of the Foulon caves, they contain quartz and chalcedony; a microcrystal such as onyx. If we'd have been staying longer we would have visited. We'll have to put it on the 'return to' list!

    With Vicky feeling weak, Will set off to explore Châteaudun on his own. It is split into a lower and an upper town. Both are inhabited but the lower is the more modern and busy, with garages and noisy traffic driving through its streets. The upper is more touristy, its main square offering charcuteries and chocolatiers, its old quarter a pocket of history, with characterful, timber framed buildings and high sided stone walls. Cars are absent from the cobbled lanes and a well signed 'circuit touristique' leads you past the domineering historical buildings of the château, a hotel, the old town hall and more. Being the kind hearted bloke he is, Will decided to pay a little back to Châteaudun by having a beer at its old town café - well done Will! 😂 Before leaving, Vicky managed to make it up the steep stone steps and take in some of the sights. The streets were quiet in the feeble light of early morning and a delicate drizzle added to the olde worlde atmosphere.
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  • Day6

    Rambouillet to Chartres. 56 km.

    September 10, 2017 in France ⋅

    Why pack that raingear if you never use it?? And we confirmed we don't melt when we get wet 🌧️😄🌦️.

    Woke up to a Saturday market right outside our hotel so got lunch food for later. Another late start..not quite caught up to the time zone yet. Much nicer riding track today thru farmland, more tree lined lanes, country roads. The veloscenie leads us thru back lanes we'd never find ourselves. The little towns are one after another more than 100 m apart.

    Lunch in Epernon in a small churchyard ... In the sunshine at that point. We had 🥖 🧀, ham, olives, grapes and 🍷.

    Not long after we took shelter under an overhanging tree beside someone's front gate. Bit of hail and big wind. On our way again in 25 minutes but needed shelter again in Maintenon by the Chateau, beside the aqueduct. Gave in to the rain clothes at this point and had a mix of everything after that. Then Daryl can't shift into his lowest gear so the hills are more ominous tho not bad at all today thank goodness.

    Lovely ride into Chartres along the Greenway. Very cool town. Staying at a chambres-hotes (B&B). Bike friendly and people friendly! Sylvie offered to do our laundry - perfect timing! We'll stay 2 nights and tour the town today - haven't been doing enough of this yet. We'll get DB's bike seen to tomorrow before we head out.

    So far so good 😊.
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  • Day7


    September 11, 2017 in France ⋅

    A lovely relaxing day wandering around Chartres. No rain but the wind isn't letting up 🌬️🍃.

    The cathedral is awe-inspiring 🕍.  (Yes...the first one on a Europe trip usually is, I know. Check in with us in a couple of weeks 😉).  This one is known for its stained glass windows, statues and the veil Mary was to have worn at Jesus's birth.

    Cool art museum, many public squares, other churches, old stone walls and roadways, old ramparts.

    Chartres Luminieres at night - spectacular. Hard to catch on camera but you can see how the cathedral and bridges are transformed. The animation was excellent. Worth putting on your list next time you're dans le quartier
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  • Day7

    Chambres to Illiers-Combray - 37 km.

    September 11, 2017 in France ⋅

    Can you say 'vent'? Vent implacable?? That was our ride today. The wind was coming from the southwest 35+ kph. And we were biking guessed it...the southwest! I know... first world problem. Out in the middle of huge fields of stubble (some corn still to be harvested) with no wind break, it can be a slog 😣. And it was at times.

    But ... we're cycling in France 🍷😍. Good bike paths the whole way (37 km that was more like 70); espresso at a truck stop where the truckers were lined up at the bar for their shot of alcohol before heading back out on the road; gourmet picnic lunch at the requisite church yard (cut a bit short by a few raindrops that never amounted to anything wet); get to Illiers-Combray by 3 pm (the perfect time to stop when you're slackers like us) and take just less than an hour to find our hotel within a 500 metre radius 😜.

    Illiers-Combray is no metropolis (3400 ppl) but we enjoyed a bit of down time before checking out the church (quite nice for a place this size), touring the Jardin de Marcel Proust (French author who stayed here and used this town in his writings), and walking a bit (a very tiny bit) of the pilgrim trail that runs through here. Finished the evening with another 'repas delicieux' complete with creme brulee...tough to take.

    Checking the weather forecast here for the days ahead. Looks pretty nice at home 🤔.
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  • Day12

    Illiers-Combray - Nogent-le-Retrou 59 km

    September 16, 2017 in France ⋅

    Our detour behind us, we got back to business. Our hotel patron Olivier saw us off. He had renovated his hotel and got some paint from an 88 year old friend who had painted the Eiffel Tower 🗼 (well...not all by himself 🤣). So he still has it - maybe it'll help with the rust!

    A beautiful day. Some wind (and yes...coming right toward us) but not bad. Met a Dutch couple cycling the other direction because "we're from Amsterdam and we know the wind comes from the west". Gotta love that local knowledge.

    An unseasonably cool 8 degrees to start the morning, but sunny. Rolling countryside. Just enough hill to get the heart rate up but not enough to discourage. Big farms. French Charlais cattle. Expansive countryside views.

    Coffee stop at Fraze. Finally seeing other cyclists and flower-filled bicycles marking the Veloscenie. Pain du chocolat et pain du pommes...just reward for a two hour leisurely ride 😋.

    Lunch by the abbey at Thiron-Garais. Sausage from an award winning charcuterie, cheese, bread, olives, wine. Haven't tired of this menu yet! pleut 🌦️. Waited it out, got the rain clothes on, but off they came within a half hour and rode into Nogent-le-Rotrou in the sunshine.

    Quite the accommodation tonite. 15th century manor 🏰 ...that's old! Gated courtyard, large common room with a suit-of-armour boot and many other antiques. Our patron is a former antiques dealer and a well-known (in those circles) key expert. Winding stone staircase to our room, wood shuttered windows. Very cool. (But they do have running water 😉).
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  • Day434

    Day 435: Chartres Cathedral

    April 25, 2018 in France ⋅

    ABC - Another Day, Another B****y Cathedral. Today's WHS was Chartres Cathedral, located to the south-west of Paris. Was a reasonably long drive from Amiens, about 3 hours, skirting around the edge of Paris too. I do still find them interesting, but it's been a lot of cathedrals in a fairly short space of time - sort of like visiting old towns when you visit Italy.

    This Cathedral was notable for its interior restoration, a controversial one that has it looking bright white and almost baroque - very odd. Still impressive though, particularly the sculpture outside and the stained glass too, some of which was actually older than the cathedral itself (it belonged to the previous cathedral on the site).

    Finished up for the day, we ate our baguettes and then checked in to our hotel, a cheap business style hotel on the outskirts of town. We've stayed with this chain before and always had reasonable experiences - they're cheap and no frills, but at least decent quality. This one had been recently built, and so everything was still nice and fresh and clean.

    Spent the afternoon working and relaxing, and went out to grab kebabs for dinner. These days the most common French fast food!
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  • Day10

    Way better than Paris

    June 10, 2018 in France ⋅ 🌧 68 °F

    Ice Dragon and I made it to the Cathédrale Notre-Dame du Chartres today and it's truly one of the most magnificent things we've ever seen.

    I could actually see the spires from about 15 miles out and thought, "wow! it must be huge!"

    It is huge. It's also at the tippy top of a very, very steep hill. Enjoying a much-deserved glass of wine and crème brûlée. We hit the 400 mile mark today!Read more

  • Day10

    chartres at night

    June 10, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 64 °F

    Because of the downpour I got into chartres much later than intended. And because of the downpour, I got to see chartres at night. They have projectors all over the city making their already beautiful city look - unbelievable.

  • Day11

    Another day, another downpour

    June 11, 2018 in France ⋅ 🌧 61 °F

    I have to admit that by yesterday night I was getting really f-ing tired of the rain. It lasted for more than 24 hours straight. It was there when I went to sleep on Sunday (I camped in the very corner of my site because it had already rained several days and was starting to flood), ALL day and night on Monday, heavy - to the point that I didn't make all my miles due to starting late (hoping to wait it out. Didn't happen).

    AND THEN, it was still raining in the morning. I don't have a lot of pictures because my phone was in a plastic bag most of the day. But I grabbed a couple that felt necessary...
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