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  • Day7

    Besuch in München

    May 17 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 20 °C

    26 Kilometer zu Fuss durch die Stadt. Es hätte eigentlich etwas Erholung von den letzttägigen Strapazen sein sollen - aber gut. :)

    #Englischer Garten
    #Schlosspark Nymphenburg
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    Knöpfli Gertrud

    Sehr schöne Fotos!!!! München ist tatsächlich einen Besuch wert..Ma

  • Day1

    Jour 1 - de Paris à Munich 🇩🇪

    July 30 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Voici les News du premier jour du voyage ! 🇩🇪
    Nous avons commencé notre journée par un réveil à 5h du matin, la nuit fut assez courte car les derniers réglages des paquetages se sont faits jusqu’à 1h du matin la veille 😅
    Nous avons pris un départ de Paris Gare de l’Est à 6h55 et sommes arrivés à 12h30 à Munich avec une correspondance à Stuttgart.

    Les vélos ayant été démontés la veille, nous avons dû les remonter à notre arrivée à Munich. Nous sommes ensuite allés déjeuner dans une auberge typique bavaroise des Rahmschnitzel et des Jagerschnitzel.
    Nous avons visité une partie du centre ville en nous baladant vers Marienplatz, le Frauenkirche, le nouvel Hôtel de Ville de Munich et l’église Saint-Pierre de Munich.

    La journée s’est terminée avec un dîner dans un restaurant bavarois / balkanique où nous avons découvert les Cevapcici et les Raznjici !

    Au final, c’était une grosse journée avec 13km de marche en plus de la fatigue du voyage, mais nous avons pu visiter l’hypercentre et goûter des spécialités !
    Toute l’équipe va bien dormir pour redémarrer en forme demain pour notre dernier jour de visite de Munich !
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    cédric collet

    Bon Courage !!! 👍🏾

    Vélocity 2022

    Merci Cédric ! 😋

  • Day45

    Day 45 - Guten Tag Deutschland!

    September 17, 2020 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Inevitably I woke shortly after 3.00am & never got back to sleep again. Perfect preparation for a long day of driving!

    We had breakfast at 8.30pm, loaded up the car only to discover a tyre inflation system error warning light & a service warning light illuminated on the dashboard. We had messed about with it the previous evening & seemed to have buggered it up. Perfect news for a long day of driving!

    We popped into the a local Spar shop for some final provisions, sweets & drinks. After, with a little bit of trepidation, we headed to the Slovenia border crossing armed with a detailed travel itinerary of exactly where we had been in the last 6 weeks.

    It was 10.00am exactly as we approached the vehicle free border & as Jackie wound down the window & raised our passports, the guard who was having a fag, just waved us through. Great, I was glad I had spent time preparing our travel itinerary! Still I’m sure it will be useful at the other border crossings.

    The SatNav was set for Lake Bled without tolls & it took us back up to Koper, then north east on the A1. The A1 is a well maintained dual carriageway & the main road through Slovenia. We followed it to the outskirts of the capital city of Ljubljana, then picked up the A2, another dual carriageway north. Slovenia is a relatively poor country & they are definitely missing a trick by not charging a toll, because this is the main land route for Germans seeking sun in Croatia & Greece.

    118 miles later & around midday we arrived in Bled with it’s fabulous lake in the Julian Alps. There were car parks signposted, but I skirted the lake seeking a spot we could stop at for free. I did, illegally on the junction of a private road. We both got out to admire the lake from the waters edge.

    Lake Bled is very picturesque, surrounded by mountains & forests. The lake is 6,960ft long, 4,530ft wide & has a maximum depth of 97ft. Bled Island sits in the middle of the lake & has several buildings including the pilgrimage church dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. Above the lake sits the impressive Bled Castle on the north shore.

    After taking sufficient photos & disabling the warning light on our dashboard, we set the SatNav for München (Munich), Germany again avoiding all tolls. It was to be a further 250 mile journey arriving about 5 & a half hours later.

    We circuited the lake once more, then instead of rejoining the A2, we followed the 452 & 201 around the northern edge of Triglav National Park. The border crossing into Austria was at the remote Wurzenpass.

    We were the only vehicle at the crossing & we showed the guard our passports & stressed we were transiting straight through to Germany. The guard asked us where we had been & we told him Croatia, to which he asked us to wait & he ran into his office. Seconds later he returned with a Self Declaration sheet of paper in which I had to write my name, sign and date it. He didn’t look at our passports to check the details or write down our vehicles index, but instead sent us on our way saying we weren’t allowed to stop in Austria. That was easy.

    We then climbed up an extremely steep road over Wurzenpass & scarily back down the other side. Our route took us towards Villach, then along Route 100, which followed the Drau river & sat in the shadow of the raised A10 toll road. Our route took us through numerous pretty Austrian villages & then Route 99, up & down near deserted skiing resorts.

    It was a very enjoyable drive until around 4.30pm, we arrived in Salzburg, the birthplace of Mozart. The traffic was horrendous & we spent over an hour in a constant traffic jam. It prompted Jackie to ask the question “Would the toll road have avoided this traffic?” She then looked it up & the toll road was about 20 miles shorter & at least 3 hours quicker, BUT that’s not the point of a road trip!

    Eventually we made it out of Salzburg & reached the border crossing into Germany. The guard waved us on without even seeing our passports. WoW. We then hurtled along the toll free Autobahn 8 for 90 miles to Munich. Despite doing 80mph, a procession of BMWs, Audi’s & Mercedes sped past us as if we were hardly moving.

    It was gone 7.00pm, when we arrived in Munich, parked our car in a designated underground car park & walked to our hotel, H+ Hotel München. The receptionist was extremely helpful & provided us with a map for all the things we needed to see & a recommendation for dinner. Our hotel room is bijou, but very comfortable & functional. A good example of German efficiency.

    We dumped our bags & crossed the road to Schiller Braeu, a Bavarian bar & restaurant. We walked in & a very officious serving wench (Helga) shouted at us to put on our masks. The whole restaurant looked around at us. Good start!

    We had a couple of large home brewed lagers. Jackie had the most expensive thing on the menu again, Bavarian roast beef smothered in onions & roast potatoes. I had roast pork and crackling in a dark beer sauce, 2 types of dumplings & coleslaw. It was much needed superb hearty fare.

    After a short stroll around our salubrious surroundings, we called it a night.

    Song of the Day : Border Song by Elton John.

    Bonus Songs : Bled by Every Mothers Nightmare.

    Autobahn by Kraftwerk.

    Madame Helga by The Stereophonics.
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    Ann Annals

    We remember how fluent you were in German at Luffa!!

  • Day19


    July 26 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Munich is a busy huge green city. Just a short ride from Austria. We caught the 10.56am from Salzburg and arrived at 12.30pm. We are in the third and final week of our tour and still walking about exploring and finding new places to swim.

    On Monday we bought a 9 euro travel card which will last us all week. We caught the tram and went into the centre of Munich and entered the 'English' garden which starts here and then slices 5 miles up the North East side of the city. It's named after an English garden due to its rambling style of woods which is true because it reminds me a bit of Middleton woods. In the stifling heat we try and find the river that we've read about that people swim in.

    After 30 minutes of walking and carrying bags we hear the sound of the water gushing through Stauwehr Oberföhring. Its a big concrete bridge and 'Isar' is the river that runs underneath. We follow a cycle track running alongside the river and down to a slope which opens out onto a raised pebble beach, acting as an island. We soon put the Barcelona picnic blanket down and submerge ourselves into the cold clear shallow waters.

    People are sunbathing, some are totally naked, some aren't naked. Kids are running around and it's a lovely atmosphere. There's a fast pace to the water which if you try and swim against it you just stay in one place not getting anywhere, it's great exercise. However, its not dangerous because its so shallow you just scrap your arse on the pebbles and stand up again.

    After 5 hours more families come to swim to cool down after a long hot day at school or work. We packed our bags and walked another 35 minutes in the stubborn heat through the Munich suburbs of rolling parks with trees and playgrounds and a random nymph statue: Daphne.

    Desperate to sit down and eat we found a local beer garden called Schlosselgarten. We were a bit disheveled and totally parched after our trek.

    When we arrived we were told they don't take cards. Standing in disbelieve with no euros and no ATM in sight I suddenly remember I've got some dollars hidden away in my purse which my best mate Bee gave me before we left.

    She said 'In the last week of your stay when your at the end of your money spend this on a slap up meal!'
    The waiter in his traditional Lederhosen nodded to at my request and we exchanged our meal and drinks for the international currency including tip at an agreeable transaction rate😉.

    We ordered the biggest two pint lager of Lowenbrau and a three course German meal. Here's the pictures of salmon and fritters. Pork steaks with some carb style noodles that look like sweetcorn (but arent) and a mushroom creamy sauce which was a food combo I've never tasted before in my life!

    Thank you Bee your money it went right to the heart of this beer garden!

    A full initiation into Germanic lifestyle.

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  • Day20

    Art and cycle culture

    July 27 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    Tuesday was an overcast day. We attempted a walk up a hill which only Stanley fulfilled and Iona and I went back to the hostel room. It was a lazy day. Yesterday was made up for it by hiring bicycles and seeing art. We visited the museum of contemporary and urban art. Original works by Banksy and Richard Hambleton's famous 'Shadowman' silhouettes.

    The whole of Munich is lent to cycle lanes endorsing a physical and mental health culture. Because of this we haven't seen any traffic jams. We joined this pedal power for a day it was amazing but apparently I went too slow... I was busy filming.
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  • Day17

    Salzburg- short stay

    July 24 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    We arrived in Salzburg on Friday evening and checked into a pristine dorm with four beds. As we already had gotten used to having our own space we just thought no-one would occupy the last bed. We watched Only You our favourite rom com because we missed Venice. And heard a thunder storm booming outside.

    The next day was overcast with a welcoming refreshing breeze. We bought a 24hr Salzburgcard which allows you to travel on the buses and access to every museum and castle.

    Our first stop was Hellbrunn Palace with immaculate tended grounds and famous 'trick' fountains, which sprung water all over us . One pond stretched across the space of two football pitches with Carp that looked like submarines travelling under and another pond which had two ancient Sturgeon fish theywere 80 years and 60 years old and looked like dhwtks without fins.

    We did a lot of climbing up to undefeated forts such as Hohenszburg with a small village on top.
    Salzburg is like Harrogate on steroids.
    We had a Guinness which was gorgeous.

    Now in Munich after a shirt 2 hour train journey over the border. Germany is out final country before heading back to the UK on Friday. 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇮🇹 🇦🇹 🇩🇪 🍺🥞🍷
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    Sounds like you planned an amazing trip. Enjoy the last few days x [Jayne]

  • Day9


    August 21, 2021 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Munich is the 3rd largest city in Germany and capital of the state of Bavaria. It is also known for the Oktoberfest that has been canceled for the 2nd year in a row. (Although I can attest that the beer is still good.)
    Until after world war 1, Bavaria was ruled by kings. The 1st picture is of the summer palace. I don't have a wide angle lens. So I ask you to add about 300% to what you see to get a sense of scale. The 2nd picture is of the Residence Palace near the center of Munich. The 3rd picture is a city gate of the same design as the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The 4th picture is the main shopping street.
    The last 2 pictures were taken from the bus. The 5th picture is of one of the facilities for the Olympics of 1972. You may recall that this was the Olympic games with the terrorist attacks. The last picture is a glimpse of the Löwenbräu beer hall.
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  • Day9

    Aankoms in München

    June 18 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Ek het 'vroeg' probeer uitcheck, maar daar was niemand wat my betaling kon vat nie, so ek moes wag tot hulle 07:00 aan diens kom. Ek is toe stasie toe en het die ICE trein gevat na Munich. Dit was bietjie deurmekaar want die kaartjie kantoor kon nie vir my 'n kaartjie verkoop nie omdat die trein binne 10 min daar sou wees, so hy sê toe ek kan 'n kaartjie op die trein koop. Die man op die trein sê toe dit werk nie regtig so nie, ek kan probeer om een te koop op die internet, maar dit wou dit nie verkoop nie omdat die trein reeds weg is uit die stasie uit. Hy sê toe ek kan net by die volgende stop 'n kaartjie koop, maar net voor die volgende stop maak hulle 'n afkondiging dat die trein nie verder gaan ry nie en almal moet oorklim op ander treine.
    Ek koop toe 'n kaartjie by die treinstasie en klim op die volgende (baie vol) trein, waar ek (en klomp ander mense) tot op die eerste stop in die gangetjie gestaan het. En dis mal warm. Maar ek het darem sitplek gekry by die volgende halte tot in Munich. Die trein ry tot 300km/h en dis so mooi groen hier. En in Duitsland moet mens nog maskers dra op publieke vervoer. Maar dis al. En dit maak nie sin nie.
    By Munich het ek die ondergrondse trein en tram gevat hotel toe. Daarna het ek vir Wilhelm gaan kry in die stad en ons het iets gaan eet by 'n regte duitse restaurant, waar hulle tradisionele duitse klere dra (selfs die griek, Niko, wat ons bedien het). Daarna het ons deur die stad en parkies gestap en na al die mooi geboue gekyk. Oral is mooi (baie) ou geboue en fonteine.
    Ons sluit ons aand af met 'n bier (en ek met 'n Johannisbeeren sap - dis een of ander bessie en vir nou my gunsteling) in 'n biertuin agter 'n restaurant. Die restaurante het sulke donkerhout afwerkings wat glo eie is aan Beiere en almal is baie jolig oral.
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  • Day10

    'n Dag in Munich

    June 19 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Ons het die dag begin met die rooibusse (hop on hop off). Hulle het 3 roetes wat elk 'n uur neem, deur die stad, Nymphenburg paleis toe en deur Schwabing. Daar is so baie geskiedenis en sulke mooi geboue. Ek het altyd gewonder wat die groot ophef is oor al die geboue in Europa wat almal so post op hulle vakansies... tot mens voor hierdie geboue staan. En die kerkklokke lui en dit voel of jy in 'n fliek is.
    Ek het sonbrandroom in my oog gekry, wat toe baie brand en my oog laat swel, so na die busse is ons eers na Wilhelm se hotel om oogdruppels te kry. Dis regtig handig om in sulke situasies saam met iemand te reis wat spesialiseer in oftalmologie, want waar anders sou ek oogdruppels kry? Alles in Duitsland is toe op 'n Sondag, daar is net 'n paar enkele restaurante en museums oop.
    Ons het toe gaan eet by 'n straat restaurantjie en die trein gevat na BMW museum en die olimpiese park. Die BMW museum is nog besonders. Dit het die hele geskiedenis van BMW en modelle van die karre, motorfietse en vliegtuig enjins, asook die kleimodelle van die karre en nog baie goed. Ook, BMW maak Rolls Royce. Interessant - wanneer hulle aan 'n nuwe model werk en dit toetsbestuur plak hulle hom met 'n film vol swart en wit lyne in verskillende rigtings sodat mens nie die vorm van die nuwe model kan uitmaak tot dit vrygestel word nie.
    Na die museum het ons na die 'welt' gegaan waar klomp nuwe karre uitgestal is. Die elektroniese karre is amazing. En daar was 2 Rolls Royce karre.
    Ons is toe olimpiese park toe, waar Wilhelm in die olimpiese swembad gaan swem het. Daarna is ons na die Englischer Garten. Dis 'n groot park in Munich waar mense piekniek hou op die groot grasperke en sport speel, mense ry fiets of stap deur die park, en daar is 'n rivier wat daar deur hardloop waar mense (en Wilhelm) inspring en afswem, en daar is selfs plekke in die rivier waar hulle surf.
    Daarna het ons 'n bier (en ek weer my gunsteling Johannisbeere sap) gaan drink en aandete geëet (alhoewel ek net apfelstrudel met vanilla sous geëet het - die Duitsers se porsies is massief).
    Ons het toe teruggestap deur die park en vir oulaas iets gaan drink by die restaurant waar ons die eerste aand geëet het. Ons het toe gaan slaap, want more moet ons albei vroeg weer vertrek na ons onderskeie plekke.
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  • Day38

    First day in Munich!

    June 27 in Germany ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Today we started the day early because our overnight bus dropped us off at the bus station at 8:30am so we had the whole day to explore. We first dropped our bags at the hostel and then got a recommendation of where to find a free tour so we went to the main part of old down and joined a free tour walking tour for about 2 ½ hours. It was very informative and interesting as our guide talked about the history of churches, beer brewing and how everyone is only allowed to use the same 5 ingredients, and also some history about WWII. We finished the tour and walked up a church tower to get a overview of the old town which was amazing! Then we walked back to the hostel to check in and get settled. We changed and went to a tradition Bavarian place for dinner where we had pork roast with these potato/ rice things and then we had Käsespätzle which is basically just cheesy pasta. We also had to try another famous beer. Then we came back to the hostel and hung out with a group of people in the common area for a while which was fun!Read more

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