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  • Day30

    N E U S C H W A N S T E I N

    June 9 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 5 °C

    Aujourd'hui c'est la visite des châteaux de Bavière ! Je vais donc a Schwangau, j'ai un billet pour Neuschwanstein (le château qui a inspiré Walt Disney pour celui de la belle au bois dormant) mais j'arrive grave en avance donc j'en profite pour me balader dans la cours du château de Hohenschwangau non lui, grave stylé dans sa jolie couleur orangée très sudiste ~
    Je redescend du château en logeant un lac puis je me met en route pour Neuschwanstein. D'abord pas mal de rando autours pour trouver des points de vue sympas, puis la visite a 17h était expéditive mais intense ! Tellement de détails PARTOUT ; dans les peintures, les gravures, les tapisseries, le bois, le plafond, les meubles, les portes.. Jpp de beauté..
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    Yves Silberberg

    Super châteaux...

    Roselide TOMASI

    La vie de château quoi 🫅

    Sylvie Clemente

    Belle photo !!!

  • Day48

    Day 48 - Fairytale Castles

    September 20, 2020 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 21 °C

    After an awful night sleep for no apparent reason, I went down to the cafeteria to pick up our breakfasts to go. It was a decent doggie bag of a cheese roll, a ham roll, yoghurt, bar of chocolate, apple, apple juice & a large cup of coffee.

    It was just after 10am, when we hit the road heading for Hohenschwagon & it’s two famous castles. After negotiating the outskirts of Munich, we headed south & eventually picked up the Romantische Straße (Romantic Road), apparently devised by promotion-minded travel agents in the 1950s. “It describes the 350 kilometres (220 mi) of surface roads between Würzburg and Füssen in southern Germany, specifically in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, linking a number of picturesque towns and castles.

    “In medieval times, it was a trade route that connected the center of Germany with the south. Today, this region is thought by many international travellers to possess "quintessentially German" scenery and culture, in towns and cities such as Nördlingen, Dinkelsbühl and Rothenburg ob der Tauber and in castles such as Burg Harburg and the famous Neuschwanstein”.

    We arrived outside Neuschwanstein around midday & on the approach road the two castles appeared out of their shroud of clouds up in the mountains. It was a magical sight to behold. The most iconic castle is the white Neuschwanstein Castle, a nineteenth-century Romanesque Revival palace on a rugged hill above the village of Hohenschwangau near Füssen in southwest Bavaria, Germany. The palace was commissioned by Ludwig II (Mad King Ludwig) of Bavaria as a retreat and as a homage to Richard Wagner. Ludwig paid for the palace out of his personal fortune and by means of extensive borrowing, rather than Bavarian public funds. The castle was intended as a home for the king, until he died.

    Neuschwanstein Castle has featured in numerous movies including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang & was the inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.

    The 2nd castle, Hohenschwangau Castle is a 19th-century palace. It was the childhood residence of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and was built by his father, King Maximilian II of Bavaria. It doesn’t look so impressive from a distance.

    After numerous photos we headed into Neuschwanstein, which was heaving with tourists. The car parks wanted €8 to park & the entry fee to each castle was €25, too much for us. Instead we (I) abandoned the car illegally & took photos as best as I could.

    Afterwards we continued through the expensive town of Fussen, heading further west just north of the Austrian & Swiss borders until we arrived in Friedrichshafen. Friedrichshafen sits on the northern shores of Lake Constance looking across at it’s neighbour, Switzerland on the southern shore. It is also surrounded by vineyards & apple shrubs bursting at the seams with fruit.

    We stopped for a leg stretch & a nosey & discovered that the lake shores were sandy & effectively a beach as we know it. It may have been that it was a Sunday, but the roads on this stretch were heaving.

    We could have stayed, but decided to push on to our intended destination in the Black Forest. It was a slow, but scenic drive to Merzhausen, a couple of miles south of Freiburg im Breisgau, the largest town in the Black Forest. Our hotel, Gruner Baum Merzhausen is a traditional style hotel for the region.

    After checking in, we went down to the bar & restaurant for a couple of locally brewed beers & planned our itinerary for tomorrow. Dinner was expensive, so after much debate we ended up just sharing a carpaccio salad & a traditional German pizza, which was very thin & called a Flammkuchen. It was nice, but I went to bed still hungry.

    Song of the Day : Castles in the Air by Don McLean.
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  • Day10


    August 22, 2021 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    Neuschwanstein Castle is probably the most widely recognized building in Germany. Most of us know that this is the castle that inspired Walt Disney.
    Built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria in the 19th century. For some reason, I had thought this was older. It turns out that Ludwig the Insane (as he was known when he was deposed) wished to recreate medieval chivalry.
    The 1st picture is of the castle from across the valley. The 2nd and 3rd pictures are taken in the entry courtyard.
    Unfortunately, pictures are not allowed inside the castle. So I found 3 postcards together in the shop and took a picture of them. This at least gives you a sense of the decor. It is even more extraordinary. Most of the decor reflects the legends made well known in the Wagnerian operas.
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  • Day9

    Schloss Neuschwanstein

    December 16, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 41 °F

    Bucket list ticked off. It was an adventure in itself to get to the castle(s). Bus and a very long walk. My suggestion is to pay the money and have the horses take you up. The tours were short and no photos from inside are allowed which was a shame. But it is really the exterior of the castles that are visually stunning. My photos don’t do any if it justice.Read more

    Kristin Moorhouse

    Is this the castle Harry Potter was designed after?

    Adel Welty

    That’s the castle from all those puzzles and movies!

    Pam Welty

    It’s the castle that they used as the idea for Cinderella’s castle at Disneyland. Hogwarts castle was modeled from one in Edinburgh. I will see that one over New Years.

  • Day1

    Castle de la Graigslist

    June 21 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 26 °C

    Soooo after 6 hours of driving to see this beautiful castle, I had to pay 12 euros for a parking spot. Hell no I'm not making that mistake again, so I went 4 minutes further with my camper in a (hopefully) free spot. Hiked for an hour all the way to the top to see a average impressive castle. I mean graigslist version is maybe a bit over exaggerated but if you see the first picture (this one is from google) and then my pictures you get why I call it a graigslist version, especially after driving for 6 hours to see it. I mean it was nice but I liked the scenery around it more. Beautiful nature. Then I went back to my camper to find out that I had no clue where I put it. So after walking to the wrong parking spot for 17 minutes and then another hour of walking to the right spot (I hoped) I thankfully found my camper. So now I'm omw to buy me some wine and watch a movie after this little adventure!Read more

  • Day4

    Hoch hinaus - Tegelberg

    August 3, 2021 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 13 °C

    "Eigentlich könnten wir schnell vor dem Frühstück ins Wasser springen?!" Gesagt, getan. Mit großen Augen musste Basti dabei zusehen, wie Lena schwupps di wupps unerschrocken ins kalte Wasser ging. Erfrischt und wach konnten wir anschließend in der Sonne frühstücken.
    Eigentlich sind wir extra etwas früher aufgestanden, um zeitig zur Bergtour zi starten. Aber weil die seltene Sonne so schön war, blieben wir doch etwas länger sitzen.
    Die Suche nach der passendes Tour gestaltete sich nicht nur wg der schlechten Internetverbindung schwierig, doch zum Glück hatten wir eine erfahrene und kompetente externe Beraterin. So ging es gegen 11 los zur Rundwanderung Dreh- und Rohrkopfhütte, vom Drehkopfhüttenparkplatz aus, um das Geld für den Tegelbergparkplatz zu sparen.
    Lena träumte schon vom Gernknödel in der Rohrkopfhütte, diese hatte jedoch leider Ruhetag, also mussten wir die zusätzlichen 400hm zur ehem. Jagdhütte an der Tegelbergstation in Kauf nehmen. Petrus war uns wohl gesonnen, aber um unser Glück nicht herauszufordern, machten wir uns bei den aufziehenden Wolken zügig wieder an den Abstieg mit Blick auf Wiggerls Prachtschlösser.
    Wir überwanden zu einem erfrischenden Bad im Bannwaldsee, dann begann es schon zu regnen. Wie gut das wir so einen gemütlichen Wohnwagen haben. Denn heute Abend gibt es indisches (scharfes!🥵) Gemüsecurry aus der erstmalig richtig genutzten Wohnwagenküche!
    Heutige T@b-Erfahrungen: zwei Besichtigungen und die Info, dass der T@b offenbar dem Dübener Ei (kleiner leichter DDR-Wohnwagen) nachempfunden wurde (angeblich hat Tabbert sogar das Patent von den Erfindern gekauft).
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    Annette Salbert

    Viele Grüße von der "kompetenten externen Beraterin" namens "outdooractive" ;)))

  • Day2


    August 1, 2021 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 21 °C

    Ausgeschlafen, aber ohne Frühstück traten wir am Vormittag die einstündige Fahrt über teils sehr enge Straßen hindurch durch saftige Wiesen an den Bannwaldsee an. Trotz maximal 90 km/h schnellte der Verbrauch leider im Nu von 25 auf 29 kWh/100km hoch, aber wir beruhigten uns damit, dass dies bestimmt am Regen und dem Anstieg gen Alpen lag. Der Heimweg wird es uns zeigen.
    Am Campingplatz Bannwaldsee angekommen konnten wir auch gleich einchecken und unser Platzerl direkt am See beziehen, wo auch schon bald die ersten Bewunderer - v.a. Kinder- unseres außergewöhnlichen Gespanns zu hören waren. Dann musste dringend das Frühstück (Frenchpress-Kaffee und Schokoporridge) nachgeholt werden! ;-) Nach einer kurzen Erkundungstour über den Campingplatz inklusive Einkauf für die Brotzeit zwischendurch hüpften wir zur "Erfrischung" in den See. Aufgewärmt haben wir uns anschließend mit einem warmen Minztee und abends ließen wir uns Spaghetti mit Pesto schmecken.
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  • Day1


    August 26, 2020 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Finalmente dopo un pranzo in autogrill e tanti caffè siamo arrivati all'hotel Müller a Schwangau! Che incanto... Pieno di fiori, profumato di legno. Dalla finestra si vede il castello di Neuschwanstein e tantissima gente, adulti e bambini, che ridono in mezzo alle carrozze. Sembra un altro mondo.
    Ci riposiamo qualche ora, facciamo una doccia e andiamo subito in esplorazione!
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  • Day2


    August 27, 2020 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Buongiorno!🌞 Sveglia presto e colazione abbondante all'hotel. La signora che ci serve la colazione è carinissima e gentile.
    Ci prepariamo, macchina fotografica alla mano, batterie di riserva e blocchetto per scrivere tutte le poesie che mi vengono in mente. Finalmente dopo tanto è arrivato il momento di visitare i famosi castelli bavaresi!
    La giornata parte con la visita prenotata alle 9.15 al castello di Hohenschwangau. Ci avviamo a piedi verso il castello (che è sul retro dell'hotel). Ci vogliono una decina di minuti in salita immersi nel bosco per arrivare.🌲🌲🌲
    L'esterno è fantastico...Appena ci aprono le porte del castello ed entriamo nel giardino rimaniamo a bocca aperta.
    All'interno del castello, durante la visita guidata, non era consentito fare foto ma la meraviglia che si cela all'interno delle mura è inspiegabile. Pavimenti di legno antico, pareti affrescate, camere e mobili originali, gioielli e soprammobili intarsiati di gemme preziose carichi di significato. E' stato magnifico...

    Penso che la guida abbia visto la mia bocca aperta anche attraverso la mascherina.
    Nel frattempo però qualche foto al giardino l'ho scattata!
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  • Day9

    Schloss Hohenschwangau

    December 16, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 36 °F

    First stop on the castle tour today.
    Ludwig’s II childhood home. His father became king at 3 when his father (Ludwig’s grandfather) Maximilian hooked up with a women named Lola. After giving Lola way to many baubles, jewels and things, He made famous the term “whatever Lola wants, Lola gets”. And thus his subjects forced him to give up the throne to his son Maximilian.Read more

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