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  • Day32

    How I met your mother

    September 21, 2016 in Germany

    So we set out from Hilden and headed back in to Dusseldorf.
    Nice cool morning... I rode today with a broken spoke (another one) and we just did a work around to keep wheel ok.

    Morning highlight was when Ilona forgot about her panniers and took on a light pole. The light pole won and one of her pannier clips snapped. So while we were in the middle of a road on a traffic island trying to work out how we could temporarily secure it, an older German lady started chatting with Illy. I don't know heaps of German so just smiled nicely.... until I did catch a phrase I could understand which was the lady asking Illy if I am her mum... (So clearly I am aging well)...Read more

  • Day15

    Dusseldorf, Germany

    September 17, 2016 in Germany

    Not much to report here. We spent a night in Dusseldorf and we weren't really impressed by the city. We did learn though that the drinking age in Germany is 16 years old and that there aren't any laws prohibiting public drinking. Those two combinations above left us thinking Dusseldorf was a pretty interesting place once the sun set. We also noticed a lot of middle eastern people in the city which was probably due to the German intake of refuges in the past year or two. Not too much of an identity to this city, but we'll cross it off the list. We did however have our first authentic German meal at one of the local breweries.Read more

  • Day63

    Short ride upto Dusseldorf today for a number of reasons.

    One the morning was spent doing a bit of maintenance ton the bike including a new rear tyre which will see was in a bad way! Two weather was terrible again with good hour spent chilling under a bridge at one point as I let a huge thunderstorm pass. Three as I arrived in Dusseldorf the weather cleared up and I simply fancied a beer in the sun and as you will see Dusseldorf is a cracking night out.Read more

  • Day1

    Düsseldorf - Grand Depart

    July 1, 2017 in Germany

    I was just about to write - 'So - I think I might have finally got the hang of creating a trip report - though I'm guessing I won't remember for next time' and then I screwed up.

    TDF has always been something that I've been interested in - the bikes, colours, the caravan - really not sure - but seeing them in York wetted my appetite and going to Dusseldorf was a simple decision. So Ciaran, Dermot and I headed off to Dusseldorf via EuroWings from Birmingham. An uneventful, and surprisingly short trip - didn't really mind the lack of IFE.

    The first day;
    Rained - and was wet - I know that shouldn't be a surprise - but it was really wet rain.
    Dermot not happy
    Caravan was ok to watch - stood too close to barrier
    Watching a time trail from a static spot without a screen is a bad idea.

    Thankfully we retired to a pub, I felt this was wrong and we should have been out on the course supporting the riders, until I realised the pub was full - everyone watching the big screen. Data - especially comparative data, is very important - its the difference between he is going fas, and he is going the fastest. Also the ability to watch multiple riders at once, and follow the action beats standing by the side of the road every time.
    Lunch, dinner and wheat beers were all good.

    2nd day
    Watched riders cycle past slowly, then a bit quicker but still controlled and then finally flat out - each was just a short glimpse of colour - nothing to write home about.

    - drinks - good
    - food - great
    - hotel - fab
    - company - probably my problem assuming the boys would be more enthused - but overall I think it did us some good to get away together - even though it was a bit fraught at times.
    - travel - easy
    - Important notes - Germany is a very clean place.

    I'd go back - in fact already made some soft enquiries about cycling the Grand Depart in Vendee 2018 a week before the race starts.
    Read more

  • Day1

    Weihnachtsmarkt die Erste

    December 8, 2016 in Germany

    Ich finde ja wenn einem das "Blind Booking" schon im Dezember nach Düsseldorf verschlägt, dann sollte man wenigstens genau inspizieren, was sich hier so tut, am Abend, in der Altstadt, im Advent. Und ich muss sagen - wir sind positiv überrascht.

    Die Altstadt entpuppt sich als (fast) flächendeckender Weihnachtsmarkt - vom Ambiente teilweise sehr herzig, teilweise irgendwie in den 90ern stecke geblieben, aber jede Ecke anders und durchwegs einladend. So konnten wir auch nicht vorübergehen, am Düsseldorfer Spießbratenbrötchen, am Lángos und am allgegenwärtig Eierpunsch. Prost, Mahlzeit.Read more

  • Day260

    Nichts Schöneres unter der Sonne

    February 18 in Germany

    Heute zog es uns hinaus, dorthin wo die Sonne untergeht, genauer gesagt, nach Kaiserswerth.

    Auf dem Weg dorthin fuhren wir an einem Haus vorbei, an dessen Hauswand in großen Buchstaben stand: „Nichts Schöneres unter der Sonne, als unter der Sonne zu sein“. 🌞

    Wie wahr!

    Das wollten jedoch nicht nur wir, sondern auch reichlich andere Ausflügler 👪👫👬 erleben. Aber das Örtchen am Rhein ist ja auch wirklich nett mit seinem alten Marktplatz, den schmucken Häuschen und der Rheinpromenade.

    Schon vor dem Restaurant „Alte Rheinfähre“ saßen die Leute draußen und genossen ihren Kaffee. Hunde wurden am Rheinufer ausgeführt, und am Geländer an der Promenade hängte ein junges Pärchen 💏 das erste Liebesschloss 🔐 auf. Wir sind gespannt, ob sich die bei unsrem nächsten Besuch in Kaiserswerth vermehrt haben werden. 😃
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