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    • Day 4

      Nachtessen mit Maik

      June 1, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

      Danke Dir Maik, dass Du Dir Zeit für mich genommen hast. War wie in alten Zeiten, ich habs genossen und wir konnten viel lachen. Vielleicht -so Gott will - sehen wir uns in Norddeutschland nochmals.
      Bis dann machs gut 👍👍👍
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    • Day 3


      June 26, 2023 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 82 °F

      Scheduled an extended layover in Frankfurt to ensure there were no connection snafus and decided to take advantage of the extra six hours to explore old town Frankfurt. Not the best time of day for pictures, but you can still see a bit of the old school charm!Read more

    • Day 18

      Niederweimer Germany

      March 26 in Germany ⋅ 🌙 7 °C

      Arrived in Marburg at 2045 pm. Very long day starting at 4am. from Edinburgh.

      I had smooth flight connections but found the train system challenging in Germany. I accidentally missed getting off at a stop but a kind woman happened to glance at my ticket and told me to get off and go back a stop.

      This mistake added another hour to my trip but at least I made my connecting train at Frankfurt. Who knows where I would have ended up!

      Anja was at the train station to take me to her home. It is a ten minute drive away.

      The next day we walked around her neiborhood and went to see where both of her daughter's worked. One works TCA clothing store and the other on a farm..

      We went to Marburg the next day to see the castle that the famous Saint Elisabeth lived in. Then we climbed the messenger tower ( 140 steps) across from the castle to see views of Marburg and the surrounding area. We had coffee in an adorable cafe at the bottom of the tower.
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    • Day 21

      Torte and Cafe

      March 29 in Germany ⋅ 🌫 11 °C

      Raining and very gloomy. Decided to take a walk in the woods as Anja was not feeling very well.

      Afterwards Anja drove me through beautiful little villages . She once worked with an architect and showed me very old homes that were restored.

      We stopped at an adorable cafe for coffee and a slice of cake. There were so many to choose from.
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    • Day 22

      Chickens on the Run

      March 30 in Germany ⋅ ☁️ 17 °C

      We left at 10 this morning to go to a quaint cafe and garden.

      On the way, Anja pointed out a chicken camper in a field. The people that Lilli works for move there chickens (by flatbeds on trucks) to different areas so they can be free range. They have 7 campers and 5,000 birds!!!

      The eggs that they collect are sent to the factory to be hardboiled and covered to preserve them for 3 weeks!!
      They put goats in with the birds to go after the Hawks that try to get the birds.

      We went to a Hardware Store that has the sign meaning, "Where screws live."

      We toured the small garden at the cafe and came home.

      Lilli is very busy making raised beds for her vegetables and planting many seeds.

      Madrid tomorrow!
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    • Day 216

      Wir sind wieder on Tour

      May 19, 2020 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

      Nachdem die Stellplätze wieder besucht werden dürfen und wir Verwandtenbesuche hinter uns haben, stehen wir an der Edertalsperre. Hier gibt es bei Lecko Mio an der Staumauer das weltbeste Eis. Also bleiben wir doch ein paar Tage. 😉🍧 Abends spielen wir immer etwas und heute hat Klaus seit Wochen sein "Lieblingsspiel" mal wieder verloren.Read more

    • 4340 Meiningen nach Ahrenberg

      May 22, 2022 in Germany ⋅ 🌙 13 °C

      Bevor wir Meiningen verlassen, drehen wir noch eine kleine Erkundigungstour durch die Stadt. Es ist noch sehr früh und die Straßen sind fast menschenleer. Ja, so ein Sonntag morgen hat auch was für sich. Beim Verlassen der Stadt passieren wir noch das Staatstheater, von wo aus Elina Garanca ihre Weltkarriere gestartet hat, wie uns gestern noch von HelgaS erfahren haben. Danke für deinen Input.

      Danach ging es wie gestern durch kleine Wälder, Wiesen und Felder unserem Ziel entgegen, das wir heute erst nach 120 km erreichten. Der Radweg folgte oft der sich im weiten Tal mäandernden Werra, manchmal schlängelte er sich am Fuße des einen oder anderen Hügels durch kleine Mischwälder, manchmal verlief er parallel zu den Hauptverkehrsrouten oder einfach nur auf Nebenstraßen.

      Besonders ist mir heute, vor allem beim Durchfahren der Wälder und Wiesenraine das Zwitschern und Gezirpe unzähliger Vogelarten aufgefallen. Entweder wurde ich auf der bisherigen Fahrt schon mehr für die Natur sensibilisiert, aber ein solches melodienreiches und farbenfrohes Gezwitscher habe ich zu Hause, so meine ich jedenfalls, nie oder kaum gehört.

      Manchmal schrecken wir auch Greifvögel neben der Route auf, die sich dann majestätisch im Wind in die Lüfte schrauben und uns sicherlich aus ihrer Vogelperspektive genau beäugen.

      Das Hotel mussten wir uns heute wahrlich schwer erradeln. Komoot führte uns, wie es sich für Gravelbiker gehört, nicht über die normale Straße zum Hotel, sondern über einen ziemlich steilen Stich durch den Wald. Die letzten 250 m musste ich sogar schieben, es ging nicht mehr.

      Aber die Aussicht beim Abendessen über das Tal der Werra nach Bad Sooden hat das alles wieder vergessen lassen.

      Tour auf Komoot:

      animierte Tour:
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    • Day 46

      Fünf Fotos-Rhine Cruise Day 4

      May 29, 2022 in Germany ⋅ 🌙 10 °C

      We had a restful night moored about a mile from Speyer's old town. Although a group tour was arranged, we decided to repeat our independent journey into town based on the presentation we had heard about the highlights of Speyer. Admittedly, while we had heard of Speyer previously, we knew very little about the town.

      When we left the boat, it was a bit chilly and was threatening to rain. The first thing we noticed on the way to town was a series of children's paintings on a wall outside a restaurant. It captured for me the innocence of children, and my thoughts returned to those who were murdered earlier in this week as well as those who witnessed it. May we have the resolve to do better for them.

      We loved the forested walk to the center of the city. The green space was lush and it it was a quiet morning. It really felt like we had the city to ourselves.

      I took the time to go into the Domkirche St. Maria und St. Stephan (Speyer Cathedral) about 45 minutes before church services while Jim C explored the adjacent courtyard. There were only a handful of people in the cathedral, and I appreciated the stillness.

      In contrast to many of the Italian Cathedrals, this one is beautiful in its stark simplicity. The stained glass windows are shades of grey Purportedly, construction began in 1024 A.D. In reviewing the history there were several reconstructions after fires, reconstructions and battles. The different architectural approaches are quite evident when viewing the exterior of the church. While the crypt was closed, there were several inscriptions on the floor near the altar memorializing a number of emperors, expresses and bishoos who were laid to rest.

      As we left the church grounds, we walked toward the St. George Fountain in the center of the old town. As we used a tool to translate the various inscriptions surrounding the image of St. George, it became more clear that this fountain was created as part of 1930's Nazi propaganda in honor of fallen soldiers in WWI. Upon further research, I learned that subsequently the Speyer Town Council added a plaque noting that this captured the sentiment of the time, a seemingly week rationalization for the portrayal. I don't think it's unlike too many politicians today wanting to gloss over our own country's history of white supremacy.

      Shortly before we reached the old town gate (Altpoertel) a cacophony of bells sounded which seemed intent on waking the entire city. They continued for about fifteen minutes.

      The Altpoertel is the medieval west city gate of Speyer. and is one of the original 68 towers in the old walls and gates. It was originally
      constructed in the 13th century with several reconstructions over the centuries. It was almost destroyed by French troops who relented when monks pleaded to spare the tower for fear that it would fall and destroy the monastery. It survived; the rest of Speyer and the cathedral were destroyed. It stands today as one of the largest city gates in Germany.

      As we left the Altpoertel, we devoted most of our time in Speyer to visit the ShUM Speyer, a museum dedicated to the Jewish heritage in Speyer dating back over 1000 years ago.

      In 1084, a Bishop took in Jewish refugees from Mainz. Jewish and Christian communities coexisted in peace for over four hundred years. The persecutions around the Black Death ended that time of peace. Subsequent attempts to reestablish the Jewish community were disrupted frequently in the 1500's. The destruction of Speyer in 1689 also witnessed the destruction of the synagogue.

      We toured the remaining structure of the synagogue and adjacent women's school. Women were allowed to listen to what was happening in the synagogue through acoustic slits in the wall.

      We toured the Mikvah ("kiving water"), the ritual bath used for cleansing. It was remarkably intact and it still collects rainwater as it did when constructed.

      We toured the museum on the grounds of the old Jewish Cemetery that no longer exists. The medieval buildings on Kleine Pfaffengasse (Old Jewish Lane) were destroyed by the great fire in 1689.

      After the Jewish community in Speyer was destroyed, the cemetery headstones were used as building materials. The markers of those who had passed now became part of walls, bridges and private homes.

      Today abut 50 of the headstones have resurfaced, and they richly describe in Hebrew the lives of those who passed.

      The desecration of the headstones bothered me deeply. I imagined the markers of beloved family members and friends disappearing with the recollection of their existence.

      I was very moved by the museum and grounds. In a world that seems so fractured today, I'm reminded that most of the divisions are contrived narratives designed to ignore our commonalities and to instead make us fear and, at our worst, hate each other. It was a good reminder that we can do better despite different cultures and belief systems.

      As we walked back to the boat in time for our next stop, we saw a family walking together. One of the children called out "Opa" to her apparent grandfather. It was a reminder how much we treasure the opportunity as grandfathers and to witness Olive's love for her Opa. There is nothing better.

      As our boat departed we enjoyed a delightful lunch chat with a couple in their 80's. We talked about world travel, politics and history.

      We pulled into Rudesheim this evening, and after dinner, we took a stroll into the city for a preview. We really enjoyed a walk along the river to the city center, and we stopped for a drink. A former high school classmate recommended that I try Rudesheimer Kaffe which reminds me a bit of an Irish coffee except the coffee is spiked with a local cognac instead. I can attest that tree caffeine is more effective than the sedating effects of the alcohol as I wrap this post at 2:30 a.m. We look forward to our return to town tomorrow morning.

      Guten Nacht!
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    • Day 3

      Ein Tag ohne Highlight

      May 31, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

      Heute war ein anstrengender Tag ohne wesentliche Höhenmeter, dafür war die Konzentration immer und ewig gefragt. Zuerst der Badischen Weinstrasse entlang, wo ich keine Kilometer fressen konnte, und anschliessend Frankfurt umfahren mit gefühlten 1000 Lichtsignalampel, welche keinen Rythmus zu liessen. Auch die Radwege waren von bedauerlicher Qualität, sodass ich heute Gefühlt Paris - Roubaix gefahren bin. Hans das wolltest Du doch schon immer einmal fahren... Ich bin definitiv draussen.
      Am Schluss kam ich dann auch noch in ein Gewitterregen. Natürlich auf einer Ausfallstrasse einer Autobahn um 16:00 Ein Auto nach dem anderen rauschte an mir vorbei. Aber die Regenjacke hielt dicht. In Bad Nauheim fand ich dann beim 4 Hotel ein freies Zimmer. Ihr dürft 3 Mal raten, was das für ein feines Abendessen war.

      Und wie immer hier auch der Suunto Fitness Link vom Tag. Habe aber vergessen diesen zur richtigen Zeit abzustellen…

      P. S nach dem letzten Foto hats noch ein Video
      P. S. Morgen treffe ich mich mit Maik einer meiner Lieblings Ex-Vetropack Arbeitskollegen zum Abendessen in Fritzlsr und werde daher keine Zeit finden für Euch-Sorry for that
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    • Day 5

      An der Weser

      June 2, 2022 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

      Heute morgen war der Einstieg in die Tour etwas schwierig. Zwei mal verfahren und dann noch nach Navi ein paar Kilometer im Morgenverkehr auf einer zweispurigen Hauptstrasse.
      Als das geschagt war, ging es eigentlich primär in landschaftlich idylischer Gegend "Maik's" Kasseler Berge entgegen (Video1). Ok - es gab ein, zwei Anstiege, aber von Berge würde ich da nicht sprechen. Ich wusste nie, ob ich doch noch über einen der flankierenden Hügelzüge klettern musste. Aber nein, spätestens, als ich an der Weser ankam, wusste ich, dass Maiks Berge nur ein laues Lüftchen war. Anschliessend ging es fast 100km mehr oder weniger der Weser entlang. Traumhafte landschaftliche Gegend. Eine Stunde bin ich mit Dirk geradelt, welcher einen Ausflug in seiner Heimatgegend gemacht hatte. War unterhaltsam und kurzweilig.
      So radelte ich weiter und weiter, bis mein Tagesziel Bodenwerder erreicht war
      (muss was mit dem fliegenden Baron von Münchhausen zu tun haben. Ich kenne leider die Geschichte zu wenig)
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