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    • Day 48

      A Day in D'Dorf

      July 7, 2023 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

      Today we got up and decided to head to Aldi to see what we could grab for breakfast. We found all my favourite foods and there was a massive range of pastries to choose from. We got 2 each and headed back to the apartment. We then headed to a river cruise along the Rhine. We got a nice seat on the top level, it was a beautiful day. The cruise was only an hour but we got to see some of the city and Erin got a beer.
      We then visited tourist information to see if there were any must see spots. We got some old school maps and headed back to make our own plan. We headed towards the art gallery K21. It was an interesting experience... There was potentially more security guards than art work and majority of the work was different. There were a few really good exhibits but some were very weird including animations of people crying, drawings that looked like they were done by 5 year olds and photos of mountains. Please see the video of my favourite art piece though. We also went into a paid exhibition accidentally which was the one we enjoyed most ironically.
      Next we walked to the parliament building and past these cool apartment buildings. We stopped for lunch and Erin had the worlds biggest schnitzel. We then walked along the Rhine promenade and saw where they were doing the pole vaulting. Back in the main town the 3x3 basketball tournament had started so we watched one of those games.
      We went back to the accommodation, got changed and headed back out. Erin took me on her own version of a free walking tour and we saw some lovely buildings. She even bought me a beer as you are allowed to open carry here. We found a nice seat overlooking the Rhine and had a beer. We then watched another basketball game while enjoying a beer. The quality of the competition was really good. The amount of people who had embraced the free merch from IMG was incredible, everyone in orange bucket hats or fedoras.
      Next stop was a bar we'd seen earlier which had 2 for 1 cocktails. We had a watermelon cocktail and then a pina colada. They were both very good. Then we had a 1€ shot because yolo.
      We grabbed another beer and sat down to watch a few more games before going for a late snack dinner as we were so full still.
      We had a pretzel and spinach bread dumplings which were delicious. We headed home after this, it was 30 degrees and had been a big walking day!
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    • Day 1

      Die Reise beginnt!

      May 2, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      Unser Fahrzeug ist nun reisefertig. Es müssen nur noch wenige Kleinigkeiten gemacht werden. Wir sind alle gespannt und nervös zugleich. Wir geben unsere Wohnung auf um die nächsten Monate auf vier Rädern zu leben.Read more

    • Day 14


      May 28, 2023 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

      Samstag Nachmittag erreichen wir Düsseldorf über die elegante FLEHER-hängebrücke. Abends in die Ramba-Zamba-Düsseldorfer Altstadt, da geht die Post ab, gemäß Einheimischen jedes Wochenende.
      Apéro, ein Glas Grauburgunder. Wir haben Lust auf ein deftiges US-Steak, (der Knüller hier), Ofenkartoffel in Alu mit Sauercream, und einen knackigen Salat. Und zu dem absolut zarten und auf den Punkt gegarten Steak einen gehaltvollen Rioja. Livemusik an allen Ecken, da ist richtig was los.
      Heute gehts and den Rhein zum « Neuer Zollhof » von Arch. Frank Gehry. In der Hafenanlage erlebt man eine gelungene Symbiose vom ruhig dahingleitenden Rhein, riesigen Güter-hafenanlagen , Luxushotels und gediegenen Restaurants, Tourismus für jedermann, Bürogebäuden etc. Rauf in Sekunden auf den 250m hohen Rheinturm mit 360Grad Rundsicht, wir sehen am Horizont die Skyline von Köln in 60 km Entfernung. Durch die riesige Königsallee, die « Kö » zurück für ein Nückerchen. Heute abend zurück ins Ramba-Zamba
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    • Day 8

      Day 6 and 7 Dresden, Germany

      December 14, 2023 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 4 °C

      The morning (Wednesday) was probably a bit uninteresting but the second half of the afternoon was amazing. We left Weimar for a two hour trip to Leipzig. Now we were in East Germany and a strong contrast to where we had been. Leipzig was a huge city of over 1 million people. The town city was less interesting and lacking the character we had previously seen. We wandered the back streets before investigating the market which was definitely not as good as the others. After a large piece of pizza bread each we were back on the bus heading for Dresden. As we got closer the bus veered off through the narrow streets of a residential area. The hotel was beautiful and after half an hour we were back on the bus, as we were actually 10 kms out of the city.
      Our tour leader walked us to the main markets as there are several spread around. Dresden is an amazing city, characterised by huge dark stoned buildings, many which have actually been rebuilt since the war. And the main Christmas market was the oldest in Germany. While the products on sale were similar to what we’d seen, the stalls themselves were works of art with many having lit up rooftops that were the feature. With our accommodation being outside the city, and no meal provided tonight, we had extra time in town to find dinner. We had a beautiful Italian meal at a very cool restaurant- lasagne and tiramisu. We then made our way back to meet the bus at 7 30.
      Unfortunately the photos do not do justice to the markets as the atmosphere is really also created by the smells, lights, sounds, people and the surrounds. I’ll try to describe the German Christmas markets as they are nothing like NZ markets. Each market is usually set up in an old part of town and the lights and Christmas trees and nativity scenes are a feature, particularly as it starts to get dark at 3 pm! The common features of the markets are the little stalls each manned by very helpful and friendly shop keepers who are not at all pushy. The markets usually have a number of rides for children to go on and some of the ferris wheels and merry- go-rounds have been spectacular and obviously very old. The stalls primarily sell Christmas decorations, wooden ornaments, toys, candles, hats, scarves and gloves. But every market has its own specialties or points of difference. Added to that all markets have many fantastic food stalls, again often specialising in local delicacies such as salami, sausages,( bratwurst) chocolate (meister-klasse) , gingerbread, breads, nuts, popcorn and all have mulled wine. ( gluhwein) The wine is served in souvenir china cups and a refund given if the cup is returned instead of being kept as a momento. The stalls are remarkably clean with no plastic wrapping allowed, and while you do need to pay to use the toilets, they too are kept to a high standard. All the stalls we have visited have been very safe - tourists and families everywhere soaking up the wonderful atmosphere.
      Our second day in Dresden started with a trip to a beautiful part of the region called Meissen. The drive out following the River Elbe passed many historical places including three castles and some vineyards. We stoped for a look at a tiny Christmas market and the atmosphere was so special even though it was drizzling. We ate the most delicious treat yet- a sugary doughnut cooked over a fire- “chimney cake”. We then headed on to the Meissen porcelain factory. It was truly beautiful and the china exquisite. Much and all as we would like to have bought a souvenir they were so expensive so photos will have to do! Our afternoon was a trip to a stollen bakery. The history attached to the bread is so interesting, including the laws that apply to it, and our coffee and sample of the stollen was lovely. Tonight we ate at a German restaurant in Dresden and enjoyed our time away from the tour. It has rained off and on all day but not enough to get really wet or cold. It was however dark at 3 pm. Off to Berlin tomorrow.
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    • Day 47

      Arriving on the continent

      July 6, 2023 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 23 °C

      Today we woke up and got ready to go for breakfast. We took a walk down the royal mile as it had been reopened after the events yesterday. We walked down to Holyroodhouse, seeing the palace and also the Scottish Parliament house. We ended up grabbing breakfast next to our hostel and Erin grabbed a donut for the road. We walked to the tram stop and jumped on the airport tram. Once at the airport, it was so busy. People were everywhere. We eventually got to check our bags in, they even make you put it on the belt which is fun. We finally got through security and had one final Wetherspoons hoorah. Erin had her wine and I grabbed another coffee. The flight was pretty easy but a bit delayed. We ended up in Dusseldorf around 5pm. Ironically I said to Erin, they never really care about questioning people in Europe but the guy asked me my plans for staying in Germany. Luckily he was cute. Erin's bag came out quickly but mine took forever.
      We jumped in an uber and the poor guys GPS took him to a tunnel. He didn't know where to go and his English was bad but he was so lovely. We struggled to find the entrance but finally found it. After dragging the bags up stairs, we got to our massive apartment that has 5 beds. Erin and I literally have our own bedrooms which was unexpected. We quickly got ready and headed to our tour meeting point.
      We walked through the old town which is gorgeous. There was so many people out enjoying the evening. We stood awkwardly by the meeting fountain as there was noone else around but then our guide Theresa. She told us we were the only ones on the tour tonight and was scared because we were 'native' English speakers. We walked to the first brewery whilst chatting and getting to know Theresa, she was so lovely. We had Altbeer which is a Dusseldorf speciality, this place had been brewing since 1640. The waitstaff carried big trays with about 30 small glasses of beer just exchanging glasses. Theresa told us you have to put the coasters on top of the beer to tell them you're finished or they'll keep bringing you glasses of it. The beer was great and the vibes were very fun.
      We walked to the next place which was a more modern but the beer was very good. On the walk to the next place, Theresa told us about a traditional shot like Jager but more herby. Erin and I took a shot with varying success (please see attached footage). The final place was a good drop as well and we asked Theresa for her suggestions on Dusseldorf. She had loved our accents and learning our words for things. It was such a fun evening. Erin and I then went to a restaurant around the corner to grab a schnitzel and beer. Everyone was super lovely and helping us out as we speak no German. We then walked back to the apartment and headed off to sleep.
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    • Day 1

      Tag 1 - Düsseldorf & Altstadt

      June 22, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

      Mit dem ICE ging’s ab halb 8 weiter nach Düsseldorf, Ankunft war gegen halb 10 bei sommerlichem Wetter und Sonnenschein. Vom Bahnhof zuerst ab ins Hotel Residenz und nach dem Checkin gleich weiter in die Altstadt, vorbei an historischen Gebäuden in die erste Brauerei auf ein altes Lager (in 0,2l-Gläsern). Nach der ersten Runde führte der Weg noch weiter ins Engelchen (eine kleine Rockbar in die Kurze Straße) auf einen Absacker und dann endlich zurück ins Hotel, endlich ins Bett.

      Morgen geht‘s der Weg am Vormittag weiter nach Eindhoven und danach aufs Festival.
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    • Day 7

      Day 8 - Visit with Falk

      September 17, 2023 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 26 °C

      Went to a car coach house wt amazing old and new cars. Then wandered the streets of Düsseldorf with a stop at the Stadt Strand.

      Ended the day with ein Haselnuss Eis Becher for dinner at “Pia Eis”!

    • Day 10


      April 21, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

      Heute wird in Düsseldorf am Rhein übernachtet... Nicht weit entfernt der Heimat, aber zwei Konzertkarten in der Tonhalle laden zu diesem Stop ein...
      Toller Stellplatz direkt am Rhein.... Nicht weit zur Altstadt....👍Read more

    • Day 4

      Cologne Walking Tour

      May 25, 2023 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 13 °C

      Romanesque from year 1000. First church to
      Metal anchors support the building. 30,000 Ford workers in Cologne. Cologne is a daughter of Rome. Colony of Rome. Roman city was recycled. One if the oldest cities in Germany. French Gothic style. Late Gothic. Old Roman wall. Romans had concrete. Rediscovered concrete in late 19th century. Cleaning not really possible. 8 kinds of stone. 520 steps to top. The sculpture is a one to one copy of the top. Started in 1250. Golden shrineif the bones of 3 magi. Around year 800 crucifix changed to suffering cross. In medieval times was very colorful. After a hundred years they painted them away. Church #5 in this spot. Oldest 300 AD. We stole 3 magi. Pilgrims financed it. Reformation stopped the pilgrims. Stopped building.1824 they finally started again with German unification as a result of defeat from Napoleon. Gothic means barbaric German tribe. Gothic style prevalent across the country. Then finished it in 1840 to 1880.The original architect had made drawings they kept and finished that way.Build replicas of statues. Clean stones are new replacement stones. War destroyed much of the city and. Prior to that Victorian style. Cathedral was preserved. Air Force had order not to destroy cathedral. Used Church towers as a point of reference for daylight attack industrial stuff. Wanted modern architecture. Collective desired amnesia. Biggest cities are ugly in Germany. East Germany preserved more of the old architecture.

      Each Brauhaus serves their own Cologne beer. Oktoberfest is only Bavaria. Cologne does Mardi Gras. Cologne glasses are small to keep it fresh. Empty glass in front of you is an order for more beer. Put coaster over glass to stop more beer from coming.

      Perfume based on alcohol invented here. Eu de Cologne. 300 years. Farina same scent.

      Old market square from 1050. Fountain late 19 th century.

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    • Day 1

      Day 1

      May 31, 2023 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

      We boarded the boat at 12.30, had a lovely lunch and then settled into our cabin. We explored the boat, walked the top deck, found the Gym and the Wellness centre went to lounge and had a couple of drinks and met a lovely Canadian couple Steve & Jen. We had an amazing dinner at 6.30 , I tried the pickled Herring and loved. More wine, met another couple over dinner from England Julie & John.Read more

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