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  • Day2

    Frankfurt Layover

    July 31, 2017 in Germany

    We arrived at 6 am local time, after a flight with screaming children. Needless to say, Jason wasn’t impressed. Then the security check saga began. Although only in transit, we needed to go through a security check, including a full body scan and a physical body search and then through customs, who grilled us on every detail of our trip.

    Finally on board, we were mistaken for Germans by the German hostess. The mistake was probably ordering our drinks in German.

    Ricky: “Wasser, bitte”.

    Hostess replied with a whole lot of German and Ricky had to admit that his German was limited to Grade 8 German.

    Hostess: ”But there wasn’t an accent so I thought you were German. And you look German.”

    Grade 8 German obviously paid off.

    Every holiday, people seem to think we are German. Last year, it was a Kyrgyz soccer player at Bangkok airport.At least, we weren’t mistaken for twins, which we got everywhere in India.

    Now to complete the final leg to Europe.Amsterdam here we come!
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  • Day7

    Germany, Frankfurt

    July 24, 2017 in Germany

    Germany 24-26 July.
    Arrived in Frankfurt at 6.30am. Still tired. Weather matches my mood...wet and Miserable! After all the nice friendly people in Singapore this place is the exact opposite! Cold,dull, not friendly. Train system not as user friendly either. Nice friendly staff at the hotel has made up for it...thank heavens!

  • Day12

    Markets, Brezels and Meandering

    September 15, 2017 in Germany

    Walked around Frankfurt today and it was lovely. Ate good food, looked at shops, stumbled through German conversations, and generally had fun.

    Had lots of brezel. Delicious. Really wishing we could find a good brezel back home now. Suggestions welcome. Currywurst was also good. As was Bratwurst. Saw a few markets including the Kleinmarkthalle - very pretty.

    Found a board game place (typical us). The owner spoke perfect English and was super helpful. Was going to buy a game for travelling called Teubseeabenteuer (Deep sea adventure), but at the checkout saw these cute and tiny games so got 3 (they were cheap as) and take up less space than a pack of cards together. Will let you know how they go.

    Saw the really nice mall building the Zeil. Crazy glass design and longest elevator in Europe which we'll have to try. Also had ice cream rolls - they pour cream and the flavourings onto an open air freezer thing and chop it all up, spread it out flat then roll it up. It's kinda like watching someone make a crepe but different. And tastes good too.

    Got phone sorted so if you want our Europe number let us know. Ordering in some Italian for dinner so hopefully it arrives soon. Ciao!
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  • Day50


    July 18 in Germany

    Frankfurt was our more laid back day. We spent the day casually walking around the city seeing the major sites. Highlights included Römer, the medieval looking old square and the lock bridge. Michael finally got to try Apfelwein which was exciting. Apfelwein also known as apple wine is an alcoholic drink similar to cider. The drink tastes pretty strong and flat but people are encouraged to add sparkling water to it to water it down and add a bubbly dimension. The drink wasn’t bad but wasn’t my favorite. Michael loved it, maybe mostly because he loved to say the word “Apfelwein” but regardless it was a hit with them. While walking we all played games and I stretched everyone’s mind by asking everyone to list an inanimate object they are similar to and one they are different from. After some pushing they all participated in the exercise which was fun! After a day of walking we were tired so we decided to just have a quick dinner at the English pub near the hotel. Afterwards Michael, Anna, and I watched most of the most recent bachelorette episode. The WiFi wasn’t great and there was a lot of buffering which Anna and I fell asleep while waiting to finish. I then finished the day by finally taking a bath with a bath bomb! Nice and relaxing!Read more

  • Day29

    Frankfurt, Germany

    September 23, 2014 in Germany

    Buildings new and old? Few old buildings here and from the look of them I got the idea they weren't really old but more likely heavily renovated or reproductions. In fact given the picture below from 1945 I doubt you could even have found a splinter to use rebuild after that devastation. The cathedral looks intact but if you look close it's a skeleton just held up better to the bombs.

  • Day1

    Frankfurt am Main

    August 29, 2015 in Germany

    Pünktlich 14:00 Uhr trafen wir in Frankfurt ein und dann musste ich eine Stunde warten bis mein nächster Bus kam um die Reise fortsetzen zu können. Es war dort so viel Betrieb und ich musste ja auch schauen wann mein Bus kommt und da blieb der Fotoapparat in der Tasche.

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