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  • Day20

    Trains, Trains and more Trains

    September 9, 2019 in France ⋅ ☁️ 16 °C

    Although there is no doubt we had all thoroughly enjoyed our time in Aigues Mortes, after two days of relative inactivity, we were starting to get itchy feet (and I am not referring to the tinea commonly experienced by some other travellers). We actually were ready to resume our cycling. The only problem was that first we had to traverse about 600 km of France to reach Nevers where we were to begin our ride along the Loire River.

    When I was putting this trip together I thought that it would be a good idea to include a couple of day's break between the end of section one and the start of section two. This turned out to be a very wise move as we discovered that it is basically impossible to get out of Aigues Mortes at the week end.

    Although there is a train station at Aigues Mortes, the long grass growing up between the rails is clear evidence that the line is not exactly frequently traversed by trains. In fact we found that the 11:52 am train to Nimes is basically the only option and it only runs on weekdays.

    In order to make our way to Nevers we would have to somehow negotiate a complex sequence of train connections and a glitch in any one of the these connections could have potentially disastrous consequences.

    The long odyssey began with a walking peloton from our hotel to the station. We piled our mountain of luggage in a strategic position and waited for the train to arrive. When it did finally roll into the station, we were horrified to find that it was more like a bus than a train. It only had one carriage and that was already filled with passengers from the previous station.

    We had no choice other than to resort to brute force. Fifteen elderly Ghostriders jammed cases into every available space (mostly in the middle of the single aisle) and then tried to find a place to stand. I spent the next 30 minutes balanced on one leg and trying to avoid falling into the pram that was pressed against my other leg. To make matters worse, the airconditioning was almost non existent and the temperature was soon soaring. It was not a pleasant start to a long journey.

    When we arrived at Nimes we all were exceedingly glad to be free of the train. Since we had a 90 minute gap before the next train was due, we took the opportunity to get something to eat for lunch. The next train would be a first class ride to Dijon. At least we would look forward to reserved seats. The only problem was that, when we reached the platform we were told that the "train was retarded". That was not the news we wanted to hear, especially as we only had a 20 minute break at Dijon before we had to catch the final train to Nevers.

    Our train was indeed retarded and became more so as the trip progressed. Although the scenery was absolutely glorious, I was too stressed to really enjoy it. It was soon obvious that we would have no hope of catching our third connection and I had horrific visions of having to spend the entire night sleeping on the railway platform, surrounded by our luggage. At least the wifi on the train was excellent, easily the best we had experienced in our entire trip so far.

    Of course we arrived at Dijon, just in time to see the train we wanted to catch, disappear into the distance. This could have been catastrophic, but we did discover that there was a second train due to leave in about 40 minutes time. At least it looked like we would be able to reach our hotel, but probably too late for dinner.

    Although it had not gone exactly to plan, we were delighted to discover that the train to Nevers was almost empty. We spread out over an entire carriage and started to misbehave terribly. It had been a very long day in transit and the combination of stress and sugar was starting to make the group act like kids at a red cordial fuelled birthday party. The few remaining locals in the carriage soon departed for other quieter parts of the train.

    We finally rolled into Nevers at about 8 pm. The light was fading and the temperature was dropping as we rolled our cases up the deserted main street to the Best Western Hotel de Diane. I was relieved to find that the hotel reception was still waiting for us and they informed us that we had not missed our dinner after all.

    We were even happier to find that the rooms were amazing - large, clean and comfortable. Best of all was the fact that the dinner was absolutely superb. As each dish was presented to us, we relished every mouthful. The benchmark for dining has now been set at an absurdly high level. It had been quite a day. Tomorrow we will be back on the bikes again.
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  • Day79

    73. Etappe: Nevers

    September 19, 2018 in France ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    Dank der kleinen Etappe, war ich heute schon mittags am Zielort Nevers. Eine gute Entscheidung, denn das Thermometer kletterte wieder auf über 30 Grad.
    Nach einem tollen Abendbrot gestern Abend, einer ruhigen Nacht und dem gemeinsamen Frühstück hieß es heute Morgen Abschied nehmen von Ellis & Hans, mit denen ich in den letzten Tag allerhand Weg, so manche gemütliche Herberge und das ein oder andere Bier geteielt habe - schön wars! Aber die beiden hatten heute ihre letzte Jakobsweg-Etappe für dieses Jahr und fahren morgen früh mit dem Flixbus wieder in die niederländische Heimat. Aber wie es der Zufall will, trafen wir uns noch 2x in der Stadt wieder 🎉 Nach dem wirklich allerletzten gemeinsamen Erfrischungsgetränk heute Nachmittag ging es für mich zurück in die private Pilgerherberge, die ich heute wieder ganz für mich alleine habe.
    Die freie Zeit in Nevers habe ich gut genutzt und meine durchgelatschten Wanderschuhe durch exakt das selbe Modell ersetzt. Daniel darf dann in den nächsten Tagen eine kleine Stinkbombe bei der Post abholen 🙊. Denn das alte Paar konnte ich einfach nicht wegschmeißen, aber 1,5 kg schleppt kein Pilger zusätzlich mit sich rum. 😉
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    Daniel Hasert


    Mottenburger Jung

    Ich würde die alten Schlappen in Acryl gießen: Ein geruchsneutrales Kunstwerk!


    Die alten Schuhe haben aber sicher auch viel zu erzählen,denn wo die schon überall waren.

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  • Day25

    Puilly sur Loire to Nevers

    June 22, 2017 in France ⋅ ☀️ 34 °C

    When we came through Puilly on the way to our hotel yesterday we couldn't buy milk for brekky because the shops closed for their midday break till 3pm. Another very hot day forecast so this morning we got an early start, bought some milk a few km along the road, and had our muesli and coffee at a picnic spot near La Charitè sur Loire. After a few minor navigational hiccups we crossed the river to rejoin the official cycle route. The route from there to Nevers was very good, with lots of wide smooth shady sections beside canals.
    We have now completed the official Loire à Velo route from the mouth of the river at Saint Nazaire to Nevers. We might have to celebrate with some bubbly on our rest day.
    The forecast looks more normal for the next week or so, with maximums in the mid to low 20s where we are headed, which is further south along the Loire.

    57km today, 687km total.
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    Ingela Hamilton Stening

    Looks beautiful take care riding in the heat xxx

    Pat and Tracey Esler

    Thanks Ingela. I'm guessing Barcelona is pretty hot too. Enjoy!

    Rod Horan

    Glad your getting some good bike track. That pic of Pat is not very flattering.

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  • Day26

    Nevers (Out of order)

    June 23, 2017 in France ⋅ ☁️ 22 °C

    A big day in Nevers - sightseeing, bike shop for repairs to Tracey's bottom bracket, haircut for Pat & laundromat. Nevers has got everything you need without being too big, as well as having the requisite gothic cathedral, ducal palace and a beach on the Loire right behind our accommodation.Read more

    Arabian Nights

    I hope that's a repair to Travey's BIKE bottom bracket, not HER bottom bracket. Ouch!!

    Pat and Tracey Esler

    Haha! Unless bike shops are expanding their repertoires, i think you can safely assume it was the bike's bottom bracket. Mind you, they couldn't do anything to replace the aged bracket, as they didn't have a replacement the correct length. So he just spruced up the old one, which had been complaining a bit.

  • Day305

    2018 - nye eventyr med Rasmine

    April 18, 2018 in France ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    Så - endelig oprandt dagen, dagens hvor vi endelig kunne pakke bilen og os selv og drage ud til nye og spændene oplevelser. Første stop hos dejlige venner på Thurø, hvor vi hyggede og fik snakket en masse og hertil lækker mad og vin.

    Vi fortsatte turen til Holland, hvor vi håbede på at se en masse tulipan - og hyacintmarker, men foråret har også ladet vente på sig i Holland. Nød dog at se dem, der allerede var kommet i forårshumør.

    Vi nåede Nevers efter 5 dage og 1950 fantastiske km. uden brug af motorveje.

    Frida, vores nye familiemedlem og skibshund (en dværgschnauzer på nu 4 1/2 måned) har klaret alle strabadsere så flot - 3 hotelovernatninger (dog med tisseprøver på gulvtæpperne) hertil diverse restaurantionsbesøg og nu en fast flydende bolig rundt om i Frankrig (med ukendte postnumre) i de næste 5-6 måneder. Hun er selvfølgelig en meget klog og dejlig hund - og dygtig er hun jo også - tænk bare, hun kan gø på både dansk, tysk, hollandsk, belgisk og fransk - og så helt flydende, men dog behersket.

    Nu jeg nævner Belgien - ja, så ser det ud på landjorden som på vandvejene - plastic, papir, dåser og alt muligt andet møg. Jeg havde håbet på, at Flandern var en bedre vogter for miljøet end Vallonien, men nej. Jeg tror desværre at Belgien er et dybt forarmet land, meget bærer præg af stort forfald.

    Og vejret - ja, nu vi taler om det, det er bare i top. De hvide arme og ven bliver luftet i shorts og florlette bluser, gad vide hvornår de antager blot en smule farve - det ville bestemt klæde dem. Men træer, buske og blomster viser sig fra deres bedste side og i perfekte farvenuancer og vi nyder det hele.

    Rasmine har klarer vinteren flot, hun er beskidt ude, men hyggelig som vanlig under dæk. Regner med at vi drejer stævnen mod syd i løbet af en uges tid, når vi har gjort klar skib. Vi skal have båden op, da vi har lidt problemer med vores stævnrørsleje, og håber på at møde en havn med en kran, der kan løfte os op af vandet, men lur mig, ting tager tid her i Frankrig og alt er ikke lige om hjørnet - og det er jo også lige det, der gør det spændende at rejse.

    På gensyn - à son tour

    Pas godt på jer.
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    Tak for hilsen. Jeg glæder mig til at følge jer igen! Kh Lisbeth Asmund

  • Day78

    Madame og vinterhavn

    September 3, 2017 in France ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Jeg har tit undret mig og tænkt på, hvad mon "Madame" laver i weekenden.
    De fleste franskmænd - altså dem af hankøn - ses ofte ude med snøren - i dette tilfælde dog fiskesnøren. De sidder i hobetal langs kanaler og floder, dog i tilpas afstand fra hinanden, gerne med siden eller ryggen til, således at al kommunikation med sidemanden er udelukket. Udstyr går de ikke ned på. Det syntes, at standardudstyret består af 4-5 fiskestænger (af de store lange) med tilhørende "opsatsholder" hertil en kæmpe ruse til opbevaring af drømmefangsten, spande, stole, carmoflagetelt, grill mm. Tænker om der i det hele taget er en fisk til dem alle - vi ser næsten aldrig at der fanges bare en lille bitte fisk. Pyt - de hygger sig og det gør Madame helt sikkert også.
    Det var nu ikke det jeg ville skrive og fortælle om, men at vi nu fundet en dejlig vinterhavn i byen Nevers. Byen ligger ca 250 km syd for Paris og vi har haft nogle fantastiske sejladser hertil. Blot for at nævne et par af højdepunkterne besøgte vi Montargis - en by med mange kanaler på kryds og tværs - følte os helt hensat til Venedig, hertil byen Saint Mammes hvor Alfred Sisley valgte at slå sig ned og her ses mange af hans værker gengivet som store vægmalerier på byens gavle mm. Der var forøvrigt sang, musik og dans på den lille rådhusplads lørdag aften - endnu en hyggelig aften. En stor oplevelse var det at sejle over Briare-akvædukten i nærheden af ​​Chatillon-sur-Loire. Det ses tydeligt, at Gustave Eiffel har haft en finger med i konstruktionen af denne - så helt fantastisk og smuk. Den var i lang tid den længste stålkanalakvædukt i verden med sine 662 meter, men mistede sin titel til Magdeburg Water Bridge, der krydser Elben og er 918 meter lang.
    Vi har som vanlig overnattet på de skønneste stille og smukke steder af Frankrig, spist dejlig mad og nydt de varme solskinsdage. Nu er det ved at være slut for i år, Frankrig har også taget hul på efteråret, vejret er dog for det meste vidunderligt , men efteråret er ikke til at komme udenom. Lyset og duften forandrer sig.
    Vi skal pakke sammen, rydde op, vaske inde og ude, ja tusind ting skal klares til næste sæson. Vi skal dog lige have kigget Nevers efter i sømmene og udforsket området langs Loirefloden på vores mountainbikes inden turen går hjemad.
    Tusind tak for alle jeres likes og kommentarer, dem er jeg rigtig glade for og så glæder jeg mig til vi "snakkes" ved til næste år. Pas på jer.
    Kærlig hilsen Birgit og mange hilsner fra kaptajnen.
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  • Day9

    Day 8: 60km

    July 10, 2016 in France ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    I'm very disappointed to realise my bike computer over estimates our distances, I'm not sure by how much exactly but I'm pretty sure it's happening, so at the end we will have to do a big Google maps plot to find our more accurate distance.

    The tent was at a slight angle last night so Michelle did not sleep very well and today her back was spasming and was painful, so we didn't go too far. The campsite offered breakfast so she loved the bacon and eggs though. I got two small orange juices for the road. I think it was the hottest day so far. The first 2/3 days of the trip were cloudy and a bit cool, but since then it's been all sun! After living in an eternal winter in the Netherlands I'm not used to this, especially cycling through the hottest part of it.

    We saw heaps of locks today, and watched one operate, they are so call and remind me of my relos in England, he taught me all about them :)

    We continued to follow the Loire all the way to the first plaque with 0. Then we found a mini paradise on the river and swam in the lovely water! So relaxing. We had to continue for another few km to get to the campsite. The last bit was tough. Sooo hot, swimmers are really uncomfortable especially when my bum is already sore.

    We have another great view of the city Nevers just across the river from the campsite. We just relaxed when we arrived, set everything up and had lunch/dinner at 5:30/6. Michelle tends to stay up later than I do so she walks around the city or just stays in the campsite. I go to bed around 930 and listen to a book or pod cast for an hour. Last night Michelle went to a theatre acrobat thing that was on in a local park as part of an arts festival, she really liked it despite not understanding anything.
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  • Day24

    Weight loss program in nevers

    August 23, 2016 in France ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Having carried a four man tent for the last three weeks we ve finally decided to slim down the trailer. Ditch the big tent and buy a small 2 man. We ve also sent back a parcel full of things so hopefully cycling in the south of france will be alot easier. From here we have decided to jump on a train to the south to save some time.Read more

  • Day3

    Passage improvisé par Nevers ;)

    April 2, 2018 in France ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Je dépose Sandy chez sa mère pour qu'elle récupère sa voiture et puisse rentrer sur Paris.

    Je file à la repet des Nievrosés, où j'y rejoins Papa Steph et le maestre d'Orléans.
    Pour clôturer ce merveilleux weekend, dîner improvisé chez le maestre de Nevers... je suis en bonne compagnie avec les 3 chefs !Read more

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