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  • Day763

    Mosel Valley, Germany

    July 8, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    The Mosel River runs from France, through Luxembourg and then winds its way 195km from Trier to Koblenz in Germany. Our stay at the Triolago motorhome park, just 15 minutes from Trier, proved to be a good choice for visiting the 'mittelmosel/middle mosel' area and sampling the famous white wines.

    The river is a working river with long barges moving goods and people around. The barges are so long and narrow that it seems impossible for them to manouvre but they manage it with ease. We sat and watched the boats while sampling some of the local white wines at a Weingut (wine tasting) bar on the waters edge.

    A trip on the bike to the pretty town of Bernkastel-Kues took us along the edge of the river, surrounded by steep hillsides covered in vines, and through small, rural villages, all very tidy and well kept. Bernkastel itself, on the eastern bank, was a feast for the eyes with half-timber, stone and slate buildings at every turn along the cobbled streets. In the market square there still exists the iron handcuffs, to which criminals were attached, on the exterior of the Town Hall dating from 1608. The bridge across the Mosel brings you to Kues and the historic St Nikolaus Hospital complex where you can taste from a list of over 160 local wines in the Vinothek. Unfortunately, as we were on the bike, all we could was admire the bottles!
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  • Day765

    Trier, Germany's oldest city

    July 10, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Germany's oldest city, Trier, is home to 9 UNESCO World Heritage sites and has the country's finest collection of Roman monuments. Luckily for us, it was just 15 minutes away from where we were based!

    The Porta Nigra is Trier's most famous landmark, a 2nd century Roman city gate, blackened by time hence the name, Latin for 'black gate'. It is held together by nothing but gravity and iron clamps, but it's still standing.

    Trier is also the birthplace of Karl Marx. The early 18th century house in which he was born is now a museum housing exhibits covering his life, work, allies and enemies. There is also a grand statue commemorating the citys famous citizen.

    At the pedestrian centre was the Hauptmarkt, where you will find small market stalls trading there even today. Medieval and Renaissance buildings surround the square with a 1595 fountain dedicated to St. Peter.

    The Mosel drew us yet again as we walked across Germany's oldest bridge, just like legionnaires on chariots before us. The roman bridge uses 2nd century stone pilings from black basalt from the nearby Eifel mountains.

    The Barbara Baths, name after a former monastery on the site, were built in the 2nd century. The information panels were excellent and gave us a good insight into what these Roman baths would have looked like when they were being used.

    The Romans were certainly very industrious here in the 2nd century and we were very grateful for their efforts that have stood the test of time and are well worth the visit.
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  • Day17

    Show #9 / #10 Wiesbaden

    October 30, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 7 °C

    Zwei Tage in Wiesbaden gehen zu Ende.

    Leider hatte unser Truck 1,5h Verspätung da es am Kreuz Frankfurt zu viel Stau kam.
    Die Verspätung hat uns zwar zeitlich ein bisschen zurück geworfen, da wir hier im Schlachthof allerdings nicht alles aufbauen konnten kam uns das entgegen und wir waren wieder passend zum Mittag fertig.

    Die beiden Shows verliefen sehr gut und Wiesbaden hatte zwei mal richtig Lust zu feiern.

    Leider plagt ein paar Kollegen sowie mich eine leichte Erkältung. Sobald es einer im Bus hat geht es ganz schnell bis es sich verbreitet. Somit wurde der halbe freie Tag im Hotelbett verbracht und nur durch eine kurze Apothekenpause unterbrochen.

    Der Abbau verlief dann ein wenig schleppend. Die Helfer wurden wohl nach Stunden bezahlt 😂 anders kann ich mir die langsame Arbeitsweise nicht erklären.

    Jetzt sitzen wir noch zusammen und freuen uns auf den nächsten feiern Tag morgen in Köln.
    Ich freue mich darauf, morgen Marion wieder in meine Arme schließen zu können. Sie ist für einen anderen Job in Köln und kommt danach zu mir. ❤

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  • Day8

    Show #3 Frankfurt

    November 24, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 7 °C

    Da die Kelly Family an Sonntagen immer schon um 18:00 Uhr anstatt 19:30 Uhr die Bühne betritt, bedeutet das für uns, dass wir diese Zeit morgens eher aufbauen müssen.
    So ging es um 6:30 Uhr für mich los in die Halle.

    Das gute an der Festhalle ist, dass man viel Platz um die Bühne herum hat und die Arbeitsbereiche nicht mit kisten zu gestellt sind. Fast ein bisschen zu groß, ein paar Kabelbäume passen nicht mehr und müssen verlängert werden.

    Die Show startet pünktlich und die Athmosphäre ist wiedermal einmalig. Diese Halle hat einfach einen super angenehmen eigenen Charme.

    Jetzt freuen sich aber alle auf die zwei kommenden Day Offs. Erstes Ziel ausschlafen :-D
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  • Day1

    Steinhuder Motel

    June 14, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Haben am Steinhuder Meer zu Abend gegessen. Nun schlafen wir in einem Hotel in dem jedes Zimmer genau eine Steckdose hat. Ich glaube es heißt Norman Bates in. Morgen geht’s weiter aber herrgottsfrühe

  • Day14

    Tag 14

    August 30, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Heute sind wir ca 400 km vom Allgäu in den Odenwald gefahren, hier ist nun die letzte Zwischenübernachtung bis wir morgen wieder Zuhause sind .....Bei über 30 Grad ist das Motorrad fahren schon ziemlich anstrengend 😎
    Wirklich viele Fotos gibt es nicht mehr ....😅

  • Day2

    Frankfurt Flughafen

    January 28 in Germany ⋅ 🌧 5 °C

    Wir sind gut in Frankfurt im Hotel angekommen, auch wenn die Deutsche Bahn 🚄 meinte, sie müsse spontan den Fernbahnhof Frankfurt Flughafen auslassen😫 um die Verspätung wieder aufzuholen. Wir fahren nun echt selten Zug, aber wenn, dann funktioniert immer irgendwas nicht. Einfach nervig...
    Jetzt werden wir gleich noch was essen gehen und morgen geht es dann los🛫.

    Was mir gerade noch einfällt... wenn ihr hier etwas kommentiert, wäre es cool, wenn ihr euren Namen darunter schreibt. Man sieht nämlich nicht, wer etwas geschrieben hat, es sei denn man meldet sich richtig bei FindPenguins an.
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  • Day2

    Frankfurt on 2 Hours of Sleep

    June 15, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    What an amazing start to our trip! In less than 8 hours, we did so much in Frankfurt. We had apple strudel and apfelwein (both amazing & highly recommended), climbed 66 meters (216 feet for my American friends) up to the top of Dom Cathedral, and walked through Römberg Square (so many cute, colorful buildings). Taking off soon, but in a short while, we'll finally be in South Africa!!!Read more

  • Day3

    Day 1 - Flights and Garniers Keller

    October 5, 2019 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Today was a very long day of plane rides. Our first flight was an hour long flight from Orlando to Atlanta. In Orlando we got hot dogs and in Atlanta a slice of pizza.

    The flight to Germany was about 8 hours. It was a big plane that had three in a middle row and two on each side. We were on the second to last row. Never being on a European flight before I experienced new things. They gave us pillow and blankets, not to mention they gave us warm towels before dinner and breakfast. There was supposed to be a choice for dinner but they ran out before us and we got a pretty gross lasagna with mushrooms. The best part was the salad.

    I watched four movies to pass the time. Mean Girls, Ten Things I Hate About You, Daddy Day Carr, and Election. I didn’t really get any sleep. Before we landed they gave us breakfast which was a peach muffin, some cheese, yogurt, and orange juice. Oh, and some weird chocolate mints. The yogurt was very good. Each meal came with what I’d call government cheese.

    When we landed it didn’t take long to go through immigration. They didn’t even ask us anything. Walking through the airport I saw tons of pastries I’d never seen before and pretzels that I’ve never seen. We waited for the guys then went in for some. I got a pretzel with pudding and apple. The apple wasn’t like any apple I’ve had before. Interesting flavor. I’ll have to try a more traditional pastry at some point.

    We then drove another two hours or so to get to our destination Friedrichsdorf. We go to our little hotel and we each got a room. The clubs booking agent Mike had a Haribo umbrella. He was surprised we’d ever had Haribos.

    We all went to our rooms for a few ours and I took a nap. We then went to the gig early to set up. The place was like a cave; narrow but long. They had some kind of French/German pizza called Flammkuchen. It was okay. I’m ready for sausages and schnitzel and maybe rouladen or sourbaten.

    The show went well. I had some equipment issues at first. The bass nearly collapsed at one point, and I couldn’t get my snare height just right. One f the best parts of the night was the fact those dancers who were at the Blue Rooster and the Kitchen (she hit her head on a table during a dip) were there.

    After the gig we went back and now here I am. It’s been a long day.
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